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Top 10 Best Quality Watch Straps For Your Seiko, Rolex, Omega + More

Look another splendid video on watches hit that, like button immediately [ Music ] now before we get into this video, I’d, like to remind you that you can now receive a special discount on your next watch from watch box check the description below For a promo code exclusively for the good Gentry for those of you new to the channel watch box are the world’s, leading most trusted and respected dealers in pre-owned, luxury watches onwards and upwards? Ok, hi guys and welcome to the shown today.

I’m gonna. Do another strap video now I know it’s been absolutely donkey’s years, since I made a video like this, I used to do them more frequently back in the day, but quite simply, the reason is because a lot of these Straps I haven’t, felt the need to replace or find anything or actually to be honest, I haven’t, found anything better.

So a lot of old favorites, some new editions, which i think are worthy to talk about so excuse the mess. Obviously I have absolutely tons of straps and I must point out these are all straps that I have personally bought myself.

I very much believe if you’re familiar with the channel there, I only recommend things that are well on the merits of their quality value for money design, so on and so forth. So these are what I personally love and wear and what I think is worthy to be recommended and it gets the you know the only urban Gentry seal of approval so to speak.

So let me just get the wristwatch check out of the way. First, I’m wearing the yema because it’s the earth. Well, I’ve, kept it on the bracelet. This still absolutely loving. This French made classic the Heritage Superman there and fittingly called the Heritage because, of course it has an amazing history, not just of the brand but the watch itself.

So anyway, let’s, get into it. We’ll start with the the SK X here and before I forget this particular rubber, strap from crafted blue was originally designed for this particular watch. All the the SKS series 9 and I’ve, actually borrowed this watching merely to show off this strap for cars.

As you guys know, I only 0:13. Now they don’t make this in the smaller size. Unfortunately, but I have seen on their website, they’re working on a host of 20 millimeter, because the SKS has that famous 22 millimeter lug with they are working on a bunch of these four rolex submariner z’and of course, other Psychos, but the great thing is that this size is compatible with the new 5 KX, so that is pretty cool.

Indeed, now these straps come in a variety of colors. I’ve talked about crafted blue before I haven’t found any rubber straps well, except for one. We’ll talk about in just a moment that surpasses the quality I mean.

Look it’s got beveled edges. This is what is called a vulcanized rubber. Now, all the rubber straps I personally buy and recommend are from vulcanized rubber and essentially, what that is it’s, a superior strength.

It’s. More resistant than natural rubber, it’s, more resistant to oils and acids, the craftily straps. They actually meet the RoHS requirements, and so therefore they are very friendly to your skin that the chances of actually getting an allergic reaction from their products is extremely extremely low.

Now these are about 65 bucks and I think they are great value for money. You can get them in a variety of colors. I have a green one here and they just come like this and then faintly scented with vanilla.

It’s, not the the iris level of that really pungent, but but yet so pleasing smell of vanilla. But it’s, it’s very subtle. They are wonderful on the wrists, the way they carry on the the shape of the lugs and integrate beautifully.

With the watch I mean you can tell it’s designed for this watch. They just continue that flow of the case masterfully and also I love the way, the the hardware on it, the brushed tongue you’ve, got a lot of different holes there that’s, the advantage of having it flat, rather than just A round tongue to the to the buckle, so you really get a good fit and you can just size it on the in-between sizes to get supreme comfort, and I think they come with hang on how they, let me just check yeah.

They come with the two two loops I’ve, actually taken one off on this and I’m enjoying, I must admit, I’m having the old skx this old friends back. These are really great quality, very, very well-made, beautifully designed, certainly gonna pop on them, my Explorer or my Tudor Submariner, for example, or even my GMT for that matter.

Now, talking of diamonds, let’s, move on! Let’s, just pop that out of the way over here, let’s pop that down there, the NDC! Now you guys know I’m. A big fan of this brand – and this is the the legitimate it’s, the actual the only company in the world that makes it out of the new old stock materials, as used by the marine nationale back in the day.

So this is the real McCoy and it’s, this kind of elasticated material that you can. Obviously I you know I needn’t mention with the rubber strap that you know this is this. Is water resistant? Well, this you can also dive in it.

