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Top Pet Peeves, Hates & Industry Controversy: Watch Collection Talk #6

I say this every i say it’s that time of the month, yeah yeah. It sounds a little weird [, Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show and today, once again uh it’s um. Oh god, i want to say the same thing uh.

What can we say it’s? It’s, it’s uh! Well, how about you don’t, make it that it’s expected right, yeah, it’s that monthly yeah. Another month we’ve got a monthly show yeah another monthly visit, yeah uh by my good friend mark at long island watch.

How are you, sir? I am doing terrific. How are you good very well? Thank you very well. How’s? The family good good and how’s, the the thumb, because last time you cut it off, they put it back on it’s, it’s.

Actually i’ll. Tell you! The human body is an amazing thing, uh totally amazing. I mean it’s, a little scar tissue, a little tender still, but right i can’t believe it so cool. What is what good i’m doing.

Oh, are you looking at my instagram counter yeah, we didn’t even talk about that, and how does that work then? So it is hooked into wi-fi and it’s made by a company called the horrible name, smirl smi, not endorsing it or anything it just it popped up on my instagram feed.

It’s, a mechanical flip counter and it counts. Your real-time instagram followers and you know i can use a phone obviously to look at the number of followers, but i thought this was so cool. It’s, a mechanical representation and uh.

It kind of really resonated with me. So how? How does it know when to to you said it so it got annoying. It can go real time like every 10 seconds which not that i get a new follower every 10 seconds.

But you know every few minutes a new follower pops in um, but you can set it to go at intervals, so mine goes every 12 hours or so so it’s like eight in the morning, eight at night, it it. But what happens when you get to a hundred thousand? Well so they sell it and it’s, a good question.

Hopefully your viewers can get me there, yeah yeah. By the way, yeah i mean like, like i need to introduce mark yeah, yeah yeah subscribe to mark’s channel and his instagram, so they they make a five counter, a five digit, a seven digit.

I thought the seven digit was too forward of me to get so. I’ll get the five, and if i run into an overflow situation i will i’ll get the seven so that’s. Great and people say that my background’s a little dry, so this is kind of it’s.

My new uh, it’s. It’s, my new little new set, i like it, it yeah nice. It’s, nice very nice yeah cool um, so we’re gonna do pet peeves. Yes, today, oh before we do, i will yeah you. Oh yes, i was gonna.

Ask you you need to confess there’s. Nothing to confess to so our last video okay, one of my all-time best seikos, was the snowflake and in that video i had said to you. I don’t own a spring drive, but there was a watch that came out recently from seiko and i really liked it well about a week later i placed some texts, texts to some people, uh hi at seiko and lo and behold, uh 400 Piece, limited edition run full titanium spring drive, gmt power reserve, uh snro49.

I think i was able to get one so it came and it’s been in my wrist ever since casper, oh yeah, yeah, well, nice, nice right. So just the one! Today. No come on marathon released a uh anthracite bracelet for their jisar, so i’ve been wearing.

I’ve been wearing this almost like a durability test. For now it’s been over two weeks, and the thing is not a scratch on it really close is that the the uh the thirty seconds? No, this is actually a forty one.

People get concealed. This is the full size, the 36 or what they call the mid size is uh, in my opinion, super small um. I like the 41 for me six and three-quarter interest. So but yes, how about you? What are you doing? Um i’m, complete opposite of both of yours.

I’m. Doing a um, i’ll, show you an opera uh, a classic 1950s sea master, solid gold; very nice um, no date kind of kind of almost explorer-esque this. This is the 500 caliber uh automatic that i just.

I love this era of amiga. It’s just just before the trilogy came out right. You know so like this was before the sea master became a proper diver. You know that’s, really nice, so classic yeah it’s. Just i love it.

I don’t. I i scratched the um. I dropped something behind the the cupboard and you went to yeah and i scratched up the. I had to order polywatch, but yeah i’ll. Do it i’ll, do a tutorial. Oh it’s. That stuff’s.

Amazing. It works great. It works great yeah, so that anyway right should we, because we better crack on with this oh yeah yeah. This is going to take. I i don’t want to spend all day doing this. Yeah yeah grab your popcorn uh a couple of drinks.

Um i’m sipping tea. My voice is a bit i apologize. If it’s, a bit berry white, i got water yeah, i got i don ‘ T know why i woke up with a sore throat, so i got some lovely tea, so there we go how british right um now is this in descending order? Well, i have.

