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Summer Reading: The Style Of Time For Watch Aficionados

The Style of Time book

The Style of Time book

Watch lovers pay attention, there are still a few weeks left to get some good summer reading in.

Mara Cappelletti’s “The Style of Time: The Evolution of Wristwatch Design” is a journey through the realms of horology, exploring not only the technical prowess behind wristwatches but also their connection to culture, aesthetics, and innovation. Released late last year, this hardcover book can now be found in stores and online.

Cappelletti’s approach is to pair each decade with a style icon, tracing the evolution of wristwatch design through the lens of the most iconic models. This chronological exploration invites readers to witness the evolution of timekeeping mechanisms in parallel with changing societal values and artistic preferences.

The Style of Time book

The Style of Time book retails for just about $44.00

“The Style of Time” paints a vivid portrait of horological history, with stories behind the watches that shaped moments of human triumph, like the Longines watch that accompanied Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic and the Rolex timepiece that graced Sir Edmund Hillary’s Everest conquest.

Published by ACC Art Books, this volume offer readers a glimpse into the minds of watchmakers, the cultural contexts of their creations, and the technical innovations that propelled the industry forward. Whether you’re a seasoned collector, an aspiring horologist, or simply someone intrigued by the passage of time, Cappelletti’s book can make for fun summer reading.

The Style of Time book

The Style of Time book picks an icon in time to discuss for each decade of wristwatches.

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