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Should You Buy 1 Rolex Submariner Or An Affordable Watch Collection?

Answering another frequently asked question. So if you do have a question, is the urban Gentry at, or one word or probably most efficient way of reaching me is to always add a comment. I’ll.

Do this? What’s check still wearing the Superman honeymoon phase I’ve decided. I’m gonna pull the trigger it’s. Just that good and I haven’t taken it off since I started the review, so it’s been over a week.

There you go so the question is, and this has been sent in by Daniel he says: do TGV. I live in Buffalo, New York and a big fan of the show fantastic. Thank you so much. I’m 28 years old. I am saving up for my Grail watch, which is the Rolex Submariner one, six, six one, zero very nice.

Indeed, absolute pure glass, what can I say? Yeah you can’t go wrong with that. My current collection consists of eight mid tier watches. He hasn’t really specified what they are, the only one he’s talks about.

He says my current favorite is my daily work watch, which I wear the most and it’s. The glycine combat sub gl0 one-eight-five pretty sure that’s, the one with the 24-hour markings on the inner part of the DAR, very cool you guys know.

I love the combat sub. I owned one many moons ago yeah. I love that watch anyway. My question is: should I sell my entire collection and buy the Rolex, and now my fear is, I will miss my current cheaper watches.

I hear many watch enthusiasts saying. Collecting, affordable watches is a mistake. I’ll. Get on to that. I’m, currently saving for a new car which I need for work and for my family to use it. So it will be some time before I can start saving again for my Grail Submariner.

What do you think I should do? Thank you. Please keep up the good work. Your positive attitude is always inspiring best regards Daniel well, thank you. So much wow there’s. The three questions there really.

I could make all series of videos just on this one email, but first what the answer is. Not a simple one or the other, it depends so much run different people’s, taste their preferences, their requirements, and these things all are subject to change as we inevitably mature as collectors and all the rest of it.

Now. Daniel is still very much in the infancy of his collecting. It’s still early days. Yet I think, to abandon your whole collection is a bit premature and you’re right. You’re, definitely going to regret it.

I mean I certainly what I unbox the inaccuracy it’s. A watch I’ve, run multiple times a classic rebuy, and that is a behavioral pattern of somebody that does sell a watch to prematurely there’s. Also a lot of economic considerations.

Now a big misconception is, I think, especially when it comes to me. I’ve noticed people say: oh you’re, you’re gonna get really the cheaper watches, and I prefer to use the term affordable. That’s, because, to me cheaper is a bit of a derogatory term and insinuates that something is poorly made or low quality.

That’s, not necessarily true. If we’ve proved it on the channel. The other thing is the the watches. Being a waste of money. Affordable is being a waste of money. That is a huge misconception.

We’ve proved it time and time again on this channel. The big argument there, by by the kind of the pro luxury guys who scoff at affordable, watches they stencil they don’t hold their value. It’s, a waste of money in that regard.

Well, that’s, absolute hogwash. If you guys have been paying attention, my seca Ripley has tripled almost quadrupled in value in half the time it took for my rolex submariner to double in value, so there you go and there’s, tons of advice on Polly of the channel so That it has already been proved, it is not a mistake and I think it’s all about knowing your limits.

Understand your economic situation, but at their core watches, serve a purpose within a collection and something you don’t have with just one watch is obviously you have a dress watch when you want to dress up.

You have a g-shot. These are just examples. You can have your own interpretation of what model can serve that cause in in your collection, but you know the beetle watch for gardening or hunting or when you’re, I don’t, know, hiking, etc, etc.

You’re, not gonna wear a dress watch and when you have one watch there is that danger of becoming bored and then slowly start buying black watches you’ve, previously sold and and yeah. You actually end up spending more money, but what’s important as we’re on the subject of money, never gets into debt for a watch.

It’s, it’s. Never. I would never advise that. I’ve, always railed against that in the history of the chat. As you guys know, buying a luxury watch should not be stressful. You should be in a position where, for me personally, I would not buy a watch.

I could not afford to replace instantly so, for example, and and your threshold can change depending on how comfortable you are, because I think there is a big fear of I remember when I first bought my Submariner.

I was a little bit scared to wear it because I never spent so much money on the watch or had so much value in a watch because it was for my 30th. It was my grouch and at first I was a little bit trepidatious of wearing it.

But then I realized now these things are made to be worn. There are obviously exceptions to this family heirlooms, perhaps pieces that have huge historical significance. For example, the Spitfire watch.

I’m a little bit less inclined to wear that because of its rarity. It’s, also much more fragile. I’ll, probably wear it in more dressy situations. A great way of looking at this is, if you bought a Submariner right, you should have some money in the bank, at least because otherwise you’re gonna worry, and then it starts to diminish the enjoyment of the piece.

It is a lot of money. My priority is different. You’ve, obviously got to get a car and stuff, and you have a family that’s. Another thing, never prioritize, watches above you know the fundamentals of life.

I mean that’s common sense, so I started to relax a bit with my Submariner, because I knew I got to a good economic level where I was earning enough to replace it and I was able to wear it and I banged it about And I bashed it about, and they weren’t that those the stripes, the you know like a sub shirt, something else you have to consider by letting go.

Your collection is the enjoyment x-factor. If you will, when you have multiple watches a larger collection – and I found this because you know my collections got ridiculous now, but I haven’t worn a watch for a while.

I pull it out of the save for the bank vault. I put it back into the circulation and I have a second honeymoon period because I haven’t, worn it for so long with one watch. You’re, obviously not going to have that same experience, but having one watch instead of a whole collection, does have the advantage of intensifying the sentimental value to that watch because if you’re wearing it all the time you’re gonna have more memories associated with it when it comes to passing it down to the next generation.

