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Seiko 5KX Watch Unboxing

Okay, hi darlings and welcome to the show today, unfortunately, for reasons best left unsaid, tgv is unable to join us, so i will be taking over the channel. Come on lincoln come on! Please let me go here.

You go hello, hello! You go come on now. This is not funny anymore, you now. What does he normally do? Um? Oh, yes, wrist watch check, oh blast. I’ve forgotten to put on my beater watch. I have a lovely little thing from elaine zone, so you’ll just have to visualize it.

Okay, bloody dinosaurs, [, Music ]. He’s escaped ah terribly sorry. My love is, but i’m gonna have to cut this video short now. Don’t forget to smash that like button and well yes, that’s about it, really um, okay, chilipepe, [, Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show today, another unboxing.

I know i vowed not to not to buy any watches, but i kind of gave the game away in the last uh watch collection. Talk, video with my good friend mark shout out to mark where i admitted to buying three seikos now um.

One of them is still being made. It’s, a very, very special bespoke project which hopefully will arrive next month, um. That is because some of the parts are being custom-made. It’s very, very exciting.

The second one i haven’t had time to shoot, but basically he’s. Replacing a watch i already own, and today this particular one is. I guess you could just say i. I was intrigued uh by the design. I just kind of had to experience it.

I’m. Not i don’t really know. If i’m, going to keep it or not, but um i just thought: yeah have some fun. Why not? Now i’ll. Do quick wristwatch i’m wearing the pepsi haven’t, worn it for donkeys years uh.

It was my most worn watch of 2017., possibly 18 because of the gmt that’s. When i was working more out and about – and i could see what time it is um the other side of the pond etc, because obviously i’ve got family in the uk and in italy, but this year my watch habits have completely changed and It’s actually kind of related to today’s.

Watch unboxing because i found myself really lusting after day dates. Last year was predominantly chronographs, i would say, and field watchers like the explorer, but this year uh with the way things are going, i’m working.

You know, 100 of my time i’m working at home. I forget what day of the week it is uh, so the day-date complication has actually become very practical. I didn’t want to get something overly expensive, like my gold rolex day date, because obviously it’s.

It’s. Very expensive and i don’t want to you know the gold is soft, so i found the watch we’re looking at today, oh and by the way i should also address, i’ve, got a few really cool. Little edc updates uh.

Actually you know what let’s, get into the edc stuff now and then we’ll do the unboxing. So the first thing i’m upgrading is, i usually have a pendant with the aztec calendar on it, a gold pendant. Now i am a big fan of, as you guys know, of marcus aurelius uh.

This is my favorite book of all time. I’ve talked about it. I’ve ravaged it on about this book. It really has, and i hate to be corny, but it has changed my life in a very positive way and i love rereading it.

So i wanted to get something to commemorate that and i’ve been scouring the internet for a denarius coin from ancient rome, an actual real ancient roman coin from the rule of um, marcus aurelius, which was ad 161 to 180.

And i wanted it from if possible, the british isles because of course the romans went there, so i managed finally to source on what i’m gonna. Do i’ve? I’ve, commissioned a special mount pendant to have it as a medallion on my chain, because, obviously you know it being from the uk, my mixed heritage, being british and italian and my favorite author of all time, and this was written actually on it.

During his campaigns, not of the uk, because that was a previous emperor – i’ll – do an edc update of that now. The second thing i’ve added to my edc is a drinking flask. This is a gold-plated. It’s, pretty cool.

Actually, i’ve bought two of these. This is the second one and it’s. Just got society of smugglers written on it. It’s 14 karat gold plated because of course, i’m, not really visiting bars or anything like that anymore because of the present current situation.

So if you need a little bit of a schnifter here, you go. This has got a capacity of six ounces. Actually i ‘ Ll, probably keep it in my coat overcoat or something else like that uh just so. If you’re caught out in the cold, you need to get snozzled a little bit uh to warm up there.

You go now. The third item i’m. Adding to my adc is this from carl friedrich and it’s, a very affordable, little key organizer, and it holds up to six keys. It’s, just very simple: it got the vaqueta lev that they’re famous for their their wallets and, of course, you guys know.

I’m a huge fan. I have their bags, so i got it in the matching. Colors, i think you can get it in black uh. I think a brown leather as well beautifully made as always from them. You can really tell that mattis.

A shout out to matt is the co-founder that he’s. A watch fan because there’s, little inspirations in the design like the um brass screw there, and then, of course, you ‘ Ve got the wonderful vegetable, tan, leather handmade in italy, that’s, going to age, gracefully, and you just fold them out like this and instead of having, where’s, my other keys there, you go so having this very uncomfortable lump of Metals, making noise in your pocket.

You know jabbing into you very uncomfortable. This is so much better simple, but absolute genius and i love it and i love it. It’s gonna age, gracefully, like my wallet, i mean look at the character that my wallet has picked up over the years um i love carl friedrich.

