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The Aventi A-11 Pure Sapphire Marks A Changing Point In Watchmaking

Change is in the air. I can feel it watchmaking, like many things in life, goes through cycles of evolution every now and then purging the old and ushering in the new around 20 years ago, in 1999, richard meal was founded and it changed watchmaking completely.

In 2020, aventi was founded and it just might be about to do the same watchfinder the pre-owned watch specialist now available in france, germany, switzerland, usa and hong kong. So we can keep on making great watch videos.

I’d, really appreciate it. If you subscribed to the channel, if you already are it really does help? Thank you. Do you remember what watches were like in 1999 pre-advent of the then utterly bonkers? Rm001? It’s, a bit like tv, you catch some old clip on youtube and you think phew that must have been from the 80s and it turns out.

It was actually mid-2000s well watches are the same late 90s early, thousands watches, look distinctly older than you think they are, and there’s, a reason for that. Our perceptions have changed. We’d, like to think that the watches we predominantly cherish today have always been how they are, but back in the 90s.

Try not to let your mind wander into the bojack horseman theme song, if you can things were markedly different. The sea dweller 16600 was considered a beast: the royal oak offshore a monster, but look at them now and you’ll, wonder how such tame pieces ever came to earn their reputation.

Well, if you want a reason, it’s. The richard meal rm001 here’s, a watch that took the idea of premium timekeeping to a level never ever seen before on this scale, with bonkers styling and even more bonkers pricing setting the scene for a new millennium of wearable showoffable luxury, but it Wasn’t just the way.

The watch looked that ruffled feathers across switzerland. It was the way it came to be as well. Mr mill was no watchmaker. He didn’t have years of experience, turning metal blanks into works of mechanical art.

He was a marketeer, a businessman, and so he turned to companies and people who did have that experience in 1998. He had a plan by the end of 2001. He had a watch, the rm001, the industry, at the very least the traditional side, was spitting feathers.

I can only imagine what they thought when they then saw the price 100 000 pounds. You could say the whole project was an exercise in vanity. Another vulgar attempt to get rich quick, but actually, when you look at it all with a 1999 mindset, richard meal was revolutionary.

Not since the 1972 royal oak had one brand come in and made such a fuss with just one watch and everybody wanted one, it sold out almost immediately this fresh, modern watch that was instantly recognizable as being the one and only richard meal.

So take a look back at those other watches from 1999 and remind yourself how they look how dated they seem. Then look at the rm001. It still looks fresh, exciting. Almost timeless and lots of people think that resharp mail watches are purchased by people who don’t, know better, who drive loud lamborghinis and just wanted to spend a lot of money on a watch, but that’s, not true.

They’re owned by vintage, protect felipe owners, arlung and zona collectors. People who understand the cultural significance, this paradigm-changing tonno-shaped controversy on a strap had and now it might be happening again, love them or loathe them.

Richard meal is a famous and popular brand. Given the market for swiss watches that’s very impressive for such a short time, making one watch and immediately selling out is a dream. Many brands who’ve been going for centuries.

Don’t get to fulfill and it was only possible because of how game-changing the rm-001 was, i say was because now it’s quite normal. When you set the benchmark, your competitors run to catch up, and so all you can do to stay ahead is keep pushing new materials, new prices up and up and up carbon fiber sapphire graphene a hundred thousand pounds five hundred thousand pounds, one million three million at Some point, the whole thing becomes a pastiche of itself, which is a shame because the essence of what started richard meal still has real appeal.

I mean it’s, moot for the vast majority of us, because we likely don’t have ten thousand pounds to spend on a watch, let alone a hundred thousand pounds or a million it’s, an exclusive club and You, sir, are very much not invited that’s, a sense that’s, not unique to richard meal, not at all.

Many are starting to feel that the brands that were once reasonable and approachable a few decades prior are becoming focused more and more on the ultra wealthy. Those who can afford to write blank checks and well pretty much, no one else.

It’s, not your club anymore, but that’s about to change, say you wanted to purchase a reshared meal, one encased all in sapphire powered by a tourbillon and larger than life. No way right. That experience is so off limits to you.

It may as well be illegal that’s. The experience the aventi founder, hanu siren had and one he decided. He wanted to do something about that’s. What led to the aventi a11 pure sapphire, a lot of businesses start with a grudge.

Richard mille was founded after a disagreement over strategy at a previous watchmaking business lamborghini famously started when ferruccio lamborghini’s, ferrari didn’t work properly and enzo ferrari.

Didn’t. Give him the time of day heck. Even watchfinder was founded following a particularly sour deal on a pre-owned watch. People with ambition seek to make change at whatever personal cost, driven by a desire to get one over the status quo.

So how does aventi do that at first? It may seem that it’s by making products that offer value, but there’s, actually a nuance to that message. Primarily it’s by making products that offer transparency.

No pun intended there’s, so much myth and rumor surrounding watches and margins, and all of that that the real change that’s being afforded by aventi isn’t that this a11 pure sapphire costs just five thousand dollars.

Although that is impressive, it’s that aventi are completely open with how that price was achieved. There’s, a chinese tourbillon movement, a quality one from iso 9001 certified manufacturer, pts resources, independently, checked and regulated to meet aventis own standards.

The brand told me that has a wholesale price of a few hundred. Then there’s. The sapphire case. Yes, just like that three million pound richard meal machined with over 68 facets and 144 edges a slow, painstaking process that takes over a hundred hours to achieve due to the material’s, hardness and brittleness, as well as the complexity, but for the shape That’s, got a wholesale price of a few thousand or so depending on production losses, add in labor here and there accessories and shipping, and you’re, looking at a pretty scant margin.

But more importantly, one that you are fully aware of the sheer ridiculousness of owning a sapphire case. Torbjorn watch almost detracts from this shift in attitude and as impressive and likely divisive as the a11 is.

I think it’s really worth focusing on the message this package sends out to the industry as a whole. Watchmaking shouldn’t need smoke and mirrors to be successful. Shouldn’t rely on a tiny margin of ultra wealthy people to survive and really should get back to basics on making good value products that really appeal to the people who love them most.

I imagine many of you watching. This are only half listening, because you can’t take your eyes off this hulking mass of a watch, and i understand that i expect many of you in that group would perceive the much more expensive reshard meal to equally belong.

Nowhere further than a dumpster fire, but please listen. This watch is a statement as much as it is to wear as it is to the entire industry, as prices get ever higher, as seemingly ordinary pieces become more exclusive.

I can’t help, but feel we’re on the verge of something big and given the cold shoulder aventi have received from many insiders. I’m sure they can’t help, but feel it too discover more exceptional watches at watchfinder.

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