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Top 10 Types Of Watches To Avoid Buying 2021

We can get rid of all those ghastly fake watches in one fell swoop. Oh yes and um be a good sith. Lord and uh click like on tgv’s; [, Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show, and today it’s time for my top 10 annual watches to avoid uh.

If you’re familiar with the channel, you know that every year i do this list, there has been some movements. We’ve got a new number one. Some things have actually left the top ten, because unfortunately, we also have some new entries as well.

Now before i get into this, i’ll. Do a quick, wrist watch check? I’m wearing the mission impossible casio i can’t. Take this thing off um. Well, i did to where to wear my new seiko the other day, but immediately i put it back on.

I just love it and i’m wearing it on this new hersh rubber strap and it’s, just the most comfortable, practical, unpretentious tool. Watch of all time. I just love it um, so there you go if you missed.

The review. Have a look back, i’ll, put the link somewhere, it will magically appear through the glory of editing. It’ll, be there anyway. So there we go [ Music, ]. It’s, a very simple list, the closer we get to number one, the higher the risk, the higher the severity of the situation and the more you should avoid this type of watch.

Okay, so number 10 is paying retail. I must make this distinction: if you want the retail experience, you know the champagne, the um being treated like royalty. Well, you should be the boutique experience as they call it that’s.

Absolutely fine! I think that you’re, definitely entitled to. However, you are going to be paying an arm and a leg for that experience i say: buy smart buy used if you can – and i must make this a distinction as well.

I’m, not endorsing the gray market. On the contrary, i think the grey market comes in really at number 11.. It’s just kind of pushed out by this, because i’m. Seeing a lot of people buying retail it’s still going on paying prices they could have saved on.

If they just did a little bit of research digging about online, you can get it from some very reputable sellers and there are authorized dealers as well. Um i’ll. Give you an example like moyers who i’ve personally bought and sold to and authorized dealers for many prestigious brands.

You can work with them. You can negotiate. Obviously, don’t low-ball them and be rude about it, but there’s. Some great great sellers out there so do do a bit of hunting about, and once you establish that relationship, then you can have a little bit of a discount too.

Okay, number nine is rushed, buys now what i mean by that? Sometimes we can, and i’m sure if you’re anything like me, you ‘ Ve, probably done this up late. Maybe you had a few drinks drunk buying that’s, not a good good idea either.

You might have a a quick kind of crush on something and lust after the next morning. Uh. It sounds like i’m talking about something else. You might regret it. You want to look for real love. So take your time.

I found that i will fixate about a watch. I would lust after watch, sometimes for even weeks at a time months. Even and then it would just dissipate, and i’ll move on so that wasn’t. True love was it and then there’s, watches that you kind of put off you’re, not sure about you.

Don’t really experience, and then you get in the flesh and you just head over heels. This is a keeper i can feel it in my bones, and i know that feeling, because i get this feeling that why am i buying any other watch? Why don’t i sell my whole collection.

Just keep an explorer, and this and maybe my squarely. What am i saying like you see what i’m saying, but it makes me consider that it. It makes me kind of question what i’m doing that’s. When you know you got a really great watch anyway, whole different subject: okay, number, eight difficult to service watches.

This can come in a variety of different ways. It can just be a watch a brand, perhaps that has a very particular case style of hands, components that are difficult to source and replace if something goes wrong or most of the time it’s.

Movement related with mechanical watches, actually even some quartz pieces as well and more often than not. This happens with the more obscure watches or especially watch brands that are defunct that no longer exist, and it kind of makes me appreciate the good old eta movements.

You know those are so affordable to maintain in service with a decent, any decent watchmaker, but with vintage watches. For example. I did a whole video about this. Let’s say the crystal gets cracked and it’s, a very particular size.

Sometimes that’s difficult to source. Some brands are easier than others, for example, omega there’s, plentiful parts on the secondary market, and if you have a good watchmaking, this is very important to have a relationship with a good watchmaker.

They can source the parts they have the connections, but i’ll. Give you a really great example of a complication you kind of want to avoid, unless, obviously your heart’s really into it. I used to own what’s, called the dubai and sheldon browned, ratrapante or ratrapant.

