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The Omega Speedmaster: 4 Alternative Watches That Ended My Obsession

It is that man in his quest for knowledge and progress, is determined and cannot be deterred. The exploration of space will go ahead and it is one of the great adventures of all time you now before we get into this video.

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Are the world’s, leading most trusted and respected dealers in pre-owned, luxury watches onwards and upwards? Ok, hi guys and welcome to the show and guess what’s back? Yes, this speedmaster, that is my wristwatch check and I’m wearing it on a distressed color of my favorite color.

Oh, I can’t, remember which one it is, but I’m, pretty sure it’s. Even the CNO, the venecia and look at our website, they are still the best luxury, strap makers. So today I thought I’d. Do a video discussing four watches that have kind of killed my speedmaster obsession because, as you guys know, I used to be a massive speedmaster fan.

What happened you know and unfortunately I had planned to do a full review of this watch. We had to cancel it. I was going to do one of my lifestyle reviews. You know I’ve, been doing for years. When I go to a location related to the watch.

There’s, a car museum here in Philadelphia. I was really excited to shoot there, because obviously it has a lot of racing, what it was: firstly, a racing chronograph and then it went to the moon. This is the actual moon version, but I had to cancel it.

So it’s back to the wall and back to light box and yeah. Let me know if you’d, like to see a full review of this, give me a like if you, if you would like to see that, so I can kind of gauge your interest on the speed master.

Has it been discussed to death, or perhaps I should weigh in and revisit this old friend? Who knows? Let me know anyway without further ado: let’s, change perspectives and have a closer look now before I get into this.

I want to make it abundantly clear that I am NOT trying to diminish, would detract from anyone loving the beloved Speedmaster. A couple of years ago we held a poll and if you remember it actually won first place, just ever so slightly beating the rolex submariner as the most iconic watch of all time, and there will forever be a special place in my own heart for this watch.

In fact, if you’ve noticed in the war room, there is a poster of the speedmaster famous old amiga kind of vintage advert, depicting the amiga being one in space. Now I’ve owned myself about six versions of this particular watch.

Now I started off with this reference. This has been borrowed in from watch box, so I owned several automatic versions as Schumacher limited-edition and even the first Amiga in space, which is really really cool.

I think it’s. A limited edition I can’t, remember as well, but anyway, but it that all changed suddenly, when I wasn’t spending as much time wearing the speedy and so eventually they they all got sold off in favor of other watches that I enjoy more, I think this is a natural part of collecting watches and it might actually happen to you as well and please do share your own stories in the comments I love reading.

You know collecting habits and that kind of thing from you guys and if you know what it could go the other way it might never happen as well so, but I do think it’s. It’s normal or just a normal part of the watch collecting journey.

So to speak and to be completely honest with you, I cannot rule out buying a speedy later on in life. You know just as much as you kind of fall out of love with the watches you can fall back in to love with certain watches, [ Music ].

So in 2017 I went to see the Christopher Nolan movie Dunkirk and was absolutely blown away, not just because it was one of his best movies, if not his best movie to date, but also from a horological perspective.

The movie perfectly highlighted just how crucial the use of timepieces were in that struggle and would continue to be fundamentally important for the entirety of world war. Two amiga was among the brand’s, who supplied the most watches to the mo D and the Allied forces so much so that Field Marshal Montgomery, actually visited the amiga Factory after the war and what really captured the imagination was Tom.

Hardy’s character, who was a pilot of a Spitfire using his CK 2129 in order to calculate how much time he had left before he ran out of fuel. So he could stay in the fight and save as many lives as he could, and it literally was by the second, this daring tense drama that unfolded helped to gain recognition for the role that Swiss watches played in the conflict.

Now his Amiga was one of the more rarer to find, but luckily I scored this little World War – 2 era – CK 22 92, which is essentially a similar watch. But without the extra timing, bezel – and this effect is often referred to as the Spitfire watch – which I have reviewed by the way – and in fact it was probably one of the most interesting videos to research.

Because, during that video, I discovered that it had actually been recast by Denison, and this happened to a lot of former issued watches of the Royal Air Force, because after the conflict was over, they were repurposed for civilian use.

Now, if you’re, not familiar with Denison, they’re, quite a famous British case maker, who once made cases even for Rolex and many other top. So it’s. Lovely. To think that part of this is actually British made and you can tell it’s, it’s actually signed Tennyson made in England in the inside, which i think is really really cool, and on top of that it’S a little bit more robust than the steel plated original case that amiga made, which is, of course, why they, they recast them so owning a watch that actually served in conflict to have british made components instantly, makes me feel a deeper connection.