I have two lists. You we’re, doing pet peeves right so yeah. I’ve, got about 20 pet peeves that i’m gonna reel off a read off so read at the end. Oh okay got it extras so yeah. You said we’re doing pet peeves today, so i figured i’d, make a little bit fun and i’m going to do.

I do the top five. I think that my customers have and and then my own five perfect stuff yeah a little bit of both cool okay uh. Would you like to go first uh? I can. If you’d like me to are you gonna, do uh customers? I’ll.

Do customers first, so my number one customer pet peeve is when they have when they have watches that don’t hack, which means when you pull out the crown just at the time the seconds hand stops uh. So why? I it’s, a crazy pet peeve, but i’m like.

Why do you care? Because even the finest automatic watch is going to be off by a few seconds after the first day? So i don’t understand the whole need for hacking um. I know it bugs people in no end uh.

I guess mioda finally answered the call their 821a movement they actually added. It was a historically handwinding non-hacking movement. They just added hacking to it. Recently so i guess people are listening, um and know that you, like your hacking, so uh hacking tends to be a big old.

My customers, i kind of get it, but at the end of the day you’re right. It’s. It’s, you know i don ‘ T really check the accuracy of my watches. That much you know, and and unless you’re a commando about to storm a enemy position in world war ii.

Right, like you know it’s, really not that important. I mean if you’re minutes ahead or minutes behind and yet sure you know, but hacking is for that to the second accuracy. You know from the days when he used to call the phone number to get the real time right, but at the beep it’ll be 1202.

. Does it still do that? I haven’t, actually owned a real phone for like a landline right yeah it’s a little. No, you could well, i’m sure you can call it from a cell number. It was just like it was like the nist.

You know like the national phone national time, um yeah i don’t know if that still exists. I mean the question for you: yeah questions for people watching yeah and half the audience. Probably won’t even know what a landline is.

Okay, now i wrote mine on my phone um, so oh yeah, okay, so this is this – is this – is from a a youtuber’s, perspective kind of okay, good? It’s kind of changing now, like uh oris kind of reached out to me recently, which i’ll, tell you about in a moment, but it’s.

Only the fashion brands, fashion watch brands aggressively reach out to me to review. Oh, and i always turn them down because it’s like it’s, not really my audience. It’s. Not my thing and and to be honest um, i send them an email, and now i i don’t really bother because it’s.

Just it’s, it’s, companies that they hire right. It’s like if you are getting good marketing, yeah sure i email back and i say um yeah i would love to. But you are aware i’m going to be. You know it’s, going to be a number yeah.

It’s. I’m, going to have positives and negatives, and you know i don ‘ T really want to do that. Right, um. I just wish my pet peeve is. I wish the real watch companies would reach out to me, and i know why and we’ll get into it and just in a later point about watch journalism.

This is probably going to be a very controversial video, but i don’t care and some brands don’t. Even i i i have to chase them down and they don’t even lend out, watches for review and it’s, and i don’t ask for anything.

I’m, not not interested in keeping the watch. I just need the watch right review and i’ll, send it back yeah. Why is it only fashion watch brands that are really engaging with social media? Orris did lend me the the new ad quiz with the in-house movement and they emailed me – and it was great – that’s, how it should be right.

You know yeah there, because the fashion brands are the ones that unfortunately have the brains and the marketing brains. A lot of these established companies that you’re. Referring to these swiss companies, it’s.

All it’s still run by very old uh mindsets. Yeah, very – and you know you can tell, by a lot of the a lot of the brands you that you may want to review their stuff, go to their youtube, accounts, uh and and look at how many subscribers they have it’s.

Sad. It’s actually said some of them have like startup accounts like ten thousand or twenty thousand, where a company like rolex, they got, they got the following: they you know they engaged there. They engaged they may not engage with, obviously with with vloggers, but they engaged the audience.

I think a lot of these companies are still stuck in the mud yeah. I you know if i, if i added up all that all the uh all the fashion brands and probably try to calculate how much money they’ve offered me right and that’s.

The other thing i’m, not interested. I don’t, you could you? Could there’s? Nothing. Well, i mean obviously, if they’re gonna pay me some ludicrous amount, oh yeah, and then i’ll, be like bye, no more youtube bye.

