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urwerks otherworldly ur 100v watch now comes in lightweight black titanium

Urwerk’s Otherworldly UR-100V Watch Now Comes in Lightweight Black Titanium

Urwerk’s newest space-inspired wristwatch has been cleared for takeoff. Dubbed the UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket, the 41 mm timepiece is the latest in the Swiss watchmaker’s UR-100 series. Like…

urwerk gives ur 100v full titanium jacket a black update

URWERK Gives UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket a Black Update

URWERK continues the UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket chronicle with a new black version. Sleekly monochrome, this 25 piece limited-edition delivers the beauty of the UR-100V in a pure, unadulterated form….

every moment counts celebrating our milestones with urwerk

Every Moment Counts: Celebrating Our Milestones with URWERK

URWERK will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary. In the lead up to this momentous milestone, we look back at some of our shared memories over the years.  2007 – TEMPUS…

urwerk wraps up the ur 220 collection in rose gold

URWERK Wraps Up the UR-220 Collection in Rose Gold

Almost two years after the launch of the first UR-220, URWERK wraps up the collection. With a 4N gold case and an immaculate white textured strap, the new UR-220 Red…

transcending space and time urwerk ur 100v time and culture i

Transcending space and time: URWERK UR-100V Time and Culture I

Introducing episode one of the new URWERK UR-100V Time and Culture line, a celebration of the ingenuity of ancient cultures in the impossible mission of transcribing the intangible – the…

urwerks newest watch is like a bugatti grille for your wrist

Urwerk’s Newest Watch Is Like a Bugatti Grille for Your Wrist

Collectors seeking a break from classic watchmaking design elements—such as Roman numerals, round cases, and well, hands—should check out the Urwerk, the UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey. The eight-piece limited edition resembles…

Buying Guide – Best of 2021 – Our Favorite Watches of the Year by Independent Watchmakers

Independent watchmaking has always played an important role in MONOCHROME’s content. While we look at the entire spectre of the (mostly mechanical) watchmaking industry, we always had a tendency to…

Introducing – The Urwerk UR-100V in a Full Titanium Jacket (Live Pics & Price)

URWERK’S watches fly in the face of most concepts of conventional watchmaking. Here are watches that seem to have been forged in a galaxy far, far away, offering earthlings a…

urwerk unveils the ur 100v full titanium jacket

URWERK Unveils the UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket

The UR-100V saga continues with a new addition to the collection, the UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket: a single-colour version featuring different shades of grey, from Payne grey to lead grey….

urwerk unveils the ur 112 agreggat

Urwerk Unveils The UR-112 Agreggat

The UR-112 Aggregat is the latest addition to Urwerk’s Special Project collection, a laboratory where horological freedom and follies is encouraged. Urwerk co-founders Felix Baumgartner, master watchmaker, and Martin Frei, artistic director…