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Training For The Trail And Beyond With The G-Shock MOVE GBDH2000

Casio GBDH2000 MTB 03

When the predecessor of this watch — the GBDH1000 — was released in 2020, it was Casio’s most advanced fitness device. It was the first G-Shock to feature the brand’s 5-Sensor System with a pressure sensor for altitude and barometric readings, magnetic sensor for compass bearings, thermo sensor, accelerometer to detect movement for step count, and, for the first time in a G-Shock, an optical sensor for heart rate monitoring.

With the new GBDH2000, Casio adds a sixth sensor to the mix: a gyroscope that can detect swim stroke and when a swimmer turns a lap in a pool. There is a host of other data that can also be measured, such as blood oxygen, that allows for spot measurements to manage daily health and adjust exercise load. Along with its new integrated GPS antenna, the GBDH2000 provides best-of-class activity tracking capability, all available on demand at the press of a button. 

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