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The Rolex Datejust: 7 Reasons It’s The Best Luxury Watch Under $5000

The Rolex take just which happens to be today’s, the wristwatch check. So without further ado. Let’s. Roll the intro and get into today’s. Video now before we get into this video, I’d, like to remind you that you can now receive a special discount on your next watch from watch box, check the description below for a promo code exclusively for the good Gentry.

For those of you new to the channel watch box are the world’s, leading most trusted and respected dealers in pre-owned luxury watches onwards and upwards [, Music ]. We all know Rolex no matter if you love or loathe the brand, its achievements, brand, recognition and quality is revered, respected and sought-after, like no other.

The Datejust is one of the most successful watches of all time and like many of their icons, it’s historically important to originally released in 1945. It made history by being one of the first wristwatches with an automatically changing date on the dial.

This was the reference for 4. 6. 7. 1945 was also a special date for Rolex, because the brand celebrated its 40th anniversary. So to commemorate this auspicious occasion, the groundbreaking date just was born to put it into context.

This was almost a decade before the GMT masters. Submariners and day dates have come along in 1910. Rolex was the first watchmaker to earn a chronometer certification for a wristwatch. Then in 1926 they produced a waterproof wristwatch, the Rolex Oyster in 1931.

They were among the first to mass-produce self winding wristwatches. All of these features would combine with the first date just along with the historic date complication. We often take these features for granted, but imagine for a second in a pre digital world.

This watch would have been game-changing world-changing and cutting edge technology right. So you’ve. Seen this part of the war room before behind me is the area I do the light box. You know the well, the white gloves are there, but I also have my movie collection and something I adore about.

The Datejust is its use in cinema and some of the important, influential people that have worn it culturally. Over there, you’ll, see the frantic poster Harrison Ford, a great underrated, Roman Polanski movie.

It even captures the the lovable Jubilee bracelet and how it kind of you know jingles and jangles. I just it’s. Adore it makes me want to have a date just all over again. What else have we got? What have we got? Ah, here we are there’s.

Another example. Here we go lost in translation with Bill Murray. He was a lovely little date. Just doesn’t feature too heavily, but it’s there and I think it really suits his character. Actually, this has to be the PS, the resistance diehard one of the best, most critically acclaimed action movies of all time.

I love in the first die hard hands Gruber’s hanging off the side of the building by the Rolex watch, John McClane manages to undo the clasp and thus hands Gruber plunges to his death. The villain of this movie played excellently by the late great Alan Rickman.

It’s great, to see the watch being utilized as a kind of part of the story. You know here we go American psychic and don ‘ T touch the watch right beautifully, encapsulated that age, the 80s Wall Street, all that greed slightly dark side of Rolex.

If you will and something we must mention about these movies, it’s, not product placement. If there’s, an authenticity to it, it’s like really good casting, I mean don’t. Get me wrong. / alex has some of the best ambassadors for their brands.

Another great example is not worn on screen, but this is world at war, one of the most important groundbreaking documentaries on world war ii, obviously narrated by Academy Award winner, Sir Laurence, Olivier he was famous for wearing two watches, doing a Schwarzkopf.

He wore a two-tone Rolex dangerous on one wrist and still a mystery. It hasn’t been definitively identified just yet. Who knows? You only have to look at Martin Luther King with his date just on the Jubilee again with Dwight the Eisenhower former five-star general of World War.

Two turns president. In 1952 he graced the cover of Life magazine forever, immortalizing this watch and its iconic status, while wearing it as president, so very, very cool. Indeed – and this is before the president – the vey date had even been released in 56.

Another great example is, of course, Sir Winston Churchill, who was given one by Rolex as a kind of thank you in the post-war period and Winston Churchill actually wrote to Rolex to thank them and commend them.

Yes, I have received your kind letter on June 18th, in which you asked if I would accept the Jubilee day just model Berlitz wristwatch on Avatar don’t, be most happy to do so, and I thank you more. Therefore, this isn’t, a bold suggestion.

I attached a note of giving the information for which you have asked in your letter. I look forward very much to receiving this response and I trust you will realize how much I appreciate this very kind.

Gesture of goodwill cause a flare which stirred chatter. If I had to bite one luxury watch under $ 5,000, the top two in the list are always inevitably the Datejust and the amigas Seamaster 300. That will both have the ruggedness classic designs, heritage, dependable performance, versatility and so on more than any other options out there to put it crudely, the most bang for your buck, however, Rolex one cannot deny, has the strongest value retention in the watch world having this kind Of Bank ability in a timepiece even after wearing it extensively, is a clear advantage over any rival.

At this price point I can personally attest to this having owned and traded for date, Just’s in my watch collection lifetime and come to think of it. I don’t. Think I ever lost a dime. Many ask: why should I get a Rolex aren’t the movements and components in watches about the same? The answer is absolutely not.

Rolex has always striven for reliability, durability, consistency in quality and accuracy, while vintage date Just ‘ S might slightly lag behind compared to the more technologically advanced contemporary options.

Braless has always managed to stay ahead of its competition in any age in terms of the sweet spot and best value date. Just it undoubtedly goes to those of the late 80s and the early 90s. This is when Rolex introduced the 3135 to replace the 3035.

There was also the addition of the sapphire crystal over the acrylic, and this all allowed for a slightly slimmer watch, further refining the iconic design, [ Music ]. So one criticism, the Datejust always gets it’s, perhaps a little bit ubiquitous.

However, I think it’s, easy to forget just how many versions there are. I mean not just versions. We’re talking beyond different sizes. Now we’re, talking different use of materials, but the different styles and combinations it’s almost limitless from classic businessman, eighties style to tone fruits bezels, like the quintessential sixteen 0:13, that my wife actually upgraded to this, that she owned before Or more sporty youthful, smooth, bezel versions with simple looms: dials, you can go tool tastic with a brushed oyster, bracelet or more luxurious with a precious metal or you can go entirely precious metal.

