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What do you get when you cross Italian flamboyance with the world’s? Most vivacious wash designer the Bulgari okto finish most skeleton powers, earth, of course – and it is quite possibly the most Italian thing you can wear on your wrist.

So we can keep on making grape watch videos. I’d, really appreciate it. If you subscribed to the channel, if you already are it really does help? Thank you before we get to the octo finesse mo and just how Italian it is on a scale of 1 to Luciano Pavarotti, a spoiler.

It’s right up there with the high notes. Let’s address just how much it reminds you of the Odum. Rp gave Royal Oak sure the eight sides might be on the inside of the bezel and not the outside, but that’s.

Angular case that integrated strap it’s, all very familiar. Indeed, I mean, if you were to guess the origins of the famously outlandish Royal Oak. You’d, be pointing your finger firmly in the direction of Europe’s knee high, so much style, so much presence all in the name of looking like nothing else.

You’ve ever seen before it’s. After all, what the Italians are known for best? No one’s ever said the words. Look how suckle that Lamborghini is, and the same is true of the Royal Oak. So what gives the Royal Oak was designed by a Swiss citizen born and bred? A man named gerald genta, Audemars Piguet, is a Swiss watchmaker and the Swiss are known for polite reservation, a far cry from the Royal Oaks in-your-face attitude we’ve got the edge laid out, let’s, start filling in the gaps on This puzzle, Audemars Piguet, maybe Swiss and genta – maybe Swiss, but his father was very much Italian.

In fact, it was the racial slurs jente received from his own teachers that turned him to design in the first place, an escape from the poverty and Prejudice in which he grew up being that his home Geneva was also the home of watchmaking.

He focused his designs on watches, pitching his efforts from brand to brand in the hope to make acrossed, and it really was just a crust selling designs for 20 Swiss francs. A time to anyone who’d opened the door to him.

He was just scraping by until one day his talents and the notice of a watchmaker called Universal Geneve. Universal genève was a big name back then and when it turned a gentle design into reality, as the pol Rooter, even bigger brands started taking note, I’m talking Omega IWC, Patek Phillipe and, of course, Audemar PGA gentes avant-garde approach to watch design that It’s.

Hallion blood that had been divided at school was now the hottest ticket in town. His work defined the industry for a decade helped save the mechanical watch from what should have been its high-tech replacement cords and, most importantly, for jente elevated him from poverty.

Now he dressed in Italian cashmere drove a Ferrari consulted with Italian brands, including you guessed it Bulgari. It was the watch that first made people take Bulgari seriously as a watchmaker. The watch simply called the Bulgari.

The uncomplicated case. Emblazoned with the Bulgari script around its bezel was a departure for gender, but that didn’t stop his personal exploration of that trademark. Octagonal theme he produced many incredible watches under his own name, like grants, honorees Tobin’s, Westminster chimes and even a Mickey Mouse watch.

One of those Gerald Jensen branded watches was called the octo and it was the most aggressive. Most angular form is octagonal. Obsession had taken yet think of it as an irreverent on to the Murcielago a fighter jet to a Learjet, and when jente passed away in August of 2011, it was Bulgari who’d, owned gentes company since 1999.

That decided to let that legacy live on. As with all good Italian design. The octo finesse mo skeleton power reserve is a feast for the eyes. Gentes original lines are preserved impeccably, Bulgari, not daring to change the form.

The great man chose to bestow upon the wash back in the mid-2000s, but although the Bulgari Bulgari might have been a simple watch, an interpretation of the Bulgari brand by gender, the octo, must be something more to honor the legacy gentle left behind in 2011.

That’s, why the octo finesse MO carries so much impact on so many different levels, visually technically and physically from the visual standpoint. It’s like nothing else. You’ve ever seen before. Even if you are familiar with gentes original octo, the bead blasted titanium makes the harsh edges seem even more so the buttresses of a miniature fortress rather than a sculpture of a timepiece.

But that’s, not the only visual shock, because what might first appear to be an aggressively thick watch is anything but despite a sapphire crystal front and rear, despite a 65 hour power reserve, despite the case having more steps than Machu Picchu, it’s just five point: three: seven millimeters thick or should I say thin, and that brings us on to the technical impacts because it’s.

The technicality of the caliber bvl 1 to 8 sk, a wafer at just 2 point: 3. 5. Millimeters that gives the watch its extraordinary proportions, but that’s, not its only party trick because this hand round ticker doesn’t.

So much get a splash of Italian flair as a complete dunking. Quite opening that movement up from the inside out it’s all there on show like the v12 in the back of an Enzo mechanical chaos. But despite that chaos, no surface has been left unresolved, draining polishing and beveling abounding, as it should in true hai wash making.

Even if you try to sneak in a glance between the front and rear place, you’ll notice. They’ve, been circular-grained too. There’s, a lot riding on this watch and there’s, no cutting corners. As for the physical element of this watch, it’s, titanium build and hollowed ultra-thin movements make what appears to have so much eft feel like almost nothing at all.

It’s, a unique experience to see something so striking, yet feel like something else entirely. It gives the octo and unmistakable presence, even when you’re, not actually looking at it. Only something properly italian could be such a sensory experience.

It’s, not subtle. It’s, not demure, and at 18,000 800 pounds it’s, certainly not cheap, but when has that been anything, anyone ever wanted from Italian design. The Audemar PGA Royal Oak was a sucker punch to Swiss watchmaking, as it was Italian influence bleeding into the reserve traditions of centuries, but the Bulgari octo finesse MO it’s, an italian thoroughbred through and through it’s a bit of A perfect storm, the Bulgari octo finishing – oh really, the Bulgari sought to continue the line in the way that it has, and even at all means that we get to see and enjoy gentes final take on the eight-sided shape that transported him from famished to famous, and It’s, been done so sympathetically sensitively and in the most Italian way, possible.

Genta may have been abused for his Italian heritage when he was younger. The octo finesse mo, however, completely embraces. It, discover more exceptional watches at watch finder. Thank you. So much for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, please do consider giving it a like and subscribing to the channel if there are any watches you’d like to see featured, please let us know in the comments below

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