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Tudor New Entry-Level Luxury Watch Reviewed

Hi i’m jenny and this video is going to be a hands-on review of the newly released tudor royale. I’m, going to show you how it wears how it compares to visually very similar watches like the rolex, daydays and datejust.

How the finishing looks and if this new release from tudor works in terms of price and what you get for it, how the availability is going to look like and whether or not this might be exactly what the price range needed.

So to answer all of these and then some questions i’ll, be separating this video into the following five parts. First, we’re, going to look at how it wears in overall fields on the wrist followed by checking out the two sizes that i got here, the 38 and 41 millimeter in close detail to really see how the dial case bracelet and clasp really Look like up close part: three is going to cover the movement and how well it works compared to other, more expensive watches from tudor in part.

Four, i’m, going to talk about value and availability and, lastly, i’m going to cover all the questions that have been floating around, regarding for whom this watch would actually make sense buying and for whom, not as well as showing You how it compares to the rolex day date and datejust.

The tudor royale is available in four sizes, starting at 28 millimeters. Then you ‘ Ve got the 34 38 and 41 millimeter, so it’s safe to say that there is a royal size available for every wrist, including all the variations and dial combos.

This makes a total of 52 watches in total, but i think it’s, important to know that only the 41 millimeter variant offers a day-date complication, whereas anything below the 41 millimeter offer only a date at three o’clock.

How the royale is going to look like on your wrist is mostly dependent on your wrist size and the lug to lug ratio. If you look here, this 41 millimeter version still looks pretty bulky on a 170 millimeter wrist.

Even though the luck luck is only 47 millimeters long, given the overall case shape, you have to allow for a bit more space on your wrist, and i’d, say that in case your wrist isn’t massive. You’d, be best advised to go for a smaller size.

In case you’re, a bit unsure for my wrist, with a width of about 46 millimeters and a circumference of 150 millimeters. I would definitely go for something smaller than the 38 millimeter that you can see here.

So though, the 38 millimeter is arguably a smidge too big. For me, it still feels and wears very comfortably, which says a lot about the construction of the bracelet. The five link bracelet is fine enough to lie smoothly around my wrist and opening and closing the clasp results in a very satisfying click, but sadly lacks any form of quick adjustment.

Given the very angular shape of the case, the royale is definitely not your typical flying under the radar type of watch, but this is also the reason why i’m wearing this one on a day-to-day basis feels very robust because it doesn’t feel dainty or, like you have to be too careful not to break it when wearing it.

It has a water resistance of 100 meters up wearing it while swimming is no problem, but there’s. Definitely a big difference in terms of where compared to day date or datejust, but i will get to that in part.

Five right, let’s continue with the finishing of the royale. I have to say that it definitely has met my expectations in terms of quality of finishing, as well as even positively surprised me in some parts, given that this one is one of the most affordable tutors starting at around 200 euro.

You can see that the finishing of the case is rather simple, though the shape is very angular and definitely special. Some would even say it resembles the royal oak and looks overall very interesting.

It’s missing any type of double edges or phases. So you have a simple transition from a brush to polished and the same goes for the bracelet. When it comes to the lugs, one could say that it looks like a mix between a rolex, oyster quartz and an omega constellation, given the design.

Another very flashy detail is the bezel, though it might seem delicate from a file. It’s, actually rather sturdy, and this is not white gold like it’s on the rolex stages, but made from steel. The feel of the brushing on the case itself and the bracelet is very well executed.

This very fine brushing that you can see reminds me of that feeling when you’re holding a new rolex watch, those very soft links that feel defined but never have a sharp edge to it. The clasp itself looks good too, and i like that, the safety catch isn’t too big or too designed, because the bracelet itself already stands out and i think a chunkier clasp would have definitely been a bit too much for me.

Another very well executed part is the dial of the watch, though some have already voiced some criticism about it: the 41 millimeter version. I have here sports, a blue doll with a sunburst. The finishing itself looks really good the hour.

Markers are roman numerals and look sharp and are fitted precisely onto the dial. The cutout for the day and date has a sloping edge, which gives it a very elegant look and the displays themselves are easily legible and look sharp too.

But what’s? Really special about this dial is the structure itself and i’m, not talking about the sunburst, though the sunburst has very nice and subtle sunburst. We know from other rolex summer styles.

This blue dial also shows a very fine granular structure. On top of that, something i haven’t seen on another sunburst style before, and i like it because it feels like this sort of roughed up look is in line with other tutorials like the one on the back bay 58 and it mixes with The beautifully subtle sunburst from rolex, unfortunately, this is only visible on the 41 millimeter size.