Some bright spark at the marine nationale decided to cut the material off his parachute bag and use it as a strap. Hence why you never really get a proper fit now, of course, there are reproductions. I have here a this is from Erica’s originals and it’s rather misleading.

It has MN on the debacle, which is funny because the marine nationale never ever use these. This is a nice kind of recreation or interpretation of the original, and these are fairly good quality. It’s, not the same material as this, as I said, this is the this is the real McCoy, but the advantages of these is they fit better.

I think this is a 20 millimeter and they have much more designs, because, obviously this is a reinterpretation if you want the real McCoy go for the NDC, but if you want more fun kind of cool. Modern interpretations.

Go with Erika’s. They’re, both very, very good. Personally, I prefer the NDC yeah, you guys know I love having. You know that the the provenance the historicity, the genuine historicity to it now this is a little special one they made just for me with the Italian colours on it, and I’ve, actually cut the — ‘

It comes like this. Let me show you different. Let me just show you here. This is how it comes. You get the signed buckle now back in the day. They they didn’t. Do that obviously, but and then it’s attached it’s stitched there.

This is a red variant. I think these are a little bit rarer. I do forgive me again factually I can’t quite remember off the top of my head. What I’ve done is I’ve, actually cut the extra strap off just to get it a little bit more thinner.

Then? What I’ve done. I’ve, just melted it down with with a lighter and a folded. This back, so it’s got the thickness and it just stays very, very securely, just totally back. So when you’ve got the buckle or the hook into this little rudimentary loop.

Here. It actually increases the pressure down on the material. So you it’s tight, it doesn’t come off, and the advantage of these is especially for divers is that you could just slide this to to your convenience and it would stretch over a divers suit.

So, in a military context, and obviously with this buckle system is quite secure and also like a NATO, strap is attached to both spring bars. So if you do get a spring bar failure, it’s still attached to the wrist.

This is the most historically accurate configuration the most common you’ll, see this in the marine nationale watch history book that I’ve reviewed and they summed it up nicely. They are, I think, priced around the same don’t don ‘

T quote me. I think this is about 45 quid or something I don’t can’t, remember how much that relates. They’re dollars. You’ll, have to see how much the Erika straps are think of the straps like this. The NDC is the Rolex of these parachute straps.

It’s, the real McCoy it’s. The original it’s, the genuine material and the only company that actually do this Erica’s original is a bit like a Steinhardt. While it’s, absolutely perfectly capable very, very well made it’s.

A homage to this. You can see the difference in color. They are around about the same price, so you know unless you prefer. This then go for that, but, to be honest, I will I will go with the real thing.

You know it depends what you value and, and the material is a little bit different. This is a more matte. It’s kind of shiny. This has a really nice elastication to it, whereas this is a little bit more rigid.

It’s not as higher-quality, and it’s not as comfortable. I have to be honest, so there you go but anyway, okay. Next we have the Fortis. This is a very tall, tastic kind of all about function and I was wearing whereas there we go.

This is the kid aura. These are great straps and this being an aviation well before he went into space. Obviously, aviation chronograph. It was a great match. It really suited that the bead blasted kind of no-nonsense aesthetic, but since then I ‘

Ve put it on this, and this is a and I have to be very specific here. It’s, not Kevlar. It’s, Kevlar style you, if you read the reviews of hammers in the a whole bunch of people, didn’t read that they misread it and they were angry that it wasn’t real Kevlar, well Kevlar.

Despite being extremely strong is very plasticky, this is a composite of various materials. I think it’s, a blend of of nylon and leather, but it’s. It has the appearance of Kevlar. The advantage is, if I just get the little case here there we go it’s water-resistant.

It comes in this little case like that all the Hadley ROM has come in a case like this. I love how the leader armor they are made in America. Very modestly priced I mean look 21 bucks for this. This is the absolute business and you can see it started to to kind of.

It has a bolstered, very thick construction, but if you see there, I’ve, worn this a couple of times for a few days and it started to form around the shape of my wrist. So it also tapers nicely. This, I believe, is the 22 millimeters.

It goes down to about 18. The buckle, nothing to write home about the buckle, but this is an entry level had little armor. I just love this kind of egalitarian. Look. I think it matches the watch and the stitching on the sides is black as well, so it’s.

