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The Best $250 AP Royal Oak Alternative? Casioak G-Shock GA-2100 Mod

Do you LOVE the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak but HATE the price? Well, you are in luck because today I take a look at one of the most requested watches for review on my channel. The G-Shock GA-2100 series has become a cult hit among watch enthusiasts, the Gentry, and even with so-called watch snobs, who typically scoff at anything “non-luxury,” but are adding them to their own collections.

Why is this? What is the appeal? What makes it so special? Is the hype justified? How does the watch compare to my favorite G-shock—the classic square DW5600? To find out, I mod the GA-2100 into what watch enthusiasts have lovingly nicknamed the “Casioak.” If you love the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak like me, but simply cannot spend that kind of money, then is this a worthy $250 affordable alternative? Join me in another DIY modding tutorial to find out if it is really worth it.

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