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Top 20 Iconic Seiko Watches Of All Time & Their Nicknames (Under $1k)

So without further ado, let’s, get into it. At 20 we have the psycho Shogun, this formidable higher end automatic diver, his big, bold and rugged doing its nickname, proud, launched in 2008. The SBDC 0:07 soon became known as this Shogun, which is a hereditary commander-in-chief of feudal Japan.

These military dictators would often be depicted in their full armor, which watch fans found similar to the shapes and pointed design elements found all over the watch: [ Music ]. The cocktail, some might say, should not be on the list.

The Seika themselves created the nickname first launched in 2010. The SRP b43 cocktail time was created in partnership with Shinobu shigeki, who is one of the world’s, most highly regarded mixologists and proprietor of the bar johanna in tokyo, part of the mid-range price, our line of everyday dress, watches these exotically dialed automatic Watches would expand dramatically over the years into a whole plethora of vivid and interesting colors dial textures all directly inspired by the cocktail creations of mr.

Ishigaki, the ultra affordable, seven s26 based automatic diver was first introduced to the sake of five family of watches. In the late 90s it soon expanded to various colors, but the SN z, f, 1 7 k has become one of the most loved, affordable alternatives to the rolex submariner, with its monochrome color scheme, while more of a dive style desk diver rather than a true ISO Level professional watch it has earned the name sea urchin because of the longest minute markings on the dial that resembles the spines of the aquatic animal.

The first generation was the SK z, 3 7, which is a very capable automatic diver and was released around the same time as the TV show adaptation of the 1994 movie stargate stargate sg1 ran from 1997 to 2007, but, as you can immediately see, it got its Name due to the very sculpted pronounced rotating dive time, bezel that resembles the portal from the stargate fictional universe.

The portal allows for practical, rapid travel between two distant locations, and it is unequivocally the best way to describe this watch, which happens to be one of the coolest and underrated watches in today’s list.

A Seiko Franken monster gets its nickname from the fact that the Shroud screws on the sides look a bit like the bolts sticking out of dr. Frankenstein’s monsters neck. This watch was first released in 2007 and only ran for a very short time to 2009.

The most numerous version is the SK Z, 2, 4. 7. Not only is this a fitting surmise of its style, but like the fictional monster, the design is something of a mishmash. Essentially it’s, an automatic sake of five but housed in a Seiko tuner style case with a Seiko Muenster bezel.

The Seiko naught refers to a family of watches in the ultra affordable sacrified line of automatics. These are often overlooked and they were homogenous to the ultra high-end, Patek, Nautilus, luxury sports watch.

The name is a simple but charming portmanteau of Seiko and Nautilus. Like many of the almost infinite amount of Seiko five watches, little is known regarding precise dates, but whether 7s 6 and the mother size it’s insane value for money compared to the almost of vulgar prices of the Patek.

After the discontinuation of the legendary skx range of professional automatic divers in 2019, Seiko caused quite a storm when its successor was released under the historic and revamped Seiko five line.

This was to capture a new generation, a younger audience, with an expensive range of vibrant fun and more daring sports watches that was soon christened the 5kx. What creative genius in the psycho enthusiast community did.

This is still a mystery, but I definitely applaud the creativity. The Seiko Darth Vader were also known as the helmet gets its name from the lovably curvaceous case that unmistakeably resembles the sith lords costume, which itself was based on samurai armor, incidentally, and German military helmets.

The six one three nine 7100 was part of a very important generation of early pioneering automatic chronographs of the early 70s and once the first Star Wars movie was released in 1977. Well, the rest is history.

Psychos 60309 is affectionately known as the Seiko turtle. The Stein watch first became available in 1977. The watch might have been inspired by the 6105, but it had a very different feel due to its curvy case that yeah, you guessed, it resembles the shell of a turtle.

This automatic entry-level diver would go on to have a long history and become revered as one of seika’s, most iconic, which has also been discussed in more detail during my recent review of a modern incarnation.

The wonderful mini turtle any case in the range six one: three: eight: zero: zero one: zero two six one: three: eight: zero zero one. Nine is known to collectors as the UFO. It was first launched in Japan in 1970.

It doesn’t. Take a scientist to see why the nickname stuck to it, but what is really interesting is later six one, three, eight seven thousand variation it inspired from the mid-70s that also included a slide rule bezel rather than the typical UFO tachometer.

If you have seen my flight master history, video, you’ll know that this was the genesis of all subsequent flight masters. Here we see a Gentry classic the only watch on this list to have its nickname given to it by you guys out there.

The sake of flight master, quartz chronograph comes in many forms with a history going back to some historically important watches check out my video on its origins for a rather surprising look at how this tough aviation watch came to be, but it is the SN a41 one In particular, from the late 90s that has rarely captured not only my heart, but many watch enthusiasts hearts.

This was due to the compelling functions, great size and highly detailed features. Like many watches, I own, for example, the sabe, the speedy longer names or references are often shortened. Thus the flight master simply became the flighty.

This list would not be complete without the instantly recognizable iconic gold, dial and Pepsi bezels Pogue named after astronaut, William Pogue. He famously wore it into space for the Skylab 4 mission in 1973.

Not only is this watch the first automatic chronograph to venture into this new frontier, but it was also powered by one of the first calibers to be self-winding with this complication, no matter how you look at it, it is an absolute legend launched in 2007, the Seiko Sbdc 0:01 was a professional higher-end automatic diver that the designers themselves took direct inspiration from the Japanese wrestling culture.

The shapes of the case are based on the Hancock and so pool that represent different body types of sumo wrestlers, and so later it became called the sumo. The twelve O’Clock index Parker also refers to the moisture topknot that is worn by sumo wrestlers in their hair.

