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The Best $20 Classic Watch EVERYONE Should Own: Casio AW168 & AW158

hi guys and welcome to the show. Today we’re gonna look at two absolute classics, both under 20 bucks and it is related to today’s. Wristwatch check knee f91 w don’t forget to hit like if you’d, like to see more videos and watches at this price range.

So without further adieu. Oh before I forget, don ‘ T forget to you know, hit the bell for further notifications. Let’s, train respectives, to take it to the light box and have a closer look. Recently.

I’ve, been rather obsessed with. Do it or watches watches that are essentially kind of a self-contained watch collection in one piece they can be used in any situations are totally versatile, functionally useful and they must have also a history behind them.

As you guys know, I value the story behind the brand and a watch greatly. Now that sounds like a hell of a lot and only a few watches, pull it off successfully. Mostly divers, like my wristwatch check today, which is the yema Superman.

They’re, obvious reasons, but when we’re talking about at the affordable level – and I really do mean affordable, like for the price of a fast food meal, that’s, that’s, that’S what the kind of affordable I’m talking about well, this is where casio absolutely dominates.

Let’s, discuss first of all the history to contextualise [, Music ]. What is interesting here is recently. I got a comment on a video asking. How can somebody take me seriously as a watch enthusiast when I wear a Casio watch and this very much encapsulate the ignorance and stigma associated with the brand just because they are so incredibly affordable? The truth is actually the complete opposite.

Cassia has a massively important history of innovation and its contribution to the development of many of the technologies we take for granted in her ology is immeasurable. Now I have talked about that many times, but to quickly recap: they were founded in the shattered and the impoverished post-war Japan of 1946 and in 1957 they introduced the world’s first, entirely: electric compact calculator.

It was also an early digital camera innovator and during the 1980s and 1990s, the company developed numerous affordable home electronic keyboards for musicians, along with the introduction of the world’s.

First mass-produced digital watches. Just take a look for a few minutes at their long chronological list of world firsts and innovations on their website, and you will see exactly what I mean, but in 1974 they produced the world’s.

First, electric LCD digital wristwatch, the Casio Tron, was the first watch that could display the hours minutes seconds day date and month on an LCD display. It also had the unique function of automatically determining the number of days in a month in the 80s saw an explosion of pioneering work.

The first wristwatches that could store information and featured calculators like the data bank and not to mention something extensively discussed here on the channel, the first shock-resistant G shocks in 1983.

The 90s saw countless more innovations and crazy complications too, from the first wristwatch with a camera or a heart, monitor digital compasses and so on and so forth. The list is absolutely endless that did not stop in the 2000s.

They are still to this day. Push your head with the first digital solar-powered, GPS, watches and constantly improving, watches, with full ABC capabilities that’s, altimeter barometer and compass. So to go back to that comment, not to respect Casio is an absolute mistake.

A true watch enthusiast would respect Casio. So, back to the day’s watches the a1 58 and the 68 are also pop culture phenomena. One only has to watch the wonderful 1987 comedy planes, trains and automobiles to get my point: [, Music, ], Steve, Martin and John Candy Arkin top form and is unequivocally a classic casio look some sources, credit it as being an a1 59 and some the 58, which I have here they are very similar watches.

Indeed, nothing makes a watch more iconic than being featured in the memorable movie scene and on the wrist of celebrities by their own volition, rather than actual paid sponsorships. Idris elba is a great example.

The British DJ turned actor. Can often be seen wearing one of two watches, he is either sporting, his rolex day-date for more formal occasions and then, when he’s DJing the Casio is his choice very much a perfect geo collection in many ways and nothing beats the magnetic fields Generated by electronic musical equipment, when you’re DJing, like a digital watch, cannot to mention it being more impervious to shock and being more resilient to any damage when partying and living it up.

But this watch is not just the movie sides become something of a fashion icon. He can often be seen on the wrists of the young, noble and trendy cassia have cleverly capitalized on this. Now, by offering new colors, strap case, combinations and dial variations, making it easier to match and express your style, they are now actually available in the recently expanded and aptly named vintage classic collection, but, most importantly, both for him and her.

In fact, this is my wife’s 68, and we pretty much share the 58 here. It’s, also important to note the use of color and the steel version. These stylistic hints of wine, red navy, blue and slightly off yellow gold lettering, really evoke the 80s vibe.

That was made more famous by the f91 w that came out in 1989. The gold variation here – and I must point out that you can buy either in yellow gold or the stainless steel tone as well. The gold one has a subtle touch of fuchsia, pink on the lettering, and I think this works just as well kind of a Vulcan that spirit of the 80s.

I almost feel like you need to put on a puma tracksuit and a matching gold chain just just to do it justice, these color schemes both match the distinctive retro, sloping box, sides and subtle hexagonal case shapes that make them so instantly recognizable.

These are all definitive design traits. You can find again almost identically in the equally famous and now infamous of more affordable, resin f91 W. Interestingly, the 68, if you notice, has slightly smoother shapes compared to the more boxy angular sections on the side of the 58.

Why casio did this? I’m, not precisely sure, but it still has the same character now at first glance of the 58 and the 68 look pretty much the same, but they do have some fundamental differences in performance and wearability.

That is important to note functionally speaking. They both have the same highly practical complications now both are operated by the same three button layout, but the main difference is the 68. Has the vastly more effective electroluminescence that glows very evenly and extremely bright? You can almost use it as a flashlight.

In fact, the 58 has the same dull dated LED backlight, of course, an older two former technology. The vivid green of the Yale backlight does, however, lower the battery life on the 68 to about seven years, as it obviously requires more power, as opposed to the 58 that can run or has been known to run for ten years on one single cr2016 battery.