If you want to be correct about it, it did the split seconds in a very interesting way, on the dial of the watch rather than in the actual movement. Now it was functioning, however, it’s, an obscure brand that’s, something to look out for.

Secondly, it’s, an obscure complication. It’s, not your typical. It’s, not like a gmt or or a day-date on an eta-based movement. Had i of wanted to service it [ Music ], who knows if i’d, be able to even find a replacement for that spring.

That was mounted on them on the dial. Okay number seven is buying for investment. Only this obsession with the value of a watch uh, seeing it only as a simply a commodity. I mean, in my opinion it’s, a it’s, a borderline vulgar really let ‘

S be honest. These are tools to be used. Sometimes they’re, actual works of art that you should enjoy this. This mentality of buying them putting them in the safe, never touching them. I mean look if that’s, your thing, who am i to argue with, but i i find it a little bit sad and to see them only as a commodity.

There’s, so much better things to invest your money in. If you want to invest in something you know to me, those kind of people that treat watches like they’re, something on the stock market. They’re, not enthusiasts with that mindset, as we’ve covered in many videos before about watch snobbery.

It is a slippery slope to that, because then you only see, watches or start to see watches as a commodity. Now i want to be very, very clear here: i’m, not advocating that the value is not a an important part of buying a watch.

It is important, but it shouldn’t, be the only thing definitely take into consideration. There are brands that depreciate and then there are brands that that hold their value or even gain their value.

You know, but to me it’s, a bonus it doesn’t, define the watch buying a watch only for its value. You’re, not going to have a connection. The same connection, uh you’ve. You’ve, got to love the piece you ‘

Ve got to want to wear it. You want, i want to enjoy it. Surely right, okay, number, six! This does kind of permeate into fashion watches. Well, they’re, just taking advantage uh brands like daniel wellington and movement and all the rest of them.

So i don’t have to pontificate about the virtues of buying something respectable for sometimes even less money, but this is a relatively new phenomenon. Now, obviously, i’m, going to have fashion watches on this list.

But recently i’ve, been noticing this new trend at a quick glance. You think it’s, a g-shock or a casio, or a data bank or whatever, but it’s. Not it’s made by some brand. You’ve, never heard of and trust me.

The quality is terrible. It’s, a false economy, just a few bucks more buy the casio f91w by the the real icon of horology, a design legend uh with the illustrious history with some actual real prominence to it, and this new trend tends to happen with brands like Timex casio seiko orient and they are making great strides at capturing back the market, the young people.

I mean look at what seiko’s, doing with the 5k x, whether you like it or not. It’s. A bold, great move. Timex are making great strides with pac-man watches and these more kind of accessible and even automatics and stuff, which is great great, to see so don’t waste.

Your money on these no-name brands, these fashion, casio imitation, watches amazon, is absolutely chock-a-block full of them. So, honestly, save your money spend 10 20 bucks more get the real thing number five.

We have a new entry and i didn’t really address this last year, but i think it’s, something that is becoming even more pervasive on youtube, and this is when youtubers turn into watch dealers and they spend a couple of Years collecting and suddenly they think they’re experts and gurus and all the rest of it.

Now i want to make it abundantly clear here. I am not a watch dealer. I never want to be a watch dealer. I never said i will be and it will never happen. The reason is because it takes a huge amount of knowledge experience because it’s, not just knowing about the watches it’s knowing how to deal with customers that have issues etc, etc.

It’s, not something you want to get into overnight. It’s, a lifelong commitment, and there are uh tons of great watch dealers, many of them authorized dealers. Then there are people that are specialists, in particular styles or prices, or or genres, like my friend kenny at triad, vintage watches for example, or mark at long island watch who, if you’re looking for seiko’s orients.

That kind of thing timex, i forget, he’s, got so many great brands. He’s, an authorized dealer. You know, i know you’re, probably going to say. Oh what about you and the tgv tax? Well, listen! If we’re going to talk about the flight master, i i’ve loved that flight at the flight master for for almost a decade.

Now i simply shared on my channel, i don’t, get anything in return from seiko saying you don’t even know who i am so. What am i going to sell a flight master for for 50 bucks more than i bought it? For no, i’m keeping it you know.