Stuff also protects the keys from scratches and not only that it protects other things that you might need to have in your pocket. From the keys as an extra bit of detail on the inside there’s a website, you can register your keys.

So if this ever gets lost, people can go to the website. Hopefully if they’re nice enough, it’ll, get returned to you, so very, very cool, indeed cracking little um addition to any edc. So i’m. Very chuffed to bits with that and then last of all of course, there’s, the 5k x here so without further ado, let’s, change perspectives and take it to the light box and as it is a japanese brand, i thought I’d honor it with my japanese maid.

This is the civilian version of the famous hannibal elector knife, with the serrated edge uh. He has one with the um the fish scale handle. So this is the full steel it’s. A very special type of steel there you go made in japan because they are masters of of uh metal work in this particular grade of steel.

I forget what the what was special about it, but i think they use it primarily for cutlery. I’ll, make the first incision there we go there. We go there. It is you see the blue manual. On top. I was actually considering buying the wolf of wall street together 1000, but unfortunately, oh, we’ve got more more bubbler.

Unfortunately, they are getting really difficult to find versions that the gold plating hasn’t worn off um. I just got this insatiable appetite for um gold tone watches, as you see perfectly demonstrated with my little um.

This was also from japan. Did the amiga there? I think it’s, because i like to match it with my signet ring in my my jewelry. I guess there’s, the box itself, so this is the first sake of five for the new generation.

I i’ve um, i’ve purchased and i think it’s, a new box as well crisp nice new box. There we go right here’s, the moment of truth, uh drum roll, please [, Music ]! Oh my god! Oh my god. Look at that! Ah, that is gorgeous.

That’s, a really nice tone of gold as well. I was i was concerned. It was going to be too yellowish and therefore cheap. Looking, but look at that bezel, oh and to fit. Ah it’s. Absolutely resplendent.

Looking i mean look at the finish: it’s like uh, looks like pebble dashing, you know, um it’s, going already it’s, a very kind of skx feel to it. I think it’s. Sk excited hold on a minute. Let me get the escapes here we go so that is the skx.

It’s almost identical, so i’m guessing. They just took the old cases. You know the the machine, um parts and and uh stamps and all the rest of it. They’re, just basically putting out that’s interesting.

I could probably put it on this uh crafter blue for more sporty look. Oh, that is fantastic. Look at that it’s. Interesting, we don’t have an arrow for the for the bezel, but the alignment really is done on the in between numbers.

It’s, got this strange, gothic style of font, which um – and i say stranger – i mean i love the gothic style. It’s very much associated with grand seiko, but you use these in between numbers to line it up, which is kind of unusual.

It’s. It’s a little bit, um yacht-master-ish, but without, but you know with. Rather, these are this very kind of medieval, looking gothic, which i i usually associate with with germany. You know um or grand seiko, like i said, um, let’s.

Let’s. Remove all this plastic wrapping beautiful champagne, dial, um, absolutely ravishing. I mean it really is gorgeous looking um yeah, i’m, really happy about the um. Sorry i say really it’s. I’m extremely pleased with the finishing i am slightly dubious or not not do this.

That’s, not the right word, um concerned about the gold plating, because recently compared to older seiko’s. Gold plating is is not very good. It’s, got drilled, lug holes, that’s interesting the uh skx didn’t.

They’ve, put plastic on this particular link here, because obviously this is where it rubs, and so it doesn’t rub off when you, when you get it, they’ve done that on both sides. Nice little detail because you you see on gold-plated bracelets.

This is the connection point that that has the most friction tends to lose its placing first, ah, okay, no screw down cram. That is a shame, but i knew that it is hackable, though, which is fantastic.

Um. Oh and we got manny wind, okay, that’s; fine, that’s; fine. What is the water resistance on this? That’s? Okay? Actually i don’t mind that uh it’s. It’s, you know it’s, a sports watch. I’m, not gonna go diving with it um.

I believe. What is this? The water resistance uh? Is that 10 bar? What is it that say? 10 bar? Yes, it is 10 baht there we go 100 meters that’s more than adequate for my needs. You know i wanted something i could wear on a weekend, maybe go jogging.

I can even use it for timing. The cardio there so that level that degree of water resistance is perfectly fine for me. It’s very magnificent. I have to say i wonder how it’s, going to work. Let’s just quickly pop it on that’s, not bad.

I mean it’s, an skx 007, essentially in scale and height, and all the rest of it so um and of course, you ‘ Ve got a double push button, deploying there that’s, pretty cool. Oh, i like how they’ve got brushed.

The finishing is very impressive, so brushed and then high polish and sizes. That’s great! It’s very uniform, very, very well done at look at that curve. There look at the transition there from um directional circular, brushing and then high polish.

It’s. It’s, seamless! It’s very impressive yeah fun, a bit gaudy, but i wanted something fun. I’m, not really looking to spend. You know: 10 20 grand on the gold, solid gold sports watch right now, so this for me is gonna scratch.