I’m chilling on a night, but it’s. That’s, that’s ridiculous, but i wouldn’t. Do that to my audience and and also um, you know i could have bought a lange now right. Nobody would watch my channel because, right you know i’m, not it’s, a sellout yeah i’m, not gonna.

Do that i don’t, i get it it just still. Pees me off. You know yeah there we go anyway yeah. This is going to turn out to one of these rant things yeah. It is because i because i have more – i can say more about that, but i’m, going to keep my mouth shut.

All right. All right go for it go all right. The next peeve would be uh seconds hand, registration on quartz, watches uh when the seconds hand ticks yeah and if it doesn’t hit the hash marks 360 degrees around uh that bothers the crap out of a lot of people.

Um – and you know from an from an engineer’s perspective, i you know, i look at it and there are some brands that are good at it. Citizen is good at it, but a lot of brands. They’re, just simply not investing enough money.

It’s. It’s too expensive to get perfection out of this. You know it’s. The movement it’s. The printing on the dial has to be perfect, it’s, the seconds hand has to be perfect um and then it’s. The installation of the dial on the movement has to be perfect, and then it’s.

The installation of the hand onto the movement has to be perfect, and this is usually on a very affordable entry level right. Your quartz watches um. I would say, because i’m, noticed yeah once you hit like marathon level like they’re um their courts.

You know the quartz watch like this. They get to be really good at it and it gets to be. You know fairly fairly accurate, but yeah your one, two three dollar quartz watches um the seconds hand, maybe for half the dial it’s a quarter past the second and then for the rest of the sweep around the dial it might be on, or It might be halfway in between or whatever, but i know it bothers the crap out of people.

They want to see perfection. I can understand that i i can understand both. I understand those stories. Unfortunately, i’m, an engineer, so it kind of i i feel bad for the i’m wearing my cooper union.

Oh yeah, we did. We didn’t, do a t-shirt yeah, so i’m wearing. I went to the cooper uni engineering, school and uh it’s. I see the engineering side and i’m like oh, i’m like i get how hard this is to do so, i kind of feel bad for these folks yeah yeah, fair enough uh.

Actually, that kind of segues nicely into my next one is um, taking watches way too seriously. Okay, you know – and i think it’s more about the social media, interaction and like people who get into arguments and right.

I don ‘ T really. Sorry excuse me. I don’t, really frequent forums because it just everything devolves into an argument and and like i understand, people have different tastes and it starts off.

Like oh amigo’s better than rolex. You know yeah yeah, yeah sure and then it just escala and because look social media there’s. A lot of tribalism. There’s, this kind of venting because it’s, anonymous yeah don’t.

Take it so seriously, you know it’s like it’s, not everything it’s, not life or death. It’s. It’s, a watch yeah it’s, a watch yeah. I mean i’ve done so many videos, ranting about snobbery and all this stuff and it’s.

Just like don’t. Take it so seriously, just relax. You know we all like the same thing. We’re all here to better the you want to call it a hobby. We’re here to better the heart. Why can’t we all just get along to use our faces exactly.

I agree, agreed yeah nice. Your turn, my turn so uh that i hear from my customers uh. Why doesn’t. It have a sapphire crystal. That is one of the that’s, a it’s, a big one. You know for that amount of money.

I should be getting sapphire, which again i understand, but i also see the uh. You know that i’m, making watches um don’t have my own brand. I see the course the cost involved and sapphire is pricey to add in uh.

You know so you know if i could see why a 500 seiko still sporting hard lex. I kind of understand um, but a lot of these two and 300 watches yeah. They probably should be sporting, a sapphire and not a mineral uh, but i guess it comes down to like, like you had mentioned before, you reached your hand behind to get something if it would have been a mineral crystal watch.

It probably went to scratched at all, but i don’t know what people are doing with their watches, such that their mineral crystals get so scratched, look like they went through world war ii, because i have a lot of mineral crystal water.

I just have a lot of watches, but i have a lot of hard like crystal watch there’s, no crystal watches and it’s like it’s like none of them are scratched. I i guess i’m, just not rough enough with my hands uh, but i i always.

I always hear that like. Oh, i i has to be sapphire, i need sapphire and you know you don’t, always get that yeah. The the force required to really smash a watch like that it’s, probably going to hurt you yes yeah, you know.

So i so i get it, i get it, and actually that will tie into a point that will come later about. You know the the they’re, just not aware of the costs involved and the other perspective right. This is gonna ruffle.

