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The Dark Side Of Rolex: Watches In Die Hard, American Psycho & More


New card, what do you think picked them up from the printers yesterday now that’s, a lovely color? What is it that’s bone? Oh, i do love a fresh pile of bones and the lettering is something called silly and braille.

Hmm rather spiffing, but that’s. Nothing, darling, prehistoric, pearl with a hint of victorian lace printed with a vintage calligraphic type that is really super. How do they like you get so tasteful? Well, i’m millions of years ahead of you pathetic humongs.

Look at that subtle, off-white coloring, a tasteful thickness! Oh my god! It even has a watermark impressive! Oh my! You are sweating, patrick [, Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show, and once again i’m joined by a supremely talented, youtuber, debbie sana.

How are you hello, everybody i’m. Fine. Thank you for having me. First of all, i should ask: how are things in italy because you’re? If you missed the last episode, you’re. You are in italy that’s, right yeah, north of italy, so the worst place you’d, want to be right now, um yeah.

It is a bit tricky at the moment, but we’re managing to get through it. Luckily, because of the first lockdown we did now it’s, a sort of lockdown again, so luckily we can still go to work and everything everything is open, except for some areas perfect time to discuss some movies um, always a good time.

Yeah. Always a good time and by the way, guys check out debbie’s channel i’ll, leave a link in the description uh, because you do videos in english and in italian, that’s right english. They’re, always the subtitles i’m so jealous.

I wish i could do that anyway. Me, italian fashion, for my audience, know this so anyway, right so uh. Today we’re going to discuss uh. Now i was thinking to base it off the the title: the dark side of rolex, because i spotted the kind of trend also to do with some of their marketing and how watches specifically rolex has been cast, and i picked out three movies.

So it was die hard, okay, american psycho and uh. What was the oh glengarry glenn ross right right? How familiar are you with these movies? Well, american psycho, i think, was like the big one that we all used to watch when we were like teenagers or depending on the age.

It was like the the thing that was going at the time because it was rather edgy, whereas glengarry grand ross. I actually watched that only quite recently, so that’s, that’s. One of the new things on my list die hard.

I’d used to i’d watch that years and years and years ago and new york cop john mclean has come to see his wife. Instead, he’s, going to have to save her sister and then i only recently rewatched it because otherwise it was just like this.

This thing, in the back of my mind, i could kind of remember all the main scenes, but it wasn’t and then re-watching it like as an adult you just you know you, you saw so many things like even just alan rickman, who, back At the time was just professor snape for me, obviously from harry potter.

Now he’s like this completely other guy. He’s, an amazing villain, because i am interested in the 640 million dollars in negotiable bearer bonds that you have locked in your fault. Alan rickman has often been described as the guy who could play a villain at best just because of how of how he is and his voice, and this calm way, this menacing calm voice of his, and i’m telling you you’Re just gonna have to kill okay.

I should start off by saying all three films have a kind of different way of using watches the same brand, but different. For example, american psycho. It’s all about his facade of keeping up with appearances, and the watch is very much like this.

You know he starts with this routine and he literally he’s, peeling his face off and doing that skin that crazy. I actually spoofed it. I spoofed it in a rolex video ages ago, i’ll, put a link for this side.

That side i can’t, remember but um. So what was what were your first impressions? What did you like about the movie? Did you notice anything about the watch this time since our last video i have been noticing more and more of these details, i have been picking up things, but in american psycho in general.

I think it was all about this. As you were saying, the facade so uh the business cards and the reservation at the restaurant and it’s all his his appearance and the girlfriend, and everything has to be perfect, but obviously it’s.

Just this thing he’s, building on in front of his crazy personality, and that business card scene is is such a simple, simple scene um in which he’s, going. He’s going insane over this. This somebody else’s, business card, which is better than his um, and it’s such a simple moment, but it really builds a lot about.

You know about his character. Absolutely absolutely. There is a scene where he does mention the watch where he’s in bed with uh. I i put it politely. Two, ladies of the night, i think, is the most polite way.

I can say it’s infamous all watch guys know this scene. Don’t touch the watch, she accidentally knocks his watch and he goes don’t touch the watch, you know and it’s like all right. He’s, so protective of this veneer of of and we’ve got.

