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The ROLEX SKY-DWELLER is the BEST Rolex ever made | REVIEW, PRICING & AVAILABILTY | Jenni Elle

Hi I’m Jenny, and today I’m, going to talk about the most sought-after Rolex, the full steel sky dweller. I’m, going to explain where this watch proves that Rolex is still capable of innovation, how to even operate and read that watch, how to even get one at Rp and why.

This is not only a true bargain for a Rolex, but also why. This is perhaps the best Rolex out there. So let’s get started and one quick little note our what roles are finally available now in our online shop we’ve got many different sizes and styles and colors and leather variations so make sure to check them out.

I will put the link in the description box below make sure to be quick because we sold out quite quickly last time and now let’s, get on with the video when looking at the sky dweller, you could definitely see the resemblance to the Continuation of the first watch with a dead complication that Rolex introduced in 1945, which is now better known as the day yesterday, but the sky dweller is so much more than that.

It’s pretty much a date just on steroids, currently the biggest eye. Just sits on your wrist with a diameter of 41 millimeters, but the sky dweller comes with a whopping 42 millimeters that look straight up massive on your wrist.

I’d, say even bigger than your usual 42 millimeter models like the speed master from Omega. For example, and to blame here is definitely the bulky case of the watch. Instead of the eleven point, eight millimeters in height, we can see on a day just the sky dweller towers over it with 14 millimeters in height, which makes this one set pretty high on your wrist, but also offering more than what we are used to from Rolex Is also the oyster bracelet on this watch with its brushed outer links and the polished middle parts, it has a bigger luck with and a clasp with a 5 millimeter easy link, which means that you can easily adjust the size of the bracelet without using any tools.

I know that is all well and good, but what I haven’t mentioned yet is definitely the most important part on this watch, and that is the bezel, because, strictly speaking, the full steel sky dweller is a steel rollers or sky dweller rollers or Is rolex a special mix of stainless and white gold and Mitra Matt is the bezel that sits on top of this beauty.

It is personally one of my favorite bezel designs and Rolex used this fluted bezel on the sky, whether to hide its secret. That proves that they are contrary to popular belief, still a very innovative as the sky dweller might be one of the biggest innovations of the past couple of years.

So what’s up with the bezel on this watch to explain it? I think we should first understand what this guide will. I can do in comparison to a day just because this watch is a full-on annual calendar, which means that the sky dweller differentiates between months with 30 or 31 days on its own and only needs adjusting once a year on the 1st of March.

I know an annual calendar isn’t super unique or crazy, because there are many other brands and manufacturers out there that do an annual calendar as well. But what’s really special here is how Rolex has implemented the calendar not only technically but also visually.

The caliber 9001 is based on 11 patents Rolex far offer as they made it possible that the annual calendar complication works by only adding four more gear wheels to their existing movement. So it’s, a really space-saving in comparison to other manufacturers, and it definitely shows when looking at the watch so first the date – and I think you could have guessed that is this plate – add three o’clock through these cyclins very Useful but nothing new, but no when it comes to telling the month is where it gets genius, because Rolex made use of the dial with its 12 hours as there are as many no markers on the dollars.

There are a month in a year and to not waste any space on the dial you can tell which one that is by looking at the little display on the outside of the hour markers. So, for example, when setting ly x at 11:59 p.

m. on June, the 30th – you can see how the date display does not jump to the 31st, but to the first of the month. At the same time as the red month display jumps from 6 to 7. O’clock to mark the first day of the seventh month of the year, which of course in this case would be July, and because there is still enough space left on the doll Rolex decided to throw in a GMT complications.

So you can mark a second time zone. What I really like and absolutely appreciate here’s. How comparatively easy Rolex is made it to set the watch where other calendars can be very tricky and difficult to handle with all these different pushers setting the sky when I feel it’s very intuitive, because you’re actually using the Bezel for this one, so in combination with the crown you can easily adjust and set everything you need similar to the yoke master.

You can twist the bezel in two different positions. So first you twist the bezel counterclockwise as far as possible, unscrew the crown and pull it out to the max. That way. We can now adjust the 24-hour display to our reference time so, for example, my home time, which would be 8:30 p.

m. okay, and next we’re, going to twist the bezel clockwise one step back so to say, and when you wind the crown now, You can only adjust the hour hand, which helps you to set the local time you are at right now and because I’m at home by the way which we should all be right.

Now, if we’re, not essential workers, we can set it to 8 p.m. as well. Last but not least, we can set the date by twisting the bezel clockwise one step further. What I really like is that you can switch to date forwards and backwards, which is very convenient in my opinion.

So you don’t have to feel like you’re endlessly flipping through the day display, and that is pretty much it in case. You keep wearing your watch at least every other day. You only have to set it once a year.

Only first as March, because if these 72-hour power Reserve from this one, but as always, there is a one catch to be able to set the watch first, you have to have the watch of course. So how is the availability with the sky dweller right now? So technically, since 2020, the sky dweller costs a thirteen thousand eight hundred and fifty euros at any authorized dealer here in Germany.

But it would not be Rolex if he could just waltz into any ad and pick and choose your favorite Rolex watch and just walk out with it, and the sky. Dweller is no exception here, but that wasn’t, always the case, because back in the day in 2012, when Rolex introduced the sky dweller, they only introduced it in precious metals and it came with a hefty price tag of around 40,000 euros, and people Were not so excited about it and we Rolex lovers tend to be a bit dramatic.

I might say so. The outcry for a full steel sky dweller was big and then so. It happened that in 2017, Rolex came out with the first full steel sky dweller, with be a reference number 326, 931. So far so good.

But what’s? The problem now you might ask well stupidly the Rolex scheduler, is one of the least frequent 11 Rolex models, even less frequent than need a toda as far as sources have told me, so that leaves you and me, and everyone else, with only two other ways to Get our hands on a Rolex sky dweller.

The first way would be to already be a good customer at an ad, and that’s pretty much. The only way you will be able to buy one at an RP in the foreseeable future and the second one would be to buy the watch at the current market price, which is currently at around 17,000 to twenty-five thousand US dollars, depending on the dark color.

Whereas the blue one is the most popular one which makes it the most expensive one well, regardless whether you are willing to pay fourteen thousand or twenty four thousand for this watch. The sky dweller is compared to other luxury watches, with an annual calendar Silla bargain and, if possible, I would definitely recommend seeing this one person if you get the chance, because it looks and feels very special if you get to hold it once and so the question Remains is the Rolex kind Weller, the best Rolex ever of course it all comes down to personal preference.

But if you ask me I would say it definitely is. But what about you, do you like the sky dweller, or would you not go for an annual calendar from Rolex and rather look for one at a different brand? Let me know any comments down below.

I’m excited to read what you have to say. Thank you so much for watching this video today and I will see you in my next one: bye, [, Music, ]

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In this video I explain, why the Rolex Sky-Dweller might be the best Rolex out there!

Get your watch the watch roll it deserves!

42mm Oystercase, 904L
(18k)Whitegold, fluted Rolesor Ring-Command Bezel
Oyster bracelet, 3-link
Folding Oysterclasp, 5mm Easy-Link
Sapphire crystal + Cyclops lense

Screwed down Twinlock crown
100m water resistence

Calibre 9001
72h power reserve
-2/+2 accuracy
Annual calendar complication
Second Timezone / GMT

Thank you so much for watching this video 🙂
– Jenni

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