Doesn’t, detract too much attention away, but it has this wonderful texture to it. Okay, next is my little AP here now. This is the actual strap it came with. Let me just I don’t. Think it’s sewn. I think it ‘

S actually fade. Oh no, it’s signed there. Then you see Adam RPG, a genuine crocodile strap and it’s incredibly slender, obviously to the match. The watch I’ve, kept it on strapless. I think it works beautifully.

It’s just so classic and elegant, but I wanted to see if I could find some other crocodile straps now. The thing with crocodile is that it’s extremely expensive. For example, I have this one from Hadley, dormer, again hypoallergenic water resistant to the calf skin high on the side, but as you see, the retail is about 109 dollars.

Although you’ll, probably find it for less. That is, unfortunately, what crocodile costs a little tip make sure you select the the tone of the buckle to match the watch. Sometimes I’ve actually ordered incorrectly, and I forgot all about it, but anyway, this is a wonderful kind of burgundy red, rich wine color.

I think it’s incredibly smart and I guess luxurious as the correct word now. There are cheaper alternatives. You can go with this, which is leather done in a crocodile style. So it’s, a crocodile pattern, but it’s.

It’s, just leather, it’s, not actual real crocodile, and then you see the the price difference between it. This is also water-resistant and made in the USA, just like all Hadley aroma. Now there is another company that I’ve recommended before called tech, Swiss or Swiss tech.

I can never remember which I’ve, put on my wife’s, Seiko Saab here this is genuine and they they a little bit cheaper about, I think about 50 60 bucks and then leather on the on the side. If you see here what is it says, yeah genuine, genuine crocodile handmade in Italy how they are able to sell this at such cheap prices? I have no idea, but, as you can see it’s, it’s, the real deal and really lovely texture and nice selection of colors.

These you have to get on eBay. I don’t think they have a website. But again you know I leave links down below if you want something very classic something very elegant, sophisticated crocodile, genuine crocodile or you know, leather in you know crocodile style or alligator style.

Whatever he’s, definitely the way to go. You can even go more ostentatious or flamboyant with kind of Python. There are some companies that did that. Have a look back at my previous videos. The only problem with Python and genuine snake leathers is they tend to flake wear.

If you look at this, this is has seen a lot of wear and you know it’s got a little patina where I mean, but it adds that to the charm that that distressed looked well. There’s, a nice segue into the next one, which is an old favorite collar rep.

Now I adore collar rep. They are a family business based in Rome. Italy is famed for their leather goods beautifully made. They got very pale oak, which means real leather, very thick, distressed, vintage, looking suits the dannhenry or a speed master, or you know, universals your navel whatever you want perfectly.

The dyes involved in this kind of traditional style of leather strap making it’s. Not one that I would wear at the beach or if you’re, actually going to go into the water, then I would go with a rubber strap with the distressed.

Look you get these kind of lovable minor imperfections there’s, tonal graduations, that gives it this rustic charm. This is actually my favorite and I just love the gray. This is the Firenze gray and they named all their straps after famous cities in Italy.

So there’s, fit NZ, that’s; venecia, that’s; Siena that’s, Roma, etc, etc. You have the little stitching. You can have a choice of short or long styles and as these age and become more distressed, they take on this whole unique character.

No two straps are the same. Even when you buy them from you, they all have all their distinctive kind of wear on them. Wonderful poutine a bit like actual patina and the dials of watches. It just has that character.

I love them so these taper nicely. You know it depends on what design you go for, but they’re, very strong, very rugged, thickly constructed, which then translates to a very comfortable wear. I love the different colors.

I have the blue here. Let me show you the blue there. These are probably my two favorites. I think this is the sienna warmer. I can’t quite remember, but you see they have different different stitching.

They see I go by color early and the fit, but the gray just works with pretty much anything. These are a little bit expensive about 63 bucks, but you know if you look around for this kind of high-end quality of luxury quality that handmade straps like this is actually a bargain.

You’ll, see certain publications with their luxury. Straps asking you know twice as much really jacking up the price is merely as a exploitation, but I love the fact that collar up don’t do that now you can order these directly from their website from Colorado, which is great.