We’ve got to say it’s. It’s, the kind of yuppie wall street thing it encapsulates that age. This kind of it’s, a yuppie accessories, it’s supposed to be, and we’ll, get into it with glenn, garrigal and ross, but it’s.

It’s like a power jewel. It’s like success. You know you’re, climbing the ladder it’s, worn in that kind of way um, but he wears it as part of his disguise for people who would recognize that something like that in their group of people, that’S something immediately recognizable like i guess yeah, who knows what it is.

So he wouldn’t pick. He wouldn’t. He wouldn’t pick anything different. Maybe i’m, not an expert in watches, but he like he would prefer something that would be instantly recognizable and you’d. Give them that status exactly exactly, and this is getting really nerdy.

But rolex has built a reputation of making very durable watches and part of that durability was the water resistance and it it is a watch that you can jump in nepal. It’s like 100 meters, water resistant kind of dressy, smart watches, weren’t traditionally like this, and it has got a really lustrous history.

I mean winston churchill was given one and all this kind of stuff i like to dissect. Girls did you know i’m utterly insane if you think about it as well. If you are going to wash off blood and do diabolical things with chainsaws, it’s, practical yeah.

It’s, a good choice. So did you re-watch it recently? I re-watched it. Maybe when was it? I think it was about a year ago, because i could remember around christmas last year, because there’s. Also, that’s, that christmas scene, where they’re at the party and everything oh yeah, yeah yeah, and i’d, and i’d rewatched it, but i haven’t re-watched.

It recently the ones i did re-watch recently were die hard and glen garrigan ross nice. What did you make of christian bale’s performance? Oh, he’s. Amazing. He ‘ S always been amazing. The thing about christian bale is that you kind of forget that he’s.

Acting he’s so immersed in his characters that every single film he does it’s, not christian bale. It’s, a patrick bateman; it is whoever he’s playing. You just completely forget about him, maybe because you know in his personal life he is a famous guy in everything, but he is still not in the spotlight for negative reasons.

You mostly hear about him relating to his work, except for maybe a few other things, and he really is. He just transforms himself, but not only physically, because the thing we always remember christian bale – oh, he gained so much weight for this role and he lost so much weight for this other one, but it’s.

Not it’s, just it’s, the details of his character, that’s. What i’ve, always i’ve, always absolutely loved about him. You know it’s, easy to remember. On the machinist he was so skinny and everything, but in the machinist you have to think about.

You know the psychological description of his character, so yeah yeah he was physically. Absolutely. He had to be tip top condition. I mean yeah yeah, it’s, crazy, absolutely crazy, um yeah! I’m glad you mentioned that because i i forget, i i i it’s difficult to, like you say, to remove him from that role.

I cannot imagine anybody and it was a book we should mention, because i can see lots of books behind you. Um yeah. Did you read it by any chance? I haven’t, no, no, no guilty! Okay! Well, i think you might enjoy it because uh it’s.

A lot. Well, like most adaptations. There’s, a lot more. It’s, a lot more violent um. I think it was a a great adaptation in terms of making it because it’s. It’s, a dark comedy, and i think its reception at the time was a little bit critical.

A little bit. People didn’t get it. I i find it absolutely hilarious, yeah. Sometimes people don’t want to accept, or they don’t want to show that something actually that they actually enjoyed it because shown that they enjoyed it.

Might show that they might uh not understand what’s going on in his mind, but you know what i mean like. Oh, i can see why he’s, doing that and uh it it some scenes. Were i wouldn’t, say funny in a like a hilarious way, but they they were.

You know it was a fun movie, uh creepy, but fun. So let’s. Talk about die hard because die hard actually has the same watch. I’m, not 100 sure if it’s, the same particular reference, but it’s a two-tone.

You know gold and steel uh rolex datejust. Again, you would have definitely noticed it because it plays part of the plot in die hard, but even at the beginning, like i remember in the office scene, that’s when i picked it up – and i was like see – i’ve, Been paying more attention now to the watches nice, nice um.

So how was your experience now watching die hard and compared to before um? I think as a kid. It was just like a big loud movie that you know you don’t pick up. All the the the actual filmmaking of something it’s, just oh, a fun movie in there.

The guys are shooting and will the hero make it that kind of experience and then re-watching it now and – and i must say that, for example, when alan rickman, when he appears on the screen, i didn’t immediately recognize him.