Some feathers but uh watch dealers watch dealers are the new used car salesman right and what i mean by that is. I should preface this by by highlighting a good watch seller, who i’m talking to right now.

Oh god right i was like. I wonder: who’s, going to say yeah? No, but you you i i mean i’ve known you ever since i the very early days of the channel um. The fact that i still talk to you that we’re friends is right, not only a testament to your character, but it’s because you’re.

Somebody reputable and – and i was a customer first right. I would never recommend anybody that wasn’t. You know i i have to stand behind. Of course you know, but i’ve see i’ve seen so many dodgy watch dealers, especially with used, watches, uh vintage watches.

It’s, a minefield and it takes decades and decades of experience and learning and and and you still people can make mistakes. Nobody’s, perfect right um. We’re, all fallible these kind of overnight, and now you see vloggers becoming dealers and stuff and it’s like no.

No, no just you know it’s, a recipe for disaster. So i will then say what i was going to say before right. Yes, when you were talking about when you were talking about marketing and how uh, only the fashion brands reach out to you, i was gonna say.

If you want the big brands to reach out to you, you just need to open a store and then all and start selling the watches and then reviewing them and selling them. And then apparently they will start to talk to you.

Oh really, because this is what they want, they want a face and they want reviews, but they don’t necessarily want to pay for them yeah. This is well. This goes into another point, um. What another pet peeve of mine is what established watch brands that refuse to lend in watches, okay – and i know why it is it’s because they’re scared of the negatives they’re scared of them.

They don’t want any criticism. Well then, i’m, not going to review your watch. How am i going to recommend your brand right? You won’t. Even let me review it because you’re, honest with it yeah you can’t be honest with it um i mean i could.

Should i name brandt’s. Oh it’s too. I’m. It’s up to you. No, i’m, not gonna. I’m, not naming names, and i will keep a neutral expression right, but okay, so there’s a there’s a there’s a there’s, a very popular dive watch very nice And i like them – and i’ve reached out to them, but they refuse to be reviewed right.

You know i’m, not going to recommend you. It’s, a shame because they’re great history. Great watch you know this, that that scared that i’m, going to say, oh the lug is too long or the the strap is could be better.

I might change one of my future peeves now that we’re talking about this. Okay, okay, okay, uh, so my next one that from customers – and this one is – is kind of funny. Um even with they can’t, get a good fit on a bracelet watch, even with a three position: micro adjust.

They just can’t, get the right fit and i’m thinking. Oh this one’s got micro, it’s in the ratchet it’s in the class. But if you have like eighth inch increments, how do you not you know what i mean? How do you not find your sweet spot like? Oh one, notch is too tight and one notch is too loose.

I need a half link, i mean, then you start going through all these geometric configurations where you can to attain any fit. You want. I think it’s, just funny that people say i can’t find it. I can’t get the bracelet to fit me correctly.

I need a new clasp or something yeah wow. By the way i didn’t, say congrats on the on that seiko, that’s. Okay, it’s. Really nice, i love it. I bet you’re chuffed with it. I am. I’ve been wearing it every day.

Yes, i’ve been wearing it every day. I love it. I love it nice, i sized it up. It is pins and collars. Of course, i guess it’s, titanium but yeah. I did scratch the clasp already like an idiot, but other than that.

Actually it is fairly it’s. I was actually i scratched it on a lamp. I was hooking up a new lamp right and i went oh and i heard it yeah and it was. It was hard, but no it’s uh remarkably still after a few weeks.

No scratches just that one. So no! No to go back to your point: do you think it’s because of a temperature change or people get increasing size and decrease in size throughout definitely, obviously, during the summer, you need a little that’s, where action classes are great.

You need a little more and during the winter, your wrist shrinks. Even if you’re, an indoor person all the time it doesn’t matter, it’s still perceived. Temperature is a lot colder, but i it tends to be the same like if one person can’t find a good fit.

They pretty much can’t find a good fit with anything unless they ‘ Ve got like 20 micro positions that they can play with right right, and i think that also goes into you know you just just put it on and wear it and enjoy it.

Yeah and don ‘ T worry about everything else, right right, fair enough! Um all right, so my next one is uh, no free press in the watch world. Uh. Oh, wait! Wait! These are my notes. Maybe i shouldn’t read these out.

I’m, sorry yeah, so the the the death of watch journalism in the in a traditional sense like absolutely i was, i was shocked, to know that even just mentions and things what the the, how the brands control the these magazines and stuff and It it just it horrified me really and it right completely.

