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Upgrading Your Rolex, Tudor, Seiko & Squale Dive Watch Bezel For $10+

Ever wanted to add a GMT complication to your dive watch? Or how about a stronger scratch resistant ceramic insert? Fancy giving your diver some of that vintage charm like the highly desired ghost bezel Rolex Submariners? Or how about making the bezel fully lumed just like the dial?

Today I show you how to upgrade the bezel insert on your Tudor Submariner, Rolex GMT Master, Omega Seamaster, Orient Ray, Orient Mako, Seiko SK009, SKX007, SKx013, Invicta Pro Diver, Squale 1521, 1545 and countless others, from as little as $10 and upwards.

Maybe it’s time to breathe new life into your faithful diver by making it completely unique to your personal tastes and unlike any other out there. Join me for some watch improvement fun in this essential Gentry DIY episode.

Types of Cheap Buttons You Can Consider For Your Sewing Projects

When functioning on a stitching task, stitching enthusiasts typically use switches to include a touch of style to the write-up of apparel. Buttons are likewise practical components utilized in stitching which can hold different components of the clothes together.

How To Make A Cute Necklace Out Of Wooden Beads

When I started fashion jewelry making, I always tried to find one of the most lovely grains to utilize in my developments. Occasionally, I would even spend a great deal of money on charming grains just to see to it that my creations looked classy as well as stunning.

Types of Seed Beads Used In Jewelry Making and Crafting

Seed beads are also called rocailles and these are very small, functional beads that can be utilized in a variety of beading and also crafting tasks. They are additionally made use of in embroidery jobs.

11 Jewelry Making Supplies Every Jewelry Designer Must Have

Jewelry production is a leisure activity that is not only fascinating, however it is one that can be an income source for you if you decide to offer what you develop. Whether you are a specialist precious jewelry developer or somebody that is wanting to craft their first item, there is some precious jewelry making products that you must have.

Types Of Affordable Beads For Jewelry Making

If you are a fashion jewelry designer, you know just how important it is to craft pieces that will certainly attract your consumers. Not every consumer can pay for expensive fashion jewelry, yet every person does intend to use sensational as well as stylish items that comes at affordable costs.

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