I’m, going to admit that like when he first stand up, and i was like no wait because i completely forgotten that he was in it. You know i wanted this to be professional, efficient, adult cooperative, not a lot to ask unless you’re.

Mr takagi did not see it that way, so he won’t, be joining us for the rest of his life. His portion for john phillips of london suits, you know he. He recognizes the suits alan rickman’s character. He’s, kind of right, sophisticated and refined, and, like i just chewing the scenery, it was great.

No, i really enjoyed it, and the thing is that die. Hard is one of those few examples of of like action movies, if not one of the very few action movies that actually made it to film awards or something it ended up at the oscars, something which is very rare for an action movie, let known for horrors.

Horus only recently had been making it to the awards just because everybody enjoyed it so much like it just it was like such a well-rounded action movie and a lot of people enjoy it, because the hero is is kind of flawed.

Like we kind of immediately. You know associate bruce willis to this guy that’s, just going to always save the day. Absolutely throughout the film. You sometimes question is he? Is he going yeah it’s kind of become the definitive action movie uh it’s.

It set up a lot of tropes that you see uh nowadays, john mctin and the director he he did predator and it’s. Really stood the test of time and it’s. It’s, so oh yeah um, i don’t want to say, economical, but it’s to the point it’s, so lean and mean um, not that um uh bruce willis.

I know what you mean, but yeah it’s, as if filmmaking it clips along you never get bored, but even to see beyond just an actor. For example, bruce willis could have easily just been uh. You know cast as just your standard uh.

You know how do you call it like muscular guy who’s just going to save the day, but in reality he is a pretty good actor beyond just justice physique. I remember like in the sixth sense, which you know has become a bit of a meme, and some people make fun of it, but it’s, a pretty good movie and there’s, some scenes in which you know he really does Convey emotions which you wouldn’t expect after seeing him, you know just shooting and and fighting his way through a lot of films or you know 12 monkeys so yeah yeah.

I really appreciate that they saw beyond that. I’m glad. You mentioned the watch at the beginning because i found this comment online uh. It’s completely anonymous, but has a really interesting kind of uh analysis of what the what the watch represents right, harry ellis.

Who is this kind of oleogenous sniveling, yuppie kind of uh social, climbing? You know typical of that era. I figure you’re here to negotiate. Am i right? You’re amazing. You figured this all out. Already.

Hey business is business. You use a gun, i use a fountain pen. What’s? The difference holly receives the watch from pretty much the worst guy in the movie who isn’t a criminal mastermind. The whole reason he gives this watch to her because she’s good at making money for the company in a weird way.

It’s, harry ellis’s, way of staking claim on holly and her successes, and then we have the climactic scene where um hans gruber alan rickman is uh falling out the window. He grabs a hold of holly and then i can’t remember if it was holly or bruce willis.

He lets go of the clasp of the watch and he falls to his death right. So once holly ditches the watch, gruber’s gone for good and the plot to steal 640 million in bearer bonds goes with him. The movie that celebrates every man, not the wall street man, um there’s, no way that a gold rolex could survive the night.

It rejects the symbolism of of of the watch yeah which, as we discussed earlier, is this kind of it’s, the status symbol. Exactly exactly so, i just thought wow i didn’t. I didn’t. Think of it, like that, you know all this hidden, meaning is crazy in a simple in a simple action movie like yeah, which is something you wouldn’t expect it’s.

Just oh yeah, bruce willis. You know fighting off the bad guys and that’s it. I definitely really enjoyed it. You know as an adult compared to when i was just a kid, and it was just you know loud loud action, bad guys against good guys and that’s it.

But i think that’s. The mark of a good film to be able to still have kind of high brow concepts and and ideas. Oh absolutely, and then we have glengarry glenn ross, which i’m, quite excited to hear what you make of this, because this was your first time seeing it right.

Oh yeah, it was, it was, and i was completely blown away completely because it was one of those films. You always see on lists of best films and lists of films. You have to see, but i don’t know. Maybe it was the title or something that didn’t immediately, attract me to it.