That itch and it’s, fun it’s about having fun. Oh and, of course, we ‘ Ve got the new skx logo. Sorry not sks. I keep saying in this case you need five cakes or or um sega. Five logo, which i i actually like, i know some don’t, but i think it’s very cool.

The way it suggests motion and vaguely super maneusk, so yeah very, very pleased. So far with that right, i’m. Going to size this uh, or should i put it on a just realized that’s, not gonna match, but um? Hmm, i don’t know.

Maybe a leather strap something a bit crazy. Anyway. I’m gonna size it and see what it’s like right. Let’s. Take it back to the studio. Now i’ve discussed the history of seiko before so. This today is more of an initial impressions and unboxing type video.

I’m, not gonna go into the whole history of the sake of five line or seiko. For that matter, i’ve done that previous time. So have a look back if you haven’t already seen those videos. Now you’ll notice, i’ve, taken it off the bracelet and i’ll, explain why in just a moment, but first let me just discuss.

I’ve noted down a few of the the good points. First of all, it’s fun. I love the day-date. Obviously we i mentioned that at the beginning, the bezel really intrigued me and the way the numerals are raised, uh and contrasted in comparison to that beautiful, grainy texture.

I also love the sunburst effect of the dial. The illumination is outstanding. You got lumi bright. I’ll, put all the the specifications on the screen, so you can see. I think the older sega five logo looked a bit too like um.

Some kind of sports baseball team logo, or something like that – this is a little bit more exciting. Modern. The gold tone is just right. I’ve got to say that it’s. Immaculately done, they know what they’re.

Doing when it comes to this particular case, of course, they’ve had years and years decades of experience with the uh. I would about to say 5kx with the skx and talking in skx. You do get that skx feel because of the size and scale, so that makes sense.

I love the addition of having it being able to hack and manual and, yes, it’s not screw down, but – and i know you’re – not supposed to do this. It’s, a big faux pas because you might damage the crown and bend the um the stem, but you can actually wind it on the wrist and just top it up.

So you don’t have to unscrew it and being able to do that is kind of handy. I do like that. So it’s, a very rock solid watch and i love the fact that you’re bothered to put drilled lug holes and the display back yeah.

Okay, it’s, not anything to write home about it.’s, a very utilitarian looking movement, but it is part of horological history. You can see one of the pores of the magic lever system there, so you get to enjoy a little a bit of seiko’s, own innovation.

If you’re just getting into watches, or your watch enthusiasts, it’s nice to see so let’s. Talk about the negatives! Well, i really didn’t like the bracelet. The problem was, is that i’m in one of those sizes of wrists.

I’m about six, and a quarter to six and a half somewhere in between it depends uh how much i, how much pasta i’ve at i couldn’t, get the comfortable size. I took out a link, then it was too tight. Put in a link.

It was too loose tried the micro adjustments, it just didn’t fit and then of course the bracelet is very thick and heavy. Only tape is a tiny bit uh. The the construction for lack of a better expression is pure effluence.

It really is the the the pins in the links that hold it together. Some you couldn’t, get out at all. Others just seemed to come out on their own volition, which was even more disturbing, so the bracelet was rubbish.

However, i think it’s. Strap code. Do a full gold jubilee. I’m kind of tempted to do that, although it is a bit too much gold for me. But what am i saying? I have a rolex day date, but yeah i might. I might go for it.

The other problem with that it’s, a hundred and something odd dollars. So i’m, not quite sure. I want to spend that much on a bracelet just yet. So what i did. I actually got this rubber strap off my uh.

An skx i have like what i consider stock skx and i’ve bought a cheaper gold tone buckle and i just popped it on and there we go and it looks very sporty. Having said that, even though the bracelet was rubbish with hollow end links and everything, the clasp was fairly good.

Many will complain at the screw-down crown but, as i said, wasn’t really an issue for me. My only complaint is the bezel. It performs impeccably well um, just like an skx bezel, really a 120 click. I think yeah.

The issue is this 60 minute marker at the 12. I would have liked to triangle just to be able to read it a bit quicker because um, sometimes it kind of blurs into the rest of it, and the gothic script is not the most efficient in legibility.

However, that, in tandem with the day date, the hacking seconds, all the rest of it, it’s, just a really great everyday fun watch, and you know what the hundred meter water resistance is more than enough for me.

So a cool watch, rock solid um does exactly what it says on a tin and i’m gonna enjoy it have some fun with it. Okay! Well, i’m gonna leave it there do. Let me know which of the seiko 5k x’s. You’re, really um pining.

After what do you think about them? What would you like to see seiko do. I know i wouldn’t mind seeing um a replacement for the the zero one, three um, a 38 millimeter version, because obviously this is a tad big for me, but that would be great to utilize that size case in the modern, 5k x family.

I think that would be outstanding thoughts. Quiz comments, opinions all the rest of it down below. Thank you so much for watching. Please don’t forget to like this video. It really does help and i will catch you in the next one: okay, ciao

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