Once again, the armored and military weapons of feudal Japan returns to inspire another diver, but this time more obviously with the beloved samurai, the samurai has bold surfaces that result in a brutalist design and talking of architecture.

Similar shapes are also found in buildings of that period. It looks like it has been slashed with a sword with parts that have been sliced off and speaking of swords. The minute hand also resembles one too originally first released in limited numbers in 2004.

His almost fell into complete obscurity, but had a cult following and became highly sought after by collectors. It was then updated in 2016 with a new generation that has since become one of the biggest hits for the entry-level automatic professional divers for the brand, with a ton of new versions colors and dials [ Music ].

So if you know me, you know this watch and my profound love for its quirky eighties. Aesthetic, the psycho Ripley gets its name from the movie character, Ellen Ripley played by the supremely talented Sigourney Weaver in the 1986 masterpiece aliens, the original quartz chronograph 7.

A 2 8 7000 was designed by the renowned Italian car and industrial designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. Remember the Back to the Future DeLorean well yeah! He did that too. However, it was not intended for battling HR G’s aliens, but rather for motor racing drivers.

It’s. Asymmetrical push replacement was designed for easy access when the hands are on the steering wheel. The movie director James Cameron, then a seka fan at the time before Rolex came calling is famously fanatical about the attention to detail in his movies.

Thus, when he saw its industrial sci-fi, retro style, it was cast as Ripley’s watch among several other psychos in the film fast forward to 2016 and the watch returned, but no longer under the speedmaster name, but under the spirit, smart line with the Newer: SCE, the 0:35 limited edition, [ Music ].

Here we see another sake of five in different color variations. This time, an ultra economic homage to the iconic burn path, 50 feathers, a watch that costs almost 50 times as much as the Seiko. The 1953 black pan is legendary for being the first modern divers watch.

The Seiko is therefore a classically styled automatic dive wash that derives its nickname by cleverly combining the number-5 to create the 55 feathers. This is the only watch as far as I know that Seiko models have even gone so far as to print the name on custom-made dials, yet another dive watch, but this time, without a shadow over that the most distinctive and polarizing professional diver of all time.

The aptly named Munster was a revolutionary fresh new design when first released in 2000 as an extension to their skx. Diving watch range with harsh unapologetic shapes. There is nothing subtle about it, hence the Marmite effect.

The Seco skx 779 soon became extremely popular with those looking for an affordable to watch. What followed was even more monstrous in style, with the addition of pointed teeth, like loons markers, with the introduction of the substantially upgraded second generation and Beyond watches being named after their famous wearers, is nothing new, but, unlike the Paul Newman Daytona, you will not have to Pay an arm and the leg for this one: the utilitarian looking H: five five, eight five zero zero nine, which I have also previously reviewed and earned, is so synonymous with the movie star.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is simply called the Arnie. This is because he wore it off and on screen in five movies during his ascent to superstardom, but aside from helping to beat alien predators, Chicago mobsters and endless hordes of valverde mercenaries, it made world history.

It was the world’s. First, serious only dizzy dive watch to feature a chronograph and alarm when it was first introduced in 1982. It was then reinvented in a solar-powered update in 2019 to the sheer delight of psycho, holux and fans of the golden era of classic action movies.

The captain, Willard or sometimes just the Willard, is a highly memorable shaker. That was an important precursor to the turtle. We previously mentioned the six one: zero five eight one, one zero from 1970 was made famous after appearing on Martin Sheen’s wrist in the 1979 Vietnam War, epic Apocalypse.

Now it’s. Why than soup around the case is, unlike any other at the time, and it was a hundred and fifty meter water resistant automatic dive watch, although it was never officially issued to troops. It was highly favored by American soldiers serving in the conflict and hence why it was justly cast in the movie.

It is for these combined three reasons why the watch features so high in the list. It has since also been re-released with souped up modern incarnations and now part of the prestigious prospects line.

This was a tough list to rank, but the Seiko tuna has to be number one simply for the numerous achievements, innovations and massive amount of influence it has had. In 1968, Sega received a letter from a professional diver requesting a dive watch that could withstand the rigors of saturation diving.

He took them seven years of testing and development, but in 1975 they introduced what is widely regarded as the most extreme diving watch off that age. The sake of marine master referenced six one, five, nine seven zero one.

Zero was, unlike anything out there at the time, with a titanium case, featuring a special, unique l-shaped gasket that made the watch impervious to the destructive healing gas that builds up during saturation diving.

There was also an accordion-style rubber, strap that has become now widely adopted by the entire industry and, finally, a futuristic protective outer shell that gave it a very distinct tuna can and hence the name elements of this design can be found in the arne, the munster, the Franken Monster among many others, the watch like so many discussed would go on to be superseded by ever more robust divers, respected and used by professionals.

It even made it into a James Bond movie being worn by Roger Moore. So there you have it please. Don’t forget to share your favorite to watch and its nickname in the comments below I’d. Love to hear that, of course, it doesn’t have to be just say cup now, don’t forget to like this video.

If you’d like to see more like it. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you in the next one: okay, ciao

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Seiko has more iconic watches than any other brand. It has changed the watch world and influenced horological history like no other, and nothing signifies iconic status like a nickname.

In this video I share a countdown of my top 20 most iconic Seiko watches including their unofficial, mainly fan generated nicknames, how they earned their honorary titles, and what makes them so special.

Ever wondered where names like Sumo, Pogue, Ripley, Stargate, Shogun, Sea Urchin, and Frankenmonster originated? Join me for another Seiko special for the answer to that question and a fun analysis of some of our favorites.

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