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The End Of The Urban Gentry As We Know It

The life is short, you’ve got to enjoy what little time we have. Thank you so much for watching, and I will get you in the next one: okay, [, Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show today a bit of an announcement video.

It is pretty much the end of the urban gentry as we know it. So. Yeah, let me explain what’s gonna what’s going to happen now, but before we get into that, the most important thing is: I hope this finds you guys, safe and well.

It has been a really challenging time. I mean everybody knows we’re all in the same boat. I’m, not going to go into it because if you’re anything like me, every news, feed and the feed of YouTube is just non-stop on and on about this whole situation.

So you know, and and you know my style – I’m – not gonna go on video and start crying and boohoo. Me me me and all that stuff. You know the only time you’ll catch me crying is the end of Tosca, okay at the Opera yeah that’s.

Another thing when, when, when you’re, never gonna see an opera. Again I’ll. Do should I even do risk was check there. We go the yema done, but let’s. Let’s address what’s gonna happen. Now I have actually come to the end of my one-year contract, weird watch box.

It just happens to coincide with this. This event, world event originally I had planned actually to. I was going to start a another business. Nothing to do with watches nothing to do with YouTube. It’s, something and I’ve, always always dreamed about.

I’m still gonna. Do that, but obviously I can’t. Do it right now, because I can’t even go outside it’s not safe to go outside, but I, but I you know all in good time. I’ll reveal my my what I’ve been working on but anyway.

So what am I going to do with the channel? I I’m kind of stuck in limbo and over the last week, or so I’ve, been thinking. What should I do, and I was kind of inspired by a comment left on an older video.

If you remember the the the oh jeez, the original Gentry will remember when it was just me going into the park with dear old Ernie Boy talking about things I loved wearing watches and sharing my purchases and reviewing them, and they said in the comment old that It was the golden era of the urban gentry and I got my my kind of the cogs in my brain turning and I I would like to return to those days.

It was days where it was a little bit simpler. I was working part-time to supplement my income because, obviously guys that the reality is, if you do not have millions and millions and millions of subscribers YouTube is not in vocation.

I recommend I certainly wouldn’t, put all my eggs in that basket, but there was a kind of independent spirit there that I really enjoyed right now. You know, like my options, are well a lot of youtubers that talk about watches they they they turn to watch dealers or something like that and that’s, not something I will ever do.

I’m, not saying it’s wrong or that that’s. What that’s, what they do, but for me I don’t think it. I think it undone undermines the veracity and authenticity of my reviews and – and I that’s important to me.

I think, because, at the end of the day it’s about sharing my experiences. It’s, YouTube it’s, you you know it’s, part of you yeah. I don’t want it to turn into some QVC thing. You know so I am gonna continue, but not in the same manner.

I have been, and don’t. Get me wrong. This last year has been amazing. I’ve got to thank everybody at watch box, the watch box family. I got to experience and borrow and wear watches you. I never thought in a million years I would I would be able to have access to so that that was amazing and I learnt so much and I’ve put it into the videos.

Hopefully you ‘ Ve noticed that I you know it’s, so it has been a wonderfully enriching experience. What do I do next? The truth is I I have no idea. I think, though it is nice to kind of get back to the roots of the urban gentry.

When I started the channel, it was a bit wider range of subjects. You know I discussed literature, I discussed movies and cinema. I would like to get back to that. You know more sartorial content it just it’s.

It’s about showing stuff that I love and I’ve made so many great friends there’s. A whole community has kind of sprung up around the channel and and I’ve – got to know so many of you, I mean the positivity and the ink the conversations I every time I post the video I love going in for comments and talking To you guys and hearing your opinions and it’s, it really feels like real relationships and some of you I actually know in real life.

I’ve, become friends. Last Christmas, we had the first meetup in London and I didn’t publicize it on the channel and it was a roaring success. I want to do things like that again, because nobody’s doing these kind of events these these watch gatherings like that it was.

It was an absolute joy and an honor and a pleasure to meet people that you know shout out to Ryan. You know who have been with me since day one I value that kind of loyalty and that friendship I don’t want that twins.

I want it to continue. I think it would be a crying shame if, if, if I didn’t continue the channel, so maybe we’re gonna go into a new golden era. Why not? To be honest, like that, I don’t. I don’t, really care about the growth and growing the channel and our we got to get this many subscribers and this many views and blah blah blah blah it’s, not about that.