So there’s. There’s, nothing to gain it’s, just that sometimes in my channel i kind of shine a little light uh. You know with my modest sized audience they they. You know they recognize that it’s, a great watch and i love it and they want a great watch too.

So we’re, just sharing the passion it’s very, very different. You know – and this is another reason why i never will be a watch dealer. I i’m, not interested, and yet i sell and buy watches. But those are my own watches to really be a great uh watch dealer.

It takes commitment, it takes a sense of morality, it takes uh integrity. You cannot be a watch dealer and have a youtube channel. It’s, two separate things that you you have to decide, because if you review a watch and you’re, a watch dealer, then that review no matter.

If you’re selling, the watch or not there’s, not going to be any journalistic uh. You know that we’re, getting into very muddy waters here again that’s. Another reason why i avoid the whole thing i will always be just an enthusiast, not a not a connoisseur, not an aficionado.

I’m, just a watch fan like you, sharing my passion and while we’re on the subject to mark, i think he’s. A great example of somebody doing it well with his educational series, watch and learn when he, where he teaches you from his engineering perspective things about the watch stuff.

That is beyond my my academically challenged brain like uh. How to make computations on a i don’t, know a sliding scale of a flight master. For example, you know this kind of stuff, okay number four is redials and this seems to be increasing and there’s, several reasons.

Why? First of all – and this is very simple – the amount of untouched naturally patina dials is decreasing, and that’s because well it’s. For obvious reasons. These watches are discontinued. They’re, not manufactured anymore.

When we’re talking vintage watches there’s, only a finite amount of them, so it’s. It was inevitable that finding a good example of an untouched dial is gonna get more difficult. The second reason is because there’s, an increase on of watch dealers as our hobby expands and as watch dealers quickly source and grab up all the good examples, making it harder to find a good, untouched uh restored.

Sometimes they like to say this, you know they use certain terms to kind of get around it, but it’s. Basically, a painted dial and don’t. Get me wrong. It can be very, very subtle, sometimes, pay close attention make sure you do as much research as you can and i have been caught out myself.

Sometimes it’s, not even the text. Sometimes it’s, just loom being reapplied. This kind of thing i’ve got stung. I’m, the first to admit. Whenever i’ve made a mistake. Unfortunately, the watch stopped working.

It was a vintage zenith. I didn’t, see the point of taking it to a watchmaker spending hundreds, you know almost more than the cost of buying in the first place, to get it working again, i can’t sell it because i would be just as Bad as the the person who sold it to me in the first place, so in the end i had to destroy it.

It was the only honorable thing to do so. I i lost money there, but i learned a valuable lesson. So no nobody’s infallible. Okay. Number three is hyped up, watches that are eventually price gouged. What i mean by this – and this is getting worse as well – this is kind of um.

This is started in the last few years. Well from what i’ve seen and it’s really got to do with the death of true independent uh watch journalism, and the reason is because, if you’ve noticed a lot of the, and this is why i Don’t follow any of the big um.

Well, there’s, a few exceptions to this, but most of the time these big watch uh magazines – they’ve, basically turned into fronts for their own watch stores, and that creates a big problem because it undermines their own journalistic integrity and They’re, just basically glorified watch stores.

Now and what happens? Is they do collaborations with watch brands? Watch brands want to sell their watches. They go to these established magazines, they make a limited edition, they sell out, and then you get unscrupulous watch dealers who bulk buy and then charge in absorbent amounts.

Um to you know really hungry watch fans. Now you can say well that’s. My choice, if i want to spend such transactional watch and absolutely this is another reason why i like to stick to watch blogs that are made by fans, because you get this really honest.

You know enthusiasts, they’re, not writing for a paycheck. They’re writing for passion. You know, and i really respect that, for example, if you remember the last airman review, i talked about this um.

I forget the guy’s name, but i’ll. I’ll. Put it up on this on screen great website. It’s, rich of of history and resources from a guy who was just really passionate about the air man. It’s contagious, but that’s.

A great example because he’s, not there trying to sell you, 25 air man’s right. He might sell one or two from his own collection occasionally, but he’s there, because he’s. Sharing his passion to me, in my opinion, maybe i’m a bit old school, but that’s, genuine watch journalism, the the honesty you know, which i think this is a crucial word today, honesty.