You can go blinged out with diamonds diamonds on the bezel diamonds, on the dial or you can go very classic Romans, like the one I first owned on the channel. Had beautiful white gold applied Romans on this somber style.

Incredibly elegant more dressy. However, you want to go and the great thing is like this particular version perfectly demonstrates. Is you know a man can wear it or a lady and I’m gonna be boring. Sorry I’m, saying sorry: it’s.

My wife, I’m gonna be borrowing this a hell of a lot more and then, of course, there’s. The strap combinations, the more minimal slightly more sporty versions, tend to work with more straps like rubber and nato’s, you name it.

This is a little bit too dressy for that kind of thing, with the Romans in my opinion, but you pop this on a beautiful leather strap. It suddenly becomes a dress watch, but ultimately, with all these different textures dial, colors combinations with the straps and bezels precious metals, whatever I believe there’s a date just for everybody, and if you really want to get something extra-special, you could do what My wife did upgrade something like this with the mother-of-pearl dial slightly more expensive because they are harder to manufacture, but no to mother-of-pearl.

Dials are the same. You can get really dark ones like the Tahitian blue, with iridescent kind of rainbow streets. They’re. Amazing, but this one is very under the radar it almost looks like enamel and with the Romans kind of evokes, the age old, classic timepieces, [, Music ] with costs certification as standard only higher-end, Omega, metas tested and grants acres spring drives can top it in terms Of PACA see how has rolex earned this reputation for dependable mechanical performance? Well, since the switch from the caliber one zero.

Six: five to the 3000 series of movements in the 60s rolex movements are made from the highest quality components with its signature, full balance, bridge and weighted balance wheel. It is also superior in terms of offering greater resistance to shocks in the latest state.

Just’s, we see the magnetic and shock resistant, para chrome, hair spring, for example, it’s, ten times more resilient to shocks than other hairspray’s. If even greater accuracy is required, one could always go with the oyster quartz, which was a product of a collaboration with other swiss brands as a response to the 1970s quartz crisis.

These efforts produced the better 21 quartz movement that can be found in some of the most lovably retro, almost gerald genta sk chests. However, perhaps the most defining feature is the Cyclops magnifier for easier legibility of the date products first introduced this lens feature to the Datejust model.

At the Basel fair in 1948, the name Cyclops obviously comes from the mythical Greek Warren eyed monster, and it was the Datejust that was the first to feature it before spreading to other rolex models in 1950s.

If you are still on the fence about choosing a date. Just over a sea master diver with its rotating divers timing, bezel don’t. Forget there’s. Also, the turn Oh graph day just to the Datejust is one of those watches and Ronix.

Does this a lot that you can literally dress it up, dress it down, and I’m, not talking about the straps, I’m talking about matching it with one’s, sartorial choices, whether you are chilling in a tracksuit At home casually or perhaps formal or even going to the Opera black-tie, I know it’s a faux pas, but it just works with everything, but it also has what I call situational versatility.

You can jump into a pool on a holiday because of that screw down crown and famed oyster case and at the same time you can look just as dapper in more formal attire doing a presentation in a boardroom, not that I know what that is, but anyway, But you get what I’m saying, so it works in it in any situation Rolex.

Does that a lot with their timepiece that they’re? They’re kind of famed. I mean you can do it with a Submariner. You can do it with the Explorer, but they just is the more accessible out of those watches.

In a way it could be your one watch collection. The Datejust certainly could meet all of those criteria, so yeah a short point, but we had to say right: [, Music, ] understanding and defining what is and isn’t.

A luxury in a watch is a highly subjective thing. However, you cannot deny the Rolex date. Just has always been luxury from the very start. The first date just came in solid 18 karat, yellow gold, even modern, completely still versions have precious metals in them.

The applied Roman numerals of my beloved one one: six: two: zero zero were white gold, not just to give them a special luster, but to prevent tarnishing over time since 2003, their entire production line changed to 904 elf steel.

This is a more expensive and much more complicated to machine because of its hardness, but the result is it being more rust and corrosion resistant. This 9 o 4l steel can also take and hold polish incredibly.

Well again, we see the rolex attention to details with no corners cut with everything made entirely in the house. Perhaps what is most impressive of all is that they even have their own gold, foundry and geologists on staff.

This is to ensure that the materials are always the best of the best aside from the physical, tangible feeling of luxury. There is also the perception of luxury. It is no secret that Rolex is a status symbol and an aspirational brand and with the combination of all these seven aspects, we are talking about today, working in tandem.

This makes it true luxury. I’m gonna leave it there. Please don’t forget to add your thoughts. Kerry’s, comments, opinions all the rest of it down below. But, most importantly, what is your favorite reference of Datejust bezel combination, bracelets dialed style, do share that in the comments I love hearing.

What you guys like, and talking of lights, don’t forget to like this video, and thank you very much for watching. I will catch you in the next one: hey, hey so clay at my deepest back now.

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One of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked is: what watch should I buy for my first luxury timepiece under $5000? Over the years, my answer has always been consistent – either the Rolex Datejust or the Omega Seamaster. Although there is an endless array of brands and watches at this price point, today I share 7 reasons why the Rolex is still to this day your best choice, and how it crushes all competition.

Join me as I take a look at my favorite best-value sweet spot in the Datejust range, its amazing history, pop culture significance, technical evolution, and why it is a true luxury icon. If you’re looking for a safer investment compared to other options, have a look at why the Datejust will never let you down and why it could even be the only watch you’ll ever need!

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