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The £200,000 Lamborghini For Your Wrist

The new Ferrari SF 90 stradale, is a hybrid supercar packing in a twin-turbo v8, alongside a trio of electric motors to scorch the tarmac through its lightning-fast dual clutch gearbox, with over nine hundred and eighty-six horsepower that’s more than the hypercar laferrari capable Of breaking the speed limit in a hair over two and a half seconds and lapping Ferraris Fiorano test track faster than any other road car before it.

It is a milestone, technological achievement, the most advanced machine coming out of Maranello to ever wear a number plate. Meanwhile, down the road at Lamborghini, the Aventador S makes do with no turbos no hybrid and no dual clutch.

It’s, not after numbers. It’s after something else entirely watch finder the pre-owned watch specialist now available in France, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Hong Kong. So we can keep on making great watch videos.

I’d, really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel. If you already are it really does help? Thank you. When I was a kid planning how I would spend the millions I’d, earn being a rockstar astronaut.

I was obsessed with numbers how fast, how powerful that kind of thing my underdeveloped and inexperienced brain these were the measures with which I primed my expectations for the real world, because well no one was going to let a 13 year old drive a Ferrari to find Out otherwise, it’s, a difficult thing to grow out of driving a car like the Ferrari.

Sf 90 is not something easily translated into words, a visceral, violent and evocative experience that has to be encountered personally, never mind fully even slightly appreciate. Until then, it’s, just numbers everything is really it’s.

All just war. Dates are collected from other people’s, experiences crudely quantified by a series of markings. We use to count things when it came to the fight between Ferrari and Lamborghini. Well, it was obvious.

A Ferrari was quicker around the Nurburgring had a faster 0 to 60 higher top speed, and that was that no contest. My superstar fate was sealed, except it wasn’t, because the onslaught of adult life quickly taught me that an emotive experience cannot be summed up with numbers.

The first time I opened the taps on my new-to-me are 1 out of 10. How did I feel no idea frightened to death? Mainly this is where kid brain met, adult brain and my carefully laid out childhood plan discombobulated.

Obviously I knew being a rockstar astronaut was out of the question and heaven knows I could have done without the commute anyway, but I had a realization about these numbers. I’d, put so much faith in that blindsided me just like that idiots going.

All the way around the roundabout in the outside lane did in his mother’s. Ford Fiesta squished into a seat on an easyJet flight to wherever was cheapest, launched down the runway with more force than my bike ever could was nowhere near as exciting as being on the bike, and that’s when it picked there’S more to emotion than numbers: it’s, a whole medley of things for the r1.

It was the scream of the engine, the roar of the tires, the rush of the wind and the constant sense of immediate death. That realization was probably the biggest turning point for me into scraping through the university of life, barely graduate as an adult.

It took longer than I’d expected, but it was a light bulb moment that suddenly made my obsession with facts printed on paper. Magazines for a thing back then seem rather childish and that’s. When I heard a Lamborghini v12 for the first time I was at Goodwood and the car, the v12 belonged to wasn’t even going that fast.

In fact, it was a crawl, slow and meandering through the gathering throng of people, but the sound it made. It was burnt into my memory like a scar, a low mournful howl that seemed as much animal as it was machine.

Then the driver revved it. How could I experience such overwhelming emotion from a vehicle that was virtually parked to this day? I still don’t really understand it. All I know is that I have the same reaction every time, and that brings me to this.

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spyder Aventador s it doesn’t, purport to be the most accurate watch or the most mechanically complex or even the most technically impressive is an experience that can’t, be measured in numbers.

Let’s, see if words can have a go instead right off the bat there’s. No, this is like a Lamborghini feel wrist. It is a Lamborghini for your wrists, obvious branding partnerships aside, the Spyder Aventador s, the watch, not the car, is not only directly inspired by the Spyder Aventador s, the car, not the watch, but by the way it makes you feel I don’t Know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to experience a Lamborghini Aventador s or even get close to one.

But if you have you’ll know that it ‘ S got more drama than a Mexican soap opera. Before you even turn the key, or rather push the button, because the Aventador S is all about making every moment feel like you’re back to being 13 again only this time.

Someone really did. Let you drive that supercar there’s, an lead. You have to flip up to press the starter. Just like a fighter jet you don’t have to because there’s a hole in it. You can poke your finger through, but doing it anyway makes you feel like that dream of being a rockstar astronaut might have been possible.

After all, the Roger Dubuis is exactly the same. It’s bristling with features, even though none of them are really necessary. You can get a lightweight carbon fiber and not so lightweight. Rose-Gold combo for the case, for example, looks cool as anything doesn’t make it any lighter to wear.

Then there’s, the double balance spread in a V just like the power plant in the Aventador angled. So at least one balance is in the optimum position. They’re linked with Roger Dubuis ‘ He’s. A SP autonomous stability program, a differential that blends the two together seamlessly into the jumping seconds mechanism, just like the diffs transferring drive to the wheels in the car.

Does it make the wash more accurate or last longer or protect it from magnetic fields? Not really looks like a million dollars, though the strut bars skeletonization, quick, friction, optimization, g-force, anti ejection reinforcement.

All of it is really for show and not for go just like the Lamborghini 13 year old me would have scoffed it’s dead in the water. Even Rolex offers better performance than this at a tenth of the price. But here’s the bit the Rolex doesn’t, give you that doesn’t conform to the numbers and experience.

If you love cars, truly love cars, you’ll love Lamborghini, the audacity of it, the spectacle it’s. The true essence of Italian flamboyance right there on four wheels same with the Roger Dubuis. If you love watchmaking appreciate the intensity of this centuries-old art, then the Excalibur Spyder Aventador s will give you chills.

Maybe you have to see it in person? In fact, you do have to see it in person a picture can’t. Tell you what it’s like to feel the chassis of an Aventador vibrate beneath you or hear the wail of its v12 as it climbs it’s 8,500 rpm rev limit, and neither can it tell you how elaborately sculptural the caliber Rd 103 is, as you turn it over in your hands, how layered it sits within the case as the light catches it piece by piece you get an impression sure, but you don’t get that feeling – and I know what you’Re thinking this is probably some rushed off piece that looks great from a distance, but doesn’t hold up in close proximity, but no.

This is post Aldi Lamborghini, built to the highest level of Swiss quality. That’s, no empty superlative, because the Geneva steel engraved on the movement tells me exactly that. This is the hallmark of watchmaking excellence.

Literally, the numbers may not tell the whole story, but this really does it does not get better than this. Lamborghinis are not loved by all. They’re loud showy and impractical, not to mention attention-grabbing drive one into the forecourt to get fuel and every I will be on you, some staring in admiration, but others in equal parts with disgust and get it then not for everyone, and neither is The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spyder Aventador s, sometimes a Rolex, really is just a more appropriate watch, but that doesn’t mean that Roger Dubuis has no place in this world.

In fact, precisely the opposite, it may not be the best time keeper the most complicated, but it sure does do one thing absolutely perfectly. Even after our dreams fade away and the pressures of being an adult take hold, it gives you a break, an instant of freedom, and it reminds you just how special a moment can really be discover more exceptional watches at watch finder.

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