You know a lot of this is lacking honesty right anyway, let’s, move on okay number; two, it had to be fake watches. Normally this is number one. When you buy a fake watch, a counterfeit watch, you are directly giving your money to very, very shady organizations uh, most often than not – and this is this is fact okay.

This is fact, and it’s – amazing – how many people dispute this in the comments and refuse to believe it and think? Oh, no, it’s. Just who am i hurting, buying a fake watch? No, the people behind it are criminals.

They’re criminal organizations who have their tentacles in some of the most horrible uh. I’m, not even going to mention it look go to any government law enforcement website check out the statistics. It always comes back to the same things.

Truly evil things so to say a fake watch or a replica never hurt. Anybody is pure ignorance, but, aside from the illegality of it, it’s disingenuous. It makes you look bad and sometimes even it’s illegal to possess and if you unwittingly sell it on not knowing it’s, a fake which is highly unlikely.

You’re, going to be breaking the law too. So, in effect, you’ll, become a criminal yourself, not to mention there’s, no guarantee they will actually work, and i know what the the the pro replica fans are going to say: oh, but you can get a super high-end eta-based Blah blah blah blah all the rest of it.

You can’t tell they’re super high quality. They work just like your regular rolex or whatever listen. If you’re spending, that kind of money 500 to a thousand dollars get a real watch, you know what you can buy for a few hundred bucks.

I’ve proved it on my channel time and time again, icons. Absolute icons of design and history and movie stars and with a real story – and you can become part of this part of this community and watch the enthusiastic community as a whole.

Don’t miss out and waste your money. So what is number one? Well, it & # 39; s got to be frankenwatches now. Why is it at number one? I think it’s because it ‘ S got really bad. Now there’s, so much of it on ebay in particular, and this is the thing sometimes it’s very sophisticated.

I know a friend of mine and shout out if you’re watching, who bought a rolex a used rolex datejust from a dealer. Actually, this this person has a youtube channel as well. It stopped working. He took it back to him and basically he was very unprofessional.

Didn’t want to know all the rest of. It proves exactly my previous point about youtubers becoming watch dealers vice versa. Anyway, he took it to his own watchmaker. He he had enough of this guy and they opened it up full of gunk needed the service really really badly, and he did not disclose that there were some unoriginal parts in there.

So at first glance you can’t really tell, and so there are varying degrees it. Sometimes it’s, so subtle you can’t even tell other times it’s, um very obvious, like if you saw the last episode. I highlighted the affordable level of all these terrible franken watches and, as the name implies, it was components from all kinds of different eras and different styles, different brands, all mish-mashed together predominantly from india on ebay.

For some reason you know you’d, see this kind of oris or a fortis or a seiko, with neon dial and then louis the 14th hands, i mean it. Just doesn’t, make sense these components. These parts are not designed to work in cohesion with each other, so eventually they break down it’s, a waste of money.

Put that money towards a real watch. You know from a reputable seller for not much more, sometimes even for the same amount. Sometimes it’s blatant like you’ll, see pocket, watch conversions that claim to be a patek.

Obviously they go for brands like this, because there’s, a bigger profit margin right, the size and style give it away. It’s, like 45 millimeters i mean since when does patek make a 45 it’s, a pocket watch.

Some parts can even be patek. You know that’s, how smart they can be other times it’s, they age it. For example, i’ve, seen so many world war ii watches that claim they were part of this division issued here issued there and it’s, just um a mishmash, so they exploit history, they exploit brands, they exploit the price range or It can be sophisticated than just a charlatan watch dealer.

You know um on youtube, it can be, you know so many different ways and that’s, why? I think it’s worse than the fake watches, because it’s. There’s, so many levels to it. It really targets the new watch enthusiast specifically right, so i’m going to leave it there.

Please don’t forget to add your watches. You recommend avoiding in the comments below please don’t forget to like this video. It really does help. So, if you want to support the channel, all i ask is for a like, very, very simple guys.

Um anyway, i’ll catch. You in the next one thank you for watching ciao

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