I just i just never never decided to watch it and then, when i watched i was just like now. That is, you know good script. Writing it’s, good, it’s, good storytelling! It’s, good, acting within a really simple plot, because what does it cover it’s, just like not how many days is it in total that it covers? And it’s, just this group of people and their acting is absolutely superb, and it just thrusts you into that in into it, because then, when alec baldwin comes out and he’s, just speaking to this group of guys, whoa wait A minute, but that’s, how it introduces you to the to the characters, because only one thing counts in this life, get them to sign on the line which is dotted well, it’s adapted from a play, so it definitely retains That feeling and it’s quite intimate uh, which is, i think, what you you probably felt, the complete antithesis of of die hard.

It’s very that’s. Right focused it’s about conversations it’s like, but even in in these conversations it’s explosive in its own way, alec baldwin. He does that right. He’s. He’s like berating um. What’s, the actor ed harris right right? And he says you see this watch.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, the beginning, yeah yeah yeah, that’s. True, that’s. True, that’s, true yeah yeah, the opening scene that not it’s, not exactly the opening one, but that’s. How introduces him yep? You see this watch yeah that watch costs more than your car.

I made 970 thousand dollars last year. How much you make which reminded me, i must say a little of like the wolf of wall street kind of situation when he ‘ S like this is my wealth. This is where i am at.

You are nobody, because you’re beyond beneath me and you will never reach this or you could do it. But this is what you ‘ Ve got to do and everything and he’s. He doesn’t. Put it as if he’s humiliating them, he’s.

Like saying you know, i’m trying to push you to give the best, but it is kind of humiliating you know them just sitting there with this guy screwing up, then this is my wealth and you’re. Nowhere close to it that kind of behavior, because essentially it’s like bullying, it does not in reality it does not actually motivate it.

No um, you know. If you’ve read any of these self-help books. I’ve. I’ve, read a ton of them um. I immediately think of dale, carnegie and um how to win friends and influence people. It’s like it’s, not the way it’s nicknamed the president’s watch because uh lyndon johnson first wore one and a lot of leaders.

You know escobar it’s, synonymous with gangsters and uh. Tony’s. Sopranos and all these types subsequent presidents started wearing it got the nickname. They only do it in solid precious metals, platinum, gold, okay, rolex are geniuses of marketing.

They took that the men who lead wear this and you know oh right, okay, yeah! So then you got this alec baldwin. Who literally is with that watch the poster boy for this? For this brash kind of get money, you know don’t.

Give a f about anything always be closing. You know this, this yeah yeah yeah yeah, it might motivate you on the short term, like my guy might go out and say yeah. You know what i need to do this this weekend.

I need to complete this, but it’s, not going to motivate you on the long term. It’s just going to make you hate what you’re, doing, that that is bullying humiliating and it makes you jealous. That’s, that’s; the only thing it’ll, make you jealous and then resentful, and then you’ll just give up that’s.

That’s. The thing: what was your favorite thing about the movie? Oh well, definitely the conversations the acting that that was just the best. The best part of it all – and i’ve, said this multiple times about films is you can take the most simple concept and just put people in a room, but if you’ve got good.

Acting your attention is going to be kept for the whole like two hours or whatever. It is of a film even with the simplest setting and and and that’s. What happens with this film you don’t. Have you, as you said it’s, the opposite of die hard? You don’t, have a you know, even, for example, the scene when i can’t, remember the name of the character, but basically after he’s bullied beam, but not ed harris the other guy after he’s been bullied and everything he leaves, and he goes over to this, the house of a potential customer and he tries to jack lemon and he tries to convince them and then he and he goes in and everything you know this guy’s.

Just kicking him out of the house and it’s raining outside, and you just see he just doesn’t want to give up and that that it’s just a simple scene. He goes in. The house sits on on the couch the guy kicks him out.

He goes out that’s it, but it was wonderful, just the act in that scene. You feel so sad for him and everything in the rain outside and yeah, so good, so good. I don’t think there was any. I can’t remember if there was any scene without rain um.

No, i’m trying to think about so the car scene. It was raining and then they go over to like to the to the to the bar and it’s. Raining it’s, always yeah yeah it’s, always raining it’s, sad miserable yeah, but i bet if you’re alec baldwin it’s.

Also yeah yeah yeah his life’s, perfect yeah, yeah uh interesting. What did you make of al pacino? Oh, he’s great. He’s great, and i was thinking back at the time he ‘ S always been great and those you know sort of aggressive roles and that just a big role he’s.