Don’t, let its modest little size and it’s rather dressy appearance, fool you this is this. Is a war hero? The firmly blue, the poor hands are actually there to boost longevity that the life of the the hands for actual resistance against rust, and you can even see it started to turn all kinds of hues of purple and stuff.

So it’s, not there to look pretty, although it absolutely does – and I wear this predominately as a kind of dress watch now, mechanically speaking, this watch is actually pretty important to the history of amiga as well.

The 30 T 2 was the precursor it’s, almost quarter of a century of movements that for generations to come, laid the foundations and helped to secure amigas reputation for accuracy and reliability, and it was used in the very first Seamaster line that was Introduced a post-war in 1948 and it’s.

This caliber that helped me get become one of the top Swiss watchmakers of the following decades. To put it into context, while it’s, no chronograph without this particular watch, it’s possible to say that the C master and subsequent speed master would have never existed.

The chances of wearing a watch that actually went to the moon are practically zero, while wearing a watch that helped save the world in World War. Two is actually possible and I got this for the price of a of the average used C master now.

Hopefully now you can begin to understand indelible effect that genuine historicity has when you wear a watch for watching thews. Yes, like me, the story and the meaning behind the watch is often the most compelling thing and even though it is quite a rudimentary watch, the patina and faded numerals ironically, look a little bit like the surface of the Moon and is just utterly but witching.

So next we have a brand that, in my top 10 space-going watch video, if you missed it Fortis, was very much at the top close to amiga. And why was that? Well, not only are they one of the most underrated Swiss independent watchmakers, but they have more space proven in mechanical chronographs than anyone else.

They were the official makers for the Russian Federal Space Agency tour in the 90s. In fact, I think it started in about 1995. Their history of making watches for astronauts goes all the way back to the 60s, with the space Matic during the testing of the NASA Gemini missions, but their story of innovation started all the way back in 1926 as they manufactured the world’s.

First automatic wristwatch, this ingenuity continued right up to the end of the century with the first mechanical alarm chronograph. This was not designed for the office but to vibrate on the arm of an astronaut during space walks in space.

There is no sound in the atmosphere, so the actual physical sensation of the the watch vibrating is used to notify the wearer. So this they, they still create timepieces under the same roof, and you can spot their watches on the wrists of countless space missions, and this is not ceased.

In fact, in cooperation with the Austrian space forum since 2017, they’ve, been working on the development of the first Mars watch and when I visited their factory, I actually got to see in person watches that actually worn in space.

So immediately upon my return home, I’ve, scoured the internet and found an extremely rare 38 millimeter limited edition official cosmic chronograph. This is one of only 300 and it has an ultra tool. Tastic brushed aesthetic it’s, a no-nonsense piece that features the legendary ammonia, 5100 movement and a charmingly printed artwork of the International Space Station.

Now, once I’ve unscrewed the pushers and engage chronograph it’s flush there. You’ll, start to see what is so special about this particular caliber. This movement is not just respected in name because Lamoni obviously, were the makers that the original speedy, 3 2 1 caliber was based on, but in this particular caliber it’s.

It has a very unique way of displaying the recorded minutes with this. Wonderful little jet neon minute hand instead of um a sub da now. This is very, very deliberate, intended specifically for pilots and space missions.

Firstly, the jet tipped minute hand of the chronograph is far easier to read that the glance than a tiny subd are especially when you own a spacesuit. Secondly, the 5 1 0 zoom has a 24 hour sub dial at the top because of course, in space there is no night or day time.

So 24-hour indicator is, you know it’s, a very handy complication to have, and we’ll return to in just a moment now. This watch has become the basis on which the brand has based all subsequent hard as nails chronographs for space missions, their modern counterparts are even tougher, bigger and still worn in space.

To this day. I love it because it packs so much in in a precise, very unpretentious, yet playful, but very practical manner, and it is absolutely built like a tank. So now you can certainly begin to see why I’m, not in a rush to return to the speedy Club, so to speak from just a functional perspective.

You know, obviously, if you had to pick out of these two, this one would win every time. Okay, next is a watch that is perhaps the most polarizing and pretty much the most 80s you can get. This is the Ripley watch and in a way, it mirrors the history of the speedy being originally intended as a racing chronograph, but ended up in space as well, but not real space.

