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The Watch Rolex Should Have Made Years Ago | Watchfinder & Co.

When the rolex explorer 2216570 was introduced at baselworld 2011, it was a bit of a shock and not necessarily a good one. Many rolex fans were reeling at all and any of the details present on this, as it would be to most pretty unassuming watch.

But why was the new rolex explorer 2 such a controversy and, more importantly, why does that mean rolex should have made it years ago watchfinder the pre-owned watch specialist now available in france, germany, switzerland, usa and hong kong, so we can keep on making great watch videos.

I’d, really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel, if you already are it really does help? Thank you. You know how it is with people as they age when they’re young, carefree and full of energy.

Their views are liberal and their ideas left field as they get older when the weight of the world presses down on their shoulders. They stop looking out and start to look in. Instead, people become more conservative, more wary.

It’s, understandable why this happens when you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. When you’ve worked hard to get something you want to hang on to it with both hands. It’s, not always right and not always wrong, but in the case of rolex it’s very much true.

Would you believe that rolex was once the young punk the rebel wreaking anarchy amongst its centuries-old peers? This was at the turn of the 20th century when it started getting up the old guard’s, nose and saying things they didn’t want to hear war, depression revolution.

It was a shift from audacious luxury and excess to a time of reserved practicality and rolex. Was there to show the big old wales how it was done within 50 years, a microsecond in the business of timekeeping.

The tides had already started to turn. The explorer was a turning point in rolex’s mission to bring a new voice to watchmaking. First and foremost, it was a wristwatch, not a pocket watch but, more importantly, it was actually usable so used with the old guard to building decorative displays that were to be shown off more than they were looked at that when the explorer hit the scene in 1953.

It was as much a shock then, as the 216570 was in 2011., as beautiful as an omega from 1953. Is it’s, a delicate instrument that looks like it could be dismantled by a particularly loud sneeze? The rolex explorer was the complete opposite, an iteration of a fast evolving period of progress.

It contained many of the details. Rolex had been working on over the last few decades, all of which were a long way off being seen in the watches of its competitors. Water resistance, automatic, winding, luminous markers, a metal bracelet.

What to you and me sounds like the quintessential watch was back then a moment of unadulterated surprise. The omegas were beautiful. Elegant this explorer had all the elegance of a pneumatic drill. The case back, for example, bulged to fit the automatic winding rotor in an easier solution than changing the case itself.

But that was the point you wore an explorer to explore not to pose. It could and did take a person to the top of everest and back again without breaking a sweat, whether chopping, wood or dishing out sugar lumps it would be ever reliable and never faltering, a trusty companion and not a dainty escort.

So how does that relate to the explorer of today? There’s, a mindset shift that needs to happen to understand why watches are made the way they’re made and bought by the people they’re bought by when it comes to now, when the explorer first came to Be it was a very different world, one where a mechanical watch was as good as time telling technology got to say.

Things have changed since is a bit of an understatement. There’s less and less in our lives today that relies purely on mechanics. We’re, a culture of solid state reliant on the processing power of computers for even the most seemingly simple tasks.

Even our seat belts have computers. When the explorer was launched, we didn’t have either so what’s? A brand like rolex and a watch like the explorer to do that’s, a different kind of challenge, but one that still acknowledges the ethos on which the brand was built to revolutionize to change the way people think only now rolex is hardly known For breaking new ground, be it from a design, technology or cultural standpoint.

It’s, not forwards or backwards. It just is. How do you revolutionize when the foundation on which that revolution is built, has been abandoned for over half a century? Easy you inspire inspire people to love what you have.

Even if you’re, not the first to have it look at apple there’s, nothing there to legitimately call the company a bleeding edge tech developer, but the way it inspires its audience is like no other. It feels fresh.

It feels new, even when it’s, not take mbnf, for example, or orwerk, that’s, one way to utilize a tied technology in a way that inspires or rolex’s. Sister company tudor it’s, inspiring people with its nostalgic, laid-back approach to reliving the pages of history for rolex.

He’s, making nice watches sure, but nothing that takes the risks it used to take nothing that pushes the industry like it used to push that is until 2011. This 42 millimeter chunk of steel emblazoned with broad markers and a throwback to end all throwbacks.

The famous orange gmt hand from the original explorer 2 is a classic watch for a modern audience that pulls on the heartstrings and stands out in a crowd. Only problem is it was about a year too late, because in 2010 the year before tudor released the heritage, chrono, a big, bold, colorful, throwback and that sounds rather familiar rolex was supposed to lead the charge, not follow it.

The explorer ii 216570 should beget the tudor heritage chrono, not the other way around, as it so happens that heritage chrono spawned a whole series of incredibly successful models for tudor that have miraculously lifted the brand from who status to a viable alternative to the far more Expensive parent organization, why tudor inspires people? The fact that the 2011 explorer ii was such a shock says more about what rolex has become than what it is going to be.

It’s old, it’s successful and it needs to protect its image. I get that, but playing it safe, isn’t going to fly forever. I mean it was through change that rolex turned the tide with the original explorer.

After all, i don’t. Think anyone’s expecting rolex to take on orwerk or nbnf anytime soon and obviously tudor operates as a more relaxed test bed for the core business of rolex, but still the reaction in 2011 to what should otherwise be a very ordinary watch demonstrates just How different rolex is now to how it was back in the mid 1900s businesses come and go public passion, waxes and wanes, and to stay.

Evergreen is important. To keep on inspiring new generations. Is the explorer 2 too little too late? I suppose we’ll, see discover more exceptional watches at watchfinder. Thank you so much for watching this video.

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