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The $35 Mission Impossible Watch DW2901V: My Favorite Best New Beater

Hunt is uniquely trained a specialist without equal immune to any counter measures with security cannot breach no person he cannot become. There is no secret, we cannot extract. Hunt is the living manifestation of destiny and he has made you his mission.

My team is dead, open the door, your mission, should you choose to accept it youtube? You should have killed me. We got it. Okay, hi guys and welcome to the show – and today i am reviewing the legendary dw290 famous for its connotations, which we’ll, get into in just a moment, but i got ta say i originally bought this watch purely to review.

I’ve, always wanted to review it, and i’ve, been putting it off for so many years. I mean that’s. The problem there’s, just so many watches, and so little time i pulled the trigger on it expecting well, i didn’t really know what to expect, and i have to say i am absolutely besotted with this piece and for which You know i’ll, explain in just a moment um, i completely underestimated it.

To be honest, and i’m, going to tell you why it’s just so fantastic, but i’ll. Do a quick, wristwatch check, i’m wearing another favorite, actually uh. This is my navitar, the cosmonaut, my favorite chronograph and i’ve put it on the rios first time i’ve, worn it on this rios.

Actually, if you want to find out more about this uh incredible german handmade, strap incredible quality. I got it from holben’s. I’ll, leave all the links and everything as always down below and have a look back at the full, strap review for this, and i think it just matches it perfectly.

But anyway we’re, not discussing my favorite chronograph. We’re discussing this absolute beast of a watch so without further ado. Let’s, get into the history [ Music ]! If you missed my recent two-part special on cassio, with the review of the aw one, five, eight and six eight.

As well as the latest full metal offering the a1000, i talked about how casio is often misunderstood as mere affordable. Digital fashion watches, as those who are seriously into hierarchy beyond just watches, will undoubtedly know how important casio has been to the history of time.

Keeping in the latter half of the last century, so here is a very quick recap to put it into context founded in tokyo in 1946. In 1957, they introduced the world’s. First, entirely: electric compact calculator; it was an early digital camera innovator and during the 80s and 90s, the company developed numerous affordable home electronic keyboards for musicians.

Along with introducing the world’s. First, mass-produced digital watches, this expertise in mass producing ever smaller and smaller. More advanced electronics led them to be an early innovator in lcd technology and, of course, digital watch technology incorporating everything from calculators, diaries, data storage, mp3 players, cameras, gps radios, solar power, bluetooth technology, even computer games, digital altimeters barometers, compasses, multi-band atomic timekeeping all into wristwatches.

Before. Anyone else just to name a few. The g-shock line in 1983 in particular, would take digital watches, far beyond all other types of watches and the brand into world record-breaking toughness, for example, being able to take the weight of having a 24.

9 tonne truck drive over it or certified by nasa for space missions And being issued to elite military units in armies around the world, but aside from their technical achievements and endless list of world firsts and commercial success, one cannot deny the cultural impact of cassio.

They are in countless movies. Tv shows too many to even go into and have permeated into every facet of pop culture from music superstars, celebrity culture, even adoption by the fashionistas and hipsters.

In terms of the particular watch we’re. Looking at today, it rose to fame in 1996, when the first mission impossible movie was released and the watch was worn by the main protagonist. Ethan hunt played impeccably well by the supremely talented tom cruise.

For many years it was commonly misidentified as the typical g-shock square, but with the advent of blu-ray and 4k quality, you can clearly see for yourself. It is indeed a dw 290.. I recently added the box set of movies to my own personal collection and have thoroughly enjoyed re-watching these highly entertaining spy action.

Blockbusters tom cruise is no stranger to making watches iconic via his movies on screen. He has worn a variety of interesting pieces. The porsche design, pvd chronograph in top gun, is perhaps the best example.

It was also his own watch and worn in multiple movies. However, when it came to the ultra capable ethan hunt, it was predominantly casio watches the only exception being in mission impossible for ghost protocol, where tom cruise wore a tudor heritage.

