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Rolex 2020 Releases – A Summary Of Everything

Hi i’m jenny and in this video i’m, going to let you in on everything you need to know about the latest rolex releases and discontinued models. So let’s get started [ Music ]. So we’re, not going to waste any time in this video, and we’re, going to start right away with the most important releases, what they are and how they are impacting.

The entire rolex lineup. Active changes have been made to the submariner, the sky, dweller, the datejust and the oyster perpetual line. So let’s start with the submariner first, so that change has been teased by rolex a couple of days prior and now it’s.

Finally, here the new submariner line now features a redesigned slightly larger 41 millimeter, instead of the 40 millimeter case, with slightly slimmer lugs on a remodeled bracelet to fit new case shape, they’ve, also updated the movement so the caliber 3235.

For this update and the caliber 3230 for the sub no date – and i think that change is the least surprising, as a movement update was long due anyways. But what’s really interesting to see? Is that rolex introduced two? Well, i guess i can’t really say new color combinations with the new case, the full steel, black dial, green bezel sub date and the white gold black dial blue bezels update those colors are not ground.

Breaking i mean we’ve. Had the kermit before it was discontinued in 2010, but it sort of makes sense to bring it back because insert the drum roll here. There is no other green submariner anymore, like many have speculated they discontinued the hulk.

So the green dial green bezel with full steel submariner, and so we are left with the new kermit, which i think it definitely needs a new name and same with the black dial blue bezel sub, feel free. To give me your best suggestions in the comments down below another, very interesting choice was made regarding the sky-dweller lineup for a whopping price of around 36 000 euro.

You can now get a sky-dweller on a rubber strap which makes the sky-dweller the first watch on an oysterflex strap. That is not included in rolex’s, uh professional series, so basically the first non-sport model or like classic category rolex watch.

That is now available on an oysterflex strap the other rolex icon that they just has also received some updates, though i would say they are more superficial. We have a four new rollers, or that means oysters still come out with white gold joining the 31 millimeter datejust team.

So first we got a very flashy purple sunburst with roman numerals and a diamond set bezel fancy. Then there’s. Your standard white dial, plus roman numeral setup and a more laid back, you know, dark gray, kind of sunburst style with a fluted bezel and my favorite of the four, the glossy, a mint green dial with stick hour, markers where it gets really interesting in terms of Colors is the oyster perpetual.

The new generation of ops is adding a new model to the 41 millimeter range, as well as new color combinations to the 36 millimeter size, which i think is a great choice, given that this is pretty much a one-size-fits-all watch to me.

The new 41 millimeter comes with a dome bezel and a truly stunning dial. I think the dial itself has a very smooth silver sunray finishing with yellow gold hour markers and yellow gold hands filled with chromalight.

It’s, a very subtle, but nice contrast, and i cannot wait to see this one in person. Then there’s. Also, a new 41 millimeter black dial op, with double stick hour, markers at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, which is a very basic configuration so that one’s pretty like meh.

To me. To be honest, the new color is only 36 millimeter. Size are probably my favorite thing from this release. I can’t stress enough how i absolutely love the solid color scheme that they have introduced.

According to the website, all new colors have a lacquered finish. Probably i think similar to what we can see on the tudor black bay 36 millimeter. But you guys look at those colors there’s, a candy pink, a stunning beautiful, turquoise, yellow we’ve got coral red and a proper rolex screen for a second there.

I honestly thought i was scrolling through a doxa release and i’m, absolutely not mad at it. I also do not mind the double stick hour, markers at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock at all. I think there is enough space on the dial to handle the edit hour markers and on a quick side note here, though, i do not want to say that the candy pink is a girly color.

I do think that introducing such a unique color in a larger case is the step in the right direction, because if you wanted to wear a pink or some sort of like rose color dial from rolex before you had to fall back on much smaller sizes.

And you know what’s really funny to me. They’ve, pretty much killed most of their pearl master lineup. I am pretty sure that before today you were able to get at least some colored dial variations there and all that ‘

S left now are fully eye style, pearl masters in either the 34 or 39 millimeters, and that was basically it for rolex. In 2020, all in all, i have to say that i am a bit unsure about the changes to the submariner.

To me, it seems that the slight increase in diameter and the change to the lux doesn ‘ T really do much, but i guess they had to find a way to further distinguish the submariner from the gmt master, to line with the sizing and the case shape.

I think the best part of the release are the new dark colors on the 36 millimeter oyster perpetuals honestly really have a hard time deciding which one i like best, i’d, say it’s, either the turquoise or the candy pink.

But let’s. Talk about the questions that many probably have right now. What is the availability going to be like? Is there even the slightest chance to get your hands on one of the old models and what is going to happen to the prices and when are the new models going to be in stores and what will they cost on the gray market? Well, let’s.

Put it that way. Availability is not going to change it’s, still the same rolex game and i am pretty sure they are not going to suddenly. You know just like flood the market with an abundance of watches.

It is probably going to work out like it did before, so they get a little bit of more stock from the new watches and the availability of the ones that are going to be continued stays the same. But what’s with the discontinued watches? Is there even a chance to still get one? The answer to that is a yes with a big butt, because, even until today, a very tiny remainder of a stock from models like the black gmt master ii that has been discontinued in march 2019 is still being delivered to some stores.

So rolex is obviously not just trashing the old stock that they have, but if you are just a maya motor like, i am chances are zero to none and there is probably no other way then to look at the pre-owned market for that.

So what is going to happen with the prices? I know this is a very touchy topic, but it is what it is whenever a rolex model is discontinued prices for that watch, just skyrocket in the gray market. I wouldn’t, be surprised to see the hulk going for like 30, 000 or so in the next couple of days.

If that at the end is really the price people are actually going to pay, for, it is debatable, but there is definitely going to be an increase either way, but let’s. Focus on the new models. When are they going to be available in store? Well, tudor has tested the waters with their blackberry, 58 navy release to see how the market reacts when a model is instantly available after it has been announced and given its huge success.

I think the new rolex models are going to be available soon too, and i guess we could see them in store within the next. I’d, say like six to ten weeks or so, because i don’t think they’re, going to miss out on the pre-christmas business that would just be stupid and as always as soon as they are dropped in Stores some are immediately going to flip their watches for a higher price.

I am sure we’re, going to see some pretty crazy asking prices, but that’s, always the case. I guess flippers are also going to test the waters and see how much they can ask for or just get for the watches, so nothing new.

Here i mean we saw it happening with the batgirl. For example, at first prices were ridiculously high, but the gray market quickly just corrected itself to a lower price, and now that we have talked about the watches, there is still time left for me to shamelessly plug our water release.

That is about to come up. If you are looking for a watch roll that your watches actually and truly deserve, then look no further, because here it is all our watchers are handmade and they’re shipped to you directly from germany, we ‘

Ve got a great selection of colors and sizes, and my favorite right now is the english green right here and i’m sure there is something out there for everybody in our store so be quick and subscribe to the mailing list.

I will put the link for you up here and in the description box below so you know when we start the watchful sale as we tend to sell out quite fast, so you can make sure to get yours, and that is it for this video.

Let me know what you think about the releases: let’s tell each other to shreds in the comments. Give me your best rolex, weightless joke and i make sure to pin the most popular. Let’s. Make this the worst comment section ever i mean.

Obviously i’m, just kidding be nice and let me know what you think and as always thank you for watching this video, and i will see you in the next one: bye, [, Music, ], [, Music, ]

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