It was the first nail in the in the cough in the coffin so to speak and and um. This is the reason why now i don’t follow any of the big there’s. There’s, a few still really good ones, which i’m sure you know who they are most of them.

I can’t read because i just can’t. I can’t trust them in that capacity and right i i i feel as as one as the the the you know, traditional magazines have kind of died. We are seeing beautiful little fl uh blogs of like true independence, yeah yeah independence, sure so there’s, a great guy um glicentinial.

com right. I’ve mentioned him before he’s obsessed with the glycine air man and uh. The combat sub right, he reads, articles he’s, done huge, deep dives on the history and and um, but it’s from passion because he loves that watch right.

He’s, not making a living out of it right. I was just gonna say that he’s, not making a living out. If you’re, not making a living out of it. You speak your mind and you do what you want to do, but once your you know, finances come into it.

Well then, if i i’m, not going to say this: it’s. Let’s, say hamilton. I don’t know i don’t care who it is, let’s, make a difference. Um, let’s, say hamilton, says: oh, you know we ‘ Ll give you.

You know three grand to write a good review about this watch and if you’re passionate, you would say i can’t. I can’t in my right mind. I’m, not saying they do that. I have no idea, i’m, just kind of yeah right in my head, um, but being their swatch group brand.

They probably do um but um. You know that’s, kind of where you lose yeah again. This is, i got ta. Definitely got ta, maybe change one of my peeves later uh. You lose honesty in journalism 100 absolutely, and for those of you wondering this is another reason why i i well last year was different because i got you know i was i was.

I got help, but this year i’m back to doing youtube part-time because it’s. The only way to sustain myself, i you know, i, i have a life outside of youtube right, so right to remaining truly independent.

Well, yeah, i mean i’ll, give people credit that make a living off of youtube. I mean yeah, you know for me, it’s, just whatever, whatever, whatever you know, revenue it throws off is is purely secondary, but month to month, uh revenues go like this.

It’s, crazy yeah. Other people live on this. I’m editing and freelance and consulting i’m doing so much doing stuff, but it’s good because, like for example, i i reviewed a cuervo, you sabrina uh watch um, i loved it.

The cigar company yeah yeah a great watch uh, you know they. They actually reached out to me beautiful little lander on base um chronograph gorgeous, and now i’m. You know considering one and right it’s, not like a viral video.

I’m, i did it out of my because i was curious. I i enjoyed the watch. It was by no means perfect. You know right, you know overpriced. If you want to know it was yeah, it was, it was way overpriced, but that’s.

How a review should be done right, i know so anyway. I agree. Let’s. Go to my last one for from customers, uh, let’s, see oh uh accuracy, accuracy of automatic, wrist watches. You know people, you know if you, if you get a seiko and it’s two seconds a day and that’s, your only watch and that’s great, but then you buy another seiko orient whatever else it is, And it’s.

Eight seconds a day you’ve been spoiled, and you think that eight seconds a day is horrendous when in truth, plus six to minus four is chronometer accuracy. Um and you know orient puts in their books plus 25 minus 15.

seiko when pushed will say 45 seconds for 436. um generally much better, but people really, i find again, they hang their hat on accuracy, and for – and it goes, i guess almost goes hand in Hand with hacking that i mentioned before yeah um, in my opinion, is, if you have to adjust the watch one minute when you wake up, you know every other day or every third day, not really the end of the world.

And again i’m. Not the kind of person that’s wearing the same watch every day, except except right now, but the spring drive is kind of more quartz. Well, i don’t, get that right now yeah, but the accuracy is.

The accuracy is amazing. Um, but i i think it’s, funny that people hone in yeah – i guess the uninitiated when i explained to them that a 10 timex will be more accurate than a 6 000 rolex. They totally it’s.

I they don’t understand it. Don’t, believe it and then it’s. Why would you even buy one of these more expensive watches if they’re, not accurate um? So i guess a little bit a little bit uninitiated, but again, i think that people do get hung up around the accuracy of their automatics just a little bit too much back to what i was saying earlier about.

You know taking watches too seriously it’s, it’s. It’s, really not that serious. Well. This is like what you were saying when people complain about the cost of a watch, what it’s, it’s, it’s. A lack of awareness, because i i kind of was a little bit guilty of this back in the day when i first started, but then i visited watch factories yeah and i see what they do yeah from start to finish, and i’m talking.