I’ve, ordered from them many times they do case, watch cases all the rest of it or from holburns in the United States, and I think some other people carry them too. Now. This is a lizard brain style, again, leather, not genuine lizard, and this is from I think this is from this – is Hirsh that’s, it hersh.

Now this is a little dress watch I picked up quite recently and it has an odd size which is yes, 17 millimeters. So I had to order this just for this watch, but incredibly thin again. You can pick these up from holburns like the dress watch.

We see here super slender style and lends itself perfectly for use. As for a dress watch to slide under any cuff, I you know, I didn’t really have much choice with the odd sizes. The strap here tapers ever so slightly by about two millimeters.

I do love it when the straps taper, I think it adds a more graceful to its design and also, if you want more lizard style check out, do bears, which I think are from Paris very affordable. Great quality right, let’s, move on to the flighty here, oh – and I should mention by the way Colin Webb do vegan straps too.

So if you have an issue with leather, they do all kinds of different. I’ll. Show you this one hold on. If you focuses there you go. This is a really interesting kind of pen on to the flighty. Now this is a German company called Rios Rios 1931, again another family company, but this is quite important because they invented this Ram board technique.

Now I’ve mentioned them before. If you’ve seen the cognac buffalo leather strap that tapers dramatically almost like a kind of blunt strap that I had on my Navi timer. I’ve, actually just ordered another one of those straps for myself in black this time.

To go with my cosmonaut and every timer, because I just loved it so much incredibly comfortable beautifully made beautifully. Stick, I mean look at the stitching the pattern now this is the typhoon and you can get it in a variety of colors.

It has this little subtle. Taper here and then goes down very, very cool being so thick. It places the watch securely on the wrist and they have the 21 millimeter size which, as you guys know, if you know the flighty it has that annoying lug with so I bought this strap just for this.

I cannot recommend them enough. If you’ve got an eye WC or perhaps a a Pfleger bust, over or or a lack or something like that. This is what you want to do, because they’ve, been in this business for three generations.

They’re three point five millimeters thick here, and it really gives a solid, reassuring fit to the watch. I mean look at it. It’s almost as thick as the luck simply opposite of this loose skinny slender dressy type number.

We had before it’s, amazing, how different leather straps can be, and I think for an aviation piece. This is definitely the way to go and the cognac is a wonderfully rich, vibrant color, as well and moving on to the squally 151 diver to match the little orange accents on the luminous dial.

Here I’ve paired it with the bonnet torch intervening rubber, strap. Now I’ve talked about them before. Let me just bring in this particular version that I have reviewed. This is another style kind of accordion style.

Here I’ve, been wearing it on my 30 Atmos and I absolutely love it. This is incredibly comfortable. These are from Italy. They’re made in Italy, as the name suggests now bonnet or chin Carini. They actually do make straps for a lot of other high-end watch brands wonderfully vanilla-scented.

This is a more simple if I just show you side by side a lot more simple. This is actually quite expensive. This is about 30 bucks, but if you look on the other side, it has almost like a waffle, dial effect texture for extra grip.

Now this is very, very high quality. It’s again, vulcanized rubber. It’s, nitrile NBR rubber power. So it’s, not it’s, not silicon. Sorry hold on one second, once again: Philly’s finest I haven’t, actually worn this.

I bought this for the summer, but with the current situation, doesn’t. Look like I’m gonna be wearing this much in the pool or at the beach, or anything like that. But anyway it doesn’t matter. I’m still going to enjoy it.

So obviously, you have the waterproof resistance that rubber naturally provides it’s non toxic non allergenic. This is a higher quality rubber, so it doesn’t attract lint. Another telltale sign of the high quality here is that it’s very supple to the touch it has a soft feel to it, but at the same time is very, very strong, and that’s.

What you want to look out for it’s, also resistant to salt in salt, water, obviously, and UVA rays, which is really really cool. And, of course, you ‘ Ve got that vibrant fun kind of summer color.

Now, if you notice there’s no hold on it, so what you do is it comes with perforated little guides and you just poke through the the desired hole and then it gives a kind of more streamlined look. So everything is quite neat remarkable that’s, such a high quality product, very, very strong resistant luxurious materials at such an affordable level.

I mean we’re talking 30 bucks here, which is just really really cool, so incredible value for money. Now I should not neglect to mention this comes in a variety of sizes. Have a look at the holburns website.