Chronograph, it is believed it is his own watch as well and kind of makes sense, as it was an ode to the historic, tudor and porsche motor sport partnership, tom cruise, of course, being a big motor racing fan.

The brian de palma, directed first movie, was one of the best and it remains a classic in my opinion, and therefore immortalizing. This watch forever in celluloid the later casio watches, just like the films themselves, not so much don’t get me wrong.

I adore the early movies of john woo before he went to hollywood, but the sequel he directed is not my favorite. However, the ethan hunt character turned to g-shock for the second and third movies, which is a more logical choice and, more importantly, more believable.

By the time the franchise was in the fourth and fifth installment in the series it had really hit its stride, but not only was tom cruise producing the films, he was also doing all his own crazy stunts, and these later films had become some of the best.

In the genre, the sixth installment fallout was unquestionably the best after re-watching it several times as well as at the cinema. Upon its first release, it is technically one of the most superior action films ever made and rivals the very best of the later james bond movies.

Any day of the week, disappointingly, however, there were no notable watches, with the exception of benji played by the equally talented simon pegg, but the dw 290 is not just a movie star. It has also enjoyed a strong following by military personnel and has also been worn by multiple nasa aquanauts on the nemo mission.

7 team nemo is an acronym for nasa extreme environment mission operations. Nasa sends groups of astronauts, engineers and scientists to live in underwater laboratories. The world’s only undersea research station for up to three weeks at a time in preparation for future space exploration, the most notable wearer of the casio was dr craig mckinley.

He was a canadian physician and on february the 28th 2003 mckinley participated in the world’s. First tele-robotic assisted surgery conducted by two hospitals separated by 400 kilometers on the nemo 7 underwater exploration mission of october 2004.

He and other aquanauts tested remote healthcare procedures with the potential application for space travel. The watch has even been seen on the wrist of former fbi director, robert mueller and according to watch forums.

It is also popular with the french foreign legion, too [ Music ]. As always, let’s start with dimensions. Now it is quite an unusual shape, but at its widest point we’re. Looking at 46 millimeters, the thickness is 13.

8. The lug to lug is just shy of 50 millimeters. The lug width is 23 millimeters, but actually on the underside you can see it is 19 millimeters, so you can fit an 18 millimeter strap onto this. The weight is 55 grams there in terms of materials.

Obviously we ‘ Ve got a mineral crystal there. This resin plastic and a screwed in stainless steel case back now. It’s worthy to note that this resin – i just pull in my my own g-shock here. It feels slightly different.

It’s a little bit softer the color isn’t totally black, just like your typical g-shock square there, and by the way i’m sorry about the dirted condition of this. I use this for cardio absolutely every single day of the week.

It’s kind of a very dark off-black. It’s, it’s, not strictly black, and you’ll, see what i mean with the actual black notches. There i’ll, describe it as a kind of matte charcoal gray. Really now it has a very distinctive hexagonal case, shape that is thicker towards the bottom than it is the top, and this is very deliberate to accentuate these two bottom pushers, which are, of course the ones you use the most and the layout is exactly the same As your typical g-shock, it’s, a four-button system here with mode stop start.

The light here for the electroluminescence, which i have to say, is outstanding. It’s very bright, very responsive, very crisp and clear, so the backlight works perfectly well. Also, we have the flash alert mode which i’ll, explain in just a moment in terms of comfort, it is well very comfortable indeed, and actually doesn’t wear any different to your typical g-shock.

I would go as far as to say it: it’s a little bit more comfortable, even even for my small six and a quarter inch wrist. It comes on your typical accordion strap there’s, nothing really to write home about here.

If you compare it to g-shock, you see, the buttons are far larger, much easier to press and use, and i got ta say it’s, a breath of fresh air with the exception, obviously of the adjust button. So this is very deliberate and is designed to hinder any accidental pressing.

Of course, now one of the most impressive aspects of this watch is it’s, 200 meters, water resistance, which is extremely high, considering its price and the other offerings in the classic. Casio line now, if i go through the modes first of all, we have a multi-function alarm: it’s, just a single arm, but extremely useful, and then we have a countdown timer, which also includes a flash alert.

