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Piaget Artist of Precious Time Exhibition

Specialist Picks • 06 Dec 2021

A Patrimony exhibition under the patronage of The Hour Glass from 11th to 26th December 2021

Dive into the creative, audacious and passionate world of Piaget and discover the Maison’s exceptional selection of creations from the Piaget Private Collection at Malmaison by The Hour Glass, Singapore.

The exhibition unfolds in three chapters. The first presents Piaget’s unparalleled heritage as a precursor of ultra-thin watches and a pioneer in stone dials. The second casts a glance at what is known as The Piaget Society: artists and creative minds such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali or Elizabeth Taylor, with whom Piaget collaborated, giving rise to unique and timeless pieces. The concluding chapter explores Piaget’s audacious creativity, as expressed by the feminine pieces that celebrate craftsmanship, artistry and daring spirit.

Piaget Sautoir Watches Campaign
Piaget Sautoir Watches Campaign

Patience, the keen mind of a detective and a firm sense of belief are the attributes that have enabled Piaget to build up its Private Collection currently comprising over one thousand creations, most of them watches. These include the model usually seen in the hands of Emma Piaget in each family photo, as well as those of Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Alain Delon, Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali, Arman, Nancy Reagan’s Piaget Polo; and the Piaget Polo skeleton model proudly worn by Miles Davis — a gift to the legendary jazzman at the Montreux Festival where he was performing. Piaget has also collected several other watches including iconic timepieces that were formerly presented to partners like The Hour Glass in 1979.

Dali D’or advertising campaign
Dali D’or advertising campaign

These fabled models turn up at auctions, sometimes held in remote parts of the world. It takes all the vigilance exercised by the Maison to track them down and bring them home in order to testify to their exceptional life experience.

Above and beyond the expertise, the creativity and the audacity it illustrates, the Private Collection is also all about uniting that which was separated, gathering the stories behind the creations and the people who wore them… and interweaving the Piaget of yesterday with that of today.

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