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The De Bethune DB15 Is The Supercar Of Watchmaking | Watchfinder & Co.

Born into a family of grape farmers, Ferruccio Lamborghini found his fortune in building tractors, rather than riding them. When he offered his engineering expertise to the manufacturer of his shiny new sports car a Ferrari, he was told that the advice of a tractor mechanic was not appreciated and so out of stubborn determination, a supercar legend, the Lamborghini Miura was born NASCAR’s.

This is watches, and this is the debe tune db-15 and it’s, the supercar of watchmaking [, Music ]. So we can keep on making great watch videos. I’d, really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel.

If you already are it really does help? Thank you. It was dogged determination that drove Ferruccio Lamborghini to build a motoring legend, and the same is true of Debian, co-founders, Danny flash Iole and Davidson Neto.

The Miura took two years to develop an astonishing turn around and a car that shook the industry and the db-15 is no different released just two years after debits, Yunus founded, it pioneered multiple innovations that made the watchmaker an overnight sensation.

It all started in 2002 with an approach to watchmaking that was decidedly different, where Swiss tradition dictated conservative reserved design the creators at debe jeans sidestepped the mold and took a view that, if something could be reinvented, it would be the thing: is it’S all very well and good saying that doing it is something else altogether.

Perhaps the largest Odle blocking the way of this endeavor is production. A new watch maker Inc, barely dry on the registration documents. Doesn’t have the experience money equipment, you name it to build whatever it likes.

It is burdened by suppliers who dictate what can and can’t be done from the pages of their catalogues. A custom job comes with the custom price. Debbye tuned, as was promised, took a different approach.

If it’s, watchmakers couldn’t get what they wanted from their suppliers. Then they would simply have to make everything themselves, and I mean everything by 2004. After just two years, Debbi June had the capability to manufacture every part of its movements, including, and, if you know a decent amount about watches you’ll know this is a big deal.

Its own air Springs to put that into perspective. The amounts of companies in the world today that can make hair springs numbers in the tens most watchmakers. Even those who claim to make their own movements often have their hair Springs made to order not depa tuned committing to this level of production after just two years is not just a risk.

It’s downright insane, but that’s. Not the half of it as if it wasn’t enough to employ the capability to make its own hair Springs. The creative minds that debe tune decided that the hair spring itself needed to be reinvented with carefully placed folds in the terminal curve of the spring and varying thicknesses throughout the spring itself, debbye tune successfully improved the concentricity shock, absorbance, thickness, fitment and adjustability of an age-old Design exclusively in the house – and that was just the beginning – the way that watches looks was as much fair game for this widespread reinvention is the way they ticked.

The brand has experimented with everything from the details like the hands and the crown to the very concept of the wristwatch altogether spring loaded luxe, that flex for comfort meet fluid bionics shapes that are the very essence of a dream.

It’s as much about the way a dipper tune is to look at to hold to feel as it is the way it works, and it was with the release of this db-15 in 2004 that the vision of Debbie Jun truly came together. For the first time, like the mirror, it took an industry comfortable in its ways and shook it up changing the landscape forever.

Let’s, find out how, by the standards of divisions, most imaginative watches of today, the db-15 is a reserved inoffensive piece, but in 2004 it was something of a revolution. The pointed lug tips were already familiar from previous depa tune pieces, as was the intermittently serrated crown, but the impacts nearly two decades ago was astonishing, but, like I said this was a wash of firsts a lot of firsts, even though some may not be quite as Obvious, as others, this was the first caliber for Deb attuned to be entirely built in-house, and that gave the manufacturer flexibility to attempt some things that are still otherworldly today.

Some of the innovations are more of a practical nature. The db-15, despite its simplistic display, is a perpetual calendar, and that means it can keep the date accurate through shorter months and even Lee peers.

Other perpetual calendar watches when adjusted, will still allow non-existent days like the 30th of February to be selected, but not the db-15 scrub through the month with the crown and upon reaching the last official day of the month, it will skip forward right before your eyes.

It’s, a treat usually reserved for those burning, the midnight oil, one that’s taken place long before most owners will have even begun to stir, but all that complexity and ingenuity is right there to be seen at the setting of The watch as the caliber somehow knows to leapfrog the fictional dates, but the splendor of the db-15 state display doesn’t end.

There set against a background of oxidized titanium, whose blue is richer and more vibrant than that of steel, and another first for dipper tune is a small circular window. It looks like a moon phase, but it’s.

Not this curiosity actually serves, as the leap here indicator neatly, aligning with the window to produce a fully golden display, the turn of the leap year that’s, much nicer than the typical arrow, pointing at a number from one to four.

Now we come to the party piece of the front, and yet another industry, innovation from Debbie tune the moon phase using a sphere of blued steel and palladium. Instead of representing the transition of the moon with a flat two-dimensional display.

Deborah toon brings the complication to life in a way never seen in a wristwatch before and by manufacturing. This small moon from the two metals the heat bluing effects, just the steel, giving a perfect divide between the two hemispheres.

The true personality of a Deb attune was yet to be seen from the outside of the db-15, but was very much present on the inside. The caliber DB 2004 is unlike any movements from any other watchmaker, revealing a talent for thinking about watch, making in a whole new way.

There’s, the balance spring in there, as mentioned before, but that’s. Far from the only innovation to be found in the escapement, the balance wheel itself suspended from the enormous span of the balance bridge is completely alien.

A three pronged star capped with platinum weights that thunders back and forth like a medieval weapon. Even the arrangement of the bridges is completely unfamiliar straddling the twin main Springs in a form that most Trekkies will immediately recognize.

It all starts to become clear. This avant-garde brand, offering a nod to the future as painted by Gene Roddenberry, one that heavily inspired not just the way a diversion watch looks but the spirit in which it was created, given an opportunity to work with a completely blank canvas.

The brushstrokes depe tune has applied here with the db-15, even almost two decades on are still fresh and exciting that a single wash can be so involved in innovation and originality is seldom seen, and the db-15 marks the moment when that happened for debate soon, when it Shifted from just a watchmaker to a watchmaking legend like the Miura, it was unexpected and like the mirror, it’s.

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