So this will start flashing with the backlight again very, very useful. If you need to set a reminder or something stopwatch. This is accurate to 100 of a second, and the capacity here is 24 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds keep going on.

We and we’re back to the home screen and you’ll notice. The sound is different, so it’s. An audible reminder that you’re back at the home screen and, of course, you’ve got day date, all the rest of it pretty much the same as your typical g-shock.

First second place times split time. Of course, the accuracy plus minus 15 seconds a month which is just outstanding, takes one cr to cr2016 battery, which lasts about two years. The layout is very intuitive and, of course, you have this central um indicator here with the little arrow for the different functions.

So there’s, no mistaking what is selected. What is on what is functioning, etc. The module inside is the three two three one, which is an updated one, one eight nine. Now, essentially they are exactly the same.

All they did was update. The pre-programmed calendar to 2099 instead of the previous 2029. We also have 12 and 24-hour formats and, as you can see, we have the day of the week and the date on the top of the main time there [ Music ] now, despite its imf usage, strong military following use by nasa, it was actually originally designed, As an ultra rugged high impact sports watch, hence this depth rating, which you can actually go diving with the retro kind of i would describe as gundam robot style, and i’m, not the first to say this makes sense, considering the era that it’s from uh the peak of anime.

Is it coincidence? I you know, i don’t think so. The bottom two pushers are mounted on these kind of piston head sections, and this is actually not just you know, makes it look really really cool, but it’s actually to accentuate them from the other pushers, because these are the two that you’re going to use the most, so it really, it really makes sense, and then you ‘

Ve got this kind of braille like raised dots here. It is not actual braille, but it does give you a tactile orientation where the buttons are. You can tell which way up it is without. Even you know if you were blindfolded, is that just clever design or did they do it to look cool? I don’t know, but these ones that are, i &, # 39 m, not going to say high polish, but a glossy finish of plastic.

This is merely embellishment um to look cool. So, while your typical g-shock is a lot more brutalist in its look, this, i would say, is more kind of industrial futuristic looking now. This is something that is inherently japanese, but it translates to a more tactical military kind of industrial, bold, aesthetic.

We have this playful selection of colors with the scarlet red frame there indicative of cassio. Then we have this little dash of royal blue khaki, colored and white text on the actual display, and then this parakeet green printing on the outside of the case.

This 80s and 90s sci-fi look does remind me of kind of blade runner. It belongs in that world and perhaps even robocop or starship troopers. Now the precise date when this watch was released is a bit of a mystery.

There are conflicting articles online uh, but taking cassio’s, history into consideration and the styling of the watch. I would definitely say it’s early 90s, the design language and the use of colors already being well established in the late 80s and was kind of carried on by cassio in the into the well into the 90s.

Some believe the inspiration for this watch was actually the w7401v, which are still, incidentally, available. They were small at 36 millimeters and only 100 meters water resistant. So what casio wanted was something bigger, meaner and tougher to take the punishment of literally any sport, but still kind of offering something that wasn’t as expensive as a g-shock, and so this is what they came up with.

It even follows: the same. Distinctive shape but, of course, much more exaggerated. So let’s. Talk about the positives! Well, part of cassio’s. Success has been the ability to mass produce, highly reliable, accurate, durable watches, affordably fire fighters, paramedics law enforcement – you name it from astronauts to you know anybody doing anything.

That requires something tough now. This is no different, but is even more affordable and accessible than your g-shock, and that is a massive, massive positive. It’s, a tool. You can actually bet your life on uh.

It’s, a movie star, as well, with its very own distinctive style. It doesn’t, really look like anything else. You know which i like. It also goes without saying that it is astonishing value and at the time of making this video, it was priced at about 35 bucks on amazon, and i’m, going to be adding it to my amazon store.

