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This £237,000 Watch Is Made Entirely From Carbon Fibre | Watchfinder & Co.

It’s, the Wonder material of the 21st century, both lightweight and strong, found at the pinnacle of Industry. This composite of one of Earth’s. Most abundant elements lets mankind go farther faster on the ground in the sky and even into outer space, but it’s hard to work with expensive to produce easy to get wrong.

Yet Roger Dubuis has managed to make an entire wash with it. Watch. Finder the pre-owned watch specialist now available in France, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Hong Kong, so we can keep on making great watch videos.

I’d, really appreciate it. If you subscribed to the channel, if you already are it really does help? Thank you. Carbon is everywhere you and I we’re, close to 20 % carbon. If you gather together, all the ingredients to make a human carbon would be the biggest pile of stuff it’s, the basis of all life cycling through our planets.

To keep things moving without it, we wouldn’t exist there’s. A lot that wouldn’t exist without carbon diamond. Is one its crystalline structure of carbon atoms the hardest found in nature? But carbons usefulness goes beyond what’s found in nature mix it with iron, even just a few percent, and you get steel, an alloy that’s stronger, harder and less brittle with modern technology.

Carbon can even be manipulated on the atomic scale laid out into a hexagonal lattice to create a single layer of atoms known as graphene and near transparent formation, a hundred times stronger than steel, with incredible conductive properties.

The type of carbon you see here with a Roger Dubuis Excalibur’s. Spider carbon cubed is carbon fiber. It’s fairly self-explanatory. A weave of carbon fibers layered on top of each other fused, together with resin, looks simple but looks can be deceiving.

It was discovered quite by accident, in the development of filaments for the first light bulbs in the late 19th century by burning cotton threads. A delicate black fiber of carbon was left behind the perfect filament for these early bulbs, but the material was a far cry from the carbon fiber of today.

It’s, brittle form useless in any other application. It wasn’t until 1958, when physicist Roger Bacon was trying to uncover the triple point of carbon, the state in which it can be a solid liquid and gas at the same time that he too accidentally made a discovery.

Once again, something was being burnt only this time it was with a bit more firepower. A direct current carbon arc furnace. What Bacon noticed as he zapped his rayon sample, was that fine carbon whiskers, as he called them, flowered from the main mass, with an estimated price of some 20 million pounds per kilo? This version of carbon fiber was no commercial hit, but it did encourage other scientists to experiment further dr.

Akio Shindo increased the density of carbon in these strands from 22 to 55 %, then Richard Millington to 99 %. By now, these carbon fibers were pure enough and strong enough to actually do something with just ten years after Bacon.

First stumbled upon the inkling of an idea, aerospace, manufacturer rolls-royce, was using woven sheets of this new carpet material in the fan assemblies of its jet engines. From their techniques, improved strength, went up, weight came down, and now carbon fiber has become a staple of the aeronautical industry.

If you’re making something that needs to be lightweight chances, are you’ll, be doing it with carbon fiber? What is it exactly about carbon-fiber that makes it such an excellent building material? Its versatility is right up there.

For a start, it can be layered into a mold to create complex structures that are extremely strong, it also very thin. It can be forged into a block that can be very precisely machined. It can be woven into sheets to give it strength in compression, but flexibility in twisting and it can even be chopped into strands to create a random lattice of uniform strength in every direction.

Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel and twice as stiff yet five times lighter it outperforms other exotic materials like aluminium, titanium and magnesium to you’ll, find it in cars, boats, planes, spaceships and even the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spyder carbon cubed parlay.

The figures down for you now this is a 45 millimeter watch 14 millimeters thick carrying one of the bulkiest mechanisms in wash making that or beyond and is even on a bracelet. Yet it weighs just 81 grams that’s, about half the weight of the consider, release smaller and less complex rolex submariner.

What makes this watch so much more impressive than your typical watch. Isn’t just the use of carbon fiber itself. There are many watches that have featured a carbon fiber case right back to the Audemar PGA Royal Oak, Offshore Alinghi team of 2007, but the sheer extent of its usage.

The case is carbon fiber, yes, machined from a block to reveal the layers like the rings of a tree, but it goes so much further than that. The bracelet, too, is manufactured from carbon fiber. Each link individually machine to reveal its own layered pattern linked together, one by one to create an experience that is both bizarre and incredible.

The bracelet itself weighs an astonishing 37.7 grams that’s, the weight of a packet of crisps, and we’re still not done yet, because the base plate of the calibre Rd 509 sq. Is you guessed it machined from carbon fiber? Even the upper bridge of the torreón cage has had weight shaved by using this space-age material.

What that all adds up to is the cube root of diddly-squat. If you were to shut your eyes and hold out your hand – and someone put this in it, you would not open your eyes expecting to see a near quarter million pound 45 millimeter watch on a bracelet sitting in your palm its abuses, physics, in the same way, It takes to get a rocket to leave Earth’s, atmosphere that’s, not even the craziest part.

If you know about Swiss watchmaking, you’ll know it’s, steeped in tradition, a code that follows centuries-old practices that doesn’t, look too kindly on the modern and innovative. Yet somehow Roger Dubuis has managed to persuade the canton of geneva the heart of classical watchmaking to certify the Excalibur spider carbon cubed with the Geneva steel, a rating of extreme quality and finesse awarded to barely 0.

1 % of all. The watch is made in Switzerland doing that makes the invention of carbon fiber look like child’s play the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spyder. Carbon cubed is not so much a watch as it is a technological demonstration.

Just when you thought you had the measure of not wash making its watches like this, that come out of nowhere and blow your mind how extreme this is as an undertaking is nothing compared to the mind melting experience of trying it on and feeling, or rather not Feeling how lightweight it is the fact that it was built out of the same material you and I are made of – makes it all the more incredible discover more exceptional watches at watch finder.

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