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THIS Is The Ultimate SPEEDMASTER | Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 Review | Jenni Elle


This is a pre-recorded video that I have announced in my black bay 58 video a couple of weeks ago, but I really wanted to come on here, real quick and tell you all that I hope you stay healthy and safe and please stay at home.

If you can so now without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into the video. This is the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon. It is not only the ultimate Omega Speedmaster, but also possibly the perfect everyday watch in this video.

I’m, going to show you this watch right down to the last detail. So let’s get started, and, first of all, I quickly want to say thank you to my good friend her guide, who made this really possible by letting me film his watch.

So back in the day, Omega was the first one to manufacture. Watch that would meet the demands of NASA. This made these speed master, the Watchers, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins when they embarked on their Apollo 11 mission, which made the speed master the first watch on the moon, but that’s.

Exactly what leads is the first problem with the speed master. I don’t know about you, but I feel like Omega is really milking the first water on the moon topic and to me it feels like they are: releasing a new speed master every.

Like five weeks or so to be honest, I’ve, completely lost track of all the different speed masters and I’m sure I’m, not alone on this, but in this video I want to tell you what exactly It is that is making this Apollo eight speed, master so special, and why I’m going to show you every little incredible detail of this watch.

I’m, going to talk about the unique movement how this watch wears on a day-to-day basis on different wrist sizes, and I also want to address the pricing and availability of the Apollo, eight and, of course, telling you what makes this Apollo eight.

The ultimate speed master okay, so let’s. Take a look at this watch. The Apollo eight comes with a diameter of forty four point: twenty five millimeters, a lock to lock width of forty nine point: seven millimeters and a height of forty millimeters.

Those measurements make this speed master a rather large word Shabbat. The case. Design itself helps to conceal the actual case size. What we’re going to talk about that a bit more in a minute. The first thing you will notice about Apollo 8 is probably its color scheme, as the name Dark Side of the Moon gives it away.

The dominating color is a deep black, but Omega has mixed in some strikingly yellow color accents. This daring design reminds me a little bit of the speed master racing edition, even though this one is significantly smaller than the Apollo 8.

What I really like is that Omega used very special tools in order to treat the ceramic that is used on the entire case of the watch. They managed to replicate the same polishing. You can find on regular steel models on top and on the sides.

It is very finely brushed and completely polished on the edges. The black and yellow theme continues on the thick black leather strap, with its yellow holes and stitching. Even the clasp is made from ceramic, and usually you get the Apollo 8 with a pin buckle, but the owner of this watch swapped it with a folding clasp, which makes it easier to put on or take off, and I don’t know about You, but to me the folding clasp makes the Apollo 8 even more space year than just a regular pin buckle on the back of the Apollo 8.

You can see the we ‘ Ll see you on the other side engraving, which remembers the critical moment of the actual Apollo 8 mission. For the first time in 1986, Aldrin Collins and Armstrong were the first humans on their Apollo 8 mission to try orbiting the moon.

The radio contact abruptly stopped as soon as the three astronauts disappeared behind the moon at that time. No one knew for sure what would happen and if they would ever be seen again, but we’ll talk about that in a second first, let’s, get back to the face of the watch and the incredible detail on it, which Is definitely going to make you understand why this watch is so fascinating.

The dial of the operate is partially skeletonized, so you’re, able to see part of the movement by just looking at the dial. But what is even more exciting is that the remaining parts of the dial plates are lasered like the astronauts themselves.

You can look at the surface of the Moon when looking at your Apollo 8 as Omega used extremely fine lasers to engrave the entire plate, adding even more depth and dimension to the dial, hardly individually, elevated, our markers, as well as the perfectly placed yellow color accents.

Not only the speed marks lettering is yellow, but also the little pips at the end of each hour. Marker anti chronograph hand Omega has left the standard in black-and-white, which i think is a great idea to visually separate the chronograph function from the standard time, but that is not it with the cool details.

Another and the panty is fully intended highlight, ironically, shows itself as soon as it gets dark. With this speed master, you not only get your looms on the hands in our markers. Oh no, the attackee meter scale as well as the crown also light up in the dark, so you will be able to read the scale even when you and your space shuttle disappear behind the Dark Side of the Moon.

All in all, the dial of this speed master has to be one of the most spectacular ones out there I mean no one really needs to wristwatch anymore to tell the time, but Omega absolutely understood that in this day and age you do not look at your Watch solely for information, but to actually feel something and looking at this star is just pure or inspiring fun and the fun does not stop at the dial.

