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The Bargain Forgotten Rolex

Once upon a time before the world went crazy and Rolex was just another product, you could go to the store and buy. You could walk in and say one Rolex, please hand over your dimes and walk out with said Rolex that, like many other things, is different.

Now a Rolex shop, doesn’t, so much sell Rolexes anymore as it does man the phone to let the patient queue on the waiting list know their day has come. But what if I told you there was a forgotten steel sports Rolex that you can buy for less than the RRP.

I can understand that you treat this statements with the same suspicion as a stranger scoff. So let me explain: watch finder the pre-owned watch specialist now available in France, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Hong Kong, so we can keep on making great watch videos.

I’d, really appreciate it. If you subscribed to the channel, if you already are it really does help? Thank you before our story even begins. It’s, important to establish exactly why the Rolex Sports watch has come to earn such an overwhelming reputation.

It looks its specification. Is, history? Is nothing more or less remarkable than any of its competitors, often flagging behind in each category? Yet somehow its status can’t, be that many floors below that big man upstairs himself.

It’s, one of the biggest names in luxury Commanding cues longer than those at Disney World on a hot summer’s day, and yet all that prestige and fanaticism comes from afar humbler place entirely. Despite the myth that the name Rolex is an amalgamation of the words horror, logical and luxury, the brand’s rise to fame was anything but founder, Hans, Wilsdorf, a name that is burnt into the minds of anyone who’s even remotely Interested in watches had no grand plans for a luxury watch Empire, or anything of this all he wanted was to make watches worn by professionals, and I don’t mean that, in the way that celebrity professionals are encouraged to wear a watch by way Of a brown paper bag full of lettuce, but in an actual legitimate, proper use in the workplace kind of way it was the only way we’ll stuff had a hope of making a mark.

He was buying movements from one place and putting them in cases from another, so he was never going to win any awards for watchmaking excellence. Instead, he focused his attention on how he could make a product that could survive the rigors of real life for divers.

He developed water resistance for pilots. He developed a twin time zone display for scientists, anti-magnetic capabilities, the watches themselves. They were crude simplistic, the solutions basic and their operation unremarkable, but they worked.

They did the job and they did it well. Willsdorf undercut everyone else with his basic instruments, and that was that, but that wasn’t that, because long after, whilst off had passed so too did the industry.

He had worked so hard to be heard in his Swiss watch companies once strong and mighty crumbled to the ground Rolex experienced something different, a resurgence. This was a brand that had never tried to be anything more than a tool for a job, no flash or fancy about it, and there was an appeal in that it was cool.

It was casual, the furthest thing from trihard imaginable, and people went crazy for it. Here’s, where things started to get a bit weird through the 80s, the popularity of Rolex began to evolve into something different, something new: it became a status symbol, a badge of cool and that turned everything about the brand.

His head. People wanted these basic tool watches in gold with diamonds hanging loosely from their wrists, as they noted along in their Sun seekers. What was Rolex to do if people wanted Rolex, but in luxury form he could risk losing everything by staying as it was, but then it could do just the same by pursuing that goal as well, it was a stalemate and eventually the pressure became too much Rolex Cracked and what emerged was this: the young master Rolex is often criticized for being very slow with this developmental process and perhaps the young master will help.

You understand why this approach is necessary. The young master announced in 1992 in gold, naturally bond and bond hard Sydney. Rolex people liked the rugged versatility of a Rolex, but in gold with diamonds, not some shiny over polished rehash of the Submariner damned.

If you do and damned, if you don’t, there were many avenues explored to address this monstrous, missed decision, changing colors materials and even complications to try and find a home for the sore thumb that was the yacht master.

But alongside the Submariner Explorer GMT master, it just looked well a bit silly. Take this one! Six six two two first seen in 1997, a platinum bezel, combined with the Platinum dial, makes for a very impractical piece of equipment, difficult to read dazzling in the Sun and expensive to dent straight to the no pile.

Thank you very much, but the table ‘ S turned again in 2015, when Rolex doubled down on its 23 year old bet and brought the yacht-master back with a bang in rose gold and with a new hat I mean rubber, strap.

It finally came of age. The audience was just right. The time was just right and all of a sudden you, couldn’t, find a rose gold yacht-master for love, nor money, mainly money. What that’s done is relegated the early 166 to to watch into a little corner of the Rolex world.

Very few people think to look it’s, the reject bin, where the offcuts and misshapen goods rot in peace. It’s stuck between worlds, neither one thing nor the other, the middle child, that didn’t either end up on drugs or go to Harvard it’s, doing okay, quiet and forgotten here’s, where we Find our bargain, you look at any other steel sports relax and you ‘

Ll find the same thing you can’t get one new and supply-and-demand have forced the secondary market into appreciation. Submariner GMT master Explorer all wants RRP or more, but not the yacht-master 166 to to a new steel and platinum.

Yacht-Master is getting on for ten thousand pounds new with the updated blue and rhodium dials, but not the old, faithful one, six, six to two that you can have for closer to 7,000 pounds less. If you look hard and post 2015, you know what the 166 is.

Actually, a very handsome watch, the sparkling platinum dial designed to mirror the Sun catching on the waves of the ocean is a level of detail never previously seen before in a Rolex watch, the polished, edges, curved and soft.

A more love shoe the red seconds hand, is the maraschino cherry in a cool casino. It just needed a quarter-century to be appreciated. It may not be the latest and greatest, but the appeal of Rolex never should have been that in the first place it’s about honoring passion, celebrating ingenuity and all in a cool effortless way.

The young master was no less an industrial revolution than any other rolex sports watch wait for it. Only this time the industry was luxury, discover more exceptional watches at watch finder. Thank you so much for watching this video.

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