It’s about sharing something. We all love and enjoy and makes us happy – and I think in this climate this world, we know that’s irrevocably changed. I think that is even more so important to keep it going, so I will keep it going.

It probably won’t, be as frequent. I’ve got to look for a job. You know I’m sure. A lot of you are in the same way a lot of you in the same boat so and actually talking of change. Even my Grail watches have changed.

I’m, not really lusting after Rolex Daytona owning well. I actually, I think that was just the watch crush, but my long-term goals, like the ramen Gerty, a micro roll to the inside my karate look don’t.

Give me. I adore that watch and if I had the money I’d. Buy in a heartbeat, but with this new world, is it even feasible, buying luxury watches right now you know that’s. Certainly the lowest thing on my priority and I’m sure it’s.

The same for a lot of you guys now don’t, get me wrong. I’m still gonna borrow and review luxury watches from you know. I have a lot of connections. I’ve made and Friends of the channel and stuff. You know I’m gonna cover the full gambit, as I’ve always always have.

I basically share things. I love and I love everything from a ten dollar Casio to a hundred grand Patek, so that’s, never gonna change that is never gonna change. I’m, just saying for my personal collecting habits, I’m, not actually starting to enjoy what I have now.

What’s important now is to enjoy what we have in our own collections. I’m. Certainly, looking at my collection in a totally different way now, maybe you’re going through the same thing. Maybe you’re liquidating your watches do do share down below.

So I want to end this video with a message of hope. It’s, important to fight on fortitude and tenacity, and self-determination is something that I & #. 39 ve, certainly learned with all my dealings, my battle, my own battle with health, and it was surreal seeing the the hospital once in Astoria.

In fact, the one of the doctors that treated me the countless times where it seems countless all the times I was in ICU, seeing him on television speaking about the horrors and very emotional, and you know somebody I that treated me back in the day.

That was really quite harrowing where alien and moving – and I think about all my family in New York, my friends all on the front line. You know my heart goes out to you. I you know who you are, and I think about you all the time and my family in Italy and all these hot spots.

That is just anyway, you guys. I want to hear it. I I know you, you’re experiencing the same thing. We all are, but it’s, important to stay positive and to keep fighting on and and to not let this thing beat us.

You know. So, in that spirit I’m gonna keep the channel going, even even though it’s. Gon na be a financial I don’t know. I really need to to get a job. You know, but it’s for you guys. I want it to be for you guys, so I will be making more videos.

It is the end of the urban gentry as we know it, but hopefully this is a new new era, a new chapter. Okay, so on that positive note, onion leave it there. Please don’t forget to like this video. If you enjoyed enjoyed it, that’s, not the right words, but yeah hit the like button and also the little bell icon.

I don’t, maybe it’s down there. Well, maybe say I don’t know where it is, but yeah for some reason YouTube is not notifying people. When there’s, a new video, I hope they fix that soon, so stay safe, be well, and thank you so much for watching onwards and upwards, and hopefully I’ll catch you in the next one: okay, [, Music, ], hello, darling.

It’s me Hugh yeah. I’m in a spot of bother hi Hugo. I go what what have you done now? Well, I was in lockdown filling with wrestlers. I popped out for a bite to eat. Well, let’s just say it. Didn’t bode well with the authorities, and now I’m in the slammer great, that’s.

That’s. Really well done you know. So why are you calling me? I need to borrow some money for the bail bail. Wait. How much are we talking about here? Oh not much three million three, three million. What the hell did you do? Oh, nothing really just a little bit of deserving peace, jaywalking, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct resisting arrest.

A few more. I can’t quite remember: [ Music ], I don’t have that kind of money. If I don’t pay, I presume you’re gonna stay in there right. Well, obviously, darling! Oh by the way, what & # 39? S happened to the videos.

The lovely chat here on C blog really do miss your watch. Reviews that’s interesting well, well, say hello to your new friends, because it sounds like you’re gonna stay there for quite a while. Okay. So how about that bear trap? Sorry you go.

I have to cha cha cha cha yeah, but darling hello. Are you there? No more Hugo nice that rata

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Greetings, good Gentry. Today I announce the end of the Urban Gentry YouTube channel as we know it, and catch up with my old friend Hugo Mountbatten.

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