Again I’m, not sure if you can order directly from been attached in torini, but Albans is where I buy mine. They also have an eBay store by the way, so they okay moving on to NATO straps. Now you guys know.

I love my NATO straps and I ‘ Ve bought many from cheapest native straps from wrist candy watch club, but in my opinion, when it comes to the best, its Phoenix for the design, the quality of the nylon.

It’s, a very tight stitching and the colors, but also historically I mean Phoenix – were the original suppliers to the Royal Navy and the initial genuine straps that were heat welded as specified by the Ministry of Defense.

Doesn’t really get more story than this, and obviously I ‘ Ve put it on the fleming that I love the bond colors. Now you can buy these online, you can either get them from CWC watch come directly, as you guys know.

They make military watches for the British Armed Forces and have been for well, since I think, since World War two and you can’t find them online on eBay, although the eBay ones for some reason are really on the price I wouldn’t pay more than you know 15 bucks for for one of these.

If you want to get the very first one, you want to go for the historically accurate Admiralty gray, which is the very first NATO strap it does have. If you just look at the buckle there, this thing will focus that you guys just signed Phoenix.

You can even specify if you want to have British military markings on it as well. Although I’ve, never gone in for that yeah, you can go swimming with them. I just I just really love Phoenix. I think they make the best NATO straps it’s a bit like the NDC going back to the NDC.

If you want, you know there’s, there’s, tons of nasal straps out there. But if you want the real deal, you know that the one with the military provenance you go with Phoenix and, as we mentioned wrist candy watch Club, who, incidentally, have made my valise strap, which I’ve mentioned before, which I designed these are great.

But where they really excel, is they’re, newer, purlins straps, my little vietnam-era been Russ here and I have to say that their first Perl instructor we’re, okay, cheap as chips, but were pretty good.

And then I discovered this brand, which is called you lit. I don’t know if this is gonna focus there we go. This is the Panama strap. These are bought new for for dress, watches pans. I kind of was converted to those.

You know I thought those were the best, but then whisk and got watch club came out with the melange patterns in a variety of colors. I’ll just show you here they have a really nice dark olive, green, very military esque.

I should have bought one of these sorry, one of these in that size the 18 millimeter to fit this. I don’t know why I didn’t, do that, but anyway, and then you got navy, blue and a bunch of colors. I have to say this: one is my favorite: it’s, a mix of different threads, so you got white, you got black, you got gray and the result is this.

Well, as the name implies the melange very, very cool it’s. Water-Resistant you couldn’t. Have it to fit any way you want, because you just it’s, a kind of basket with, and you just poke it through at the desired amount.

It’s just very comfortable. It’s, thin quite a tough nylon, but breathable too. You could just see that it’s. You can see right through it. If you see what I mean that, but they’ve upped the game. Their first buckles were a little bit flimsy.

These are vastly superior, so great for summer. You know grateful if you’re, not into native straps, but you want something with the security of going through both spring. It’s, going to say spring guards spring bars there you go and very very for the one in this is 13 bucks.

Again I’ll, put the link down below. I cannot recommend this enough. I actually wore this over the weekend. Absolutely perfect and and kind of dressy to a little bit more elegant than than the their NATO strap.

So you can wear. You can put this on: dress, watches that’s. Why I bought these ones from youlet, which I now regret uh sure should have saved my money and got these or more these. But anyway, now a few notable mentions there’s.

You can go with. I’ve reviewed these. These of suede straps, which excellent there’s ostrich. I haven’t, actually even worn this. Yet this is from Adorama again. This is the ostrich very expensive, but genuine ostrich for kind of more vintage II.

Look, I’m gonna enjoy what wearing that, but that’s about it, that this is, in my opinion, the best brands, the best quality out there and and good value for money. I mean, I think their prices are realistic.

They’re, not being you know, overly greedy, like so many of these so-called luxury strap makers that just get out with their prices to horrendous levels, but anyway there you go. I’m gonna enjoy wearing these.

Let me know your thoughts down below, especially your favorite straps, which of these have you tried, which do you recommend do share in the comments below anyway guys I’m gonna leave it there. Thank you very very much for watching.

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