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This Patek Philippe Super Clone SHOCKED Me. | Real vs. Fake | Jenni Elle

Let’s, get straight to the point. One of these two watches is a sixty thousand euro patek philippe nautilus, the other one just looks like it that one is actually a 500 euro high-end replica, and today I’m, going to show you the most important else to spot a fake right Away so let’s, get started as replicas are getting better and better.

It has gotten significantly more difficult to tell an authentic watch from a fake one. This is not only an issue for those who work or a deal with watches on a day-to-day basis, but especially for those who are new to the Hobby, as it is extremely difficult to spot effect.

If you do not know what to look for – and it gets even tougher, if you do not have a reference watch to compare it to the Patek Phillipe Nautilus, 57:11 replica – I am showing you today – is a shockingly by far one of the best replicas I have Ever seen even better than the Rolex replica I have covered on this channel before, which also brings me to my first question for you.

Let me know in the comments down below right away, which one of the two watches shown here is the authentic one and which one do you think is the fake. So to prevent you from making a sixty thousand euro mistake, I will show you the seven most significant characteristics of a high-end replica.

The first distinctive mark is also the one that is comparatively the easiest to spot. If you have an authentic reference watch at hand – and that is the colour of the dial – both watches have a sunburst dial, as well as the well-known colour gradient from light to dark, but what’s? Definitely different here is the shade of the typical Patek blue.

The authentic Nautilus has a blue dial with a light green tint, whereas the fake clearly looks blue without any tint. Surprisingly, the Sunburst looks really good on the replica, something which most replica makers mess up as they tend to overdo the effect, but it’s.

The ducati on the replica that also shows a slight difference as the authentic dakari is much more pronounced in comparison to the replica making the effect more visible. The problem with this characteristic is that it is extremely difficult to sport without having a reference watch in hand and honestly, I wouldn’t, have notice the color difference without looking at an authentic one, side-by-side.

We are going to look at some characteristics. You will be able to spot without having to have an authentic watch by your side, but first let ‘ S, have a look at the case. Okay, so let’s start with the cake, shape and the overall size of it.

The proportions do differ slightly here and you can see that by looking at the following three features: number one is the brush surface of the bezel, which is a bit wider on the replica watch. Many who own an authentic Nautilus are probably going to spot the difference here.

Additionally, the edge of the replica is a bit rougher, as the edge on the authentic watch runs more smoothly and looks more high-grade number. Two is the crown on the right side of the case with which you wind the watch.

The crown on the replica sticks out more and different. Number three is the height or the thickness of the watch. The replica is not as thin as the authentic watch, which is caused by the movement inside the replica, as they are using some run-of-the-mill movement that is not as thin as the authentic one.

But we’re going to talk about the movement in. We’re, going to talk about the movement in a minute. Unfortunately, if something has to be said that many surely are going to dislike this, a 500-year nautilus replica is really well finished.

Only when taking a closer look into the details, you can see differences in two main areas. You can spot the first difference at the flattened, polished edge of the watch on your tentacle watch. That part is really pronounced, giving the entire form a very elegant.

Look on the replica the other hand, that part is also present, but it is less pronounced and looks more like a regular edge. The second difference is the brushing of the steel. Both watches are made of stainless steel, but the fake watch has a rougher brushing, which you can spot even without magnification, as the brushing of the authentic watch is really smooth and subtle.

Basically perfect. The engravings on both watches, for example, on the butterfly clasp, but our basically identical and differences, are not visible with the naked eye and it comes to the hands, our fourth distinctive bark.

We are going right into the tiniest details and we also have our first mark, for which we do not necessarily need a reference watch when looking at the authentic Nautilus, we see perfection, basically, nobody respects with dust or anything, a perfect polish, but, most importantly, the sides Are finished evenly without any disruptions on the replicas? We can see the big imprecisions.

Not only do we see more bumps and residue on the hands, but we can also spot finishing irregularities which we would never see on a higher-end luxury watch above 1000, euro or so, and definitely not on a Patek Phillipe, so definitely make sure to grab a magnifying Glass to be able to spot the differences here, which means that spotting any irregularities or disruption should definitely be a warning sign for you characteristic number five are the stick, our markers on the down, and unfortunately, the differences here are significantly less obvious compared to the hands, But if you look close enough, you will be able to spot them overall, our markers on replicas are known for their sharp edges and we can also see that on this Nautilus replica it’s.

Our markers are pretty much rectangular, but nevertheless they are still the most or well finished our markers I have ever seen on a fake, but let’s be real here. There are watches with any luxuries like that cost more and are less well finished than this one on the authentic Patek, all our markers are nice and even with rounded corners, which you can see without using magnification.

