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The Ultimate Bespoke Watch Collection Box: Custom, Handmade & Engraved

To put your watches or to keep your watches in now, i’ll. Do a quick wristwatch straight before i get into it before i forget, of course, i’m wearing my casio. This is the uh, the mission impossible, my favorite casio.

Now i can’t believe i was so late to the game. With this one check out the review, i’ll put a card thing or whatever youtube calls it. If you missed that review, but anyway we’re. Not talking about this particular watch, we’re talking about a watch box, a bespoke watch box, and this came about from um well at the beginning of the year, i was contacted by a very polite watch, enthusiast and fan of the channel from india And actually we do have a lot of gentry members in india uh.

So a shout out to everybody in india – and this is my friend, jo and kojo – and i i really apologize profusely. If i’ve butchered your name, i probably have well. He told me about his company that he’s founding that specializes in bespoke carved wooden boxes, and i was like yeah that’s.

That sounds great um and he said i’ll. I’ll, make you a box and he said: look if you don’t approve of it. You don’t have to share it or anything like that, and i should make this point abundantly clear that guys everything on my channel no matter if it’s, an edc accessory or a watch or something or an item of clothing.

If i recommend something, if i stand by it, it’s got to be good right. It’s, got to be of quality, it ‘ S, got to be a good value for money. It ‘ S got to be something unique, something special that most often not brings me enjoyment or it’s practical, something like that.

Uh. What i’m, trying to say it ‘ S got to be something i believe in, and i was really impressed by not only his attitude the way he carried himself but the actual finished item as well. It’s very, very impressive.

Now this is a new company and i – and i really do want to support young entrepreneurs like this, so i’m going to recommend his brand and i’ll. Just show you my box, i’m. I’m. I’m, so chuffed with this wait till you see it here.

It is. Oh, my god now look at that. So this you can have completely custom designed. Obviously i have the line and he’s. Even added the the sand uh there in the hourglass, i mean magnificent, you can have your initials or let’s.

Say you’re, an amiga enthusiast. You can have the amiga logo or the rolex crown. If you’re. Only collecting rolexes uh, whatever the bulova tuning fork, if you’re into beloved et cetera, you get you get what i’m trying to say so you can have it uh, customized um and i think it’s.

Well, you know what let’s, change perspectives, um and have a look at the the the details, and then we’ll, come back, unlike the mass-produced watch boxes that are dime a dozen on amazon and so on. This is handmade from start to finish, carved from a single block of mango wood.

It is painstakingly cut, waxed and carved into the final product. Any mistakes along the way and the process would have to start again from scratch. The result is a box that can contain 12 timepieces that can then be customized.

You can add whatever design, logo, name, symbol or perhaps a special date. You wish to commemorate in an elegant, tasteful and classic manner. Manga wood is a fantastic choice. Not only is it tough and ages beautifully, but it is also environmentally friendly and completely sustainable compared to others.

Fundamentally, this is because it is a byproduct of an already thriving industry mango fruit, of course, but it is also strong, relatively easy to work with and in its natural state has a lovely light beach or birch color.

You have the choice of either a black red or blue velvet trim for the lining, which adds a regal feeling of luxury to the interior, but also a little bit of pizzazz. The rustic latches complement the natural look of the wood and securely fastens the box shut.

The watches themselves are held on a monoblock, solid wooden watch. Rest. You can choose to have them in either six seven or eight inch circumference to fit your watch, or rather your wrist. These wooden watch rests are also buffed and polished.

Then they are wrapped in a lush velvet to ensure there are no rough edges that can come into contact with your watch. As for the final finish of the box, the edges are rounded on the outside, giving it a pleasingly refined feel, and you can choose from three finishes to the wood itself.

You can have it come in a natural finish, a flamed finish, which adds a darker, more distressed, vintage, look or for a little extra cost, a seven layer, lacquered glossy finish. This process takes seven extra days with each application taking 24 hours to dry and guys.

Every single thing here is handmade. This is not an overnight thing. It takes serious time. In fact, he he sent me a video of the craftsman working on this carving away. You see it, you feel it, you know it.

It takes time it’s, not some thing. You just order off amazon right and i think it’s important. We spend so much time collecting uh obsessing about our watches. It’s, it’s important. We we give them a box, they deserve.

You know these. These beloved uh little um timepieces of ours. You know they they deserve a good home. Half of the watchers in this box are probably gonna. Come and go, but this is also something i would happily hand down the generations and i – and i hope you guys will as well so there’s, another aspect to it as well.

I think back to my grandfather, who’s, who’s, probably the biggest influence, a role model of mine, uh and a lot of his things were bespoke like a purdy, shotgun or a fragrance from flores or his suits.

This kind of thing, i think, why not have a custom made watch box like this. I think it just makes absolute sense anyway, guys i’m, going to leave it there before. I wrap it on too much, but i want to wish corjo the best of luck.

I think he’s, a he’s. He’s. He’s, a guy going somewhere. You know he he’s, a young entrepreneur, and i want to do my part. I want to support. Well, he’s, got a great attitude and yeah absolutely guys.

I’ll. Leave all the details down below there’s, uh the kickstarter uh in the description. So if you’re interested in one of these, i highly recommend it and, as always guys thank you so much for watching.

Please don’t forget to like this video. It really does help the channel. So all i ask is a quick like and you’ve done your part, guys so um and i’ll catch you in the next one. Okay, guys, thank you. Ciao

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