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This Lange Söhne Is Ten Times Better

You may know our lemon sauna is a brand that follows the long and steadfast tradition of German watchmaking, and that would be very much correct. A Lunger is a German watch through and through respectful of its past and undeterred by the whims of the present, but that doesn’t mean the watchmakers that the brand’s gasur to headquarters are averse to trying something different.

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If you already are it really does help? Thank you. The long a31 looks very much like well. Alana, Allen and zonah is famed for its clean, simplistic style, eminently readable and immediately distinguishable.

It’s, a wash that, despite being so devoid of clutter, can be picked out of a group at ten paces, no sweat it just has that special something about it and the Langer 31 is no different. It’s, not the cleanest elements, on a dial, nor is it the busiest there’s an hour and minute hand, as you would expect, with it being a watch plus a running second sub dial and even a big date display, which Is something I would love a calling card? You’ve, got the power reserved to all sharing space together across that and bleak open dial in such a way.

Only the Germans seem capable it’s, a lovely watch, but so far it hardly seems like the reserve of greatness. Yet somehow the brand has the audacity to charge some 115,000 pounds for one an hour. Lana’s, honor isn’t cheap, but for a pretty straightforward watch.

This is a huge departure from the norm either the price of German silver has gone up a hundredfold. Well, there’s, something about the llama one. Thus, more than meets the eye, the first clue is in how the watch is wound.

For a start, there’s, no automatic winding rotor. This is a hand, wound movement, yet it does without the zhang adrienne, philippe of patek philippe flame device mechanism of 1842, the winding crown yes, this watch has devolved back to the 19th century and requires a key to wind.

So is that what you’re, paying for a watch that’s, not as good as all the others, not exactly whilst it’s, true that the winding process has been rebound back to the 1800s. The reasoning is a little. How should I put it unexpected? Have you ever wondered watch with a tiny crown? It’s, a complete pain.

You just can’t, get enough grip in your fingers to overcome the torque of this spring, which only gets greater the more it gets wound. The same problem occurs with along a 31. If you were to try and wind the mainspring with the crown, your fingers would be in shreds in minutes and, if you think minute sounds like a long time to be winding a watch.

Think again, because the twin main Springs in this thing measure up at almost 4 metres long, that’s 10 times the length of a standard mainspring which provides ten times the power, and so the name becomes clear.

It’s called the long a31 because it has a power reserve, and I can’t believe I’m, saying this of a month: [, Music ]. So what big wood right stick to outrageously long main springs in a wash and add a zero to the price? Is that it not quite because it isn’t just a case of simply adding two tape measures worth of spring and hoping for the best, as they say, with great power, comes great responsibility, and this wash has a lot of power.

Consider this in a normal watch, one that lasts for say three days there’s a bit of a problem with power. Watchmakers wish that main Springs delivered, lovely juicy, linear power from start to finish, but the fact of the matter is that they don’t the power delivery.

Isn’t just uneven it’s downright atrocious. It’s called a torque curve when a spring is fully wound. It’s like a bull on opioids in a box. This thing is raring to get out so for the first chunk of the main springs wind.

It’s, doing overtime tend to the Dozen some manufacturers, even lock off that topmost part of the power band just because it’s, so induce’iv to bad timing. But we’re, not out of the woods yet for the bulk of the main Springs capacity.

It’s, a gently declining slope down in power, the shove getting weaker and weaker and weaker. Then right as the tank is running on empty. It drops off a cliff there’s, a few more hours to spare here. But again many watchmakers choose to block this bit off to stop the timing of the wash going completely out the window and all that’s just for remain spring measuring in the tens of centimeters, let alone meters.

You can see why this thing needs a key to get it all the way to full wind, because you’d, need the pinch strength of an Olympic thumb war champion to get there with the crown alone. But the bigger problem is accuracy.

A normal mainspring can be considered unsuitable for precise timekeeping at the extremities of its wind. So imagine how that translates to this beast pit full capacity there’s. Probably enough talk inside the number 31 to crank the bugatti chiron w16, I mean physics is physics and you can’t make more power out of nothing.

So the empty end of the mainspring is locked off, as you would expect, but things get interesting for the rest of that power reserve all 31 days of it to overcome the enormous problem of taught deficiency between full and near empty.

Our long and zonah has adopted a secondary intermediate spring between the Mammoth’s, mainsprings holding the power and the balance spring, feeding it out to the hands at regular intervals. Imagine the mainspring is a big barrel of water leaking through a hole in the bottom running down onto a water wheel for balanced spring when the barrel is full of water.

The weight forces the leak to run at a higher pressure which spins the water wheel quickly. As the barrel runs dry, the rate at which the leak flows decreases to a dribble slowing the water wheel. This intermediate spring acts as a constant force mechanism to even out that flow from start to finish.

Think of it like a bucket between the barrel and the water wheel, collecting water until it is full tipping the contents onto the water wheel when it is no matter how fast or slow the water leaks from the barrel it won’t reach the Water wheel until the bucket is full and tips over applying a uniform amount of force each and every time that’s, how you rein in nearly 4 meters and 31 days of power.

The lana 31 is a fascinating demonstration of what, if an engineering challenge posed and overcome at the most extreme, with winding crowns and self-winding movements, a 31-day power reserve, isn’t exactly a necessity, but the thinking behind the journey to getting it here.

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