You know i’ve, been to high-end independence, to to complete in-house uh manufacturers, two entry-level kind of tool, watch makers right right and doesn’t matter. If you’re, putting an eta in it or you’re, making the hairspring from scratch right people love to complain about the price it’s.

The number one comment i get on almost every single watch: oh, that’s, nice, but it’s too small. It’s a bit bit expensive. It should be four hundred dollars. It should be fine yeah, oh yeah, like they should work for free, like the the electricity is free, the materials, the wages, the tax, the legalities marketing it’s, all free you’re right.

You have to remember this, and god forbid. They make a profit, you know yeah, they’re, doing it for fun right, exactly exactly yeah it’s. You know i get a kick out of people that will say that you know if you melt down a great example is rolex.

If you melt down a rolex to which constituent part it’s, worth whatever it’s worth 300 bucks or 400 bucks in raw materials, you know how can you justify getting six thousand dollars for it? Well, i say you take those raw materials and you do it all yourself and you figure out how to refine this deal and machine it and polish.

It right, as you said, make a hair spring, all the crazy stuff they do it’s. All very expensive – and it all goes in, as you said, they’re entitled to make money uh. The dealer is entitled to make money, and you know then it also depends how they’re set up.

Are they you know? I’m in a different situation in some brands because it goes from a manufacturer to me so there’s. Not i hate to use the term middleman, but they’re. If there’s a middleman, i guess it’s, me um, but there’s.

You eliminate a couple of levels of distribution and that takes money out of it. But there’s, always people along the way that have to make money, whether it’s, the person putting it together or it’s, the person selling it absolutely yeah and that’s.

So i’m now on to my personal ones. I fold my paper now sorry, the other one, because i had too many so here we go so my number one. So now this is coming from both, as you know, as a as a a person in my personal opinion and also as a seller um, and i’m.

Looking at you orient [ Music ], odd size, yeah 21 millimeters amen. Why there’s such an ecosystem built around parts, compatibility and 20? Nobody makes well it’s. Not nobody. Hersh makes 20 millimeter straps, they sell a couple of them, but why 21 would it kill you that machine away an extra 39 thousands of material to make it a 22.

? No one’s, gonna really notice, and we’ve. Just i think we’ve discussed this before yeah we had whatever whoever the designer is that you know the golden ratio, wasn’t right or something but yeah it’s.

Just like why you’re killing. Your kill, you could sell so much more. You know if you would just make it some people, some people, don’t buy this stuff because they go. Oh, i’ve got. You know a whole draw load of 22 millimeter straps, but i can’t use them.

So i’m, not going to buy the watch uh so odd size lugs, i’m. You know it was okay, 50 years ago, when 19 millimeter was big, but we’re, not up. We’re, not there anymore, 18s, 20s, 22s yeah and i think it’s, especially bad when it’s.

Like a dress, watch and and because, if if it’s a if it’s, a diver right, you can stuff a pearl on or a nato in there right right. You could do something nylon that it kind of has a little give or a rubber that has some give to it.

But leather, it’s, either going to knock around or you’re, going to squish the grip out of it and it does. It never looks good unless it’s, precise yeah, you’re, correct. Absolutely absolutely that’s, that’s, a good one, um well number seven for for me, is uh talking trash about a watch.

You’ve, never tried on or experienced in person sure it’s. It sounds so simple, right, yeah yeah, but again going back to – and this is from, i guess a reviewer perspective right. So, oh that that that watch is crap yeah! Oh, oh, how long have you owned it? I don’t.

I don’t. I read all about it. I read it on the internet, it look yeah already it’s like have you tried it? Have you worn it like? My perceptions of watch has changed so much that there’s. I okay, i like the the rolex explorer.

I always thought it was boring right always and then i then i was a friend of mine lent me one and i was like this is great right. You know so perceptions can change and i just it goes again goes way back to the the first point of people venting right.

You know it’s. It’s like the the toxicity of their life, bleeding into watches right exactly exactly so now. This is definitely as a seller um, so people might not get this manufacturers that undersell their vendors so 20 years ago.

This was never an issue, but now in the digital age, a lot of the manufacturers have their own websites that they sell on. So they’ll, sell to stores like myself to resell, or they sell direct to customer and sometimes all of a sudden.

