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The Next James Bond Omega?! The Ultimate 39mm Military Seamaster Watch

Ah, my darling mr bond, i hear tgv was quite critical of your new amiga watch. Well, we can’t all be geniuses. Can we speak for yourself? Oh boy, i have an iq of 180 and now that i’m free there’ll, be no stopping me and my little watch obsessed friend with your disregard for human life.

You must be working for the east. Now look here. Mr bond east west, it matters little to moir. They all love, watches. Besides, the urban gentry will soon be powered by spectra spectre: yes, spectre; the silent g on the end special executive for clocks, tiddlywinks reviews and eating goats, headed by the greatest dinosaur brains in the world; moir, obviously, correction, criminal brains, oh bondy, baby.

I’m just trying to live my best life. Why become criminal? I’m sure the west would welcome the scientist of your caliber. You puny humans, you’ve, been here five minutes and you think you run things. I am the apex you’ll, see world domination, same old dream, our asylums are full of people who think they’re napoleon or god.

You insist on trying to provoke me, mr bond careful or you’ll end up in a delicious pate like all those who fail to click like on tgv’s. Videos you’ll, be delightful, and i’m flattered [, Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show today, a world exclusive, the next james bond watch.

Yes, that’s right! Well, not quite in a moment. You’ll, see what i mean. First of all, i’ll. Do wristwatch check as i talked about it in my last video i thought i’d. Put the neptune back in rotation. I haven’t worn.

It for donkeys, but here it is a great, affordable, vintage inspired micro brand uh piece uh. It does remind me of the big crown submariner a little bit anyway. Wrist watch check done. Let’s, get on with the video when i reviewed the newest.

No time to die amiga, there seemed to be just as many negatives as there were positives well. For me at least short taste is a subjective thing, but if the review was purely factual, it would not be a true review and just a presentation of facts being repeated, so you have to get a little personal.

This is not qvc after all and, as you guys know, i always try to be respectfully balanced since the review went live uh after months of delay, several posts went up on the ugwc facebook group with people photoshopping the watch without the contentious fold.

Patina, a quick shout out and thank you to og that’s original gentry and ugwc member bernard for inspiring this video. This has unquestionably been the main bone of contention with watch fans just to be clear, despite it not being my cup of tea.

I still did adore the watch and, if you don’t mind the mustard, yellow, color um, who am i to say otherwise? What’s? The most important thing is that you enjoy it if it tickles your fancy go for it. So the wheels and pinions in my mind, started turning and i wanted to take this one step further and see if i could come up with the ultimate james bond watch.

Well, what, in my opinion, would be the ultimate james bond watch if amiga came knocking? Yes, i know highly unlikely, but let’s just say they did for a bit of fun. They came to me and said: hey tgv. We’d, like you to submit a design for the 26th james bond film.

So i thought i’d, have a crack at it. So in essence, i’d base, the design on the previous bond watch. We just reviewed no time to die and let’s start with what they got right. Undoubtedly, the grade to titanium material was a genius move.

The lightness in weight and tactical looking non-reflective matte finish, makes so much sense in their military context. As i said in my review, it’s very close to the parkerized finish you’ll, find on classic mil-spec field watches.

Naturally i would keep that, as i would the amazingly accurate and highly important metas tested movement. The coaxial escapement is not only hard as nails in reliability, but a fitting connection to the history of british horology, a legacy that goes back hundreds of years to the dawn of maritime and naval navigation.

Again to further understand what i mean do check out the full review, the thinness and styling of the seamaster 300 meter case. I would also keep as for me, and i’m sure for many others out there. The nostalgia of that 300 meter case and all its distinctive curves brings back fond memories of the brosnan and early daniel craig era.

The golden ic master was, of course, my first real luxury swiss watch. After all, another aspect they really did nail and it’s become quite a trend of late. Is the mesh the milanese bracelet i’ll, definitely keep it.

It’s extremely comfortable. Yes, it’s, not for everybody, but it has that beautiful fluid movement and also it does link back to amiga’s, rich heritage of very innovative, deep, diving grates, like the plo prov.

But here is the first change i would make. I would size it to the diameter of 39 millimeters, possibly 40 millimeters, even by sacrificing a couple of millimeters. Not only does it feel more like the boston era, but it evolves a ton of nostalgic feelings, but it would also be compatible with a lot more wrists, while the legibility would suffer a touch.

A third advantage would be a decrease in weight. The second big change would be the dial layout and handset. I would choose the layout of the reference 225450, which was a pre-bond seamaster. The reason is simple and obvious: if you know your military divers, the shapes of the markers and sword hands for this largely forgotten seamaster were inspired by the great military, omega seamaster 300 military divers, the reference 165024, nicknamed the big triangle, in particular a quick shout out And thank you to amsterdam, vintage watchers for these lovely picks of a recently sold example of this highly desired and prestigious piece.

The oversized triangle and balanced symmetry make it highly legible and naturally, a crisp, white print and markers would be the choice here. But, unlike the two two five four five zero, the wave etched dial would have to be changed to a matted finely grained black to further accentuate the contrast.

So why is the big triangle omega so revered? Well, it was issued to the british royal navy in the late 60s, but fitting for commander bond. Obviously, with his naval background to further assist this military, aesthetic and functionality, i would have the hands blacked out similar to how they were on the recently reviewed fortis classic flight small seconds.

