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The Moonshine Is The Coolest Omega Ever | Watchfinder & Co.

There are many omegas, and many of them are speed masters of those speed masters. Many are moon, watches and of all the moon watches a significant amount of special editions for the Apollo program. Not only is this one of them, but is also the coolest Omega you can get today.

Here are three reasons: why is there anything more late, 60s early 70s cool than brown and gold, like Rolexes GMT master to CH n R? This Omega Speedmaster, Apollo 11 50th anniversary, takes that same distinctly warm color palette and transforms what is usually a very stark and functional watch into something completely different, and the difference is apparent all the way down to the details.

This isn’t, just a speed master with a gold case and bracelet, and a brown bezel for the twenty six thousand four hundred and eighty pound asking price Omega has really gone to turn with it in a way befitting the achievements of Messrs Armstrong.

Aldrin and Collins, we can start with the gold itself. It’s, not just plain ol: 18 karat gold. No, that would be too boring it’s. What Omega calls moonshine gold instead, no it’s, not gold. That’s, been smuggled in the back of a car and sold at a speakeasy.

It’s, still 18 karat still gold, but it’s, a Lloyd with a few secret ingredients to give it just the merest touch of red it’s, so warm you could melt chocolate on it, which is exactly what It looks like a maker has done for the bezel, because the inlay isn’t just anodized aluminium, like this standard watch it’s, lovely glossy ceramic.

The numerals are not just printed on, then laser engraved into the ceramic and filled flush with gold, unlike Rolex, is recessed dirt traps and the gold bleeds further into the watch, because the dial itself, plus the hands, markers and even the logo, are all hewn.

From the same moonshine gold, if you ever need to prove it, it even says so. Just above the center hand stack, but this is no instrument built for wearing in high-stakes environments. This is a piece of jewelry to have hanging loosely from the wrist, and so the luminous paints in the markers makes way for contrasting black details fashioned exclusively from the glossy mineral onyx.

The front is pretty cool in and laid back. Let’s, not force the moon-landing thing down. People’s throats kind of way, but it is a moon wash after all, and so this timepiece couldn’t get away without mentioning it, but when it does, it does so.

In style before we get to that, though, we need to find it and it’s on the back that we do. Do you almost don’t notice, anything other than the immense on candy. That is the caliber 38. 61. A thoroughly modern and wound mechanical chronograph.

If there can be such a thing, it gets chronometer certification. It gets a free, sprung balance with silicon coil and he magnetic to 15,000 Gauss. Oh yes, and it’s plated up to the eyeballs in gold. If there was ever a way to make a movement, look even more impressive and FP Sean knows this: it’s with gold and by dipping all the plates in the stuff, it leaves the many monochrome levers and screws standing, in contrast against them, making It easier to appreciate the workings of the mechanism and try to understand how it all works, and there’s, no better format to try and figure out a chronograph than a horizontal clutch Manuel wined movement like this one.

As for the anniversary thing, it almost disappears under the glow of all that moon shine, but it’s there around the outside, you ‘ Ve got the anniversary date range in red, opposite the limited number of 1014 weird number won’t get to that later, but it’s.

The ring inside of that we’re really interested in between all the usual stuff. About anniversaries and being the first watch on the moon, there’s, a depiction of two worlds: ours and satellite, the moon.

Our world is nicely depicted in blue and gold on one side, but it’s, the moon, the demands. The second look: it’s, not a picture like the earth. Is it’s, a piece of rock a piece of rock that came from the moon, no less known as lunar meteorite, the fragment was torn away from the moon by one of the many impacts that gives our orbital neighbor is characteristic pattern.

Nevermind. The cherry on the cake it’s, the moon on the moon wash so yeah. It’s, a pretty cool watch, but you might be wondering where a maker got the idea to dress up a speed master in an outfit that hasn ‘

T been on trend since the middle of last century. Well, here’s, the coolest part of it all this isn’t the first Omega to look like this in 1969. After the successful first landings on the moon, which you may have heard, also made the Omega Speedmaster.

The first watch worn on the moon and mega decided to celebrate with a run of very special speed masters, limited to just you guessed it 1014 pieces, several were given to the astronauts one to the president and the rest were distributed to the public.

This watch too, at the gold case bracelet and dial onyx, Marcus and burgundy bezel, exactly like the modern version which makes this new one. The perfect send off to the last 50 years between the moon, landings and now, and so many of the little details from that watch make it into this one here.

The arrangement of the bezel is, as it was late 60s. The applied logo as well. Even the tiny little om print, either side of Swiss made standing, foot or massive or solid gold is carried over from that original.

A detail that no one except you lot, obviously, is ever going to notice. So what could be cooler than not only having a moon watch with a real piece of Moon in it, or one made out of gold with laser etched ceramic and layered, with onyx or one with an evolution of that original movement with all the modern frills? Then one that not only honors the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, but the 50th anniversary of the watch given to the astronauts as well, never mind all the Apollo business, the moonshiner maker, speed, master 50th anniversary is just out and out.

The coolest watch Omega has for sale right now. It’s, not cheap, but it does somehow manage to take an iconic piece of watchmaking design and completely refresh it, even if it is in clothes that have been in the closet since the 1960s discover more exceptional watches at watch finder.

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