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The Carrera Heuer-02T Is The Ultimate Sleeper Wristwatch | Watchfinder & Co.

If you’ve got over 10 grand to spend on a watch. You’d, most likely be looking in the direction of rolex reggae or maybe even an older, patek philippe. But there’s. Certainly one place you won’t, be looking tag heuer there’s.

Another place you won’t, be looking as well and that’s to high complications, perpetual calendars, tourbillons and the like. But could the hoya02t change all that watchfinder? The pre-owned watch specialist now available in france, germany, switzerland, usa and hong kong? So we can keep on making great watch videos.

I’d, really appreciate it. If you subscribed to the channel, if you already are it really does help? Thank you. I don’t want to come across as demeaning or dismissive, but tag heuer is quite often considered an entry point into luxury watchmaking.

They sit somewhere between the fashion watches and the more expensive brands in the jeweller’s window skirting the no man’s, land of pricing that could tempt someone out of a gucci or michael kors into a inverted commas.

Proper watch, but is unlikely to talk someone down from a pricier offering from omega or breitling that’s, not zlander. That’s just the way things are right now and it’s. A shame because tag hoya, the watchmaker formerly known as hoya, has made some serious contributions to the bubble of mechanical watchmaking, not just back in the day but presently as well.

If anything tag heuer has contributed more in the tag phase of its existence than before, and here lies the source of much of the brand’s. Maligning back before the days of tag, hoya sought its business in the field of motor racing when stopwatches became risk, watches hoya did what many others did and stopped, making its own products and sourcing them from catalogues.

Instead, a movement here a case there, a dial to go with it, the carrera, perhaps one of hoya’s, most famous watches was picked out of a catalogue: the monaco, 2. rolex breitling and even in some cases, despite being an absolute giant omega, all Did the same thing and iwc shigella cult, odomar pga protect philippe all these brands brought parts in in some way or another through the middle of the 20th century.

It was just how things were done. The impact hoya had was more of a cultural one formula. One le monde, joseph at jackie ix, steve mcqueen, monaco silverstone, monza hoya was the figurehead of motorsports timing as much a part of the scenery at a race weekend as the cars and drivers themselves.

Hoya. In fact, spearheaded the now inseparable partnership of wrist, watches and racing cars by getting racing driver joseph to flog, watches to other drivers on the paddock to help fund his ailing porsche dealership.

But that’s. Neither here nor there by comparison. Modern hoya post tag hoya has introduced more to mechanical watchmaking than most other brands out there after the purchase by holding company techniques to avant-garde.

Yes, the very same techniques to avant-garde that partnered with porsche to build the monster f1 turbo engines of the 1980s. The watchmaker, like many of the era, found itself in a period of change. Mechanical watches were no longer needed thanks to courts and that quite simply ruined everything.

Well, not quite everything, because it turns out. We have a bit of an affinity for mechanical watches, just as an electric car is better than one fueled with dinosaur juice. In almost every way, quartz may have wiped the floor with mechanical in-performance, but the romance just wasn’t.

There ticking wheels and coiling springs there’s, something about it that just feels right and that’s. What modern tag heuer to dispel its entry, entry-level post-court’s. Reputation has decided to capitalize on the carrera micro series.

For example, pushed accuracy to a thousandth of a second then two thousandths and then even ten thousandths. The monaco v4 rewrote the rulebook with this incredible belt-driven movement, and now there’s.

This, the hoya02t, the tourbillon you can have for the price of a daytona when you’ve, got big money to spend on a watch like tens. If not hundreds of thousands and you’re. Looking for something truly special, you’ll, probably find yourself considering one of the high complications that’s, minute repeaters, perpetual calendars, double chronographs and torbjorns.

These incredibly complex mechanisms are the pinnacle of watchmaking, both modern and classical. The marks of a watchmaker’s, ability to go toe-to-toe with the very best and all these functions are not just very complicated but very old too, dating back many centuries, posing the ultimate challenge in watchmaking through clocks, pocket, watches and now wrist watches the Torbjorn, for example, is a 1795 invention brought about by the problem of the hanging pocket watch the balance wheel.

The part of a watch that beats back and forth to regulate the time was found to be under the strain of gravity when on its side and so watchmaker abraham louis breguet decided he could fix this. The solution could have been just as simple as angling.

The balance wheel from parallel to perpendicular to the force of gravity, but that was far too inelegant for brege. Instead, he figured that, since the ergonomics of the watch dictated the angle of the balance wheel instead, he would somehow make sure that no one face of this regulating organ would be presented to gravity more than any other.

That’s like saying to reduce the wear of the sea on a boat. The boat must be constantly spinning, as it goes forward, aka an engineering nightmare and it was an engineering nightmare, but he achieved it.

Seating, not just the balance, but the entire escapement within a secondary mechanism that was constantly rotating. He overcame the problems of increased mass, constant coupling growing complexity and he called his invention.

The torbjorn french for whirlwind, even though a wristwatch with its ever-changing position no longer has a need for the torbjorn. It continues on anyway. Much like the mechanical movement itself has a totem of watchmaking muscle for tag hoya.

It’s, an opportunity to lift itself out of that. No man’s, land between the fashion watches and what used to be its core rivals, omega and breitling. A swiss tourbillon is typically asking many tens of thousands for the hoya 02t.

It’s about the same price as a daytona chronograph, okay, so a chinese tourbillon will cost half of that, but as an outlier that does not need to conform with the same quality or performance metrics. The hoya 02t is chronometer certified.

For example, it’s, a bit like comparing a supra that’s been cheaply tuned to 1000 horsepower versus a bugatti veyron one can use the power all day every day. The other will end up as a paperweight after not too long and tag.

Heuer has really engineered this thing for daily performance. It’s, got 100 meters of water resistance, has a column wheel, chronograph winds automatically and has a power reserve of 65 hours. The indices are luminous the strap rubberized for comfort, the case fashioned in titanium for light weight.

Everything about this watch urges you to wear it like. You would a carrera a tenth of the price and it’s down to the quality of the build that allows tag hoya to do this and still maintain chronometer certification of the 230 parts in this movement.

It’s. Of course, the torbjorn that takes center stage, there are microwaves on the rotor for fine adjustment as well as a titanium cage, and you can spec it with a carbon composite cage and even hairspring.

Should you so choose so it’s, not only the most affordable swiss tourbillon on the market, but one of the only ones you can actually use every day as well. What tag heuer is trying to do is an audi lifting itself out of its rut by producing an affordable flagship model that not only competes with its more expensive rivals, but puts them to shame, just as the r8 demonstrated that supercars could be usable, practical and reliable.

As well as affordable tag, hoya is doing the same for the tourbillon. The r8 was a huge success for audi. Can the hoya 02t do the same for tag hoya, discover more exceptional watches at watchfinder? Thank you so much for watching this video.

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If you’ve got over ten grand to spend on a watch, you’d most likely be looking in the direction of Rolex, Breguet, or maybe even an older Patek Philippe—but there’s certainly one place you won’t be looking: TAG Heuer. There’s another place you won’t be looking as well, and that’s to high complications, perpetual calendars, tourbillons and the like. But could the Heuer-02T change all that?

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