I’ll, get an email from someone says: hey model xyz is available direct from the manufacturer for less than you’re selling it for uh, and i’m like well. I’m, not a they tell me. I’m, not allowed to sell it that low there’s.

Something called minimum advertised price, which is, which is something that i sign saying i won’t sell this. I won’t advertise, i can’t, say sell. I won’t advertise this watch for less than 250.. It’s like well, but they ‘

Ve got it for 225. I’m like what the hell and you know i get it kind of it. Pisses you off some companies. Do it right, um, happy wearing a marathon, so if they’re watching they do it right, they’ll. Send a message out months before hey boxing day is coming up: uh thanksgiving’s.

Coming up. We know which these this is, the discounts we’re gonna. Do you’re allowed to match them, and so we can all play by the same playbook uh. But you know it bothers me to no end, because manufacturers obviously have a much higher margin to erode.

They can offer more of a discount still make more money than i’m making um, and it makes me look like a shmo yeah yeah i don’t need any help doing, and then i would imagine the consumer is like looking At you and going hey, you know you’re, ripping everybody off yeah.

I got that this morning. Actually from somebody, oh wow, you’re charging. The email was you’re charging way too much for this watch. This guy has it for, and it wasn’t a manufacturer. This guy has it for whatever it was yeah.

I’m like well. I’m, not allowed to sell it that low either. Is he? But he obviously is not following the rules yeah and you’re, an authorized id i mean and try to do it all right, yeah. I try to try to be a nice guy good for you, man, good for you, okay, the next one is um [, Music ].

When when when people say they see a small watch and they say oh, that’s, that’s. A lady’s, watch real men wear. You know this size and like what, since, when do we equate masculinity or achievement or anything with the size of your watch? I mean no.

That sounds like the most size of something sausage yeah the most insecure thing i’ve ever heard yeah. Have you ever seen frank sinatra wearing a watch? He wore these very small ones, yeah very small, absolutely yeah! I’ve got other examples like hemingway yeah, you know it just the list goes on and on the comment.

Doesn’t annoy me, but what annoys me is there’s? People still with this limited edition, mentality, yeah. It’s mentality right now, if you like big watches, that’s, fine, but yeah, it’ll, be interesting to go up to people with big watches and go uh.

What are you compensating for yeah? What are your conversations? Yes, no, but you see i wouldn’t. Do that right, right right! You know i don’t. Is it parenting might make a good video though oh god, yeah yeah slippery slope? You know yeah uh, let’s, see um my turn.

Yes, yeah! Absolutely uh hands that blend in with the dial, so right, dress, watches with black dials and highly polished silver hands. They kind of disappear um so and that’s. Almost it’s personal, but also as a seller.

I can see it when you have watches like that. They don’t sell or they get returned because people like i can’t read the damn time: yeah yeah yeah the most important thing right right, the most right, sometimes i think, sometimes getting back to like odd size logs.

I think a lot of times. You know these watch companies kind of forget that job number one yeah tell is because if it doesn’t tell the time yeah you don’t need it. You’re, not you know. What do you? What do you sell when you’re selling, a bracelet exactly so yeah? So i i think that that message, kind of gets lost at times.

Absolutely. Is there any culprits that are just really there’s an orient? So there’s, an orient sun and moon. It should be et0t002b yeah, but i love the sun and moon. It’s. Great sun and moon is beautiful.

That’s, the black dial, sun and moon with silver hands, and it is just impossible to read if you are not in like direct sunlight. It’s, a dog to read: do i remember correctly, the blue one had white hands and a blue one.

I believe in i think, from gen 2 to gen 3. They switched it. You are correct, yeah, white hands eventually and when i not to plug my own brand, but when i did you know it’s like when i did the islanders when i did dark.

Colored dials like um, the silver dial, actually the yellow dial and like blue dials. I went with white hands because i feel like they just it just pops it’s just so much easier to read. I think a lot of companies just get silver hand, just everyone loves silver hands and in the orient situation, man you can ‘

T read that dial for nothing. Wow, okay, go uh! Okay! I was in two minds about adding this, but i have to be honest. It just annoys me uh, so i had to put it in but um. When people use the word horology, they say they’re, not into watches that they’re into horology and okay, and then i look at i.

I look at their instagram and it’s, just watching us to watch after watch after watching it’s like you’re into watches like yes, it’s, part horology, but if you were really into horology Right, you’d, have an astrolabe, a water clock.