The cinematic space originally designed by the legendary Italian car designer and industrial designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who has created endless classics like The Back to the Future DeLorean several Ferraris, humble Fiat and products for Apple Nikon cameras and even a new type of pasta, originally released in 1983, Which is, incidentally, the year of my birth.

It was then re-released in 2016 in a limited amount, and this is where, when I should say, I bought mine. The original seven eight to eight seven thousand and the SCE D 0:35 are not exactly the same with different courts, movements and minor changes to the case.

But at first glance they are extremely similar. Aside from the sci-fi look 80s color and blocky design its the asymmetrical and extra structure that houses the pushers, that causes the most contention among watch fans, but it’s, not merely there for the sake of aesthetics, like any good design, it has real-world Functionality, it’s, designed to be easier for the racing car driver to engage the chronograph function, while his hand is on the steering wheel.

The result is unequivocally distinctive, futuristic and utilitarian, but also translates beyond the racetrack. This caught the eye of famous psycho holic James Cameron, a director who famously fusses over every single detail in his cinematic universe, as he creates in the 1986 movie aliens, a sequel to the Ridley Scott masterpiece.

The watch was cast for the wrists of the main heroine Ellen Ripley played, of course, by Sigourney Weaver it’s. Iconic status was now immortalized in celluloid forever. The watch fitted perfectly with the juxtaposition of brutalist science fiction futurism and the biological extraterrestrial horror.

It’s, important to note that Seiko had already been in actual real space with the beloved Pogue in 1973, when Colonel William Pogue brought his sake out. 6 1. 3 9 automatic chronograph onboard the Skylab 4 mission, which naturally I’ve.

Also reviewed so just like the speed master, the brand has conquered that new frontier both off and on screen. Again we see parallels between the two watches and brands. Now, as you guys know, I seldom talk about buying, watches as investments I prefer buying for pleasure or the pleasure of collecting and the enjoyment of obviously wearing the pieces.

However, it must be said that, of all my watches, this watch has tripled in value almost close to quadrupling. Actually, since I purchased it – and this is in half the time it took for my Rolex Submariner to double in price once again – a lovely kind of poetic to fingers up to the watch.

Snob and anyone who dares to question the power of the brand or affordable watches for that matter, but ultimately, what makes this watch so great for me is the sense of fun nostalgia. It’s, certainly offbeat, and I think every collection deserves to have a kind of wild card somewhere in there, and one thing you could certainly say about the speed master that you can’t say for the sake o is sometimes it Seems to be a little bit ubiquitous.

I see a lot of speed masters out in the wild that I’ve only ever seen one of these, and that was obviously had a gathering of watch enthusiasts, so it’s. A great conversation starter as well last, but by no means least, and I’ve, said this before my favorite chronograph of all time.

This obviously is the Breitling Navi timer. Now this you could say in combination with the other three watches in my collection, was the final nail in the coffin in terms of my infatuation, with the speed master.

Many of you know of my undying love for the Seiko flighty, so it was inevitable that one day I would be drawn to the equally busy and most important watch from Breitling. Then avataan in my humble opinion, is the most underrated of the watch.

Icons – and here is why its design is an evolution of the 1942 aviation chronograph. The Breitling chrono matt, with its typical slide-rule bezel brightening, then decided to improve this highly practical bezel and in 1952 the Navi was born and it was over half a decade before the first speed master, the slide-rule bezel was used to calculate complicated operations without the need Of any other tool – and we got to remember this – is a pre-digital pre-computer age.

Where I mean there were computers, but they were extremely basic and certainly not able to to be fitted inside a cockpit. This was literally a mini-computer for the pilots wrist. Now. Not only did it predate the two most iconic watches of all time, the Rolex Submariner and the meanest speed master, but it beat both brands by going into space before them after owning several navigators.

I actually settled on the cosmonaut, which is perhaps the most interesting of all. In 1959, the astronaut and illustrious jet pilot and navigator and carpenter suggested to Breitling that they develop a navi timer that incorporated a 24-hour dial instead of the normal 12-hour.

This was obviously intended for space travel. The result was the 809 cosmonaut and carpenter wore it in 1961 and 1962. This was the first modified Navi timer and first a Breitling to go to space. The allure and feeling of adventure I get from the Navi timer is perhaps more intense and any other chronograph, and while it’s, busy style will turn off many, especially compared to the cleaner or much more simplified.