Therefore, there is nothing that risks reflecting light and unintentionally, giving away your position. Now. Interestingly, there is a titanium version of the 2254 50.. I can’t believe i remembered another reference and it did actually come with a brushed bezel wave dial, but there was a blue version very, very alluring, so it’s not like they haven’t done titanium in the Seamaster 300, before and no matter how tempted i am to go blue, we’re, going to stick with black here, because it’s, the highest contrast with the white markers.

This is at the end of the day. This is the ultimate military watch. It’s all about utility. It’s about legibility. It’s, not about decoration and adornment. The blue definitely looks more dressy. We’ve established in several videos.

That bond is a watch collector, so for his more formal occasions he can pop on his aqua terror and it makes sense because bond you know erudite gent, highly educated, highly intelligent. You know he’s, going to be a watch collector, undoubtedly as a respectful nod to ian fleming’s, own choice and, incidentally, my favorite watch there.

It is the explorer sitting in my uh wolf winder there. We’re, going gonna stick with the explorer layout. It’s, just so efficient, functional and easy to read, as this is so rightly a no date. Three six nine would be added, however, for another bond universe reference.

I would take the numerals from the spectre bond watch and while we are on the subject of printing on the dial, i would simply remove any superfluous details and just leave the italicized seamaster script and branding these extra details.

Like the 300 meter, depth rating and master chronometer status can all be engraved on the back. For the sake of clarity and a cleaner, more utilitarian, look only the british, broad, arrow or crow’s. Foot would be added.

This is another subject i discussed in more detail in my no time to die watch review, as, in my opinion, it was somewhat divisive. Some could accuse it of being stolen honor, as i explained in the full review.

No, copyright exists on this historic mark. Personally, i gave it to pass especially considering how much amiga have helped the british armed forces since the turn of the century and have been critical in both world wars and beyond.

To give you an example of how substantial their contribution was field marshal, sir bernard montgomery. Personally visited the amiga factory after the water thanked them. Not only was old, monty a massive fan, but amiga numerically supplied the allied forces with the highest amount of watches compared to all the other brands of the famous dirty dozen.

However, they are now a luxury brand and using this mark as marketing rather than being genuinely issued, kit could be seen in poor taste. So my solution is simple. I suggest a small portion of the profits of each watch be given to charities to help war veterans.

Thus earning the honor and therefore the right to bear the mark proudly. Now i was thinking about changing the bezel. It’s, not the easiest to grip that scalloped edge, of course, but at the end of the day it is intrinsic to that seamaster.

300 identity, i mean the very feel of it brings back so many fond memories for me. So yeah it’s. It’s, not the perfect design, but i’m going to stick with this in no time to die. Seamaster i was elated to see an upgraded, fully luminous bezel a long time overdue.

Not only functionally does it make sense, but it’s. A nice tribute to the luminous bakelite inserts of the golden era of mid-century divers. So i’d like to keep it fully loomed, but in my opinion, amiga missed the trick here after the immediacy master served ministry, defense divers from 1967 to 1971.

As the issued watch of choice, the mod approached rolex and asked them to produce a reference 5513 submariner with some of the same modifications found on the amiga aside from the sword: hands. Another subtle and often overlooked change was the boulder hash marks for the 60 minutes.

On the bezel versus only the first 15 on your typical or average diver, the purpose of this is obvious, pure efficiency and legibility. When timing to further underline this connection to the most desired rolex, as well as its most famous bond submariner, i would make the 12 o’clock triangle red this detail was often found on some of the references 6538, but here it would pleasingly complement The red tip of the lollipop seconds hand, but not just stylistically.

It would also assist orientation when reading the bezel at a quick glance by simply changing the bezel like this. It forms a connection to two of the most lusted and highly desired rolex submariners of all time.

To complete the watch. I would have it come with both the millionaires bracelet and a secondary nato strap. I would add, the quick release bolt action spring bars on the bracelet to make it easier to change out the strap.

As for the nato itself, without a shadow of a doubt, i would go with the valor and el alamein straps. I designed with wrist candy watch club that honors and takes inspiration from my ancestors who served in the armed forces just for a bit of fun.

I would also like to present you with a fully inverted luminous dial variant. This not only would honor one of the most highly underrated bond watchers, the hoya 1000 in the 1987 james bond film, the living daylight, but also the world war ii.

Cream dials of the raf watches like the ck2292, better known as the spitfire watch or the earlier ck 2129, as seen in christopher nolan’s, dunkirk movie, however, despite its more tactical appearance, perhaps a little too utilitarian for the mass market.

So i’ll, probably stick with the black dial, so there you have it the ultimate james bond watch well, in my opinion at least now uh. Please do share your thoughts down in the comments and especially what you’d like to see in the next bond watch and if you had to pick a brand or a particular model of watch that isn’t.

Amiga rolex seiko breitling tag all the the watchers and brands that have been involved in the franchise. What would you pick for bond? I’d love to hear that so yeah do share that in the comments below don ‘

T forget to like this video: it really does help the channel and the video. So please, don’t forget to click like uh. There’s, the merchandising there’s, the instagram, the facebook, all the rest of it anyway.

Guys, thank you for watching and i will catch you in the next one: okay, ciao

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