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The CuleM Lights GMT Watch Dances In The Dark And Sings During The Day

CuleM Lights GMT watchCuleM Lights GMT watch

CuleM Lights GMT watch

Not too long ago, we did a watch review on a CuleM GMT Portal watch. It received a lot of great response, so recently we went hands-on again with this brand, whose passion is travel and time. This time around, I wore the  CuleM Lights GMT watch in gold tone with a striking ivory/champagne dial that sings a classically elegant look during the day and offers a magical impression of the world at night.

When the watch arrived, I was eager to get it out of the box and on my wrist. It has a modern yet classic appeal to it with the light hued dial against the golden case. The dial, though, is what is so captivating about this watch. Created in two-tone champagne hues, the dial features a map of the world discreetly in a matte and pearlescent finishes with all of the continents outlined in a thin ribbon of gold. The idea was to create a minimalist GMT watch – almost invisible at a distance. It is like a secret that only the wearer knows, yet there is a shimmer to the tone-on-tone world map that catches the eye of others. Even the gold hands are extra slim as a nod to the minimalist concept.

CuleM Lights GMT watchCuleM Lights GMT watch

CuleM Lights GMT watch in goldplated case and with champagne dial.

However, it is another aspect of the CuleM Lights GMT watch that really caputres attention: the key cities of the world  not only light up in the dark, but offer a shimmering dance on the wrist. Thanks to luminescent points on the world map, the dial at night is a sparkling global feat that lets the mind wander to where the wearer wants to travel next. It is not like glittering diamonds at all, though. It is luminescence that glows great on any wrist.

The watch houses a Swiss ETA GMT automatic movement and features a transparent case back for viewing the caliber. Outlining the transparent case back opening,  is a ring engraved with 24 world destinations showing the correct world time zones in both GMT and BST (British Standard Time).

CuleM Lights GMT Details

CuleM Lights GMT watchCuleM Lights GMT watch

CuleM Lights GMT watch in gold-plate retails for just over $1,300.

I wore the CuleM watch on a Mediterranean blue leather strap, but it is sold with a canyon tan strap and one additional strap. If not the Mediterranean blue, other choices include whiskey brown or black. The gold version that I wore retails for $1,320 and is protected by a five-year warranty. There is also a black PVD case versing with white dial and a steel version with silver and white dial and the continents outlined in blue. Those other versions retail for $1,100.

I received a lot of attention when wearing this watch, especially the evening I attended a cocktail party wearing shades of champagne and taupe with gold jewelry. When it go dark at the outdoor cocktail event, the shimmering lights started dancing – drawing attention of everyone as I sipped my champagne. I could check the dial and reminisce about all of the grand cities I have visited, and even a few I hope to visit again when the pandemic finally subsides.

CuleM Lights GMT watchCuleM Lights GMT watch

CuleM Lights GMT watch features key cities of the world that glow with luminescence at night.

About CuleM Watches

CuleM is a relatively young brand that has a sustainable aspect to it, as well as that travel/wander lust appeal.  CuleM has pledged that at least 3 percent of all of its sales will be donated to philanthropic and sustainable causes. In fact, the brand has teamed with conservation organizations Rainforest Trust and Ecologi to protect 65 acres of tropical rainforest and plant 10,000 trees in a CuleM Forest. Additionally, each time a watch is sold,  CuleM will plant another 100 trees in the forest and preserve more than six more acres of existing Brazilian rainforest.

According to CuleM, there is another new collection making its debut later this year. Stay tuned.

CuleM Lights GMT watchCuleM Lights GMT watch

The case back of the CuleM Lights GMT watch boasts a transparent center for viewing the movement, and an engraved outer ring with the 24 key cities on it.

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