The smaller 38 millimeter silver dial shows no granular structure. The two things which are mostly criticized about the dial is for one the fact that the 11 12 and one on the data are being impacted by the day display and it messes with the overall symmetry of the dial.

For some and on the other hand, some people dislike the sort of emptiness of the doll, since there’s, nothing more written on it. Besides the tudor logo itself and the little swiss made right on the bottom, there’s.

No indication about the movement which leads us to part number three, the movement itself built into the royal, is no in-house caliber from tuda there’s, also no etta movement inside according to the product information booklet that came with the watches they are using.

The caliber t601 for the one with the date complication and caliber t603 for the day-date movement, which are both modified zelita movements. Both of them have a power reserve of 38 hours. So you can have your watch sit there for a night or entire day and be able to put it back on again without having to set the date or time, though tudor is not using any of their in-house calibers for their royal line.

Cylinder movements are by no means substandard, but very popular, robust and reliable movements like i have implied before when talking about the lack of lettering on the dial. These are not chronometer certified, which means that they are, on average a bit less accurate than other certified movements.

In comparison, given the past couple of months and years, many also want to know what we can expect in terms of availability and the overall value development of this watch. I mean i do not have a crystal ball that i can look into, but we’re.

Looking at the past and current developments, we can work out some factors that will have an effect on both the availability and value in the future. When it comes to availability, there are two main factors which could either have a positive or negative influence on it.

Given the fact that tudor has really shown that they know how to market their watches and drum up a lot of sustainable interest in our products, we can see that this is also affecting the royal line to a certain extent playing into.

It is also the fact that this is a new watch and the supply is probably not fully realized yet. Additionally, you have to consider the price and its implication. There are quite simply more people willing to spend two thousand than three to four thousand euro on a watch, which is where most of the rest of tudor’s.

Lineup is at. On the other hand, one could say that a watch from tudor with a salita movement built in is going to be manufactured quicker in higher quantities, because the work involved in building in-house movements is missing.

We could also see that the most popular models like the blackwave 58 or the gmt are able to get with a bit of patience and commitment, and i think i would suggest with caution, of course, that it’s, going to turn out very similar With the tudor royale trying to estimate the value, development is always a tricky thing and, like i said, i do not have a crystal ball.

I would guess that the royale is going to develop similar to the other models staying somewhere around their retail price. So we did take a very close look at the tudor royale, but two things are still necessary to uncover.

Is it worth buying in, if so for home, and how does it compare to datejust or day-date, given the similarities? So if you look at the tudor royale very matter of factly, it fulfills many wishes. The watch community has asked for, in the past couple of years a striking and distinguishable design reminiscent of the genta era a summer style available in multiple colors, including a very neutral and popular, dark, blue and a day or a day, complication there’s.

Also, the integrated and comfortable bracelet, like you, have on the royal oak, or nautilus or oyster quartz, but still very much a watch that can be easily worn every day. Given the materials used there’s.

Also the pricing within the 2000 euro segment. You will find many other popular watches like the takoyaka racer and orris aquis or the longine hydro conquest, a price segment many like to explore, especially when they first want to start out with higher end automatic watches.

So now you have another very big player, offering a very attractive alternative to a very competitive price bracket, since other tudor watches sit within the three to six thousand euro price range, bringing them closer to omega or the lower end of rolex.

In terms of pricing, that means that now there is an option for everyone who has set themselves a budget that would have usually automatically excluded two years a year ago and, as tutor is definitely a very popular brand.

I think this is going to make for a great selection within that price range, so that’s it in terms of who would buy this watch and where it would make sense. But what about the other side? Well here’s.

My take on, for whom i think this watch isn’t the next one in line. If you’re, actually looking for a datejust or a day-date, the royale isn’t the right choice. Besides the date or daily complication.

They’ve got nothing else in common and though it’s not entirely impossible, a substitute buy is really going to scratch the edge, especially if it’s still an expensive substitute. I’d, also say that those who already own multiple watches, which are similar in looks or complication but more expensive because of their technical advantages, are going to choose their other watches over the royal in the morning.

More often so i don’t, see these people owning a royal either but yeah. If you know how much you want to spend and what you are looking for, the tutorial is definitely a great choice right, so that was it for my hands-on review of the tutorial.

What do you think about the new releases and for those who are currently thinking about buying a new watch within that price sector? Would you consider a royale, let me know in the comments down below and as always, thank you so much for watching this video today.

If you have enjoyed this make sure to give it a thumbs up – and i will see you in my next one – bye

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