That watch was on the wrist when this happened or you went on this holiday or you got married or all these achievements. These these milestones in your life – that is a definite advantage, and I got ta say there is a purity kind of poetic and not poison, that’s, the wrong way that there is something admirable about.

I’ve, always kind of been secretly jealous of those people that just have one wash and it becomes kind of a definitive calling card. You know like every time I see a picture of Ian Fleming with his Explorer.

It’s. It’s, just it’s, so him you know it’s. It’s that British understated nosov class that that tough robust. So then again, you know that goes back to the previous argument that you do need a collection, because there are not really that many watches that can do it all in terms of situation in terms of attire, and so you know, I think I think the Explorer Is pretty much the perfect example? The Submariner is another one.

These kind of any situation watches from the boardroom to the beach and the varied and larger collection does give you more flexibility. A watch should be rarely a bit like sartorial choices should be appropriate for that situation or environment.

Now, probably the most crucial thing that you’re gonna miss out. If you trade in your whole collection, is the educational benefits of owning a collection. Rather than just one piece, because, especially if you’re new to this beautiful hobby – that we all love collecting, watches is one of the best ways to educate yourself about your preferences about your tastes.

What works! What doesn’t? You will find that you fall in love and then you fall out of love with certain pieces. There’s, also so much fun about trading and selling and which ones are keepers and then the whole experience of collecting the culture that surrounds it.

I mean this is this is a perfect example. Also affordable, watches are more obviously accessible, something that we’ve. Definitely established on this channel is that affordable watches can be so enriching with history and stories behind them.

We’ve proved countless times that watches value has no correlation to to their historical significance or whatever you know. So there’s, a lot to be learned by collecting, watches yeah. I mean, of course, you can still read and watch reviews and and study watches, but it’s.

Another thing to actually experience them and your you’re gonna miss out. If you just go to the one watch and the experience of collecting the fun of it, but the educational aspect, especially in this day and age of being a well-rounded individual, that kind of autodidactic approach that I think is crucial to an enriching happy life.

And finally, I want to address. One last point is that those who say never to buying a luxury watch? I think that is a mistake, never say never, because you never know where you end up and it’s easier than you think.

Yes and life is very very hard. Life is full of struggle and hardship. You have to work incredibly rigorously just to achieve anything in life and whether it’s. You know financial aspirations, you know trying to get in shape or any or any of this nothing worth.

It is easy. We all know this. We’re all in the struggle together right, but I do think it is important to have goals. I do think that anybody out there, if you, if you really put your heart into it and you have the willpower you can get that luxury.

What you can get that Grail so never say. Never because, like I see this a lot I well, I have these expenses. I don’t have the time I have to do this after look slowly slowly and learn how to say I did a video all about how to save money and put a little bit aside in terms of financial thinking.

You’ve got to work out your ratio, you see. For me, I hate certain amount of funds to saving for my Grail watch every week and it’s going to be different for everybody. So you know, even if it takes ten years or one month what you’re comfortable with it’s different for everybody right, so you can learn.

While you save incrementally my prediction, Daniel is that what will most likely happen? Is you’ll, get your sub and then you’ll, see something you’ll have like a watch crush, you might get full head over heels and a watch that you never even liked.

You saw it in person when you experienced it, a friend might have lent it to you this kind of thing. I was very much the same way with the Explorer, and then you start and before you know it. You ‘

Ve got a whole collection back again guys everybody’s different. You can completely disagree with any guys do share in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, but there’s. A lot to consider here.

There are different types of collectors: there are different types of tastes, evolve and change. I think that’s, normal it’s funny. When I first joined watch box about a year ago, people would say: oh, he’s.

Gon na forget about the affordable watches he’s. Only gonna collect luxury. Now it doesn’t really. For me, it doesn’t work like that for you, you could climb up the ladder and never look back. For me, I I tend to go on a kind of cycle.

I’m, just chasing enjoyment, whether it comes in the form of a ten dollar Casio or a hundred thousand dollar hepatech. You never know where you’re gonna find it with that watch. You know, God forbid. I hope it’s more the Casio just because you know the financial implications, but anyway, at the end of the day, go with your heart.

Go with what you feel is right, you might buy that sup and you might just be a sub guy and that’s. It nothing will ever come close. You never know, but I do feel it is important. You know not to rush into it.

To play the field so to speak, a little bit more, give it some time, because you also got to figure out it. Is this true love, or is this just an infatuation yeah? It sounds like I’m talking about something earth, but there you go anyway, guys.

Let me know your thoughts, queries comments, pinnings all the rest of it down below. Thank you so much for watching. Please don’t forget to like this video. If you enjoyed it and found it useful and as always guys, I will catch you in the next one: okay ciao.

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Today we return to a format from the earliest days of the channel and answer some frequently asked questions on collecting watches. Is collecting “affordable” watches a mistake? Would it be better to sell an entire collection of affordable watches in exchange for just one grail watch?

In this video I aim to help Daniel, a member of the good Gentry, who emailed me for advice. After collecting watches for 2 years his current daily favorite is the Glycine Combat Sub GL0185. He wants to sell his large collection to buy his dream watch – a Rolex Submariner, reference 16610 – which is approximately the same value. What should he do?

Join me for some classic Gentry watch collection talk, including advice for Daniel, and a few things one should take into account when contemplating such a big decision, from financial considerations to seller’s remorse.

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