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The Tudor North Flag Is A Forgotten Bargain | Watchfinder & Co.

There’s, big talk about tudor right now, 10 years ago. People would have assumed you were talking about the 16th century royal family, after which this watch brand is named, but since something of an almost miraculous resurgence, tuda, the watches not henry – has become a household name once again, at least within watchy households anyway, but just because There’s, a waiting list for the much coveted black bay 58 doesn’t mean every tudor watch has had its fair share of the limelight, and here’s, one that seems to have been a little bit forgotten.

The north flag and it’s, a bit of a bargain watchfinder, the pre-owned watch specialist now available in france, germany, switzerland, usa and hong kong, given how slow watchmaking is as an industry, it’s, amazing how fast the landscape has changed In recent years, ten years ago, if i’d, have asked you about tudor’s watches you would more than likely have had no idea what i was talking about aside from a few odd pieces in various markets.

It was a name that existed in vintage form, only believe it or not, and don’t. Let your wallet hear this, but vintage tudor submariners were so low in demand that they could be had for four digit figures, starting with a one.

I know right, but the past is in the past and in 2010, tudor was looking to the future, because, with a big cash injection from rolex, his own focus was on taking the five-pointed crown up a rung or two on the luxury ladder.

He made a comeback to rival mariah carey’s, the emancipation of mimi, hey don’t judge, and what a comeback i mean textbook. The heritage chrono was the flagship of the collection, a vintage throwback, with a glorious color scheme and rolex build quality for a surprisingly affordable price.

It had just enough to tickle the head and the heart, making it the compromise that wasn’t really a compromise after all, and just like that it was as though tudor had never been gone. But this was no one hit wonder no short-lived return to form, because, two years later the follow-up black bay was announced.

Oh yes, this was the big one. Anybody with one eye on the rolex submariner suddenly had a very difficult decision to make or an easy one. Depending on how you look at it, a rolex product that looks almost the same and actually maybe slightly better for way less cash? Yes, please! Meanwhile, however, something was changing for decades.

In fact, since the wristwatch first hit the scene, no one had really given much of a stuff about in-house in-house movements. In-House balance springs in-house designs, none of it ever really came up in watch-based conversation.

That is until it did. I don’t know what happened or how, but out from the woodwork the idea of an in-house movement being superior started to appear, and it wasn’t just the smaller brands that were left in the lurch.

Even patek philippe had to abandon its trusty lamania-based chronograph in favor of a new in-house job. Tudor was not immune to this evolution in customer demand, and so it went back to rolex cap in hand for some budget to build a movement of its very own.

Remember when tag hoya, then hoya introduced the caliber 11, the first automatic chronograph. It did it in style, with the otherworldly monaco same with breitling and the chronomat. It seems that bold steps in the journey of a watchmaker need bold watches, to celebrate them with and for tudor.

This was more true than ever before, and so for the 2015 release of tudor’s. First in-house caliber, the mt-5621. It was dressed in something rather special, the north flag, so we can keep on making great watch videos.

I’d, really appreciate it. If you subscribed to the channel, if you already are it really does help? Thank you. It’s, not just the celebration of a new movement that causes watchmakers to go a little bit off-piste with their designs.

Think of the 1970s, when quartz watches threatened to destroy the swiss watch trade entirely. The result was things like the odomapique royal oak. Patek, philippe nautilus and vacheron constantine 222.

There must be something about change that gives designers a boost of creativity. I would imagine that designing watches for a traditional brand could get a bit repetitive, to say the least. The opportunity to do something new for something new is probably rare for a brand like tudor approaching a century old, the launch of its first ever in-house movement comes well.

It comes once worth putting a bit of a show on for then, and the north flag is that bit of a show? No more obvious is this than on the back, where you ‘ Ll, find tudor’s first, and only exhibition caseback through which to view the caliber mt5621, and let me tell you it’s, a bit of a powerhouse.

It’s. Chronometer certified for a start. Has a screwed variable inertia balance wheel, winds. Both ways has an instant date that can be set at any time: power reserve of 70 hours, with a display to prove it hacking seconds and a silicon balance spring.

That sounds like the spec list of a movement. You’d, expect to see in something far pricier than a tudor. If the intention was to enter the in-house game with a bang, the mt-5621 newt its competitors from space, perhaps it was the only way to be sure as if the caliber isn’t unexpected enough.

The watch itself is a whole other ball game. Worried about your tudor being confused for a rolex, not with this the integrated case and bracelet exude royal oak designer general genta, vibes hewn from steel with the precision and solidity you’d, expect from a post-rattly bracelet rolex company.

The clasp is so solid. It feels like it could secure a ship and the loom from the chunky, hands and numerals is so bright. You might need to consider wearing sunglasses after dark there’s, even a strip of matte ceramics, seating, the brushed stainless steel, fascia of the bezel, a combination we’re familiar with, but not usually in that order.

It’s. A watch that surprises on every level, not least because of its price, tudor watches pre-caliber mt-5621 were around the mid-2000s. So you’d, expect the north flag to be well north of that very north of that.

But it’s, not somehow tuda found a way to sell this for just a few hundred more, and the same goes for the re-releases of the black bay with their own variations of this in-house movement and since the black bay did get the in-house Caliber, the north flags sort of faded out of people’s minds it’s, understandable that the black bay is popular tracing its history, all the way back to the origins of the submariner itself, but the north flag is equally as special.

A completely independent design from tudor that demonstrates exactly how it’s managed to orchestrate such a monumental turnaround in such a short time. If you’ve had a hankering for something today and you just can’t stomach.

The idea of being called out on your rolex look no further the north flag packs an enormous punch inside that brushed steel case looks every bit as special as a watch marking such an important moment in the brand’s.

History should, and perhaps most importantly in a sea of black bays and submariners you’ll, be the only one wearing one discover more exceptional watches at watchfinder. Thank you so much for watching this video.

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