You’d, have a tompeon mantle clock. You know it would be that’s. The word for a water clock see, i even remember that is it yes, wow yeah, nice. Yes, that must be greek in uh origin. I think so yeah. I have a book all about time and it starts you know all the clocks or whatever, and that’s, that’s.

You know that’s, one of the first time keepers it’s, not misappropriation. What it is is i i love the the hobbies so much i i want it to be respected and – and you know, like people get a bit pretentious with it and it’s.

Just she’s like keep it real. You like watches right, like a stamp collector or a coin collector a filada i can’t, even it’s, funny no club syndra. Yes, it’s in my line right, but you know like a stamp collector coin collector.

It’s, a ph something again. Someone will comment below what it is, but yeah, very high, high-tech term for it, yeah exactly and and – and i guess it’s because also um. If you learn, if you really learn about horology, it actually might solve the problem of earlier people, not appreciating the accuracy of the time.

You know, because you start to understand that how how watches and clocks evolved and how you know it changed the fate of nations. Approximately 10 hours later but anyway, sorry, i’m, going to weigh away on the tangent but yeah.

So that was three so number four uh this one bugs this one bugs the crap out of me no end of life indicator on a quartz watch, because i own a bunch of quartz watches, i sure do and they’re all dead yeah.

You know my nose yeah right, my breitling aerospace right now is flashing. The time which i know that’s, the end of life indicator. I know that the battery is going, and so you’re well. Seiko solo is not a good example, but you know some of your ronda’s ed.

Is they ticket four-second intervals right, but some of your watches? They just die, they just die yeah they just die and that’s, not good. For a quartz watch, you know, because maybe you don’t have the battery on hand.

I got to get to the jeweler at least. If this starts giving you an indication, hey you got a month or two months you can get the battery change. It and that’s, the big fear of like a lot of times with quartz watches.

Well, i hate having to get the battery changed every two years right. I hate it dying on me. I look at him like, oh you know. I missed my meeting because i was late or early or whatever, and that’s, one of the big things.

If you had an end to life indicator, i think people would know hey it’s time time for the maintenance, and you can get it changed, is that i always presume that was just because it’s that they’Re just cheaper yeah, it’s; movement based it’s, a little it’s a little bit of logic.

There’s, a little bit of voltage, comparating that has to go on inside uh inside the the computer. The court’s, computer um, but it’s, not that difficult, especially nowadays. You know i i think that they should all have it, but a lot of these movements that maybe have been around for 20 years.

They’re. Still cranking them out and it’s, the it’s, not in the architecture yeah that’s, a good one. That is a good one. Oh yeah um, okay, my last one of my personal pet peeves um and i know you’re gonna agree with me because we’ve talked about this before, but i just find women’s, watches really patronizing all Right that’s, that’s; it you know, okay, so they think that women, just because you’re.

You’re gonna, like pink and diamonds, and it’s. Just it’s, patronizing like yes, my wife, most of my wife’s, watches are unisex or or men’s, watches yeah mid-size right men’s mid-size, so it’s. It’s, it’s, it’s, not really got to do with the size.

It’s, got she likes to watch because it looks or it matches outfit. Oh, it’s good. It looks good right that’s, why women buy them, buy them to match their clothing right, yeah, big men generally don’t.

Maybe you do i don’t. I absolutely do i totally admit it t-shirt and sweat twitch. Today, it’s, my fans today, so um it’s, not all women, uh uh, you know presuming they all think the same way. I think it’s.

It’s, grossly kind of um insulting. You are actually man you you hit on something that just happened literally a half hour before i sat down to film this so in in the island, a lineup i have a pink watch and a purple watch.

As you just said, all people men think pink and purple for women and yeah. They’re, very great sellers, but my wife happened to see a green one that i sell and she said – and i would never market that to a woman and she goes.

I saw a green watch in your office that’s. Beautiful yeah and i’m like why yeah really and then you just say that, and i’m like damn, you’re right. You’re right on target. You’re right on target. Have you ever watched uh a film called uh blow up it’s from the sixth in 1966 uh it’s, uh, michelangelo, antonioni and um.

It has a very, very young vanessa redgrave in it right and this this is uh. I think 66. i might be wrong, but this mid 60s, the swinging 60s in london right she wears a submariner, a men’s. Men’s. You know yeah yeah submariner.

She wore it over the over the cuff which, which i think was like a bit of a trend, but i remember distinctly at art school because we had to study this movie movie.

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