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This Is The Most Important Grand Seiko Ever | Watchfinder & Co.

There are many reasons why grande Seco is an important addition to fine watchmaking, despite being from Japan, despite the affiliation with course, and despite not being a Rolex. This particular gran Seiko, however, is one of the most important for a very unique and specific reason.

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If you already are it really does help? Thank you Grande Seco started out how most companies do by mimicking someone else. I’m sure you’ve, looked at something and thought to yourself. I can do better than that.

Well, that’s, exactly what grants a co-founder, Katara hitori decided to do. I mean he didn’t call the company Grande Seco. That would be a bit forward since Seco haven’t yet been established. Instead, it was called se crusher, meaning house of exquisite workmanship, and it was watch and clock repair shop.

It was the late 1800s and Japan had just switched from a quite frankly ridiculous method of timekeeping that changed throughout the seasons. So no one really knew what time it was. The method we all use today, but with the changing from the old to the new, the business of repair, started to dwindle.

All the clocks people had were brand spanking new to reflect this fresh, exciting and, most importantly, feasible method of keeping time, and these clocks weren’t being made in Japan. They were coming in from somewhere already well-established at making high quality clocks.

Switzerland hitori admired the precision and finesse of these clocks and realized in himself a passion to match and even surpass the quality he saw before him, but first he must learn, and so he built clocks from Swiss paths to understand the mechanics first before attempting his own.

This was when Seiko, as we know it today was born by the early 1900’s, Seiko dominated Japanese wash and clock making making up sixty percent of the nation’s production, but these attempts, whilst very impressive, still did not garner the Attention of the Swiss, but even after Hattori’s, passing in 1934 at the age of 73, the company in the ethos he had established, continued strong.

The sights were set on the hallowed Swiss Observatory trials. Grueling tests of accuracy set in a number of taxing conditions designed to send an ordinary timekeeper haywire. Only the very best could enter, and only the very best could win way out in Japan.

Far away from the circle of Swiss watchmaking Seiko was unable to learn from the Swiss masters, so it had to become its own master and its own apprentice in 1959. Seiko separated its watch, making factories into two pitting them against each other to create the finest watch ever made, not just in Japan, but in the world.

One factory was dubbed de nies, a kosher or King Seiko, the other sewer say kosher brand Seiko. Just one year later, in 1960, the grand psycho factory released its first watch, the name grand psycho proudly emblazoned on the dial.

Unfortunately, the wash was placed a hundred and forty fourth, not even qualifying as a chronometer. There was a long way to go. The following watches: improved upon the first earning chronometer status and placing a hundred and fourteenth then ninth, then sixth, then fourth and then third, that’s.

When the Swiss started entering highly accurate quartz movements instead taking the top three places at their trials 4th to 10th, however, all mechanical or Seiko, the observatory trials were canceled.

After that it was only ever that first grand Seco to be branded Grand Seco. However, after that, both King and grand Seco preceded the Seco name on the dial, and it remained so for almost 60 years, the industry had suffered turmoil and changed during the course of that time, not least due to psychos rebuttal to the Swiss quartz movements.

Its own course as strong and the approach to making high-end mechanical watches had changed completely grande Seco needed to change with it, and so in 2017 the Seco branding was dropped from Grand Seco products, with the suici kosher name rising to become the headline act.

This SB gr 305 marks the moment this step was taken. The first watch since the very original to bear just the grand Seco mark, although more accurate Riya ditions of the original grande psycho do exist.

The SB gr 305 is the first of the modern ilk and bears many similarities to its 1960s counterpart. It’s, a three hander playing and simple twin baton, markers ringing, the crisp white dial, the long logs reach out just like the original and curve around the wrists to keep this strap snug, just like the original.

But there’s. A lot about it that’s, much more modern, at least much more modern grant. Seco the high intensity titanium case, for example, is lighter yet harder than steel, with an insect case that allows the front and rear overhang.

The caliber 9s 6/8 is automatic and carries a three-day power reserve. A far cry from the manually wound, slow, beat barely two days: power reserve, caliber three one, eight zero of 1960 and that all-important accuracy has improved to taking the thirty-one 80s 15-second window right down to eight a number that company could have only dreamed of back.

Then the most grand Seco thing about the SB gr 305, however, is the attention to detail the hands and markers hand, polished and razor sharp are some of the finest found in any watch period. The dial, subtle texture only apparent when the light catches it just right is unmatched in Swiss watchmaking it’s.

The grand Seco Kintaro a Tory would have wanted, and it was the first step into a new world of independence. Grande Seco has come on leaps and bounds since breaking away from this psycho name earning its keep amongst the watch buying fraternity bit by bit, and I really do mean earning marketing budgets will only take a product so far, but as people all around the world are Starting to learn, the house of exquisite workmanship has truly earned its name.

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