Looking Speedmaster there, its style regardless, is a mathematical masterpiece of computation and function. My current and every timer is the last of the great manual wines based cosmonauts. I settled on this as it’s, a bit more refined and certainly more robust, compared to my form of vintage, 806 and Extra Ordinary compared to the non cosmonauts in the way it displays the time.

Yes, it is rather beguiling at first, but once you get used to it, it actually becomes really cool. I just don’t, have a watch like this in the collection that shows time in in in 24 hours, so the hour-hand will make a complete cycle once every 24 hours.

I absolutely adore the small embellishments, like the gold of the winged printed logo, that is almost three dimensional is so sumptuously done. Also the intricate counterbalance and complicated expensive dial.

That is just so exquisitely printed and I have to say I really do enjoy this seven link. Bracelet it’s rather high polished a little bit blingy, but it’s kind of like millionaires in a way, but not obviously not quite as fine in the in the links, but it’s.

It’s. A real pleasure to wear there are a few watches that I could own multiples of. The Navi is certainly one of them. My biggest sellers remorse was getting rid of the blue dial automatic. That to me is the kind of more quintessential version, something I hope to correct when I have saved up now.

I’m, not alone in my love for this piece. It’s, a favorite of many from Jerry Seinfeld Russell Oscar Isaac, Herbie Hancock, Graham Hill and even the music legend and personal hero Miles Davis. It has appeared in countless movies and TV shows, but while it does enjoy the celebrity notoriety, there is one underlying distinction that many forget in 1934, Willie Breitling, the successor of Leo, came up with the idea that is now pretty much the norm and has been for Decades or ever since, and that is the to pusher coronagraph one to start and stop and the other to reset this inherent brand history of innovation, combined with the sliding logarithmic scale and setting the trend for being oversized almost half a century before it was popular, makes The navvy time at one of the most important chronograph, watches of all time, and it’s, important to note here, while I am well known for my love of more modestly sized watches.

This is one of the few watches that’s. Supposed to be big, obviously, to increase the legibility, because you got so much going on there. What’s interesting? Is this particular scale? The 41 point, something is actually closer to the original scale.

Now, of course, they’ve gone, extraordinarily big, which is perhaps a good thing, because it saves me from from spending an absolute fortune, but I have to say sometimes it is nice to wear something that has a little bit more presence.

It’s, almost a kind of reassuring change. There’s, also a ton of options in terms of style and complications, and they’re, always priced competitively compared to the speedy, for example, the retro pant that with the or at repent.

If you want to be correct about, it is really great value. Considering the complexity of that movement, which I also reviewed so is it any wonder that this has become my favorite chronograph and hopefully I will be adding more Navi timers to my collection.

Soon, you see, I’ve, already forgotten about that the Rolex Daytona a couple of weeks ago, that’s, the power of the speed MOSFET anyway guys. Let me know your thoughts, queries comments, opinions all the rest of it down below.

Please don’t forget to like this video, especially if you want to see me, do a full review and share your experiences with watch. Collecting other watches that Yuval fallen out of love with or perhaps doesn’t even happen when you fall in love again with a watch.

I know there’s a there’s, a rebuy on the horizon, but I’ll yeah. I’ll, save that for the next video anyway, guys be safe, be well all the best onwards and upwards. Thank you very very much for watching and I’ll catch you hopefully in the next one.

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What do James Cameron’s Aliens movie, World War II Spitfire aircraft, Italian car designers, and Russian cosmonauts have in common with the Omega “Moon Watch” Speedmaster? Rather a lot, as you’ll find out today!

In this video I share 4 watches that ended my long infatuation with owning Speedmasters. What changed? And what stole my heart away? In this video I discuss a historic but mostly forgotten Omega that helped save the world and set the foundations for both the Speedmaster and Seamaster line. I then share a Seiko movie star that has almost quadrupled in value in half the time it took for my Rolex Submariner to do so. I also take a look at the most underrated Swiss watchmaker and their illustrious history of making watches for astronauts. To wrap up the episode I share my thoughts on why the Navitimer is Breitling’s most iconic watch and one of the most important chronographs of all time. Join me for an exciting video created especially for my fellow watch enthusiasts.

*** PLEASE NOTE – There is an error in the Speedmaster specs – it is not 33mm x 10mm, but 42mm x 14.3mm, please forgive me for the typo. I was rushing and excited get this video up. Thank you! 🙂

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