So i’ll link that below as well, because i i think it it’s worthy of being featured there. Um it’s. A cracking watch – and i do like the fact it doesn’t – have the raised section like if i just bring in the uh the g-shock there you can see it’s a little bit more kind of fluid flush design.

I like that one of the big positives for me has got to be the the strap i haven’t, actually worn it at all. On this strap. I only put it on to make the review. You can fit an 18 millimeter just like this.

Here without having to purchase adapters, like i did for my um, my g-shock, which i just think well, as you can imagine, has a nato uh trollop or a name like me. I’m absolutely in heaven. I mean what did you expect right? It’s, also highly intuitive.

To use i love the bigger buttons uh it’s. I never accidentally pressed them. I i think it’s very ergonomic and makes a lot of sense. This watch is part of the casio classic family, as we mentioned earlier in there.

There is everything from your quintessential f91w, the aw158, the 68 world timers databanks, you name it. They’ve got it. However, this without a shadow of a doubt, is the toughest watch in that category.

It’s. The toughest watch in its price range – that is not a g-shock. So let’s. Talk about the negatives well, despite its high water resistance rating. It doesn’t, have the g-shock structure and levels of g-shock protection.

Although you know i have to say of everything i’ve read about it online. There are people that have worn these for you know decades and they’re still going. I mean these are hard as nails, real, real troopers.

I mean this, will not let you down so um. Is it worth spending an extra 20 bucks and going for your quintessential dw there? Probably i mean depends i mean it depends what you want um. This is obviously going to be a tougher cookie there.

Another slight negative is the green text here on the outer case. It does wear off over time not a massive problem, because i’m going to say the ones that you know have rarely been bashed about and used.

They kind of look cool, even without the green. So to me not really a negative. The only criticism i would like to say is that i i’d love to see an update of this um yeah. Would i like it to be smaller, of course, but it’s so light and comfortable.

I forget that i have it on so i’m, not really complaining about the size. I think this will fit pretty much most wrists. I would, however, like to see casio take this and update it like they’ve done with the newer casios with all this fancy new technology.

I imagine a high-end version of this with more of that smartwatch capability, i think, would be incredible. So, in conclusion, it is a mission you want to accept it really. I mean what can i say anyway: it’s, a shame.

I didn’t record the unboxing, because immediately out of the box, it just charmed me it yeah. It won me over and i had intended just to buy it review it uh, get to know it and give it away as a gift or something.

But of course i’m. Probably gonna have to keep it um because i just adore it that much it’s. An honest tool watch but kind of makes me want to go on an adventure, and i love the history behind it. I love the design, the look of it um it’s, so different, fun, quirky, but um yet capable, and that’s.

What casio is all about you know. Every collection should have a beta watch and i think this is the best in its class. Undoubtedly, without a shadow of doubt, it might have a slight marmite effect on some, but i really do love it and i love the the mission impossible connection.

I can’t wait for the next one. I’ve become something of a fan of the franchise. I’m, a big tom cruise fan. Obviously i love brian de palma’s movies, so for me, being a movie enthusiast as well as a watch enthusiast.

What more could i want for just shy of 40 bucks? It’s very much an underrated piece. I feel uh with very much a unique identity with this being so affordable. I i think there’s, no excuse. I only wish i had bought one of these earlier.

It’s, another iconic casio, i mean you know just when i thought i was out. Cassio pulls me back in yet again you know oh well, it is a couple of order, absolutely adore. This watch, so i very much highly recommend it.

It’s, pure class and top of its class as well uh when it comes to affordable, beta watches yeah there we go alright guys i’m going to leave it there. Please do let me know what you think in the comments i’d love to hear from owners of this particular watch.

How have you got on? What do you like? What do you dislike do share that in the comments please don’t forget to like these videos. It really does help the channel. I don’t ask for patreon or anything like that.

All i ask is a quick like uh and i’m happy to keep sharing my watch collecting journey and reviews with you guys. So there we go yeah. I’m. Actually gonna i’m gonna take the navi off and pop this thing back on.

Alright guys, i’ll catch you in the next one. Thank you for watching ciao

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