Never he never has like a small role. It’s, always him this big character. This big introduction to him you stupid you williamson, i’m. Talking to you, you just cost me six thousand dollars six thousand dollars.

What are you going to do about it? Where did you learn your trade? You idiot whoever told you that you could work with men. I don’t care whose nephew you are who you know who’s, something on you’re going out.

I swear to you, help us not to suck to help men who are going out there to try to earn a living when he’s sitting at the at the bar and he’s and he and he gets this guy. He he gets this guy to. You know, talk to him and get him in his world with these really like bold, you know controversial statements uh, so this guy’s intrigued by him.

Before then, he starts with the business yeah. He was definitely like on his way up it’s funny because i’ve, just re recently, rewatched heat uh, the micromania film, which yeah just that that i think that’s like peak pacino right right right, just kind Of enclosing about glengarry glen ross, when i think of the bad, the the bad things of of of rolex and the brand, because it’s, it’s such a instantly recognizable brand everywhere, okay um.

I i think these three movies really kind of typify the the negative effects of that aspirational advertising. Yeah. Do you see what i’m saying i see yeah because, like before i i don’t know. Obviously i don’t.

I’m, not knowledgeable about the watches in you know the wolf of wall street, but i remember there it’s all about the wealth and the fame, and even here in the england garry glen ross there’s. Nothing like when he’s shown the rolex.

You know what the history is of about. You know you’re, knowledgeable about it, but somebody like me who would just see that and know. Oh it’s. Just this thing. You have to have this status, you have to have you have to reach this big lump of gold, basically yeah yeah yeah.

I’m glad. You mentioned uh wolf of wall street because there was. I did a video on that actually and i i even bought that watch because at the time dicaprio was uh and we talked about this. Uh was a uh ambassador for yeah for tag um hoya and he flings the watch right right and he says this solid gold watch and i actually looked that you know i bought the same watch it wasn’t.

It was gold-plated right right. He lies about the watch that he’s, throwing, but actually i think it was deliberate because it un it showed the kind of the fakeness of it. It’s, a facade, a bit yeah it’s, a facade, the facade yeah.

Exactly was all this legal, absolutely not. We were making more money than we knew. What to do with. Is there anything you didn’t didn’t like about them um i didn’t like i don’t think so i’m, just ashamed that i’ve only seen some Of these films so late, but that just happens like i’ve, seen them so much so later in life, but sometimes you do take in more details like, for example, i’m thinking.

If i’d, seen i don’t know glengarrigan lost. Maybe when i was a teenager, i might have lost a lot of things i might have found. It boring because maybe my mind, wasn’t ready to appreciate. You know the details of filmmaking.

If you see what i mean other films like, for example, american psycho, you i would have still enjoyed it. What did you think of the ending of of american psycho? What the what is a bit ambiguous and everything uh yeah? It is and that’s.

What a lot of people have even criticized, because they want something like a definitive, a definitive ending, but i didn’t mind it. Actually, i’ve. I’ve rewatched. It plenty of times, and then i think it’s.

One of those films where people just don’t want to accept that they kind of really enjoyed it. If you with what we were saying before, like can’t just admit, there was a good film. Like you, don’t, i don’t want to say it in case anybody hasn’t, seen it but like when he’s returning the cassettes dean that just became like you’re, just Like what like you, just wouldn’t expect that to happen, but i don’t want to say it because of course you know yeah spoilers, spoilers yeah, no, absolutely guys.

If you haven’t seen it go, watch it. Okay, well, thank you so much. I think that was really. It was great to have your your insight. Well! Thank you so much! Okay! Thank you! So much don’t forget to check out uh debbie’s channel.

I’ll leave the links down below, especially if you speak italian as well. You’re gonna be in for a treat um. Thank you. So much for joining us today take care. Thank you. So much don’t. Forget to like this video, if you enjoyed it oh and thoughts about these three movies, which is your favorite uh movie, involving rolex uh.

Maybe there’s, some examples or movies and watches that kind of subjects you’d like us to cover uh. Would you be up for more watches and movies? I’m, always available. I’m fine, yeah and now the more i watch them the more.

I notice that i’m, like i know that i’ve, seen that now i’m, paying more attention to it. Since i’ve met you so nice, nice all right guys. Thank you very, very much for watching and we will catch you in the next one: okay, ciao ciao,

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