Now the second big difference is how they were and their sizes. The 58 here is a very, very thin and only eight point: two millimeters tall compared to the 58 small tubby ten point: five millimeters, however, they both are very comfy to wear and light too.

Strangely, they weigh around the same at 58 grams, including the bracelet. Personally, I actually prefer the 58. I love it’s slenderness. It really does give me that nostalgic feel and on my 6 and 1/4 inch wrist.

It just absolutely works perfectly, and if we look at both of them, you can see that the 68 here has a little bit more depth and I like the way that the 58, the LCD, sits closer to the mineral glass. They both have the mineral glass.

Of course, you can still see that, despite this extra depth, 68 has a slightly more legible trying to make it. So you can see there, you can read the the 68 easier their water resistance is the same at 50 meters, while certainly not for diving.

You don’t have to worry about it for everyday use, the 68. Interestingly, on some versions, I think the steel version has drilled lug holes, not on the gold. I don ‘ T know why they didn’t. Do that but an interesting little detail now they both come with these elegantly tapering, but very tinny bracelets.

These are actually solid steel. They both feature this little clasp here you just hook in there snap shot and it’s very, very secure. Now the beauty of these is you can actually this lifts up and you can slide it to the desired position and you get an absolute exact fit without the annoyance of having to remove links or any of that kind of stuff.

I really do like this, yet it’s very rudimentary, but it really works and I have to say I like the the bracelet it’s. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s. Certainly a lovable aspect of it [ Music ], so the positives are undoubtedly what, firstly, the value for money: it’s, just crazy.

I mean it’s, a lot of fun for not very much, and that is always the best ratio. You can hope for in a you know, watch a few watches offer as much over a culturally rich legacy for so little it’s very fun.

It’s very functional, dependable accuracy. It’s, easy and intuitive to use and the from a brand that just has such an important history and the lovable retro style has been proven to become timeless and classic, and it really gives you that nostalgia.

That kind of best of the 80s feeling, while stylistically being just as trendy today in my opinion, obviously tasteless, always in the eye of the beholder it’s. Surprisingly, a rather a strap monster.

To I mean I’ve, actually put my casio f91 w there on a NATO strap. I do think the silver is a little bit more compatible. Its versatility extends also to its practical complications, which makes it a great everyday watch that has you covered.

No matter, if you’re working out or going to the office, it’s, a borderline disposable, in fact in cost, and it makes for a great beater watch too. So it has to be said if these watches are too small.

For you check out the previously reviewed oversized f91 w successor and just like the recently revamped f91 w that has all these fun cool new colors. It has also been updated with really playful cool choices now available, [ Music ] when cups, the negatives.

Well. My main issue with the 58 is, I mean, rather obviously the abysmal, LED backlight and almost goes without saying now, both the 58 and the 68 are not truly steel. In the case I mean they have steel case backs and steel bracelets, but this is actually a kind of fold plasticky, imitation steel, which is a little bit of a shame and gives it a slightly cheap feeling.

Now casio have actually addressed this lack of steel with the new release of the a 1000 d 7 EF, and that was released in 2019. But as you would imagine, it costs much more and I will be covering that in part 2 of this little Casio mini series, so stay tuned for that some may critique these superfluous wording on the display.

Personally, I like it, I think it’s integral to its identity. It would be nice if they offered plain versions a bit like they have done with the G Shock squares that are now come in very minimalist. Dials, the bracelet is basic, to say the least and does consist of folded lengths making it feel rather tinny.

But again, I think this is part of it, a charm, and I should point out that the gold version, if we just have a look, let’s, let’s, see there. You can see there, and this is brand new, just just from rubbing on itself starts to wear off, especially on the underside of the bracelet, because, as you wear this, you naturally rub it or scratch on surfaces.

But the great thing is they’re. So inexpensive, you simply replace it like. I’ve done with this one for my wife after a year or two [, Music ]. So, in conclusion, while corners are cut, you cannot really expect high-end perfection at the cost of a of a happy meal, but it has to be said: Cassio in recent years have absolutely been hitting it out of the park with some of the newest releases, which we’ll, take a look at in part two, and I think they are starting to kind of wise up and offer premium vintage inspired, solid steel pieces, however, and if spending $ 100 is a little bit too rich for you, then this is the way To go a really great compromise and that’s, really iconic they deliver now, while these are not traditional watches, as we know that it has to be said, I do feel they work well with almost any attire.

It definitely works casually and even sporty situations, a very rare thing for a watch to achieve all this kind of compatibility, a great payoff of fun to cost ratio there. I love Casa always will, and I can’t, wait to see what else they come out with in the future.

Personally, I’d love to see them bring back the AE 21w twin graph with the module eight zero, nine, which I just think it’s such a cool way to show time – and I’d love to see something Like that, in fact, how about you guys, please do share what Casio should reissue for the future.

In the comments I’d love to hear that anyway, guys unnie leave it there. Please don’t forget to like subscribe click on that bound notification. So you don’t, miss out on future videos and look out for part two subscribe, all the rest of it and I will catch you in the next one.


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In today’s video I review a true icon in response to a common misconception that an ultra affordable Casio is not for real watch enthusiasts. Is this true? And what do movies like Gremlins and Planes, Trains and Automobiles have in common with 80s fashion, historic horology, and the actor Idris Elba? Find out in this video, where I trace the innovative history and cultural impact of Casio and explore the technical specifications of the AW168 and the AW158 in a comparison. Join me today for a blast from the past and a detailed look at why everyone should consider adding one of these do-it-all watches to their collection.

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