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SARB033: 5 Years Later & Why It’s Better Than New $500 Seiko Watches

Today. I’m gonna re review, an old friend. This is the SOB zero three three. It’s, a very important watch not just to me because it changed my whole perception of what Seiko, what well what you can get from Seiko in the mid-range, but also for you guys out there it’s, become something of a Classic and I think it’s – going to be even more of a future classic, because I have this nagging suspicion that it’s going to be discontinued and they got a lot of things right with this watch.

So I think it’s. Good timing. Five years has passed to revisit it now. It has, since migrated into my wife’s, collection, which is a good thing, because I still get to borrow it every soft and which reminds me wristwatch check Rolex, explore Iraq, my favorite watch and we’ll, be discussing these two in A little bit more detail in just a moment because they are kind of related.

Anyway, we’re in the war room. Where else? What else are we gonna? Be we’re stuck here, so let’s. Take it over to the light box over there and have a closer look. It’s important to me because it started my journey into then an unknown sweet spot in the Japanese domestic only releases after this 0:33.

I then reviewed the Assad 0:07. The zero zero nine and most notably the alpinist, was the Sabbath, 0:17, etc, etc, but always ordering them directly from Japan as back. Then it was the only way to get them during that time.

Seiko, inevitably wised up and soon opened the floodgates to the authorized US dealers and before you knew it. People like mark along island watches was selling them to and on Amazon, and they became widely available internationally, which is a really great thing.

I was also very happy, as you guys out, there was starting to enjoy what I was also greatly appreciating. Everybody’s, happy Seiko too for that matter, but that is now changing and perhaps not for the better.

I should really preface this by saying if you missed my video on precisely why Seiko is my favorite watch brandable time and still is do check it out. However, as many of you have seen, I was rather disappointed during the review of the latest alpinist.

It seems to have a lot more negatives than positives, which is a first really, especially when it’s. Such an historically important watch, don’t. Get me wrong. It is a cracking watch. I mean still the Clippers knickers undoubtedly, but it was a letdown overall.

So what did the SOB zero? Three three get right, that Seiko seemed to be leaving behind. So let’s quickly, reefa miliar eyes ourselves with just why Saab 0:33 is utterly compelling, and now I’ve bottled it down to five key areas now.

This first point is fairly easy: it’s the size, while there are larger alternatives. The Saab line, like the 40 millimeter s, z, SB, 0:12. The 0:33 is a wonderful 38 millimeter diameter and just a smidgen over 11 millimeters tall, and this very much is a crowd-pleaser, a sweet spot for many many people.

The slenderness also includes the display back, which is something that the new alpinist kind of became a little bit too disappointingly tubby there’s, really not much else to say about the wearability of this piece, because it does feel like a classic watch should, Where the lag is 45 millimeters from lug to lug and it’s also perfectly proportioned and hugs the wrists nicely with those beautifully beveled downward-pointing her lungs.

So I’m, not gonna Ram it on about the size too much, but let’s, not forget it’s 20 millimeters lug width, which makes it very compatible as well as it’s, monochromatic scheme. It’s, a certified strap month.

Undoubtedly, you know 66 grams on the strap and 140 grams on the bracelet. They’re, so extremely wearable extremely comfortable. Now, secondly, is the quality from the very first initial unboxing and experiencing this watch it impressed me now.

This has seen a lot of wear. You’ll, see some whole wabi-sabi, the scratches there, but it’s still so much in life. Yet to live with this sure it’s, not Zara’s at SU level polishing. However, it is extremely well finished the extra beveling on the lugs attention to detail.

In the case, the precision of the printing on the dial is just so crisp and precise. They even bothered to engrave the crown with the Seiko s, something new, more expensive sake. Offerings have started to neglect.

Unfortunately, the QC also seems to be vastly superior back. Then I’ve, rarely seen anything misaligned with the watches, while Seiko watches of this era. During the time of the Sub Zero, three threes rise to greatness now.

Granted the new alpinists are far more complex in terms of there’s, more moving parts and etc. So QC is, is a little bit more difficult at the end of the day. This costs a third of that. So surely the QC should have been improved.

The consistently misaligned internal rotating bezel for any was a massive kind of letdown for a lot of us now I know the bracelet and I must point out I’ve like an absolute pillock. I’ve lost the end links they are solid, which is worthy to note.

The double push-button deploy is extremely well constructed and very very solid, again punching way above its weight. Yes, okay, there’s, pin and collar connected links, but then again you know I’ve seen well.

If you’ve seen the channel, I’ve reviewed $ 100,000 per techs, with pin and collar connected link. So it’s forgivable in a $ 400 watch, definitely not in a hundred thousand dollar watch, but the nicely milled push-button clasp behind the end links being solid again.

I have not really seen that at this price level, when it came out. Okay, number three is the design it’s, not a true dress. Watch it’s, not a true sports watch. It’s, almost the perfect hybrid. It seems to have come from nowhere as well.

It’s, not like the long line of prestigious watches like the alpinist or the divers that have a long legacy, that’s kind of guided the the design and aesthetic it just seems like Seiko wanting to make a really cool.

Do it or watch with a kind of practical real-world versatility and compatibility with any strap, and the saab 0:33 was just born really out of nowhere and they pulled it off it’s timeless the elegant.

I mean it really is, but at the same time manages to balance a little bit of to leanness the sewing needle style seconds hand and the Dauphine faceted minutes and our hands give it very much. A classical mid-century feel that evokes the heyday of the king psychos and thus its grand sake of style.

Appearances rightly justified, and you know I can understand why many are calling it. The baby GS, while the brushed oyster style bracelet, is very restrained and gives it the modernity the down to business tool, tastic nests, similar to the Rolex explorer, of course, and that doesn’t end there.