The movement inside the Apollo 8 is not just a technical addition to power. The watch it looks like it was also an additional canvas for omegas design team. Turning the watch upside down, we see omegas extremely robust caliber 1869, which resembles a three to one movement that was used at the moon mission.

It beats with consistent. Three Hertz has a power reserve for 48 hours, as well as sporting, a chronograph function with a vertical clutch whilst being powered by manually winding it. The movement itself is also very well made, especially when you consider that this watch retails below $ 10,000 key finishing on the bridges, as well as the placement of different parts like the screws and the beautifully contrasting rubies, create a stunning image that is completed by some.

More moon, surface lasering, the Apollo 8, is the perfect example for creating a movement that is hard to look away from without putting in the abnormal amount we see. Other watchmakers do like Langer or Patek, while still keeping the price below $ 10,000.

But, like I said, this watch is not only to look at, but also to wear. So how does this 9,750 Westall appears from omega wear on a daily basis, and this is where the ceramic comes into play. Ceramic is basically a scratch proof as sapphire, which means that realistically, you ‘

Ll have a very hard time trying to get scratches into this case. That makes such ceramic pieces extremely attractive for those who really love it when their watches stay in a pristine condition. As far as I’m concerned, you also do not have to worry about any chipping or flaking, or at least I haven’t heard about any cases.

The fact that the clasp is made from ceramic to is also a great news for all of you desk divers out there. Just a little is the water resistance, though with only 50 meters. This Apollo 8 should only be your partner in crime when washing your hands.

Everything else just might destroy it, and that being said, the water that has been found on the moon is frozen anyway. So I kind of forgive Amelia for that water resistance, but after all the Apollo 8 West comfortably like a lightweight.

At least that was what I have been told by almost everyone who got to wear this, because with my 150 millimeter, I have to say that the Apollo 8 is way too big. But if you really like this watch and your wrist sizes above 170 millimeters, you should definitely try it on and see this amazing design for yourself.

Okay, so now that we know who this was made for, let’s, talk about prices and availability. Fortunately, this watches are not a limited edition, but it is still not as mass-produced as other models, so you probably will not see it in any window displays at least that’s.

The case here in Germany, but I’m sure in case you go up directly to your Omega ad and ask for that watch. You should not wait too long for it, and the grey market has models readily available as well.

The watch itself is listed with a price of nine thousand seven hundred and fifty US dollars, but I’m sure there’s, a little bit of leeway. If you ask nicely so now that we have taken a very close look at the watch, I think we can all agree that the Apollo eight is not a boring watch, but, as you can surely remember, I said that this watch is the ultimate speed master.

So let me tell you now why I think it deserves the title. First of all, there are some common, well-known cons regarding Omega, as well as the speed Master Series in general, but mainly they are the following three issues.

Most people seem to have, firstly with the classic speed. Must-Watch, you get a watch that needs to be handled, which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. If it weren’t for the crown that sits very tightly in between its crown guards making it super uncomfortable and hot wind, it’s, not the end of the world.

But considering that you have to do that every other day it can get really annoying. The second issue is how easily the moon watch shows scratches, especially the clasps show signs. We’re very quickly compared to other sports.

Seawatch is likely Submariner, so keep in mind that not every steel watch is made the same and by far the biggest issue with Amelia, and especially with the speed Master Series, is the sheer amount of different additions.

It feels like Oh Mia releases, a new speed master. Every other week, which definitely intensified since the 50-year moon-landing anniversary, happened last year to me and kind of dilutes the specialness of the entire Moon work story and it kind of takes away from me once so.

Iconic speed master, but exactly this is where the Apollo 8 fixes all of the problems whining. This watch feels super easy with much less resistance. The fact that they used ceramic on this one makes it virtually scratch proof even compared to 904 else, tear that Rolex uses and the overall design and colors used to make the Apollo 8 even stand out within the Dark Side of the Moon rage.

I’m sure that anyone who gets asked about how many different speed master versions they know and who has seen the Apollo 8 before is definitely going to mention that one because of its outstanding look, the Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon is What most speed masters are not actually something special with a distinctive design and all that combined for below ten thousand US dollars.

I’m, definitely lifting my head for this one to Amiga, okay. So now you know why the Omega Speedmaster Apollo, eight Dark Side of the Moon is the ultimate speed buster, but now it’s. Your turn. Do you agree with me on this one, or do you have a different speed mass in mind, which is your favorite and what makes it so special to you? Let me know in the comments down below I’m, excited to read what you have to say and I will see you in my next one: bye, [, Music, ]

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I am showing you the Omega Speedmaster “Dark side of the moon” Apollo 8 and explain, why this is the ultimate Omega Speedmaster!

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