This is also causing that a super nice three-dimensional. Look that the replica is missing. The sharper corners on the fake are also causing the double sticks at twelve o’clock to be very close together.

It all looks like they are merged entirely on the authentic one. You can clearly see a gap in between these two things to the rounded corners for tower number: six. We have to stay at the doll and have to take a closer look, as this is the point which shocked me, the most usually, the lettering and the overall structure on the doll of a fake look really bad compared to the authentic one, as we could see On the fakes of Myrna that I have already reviewed, but in this is the lettering on the replica is razor sharp applied to the dog without any blemishes.

Luckily, I was able to look at a couple of authentic nautilus watches and, as you can see here, on a thirteen-year-old authentic Nautilus, which has a slightly different dial than the current versions that the lettering on the doll is compared to the fake one.

Even a bit. Less precise and even in direct comparison with the current authentic Nautilus. The differences here are honestly inconclusive to really tell them apart from each other. But luckily, you’re able to spot visible differences at the date display, whereas the date on the authentic watch is crisp and sharp.

The white background off the date is on. The replica shows some sort of linen like structure underneath, but you would definitely need a magnification glass to spot that we can see another small difference within the structure of the dial.

As I’ve mentioned before the deck Rd and some wrists look impressive on both, you can see on the close-up that the dial on fake has a slightly rougher finish with some added irregularities. The dial on the authentic watch stays immaculate even below an ultra macro lens, so the last distinctive mark is also the most noticeable and lucky for us.

The Nautilus has a see-through face back, so everyone can look straight into the movement and that’s. Where we can see two things so first, you can see that the forges really tried their best to replicate every tiny detail of the movement, starting with what looks like a Miata movement, a regular mass-produced movement which you can find in many watches around the 100 to 500 euro price point: they have made a one on one copy of the Patek Phillipe movement, but the finishing is not only slightly but significantly worse than finishing on the authentic watch rather polishing and an overall grab your looking movement.

So to say, you can also tell that the lettering was not done by hand. Foot has been engraved by a machine, though the placement of the components might look the same. At first glance, you can see how some parts are not in the right spot.

When you take a closer look, for example, we have a different sized middle part of the rotor here there’s, also something you can immediately see if you know what to look for in an authentic watch to manufacture it.

Lucifer uses rubies as bearing jewels, which tend to look a bit more violent in color. The forgers must have used some cheaper material, maybe even some type of plastic as the bearing jewels on the fake one looks almost red.

This is especially visible when comparing the jewels on both balances. All this might be due to the fact that bearing jewels on the replica goofin are not being used as actual bearing jewels, but I’m or some type of decoration to ensure the overall look.

It’s also interesting. To add that winding and setting the time fields almost the same on both watches, but the rotor on the replica does wrestler a lot more when shaking the watch, and it continues to spin loudly afterwards for a couple of seconds.

The rotor on the authentic Nautilus is audible, but it’s, definitely not wrestling and not as loud. Okay, I think now you see how replicas have improved over time. Many of these characteristics can vary in terms of their degree, but if I would only be allowed to give you one piece of advice, I would definitely tell you to look at the hands with a magnifying glass.

The hands are almost always the part of the replicas that are the least well finished part in my experience. But what about the movement? Well, with a motor like this, we were lucky that the original has a see-through case back and so therefore the replica has one too and we can spot the differences here, but that’s, not the case.

With all watches, I mean almost all Rolex models have a full steel case back, for example, so looking at the movement here would be rather difficult, as you would have to open it first, which I would not recommend doing in case you’re, not Experienced in doing so so the best way to save yourself, the damage of buying a replica, is to either go to an authorized dealer or to a trusted pre-owned dealer of your choice.

My last piece of advice would be to always trust your instincts and simply do not buy the watch. If you have the slightest doubts about its authenticity. Okay, so now you know the seven distinctive marks which help you to identify a fake watch, and you also know how to prevent yourself from burning thousands and thousands of your hard-earned money on a Brassica.

So if you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bar to get notified whenever I post a new video – and I was eighth for today – thank you so much for watching and spending.

Some hang with me, and I will see you in my next one: bye, [, Music, ]

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I am comparing a 500€ Patek Philippe 5711 SUPER CLONE to not only one but TWO AUTHENTIC Patek Philippe 5711s!

Not going to lie – when I got to hold the replica for the first time I was shocked. Its astonishing and terrifying how well its made. Makes me wonder what would happen, if those replica makers would actually try and make their own designs and watches 🧐

What do you think about these super clones? I know it’s a controversial topic but I think its important to shine a light on the ‘less pretty’ parts of the hobby.

BTW don’t think that I am helping replica makers with those videos – I am pretty sure they’ve somehow managed to get a hold of their own 5711 by now ;-D

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