The the very subtle little seconds and minutes track in the chapter ring is another departure from the minimalism of a strict dressy watch into something more functional and sporty. They also designed it with a very usable hundred meters water resistance achieved without a screw down crown and again we see another clear advantage over your less practical, 30 meters or 50 meters.

We typically see with watches of this kind of style. It’s. Almost as if they just wanted to make that do it or watch, and they really did achieve it well here my fourth points his performance. We have to remember five years ago getting a watch with a caliber six ar-15 with sapphire glass.

Okay, it’s, hard lex on the display back, but the main glass being sapphire in a well-made tastefully designed watch for under $ 400 was almost unheard of. It was like a mini revelation for me, coupled with the impressive 50 hours power reserve, while obviously not as great as the 70 you get with the new 6r 35.

You see in the new openness there. It does get you from Friday night to Monday morning. If you favor something else for the weekend, so the performance is still there of. Obviously we have hacking manual wines, a quick set date, etc.

Another clear advantage is the Seiko loom. While it is a few minute’iv, you do get clear orientation compared to the alpinist. It has a double marker at the 12, so you can rightly get your bearings right.

There is one of the pause or I guess, the end of the magic lever system pulling onto this wheel here. What is the significance of this? Well? Okay, it might seem a little rudimentary but little bit of sakers own proprietary technology.

For me, the point of the exhibition case back is to see the mechanics at work and, while the magically the system is not exactly the highest form of technology, it is charming to see this little horological revolutionary marvel at work.

Okay, number: five is a value now, whenever you review a micro brand in particular, especially under $ 500 there’s, always the inevitable endless comments. Oh well, I could get a Seiko for Less with a better spec, and that is absolutely true, because Seiko has the infrastructure.

They have the experience, the resources to make. All of this happen it’s, tough to compete with, especially when you start to understand the endless costs involved. Seiko manages all of this completely entirely in-house from start to finish, even making their own hair springs.

Very few companies in the world can boast this kind of achievement, so this is truly in-house. So why the price hike? This is not merely inflation, it has only been a few years. Is it perhaps a case of knowing their entry-level market dominance and trying to cash? In well, let me know what you think down in the comments below so in conclusion, if you just had to have one, do it or watch the saab zero.

Three three is still king under five hundred dollars. In my opinion, the slow-release charm, the dependability that has warmed, so many hearts still remains there’s, a very similar to de bout. This watch it’s, not trying to be anything except.

A karate good watch have Seiko forgotten this simple, fundamental premise or goal. In 2019, we saw the replacement of the legendary s, KX ruffle a few feathers as it was not the iso professional diver we expected, but it rather became the vanguard of a revitalized Seiko.

Five sports divers style watch. Instead, if you look at the history of Seiko, the gradual movement upgrades are cyclical and occur every decade or so, as the mid-range inevitably becomes entry. You know look at the semanas to 6, for example, being slowly phased out.

It has not become obsolete and therefore replaced now this is normal, but what is abnormal is the accelerated pace in which this is now happening, coupled with the dramatic price hike. My fear is that Seiko will lose that bang per buck accessibility that has made them so crucial in converting those who are being ripped off by cash grab, fashion, watches and especially in an age where the refinement of collecting and wearing watches is being threatened by so-called Smart watches, combined with a lack of learning, a lack of tradition, it is rather worrying.

Seiko has been indispensable in getting a lot of people back into the love and hobby of appreciating and collecting watches. Is it possible that Seiko I’ve kind of misunderstood its own important role here? They seem to be kind of obsessed with this perception that they are merely only entry-level and I fear it is in order to try and appease or appeal to a more lucrative money.

Preppy customer who worship watch magazines. Have they forgotten about the real hard working watchin thues? Just like me, and you, let me know what you think also down below, but ultimately the important question is: are the days of the Saba 0:33 numbered? Well, yes, and no as of today, you can still pick them up on Amazon for just $ 400, but the end is undoubtedly 9, so don’t.

Take too long. If you plan on getting one, some have speculated that the S said: SB 0. 1 2 is the zero three threes replacement. Personally, I don’t think so the all-important X Factor that has made this watch so special and level.

The ineffable charm that has defined the sub-zero 33 as a future classic is simply not there, but it’s. Not all doom and gloom. However, Seiko are absolutely with some of their new offerings. The long overdue our new re-release was really nice to see, and I adore the new turtle divers.

As you know, the SZ s be zero, zero, six and the s z, SB, zero, zero, seven are gorgeous sort of dressy filled, watches that make you think of the fleming era, 1016 rolex explorers. But sadly, however, again these are only available in Japan from tic-tac and selected affiliate online sellers.

But there is a glimmer of hope and I am still excited to see what is next. I hope they go back to the drawing board and instead of endless reissues of past classics, they bring something quintessentially fresh to the table that still encapsulate the traditional qualities that make Seiko the greatest watch brand in the world.

So there you have it dear old sabe. Let’s, see if it can get to another five years. Do share in the comments below I’d, love to hear your opinions on the new Seiko releases. What do you think they got right all wrong for that matter? What are you excited to see coming from the brand in the future anyway, I’m gonna leave it there.

Thank you so much for watching. Please don’t forget to like this video. If you enjoyed it and that you saw and as always I will catch you again here in the warm next time.

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Have Seiko lost the plot when it comes to their affordable level watches? In today’s video I look back at the SARB033 to see why it is still the best value and greatest quality “do it all” watch under $500. If I could only have one automatic watch at this price point, the SARB033 would be my first choice.

Why do I consider it better than most of Seiko’s new releases, and why do I believe it will become a future classic? Is it more than a hunch that soon it will be discontinued? What did Seiko get right with the SARB033 and not with their newest releases? Join me for answers to these questions and a fresh look at this quintessentially Gentry watch classic.

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