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Vacheron Constantin, The Louvre Unveil Exclusive Experience And Bespoke Timepieces

Vacheron Constantin, the Louvre

Vacheron Constantin and the Louvre introduce “A Masterpiece on the Wrist” bespoke watch series based on a one-of-a-kind piece made for the highest bidder of an auction to benefit the Louvre.

Last year in spring, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Paris with Vacheron Constantin, receive a private tour of the Louvre and witness the unveiling of some of the most spectacularly artistic watches in the Tribute to Great Civilizations collection. Now the venerable Swiss watch brand Vacheron Constantin has unveiled another extraordinary collaboration with the Louvre. The partnership introduces “A Masterpiece on the Wrist” — an exclusive opportunity for customers to create their own bespoke Les Cabinotiers timepiece featuring a miniature enamel reproduction of an artwork of their choice from the Louvre’s extensive collection.

It was in 2019 that Vacheron Constantin and the Louvre formed their collaboration. For the 2020 “Bid for the Louvre” auction — held in December of that year in an effort to raise support for the Louvre – the brand auctioned an exceptional experience to the highest bidder.

Vacheron Constantin, The Louvre

The first experience/bespoke watch by Vacheron Constantin and the Louvre was based on a work of art by Rubens and recreated in grissaile enamel.

That experience included a private tour of the museum accompanied by its experts, wherein the winning bidder had the privilege of selecting an artwork that would inspire the design of a unique Les Cabinotiers watch. The proceeds from the auction were dedicated entirely to Le Studio, an educational space at the Louvre that promotes art and cultural development.

The highest bidder chose the magnificent “La lutte pour l’étendard de la Bataille d’Anghiari” by Pierre Paul Rubens. Vacheron Constantin’s expert watchmakers and artisans executed the reproduction of the masterpiece on the dial of its Les Cabinotiers watch. It took months upon months to complete the Masterpiece on a dial measuring just 3.3cm. The magnitude of the definition in the grisaille enamel portrayal of  the  horses is magnificent.

The master enameller used multiple brushes and tools, added layers of enamel to bring depth to the dial and incorporated approximately 20 different hues of brown, gray, cream and sepia to complete the masterpiece. The watch is powered by the brand’s mechanical self-winding caliber 1400C movement that beats at 4 Hz and consists of 182 finely finished components. The watch carries the Hallmark of Geneva Seal, like all Vacheron Constantin timepieces.

Vacheron Constantin, the louvre

Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers x the Louvre bespoke watch.

Now, the new “A Masterpiece on the Wrist” experience being offered encompasses a private tour of the Louvre, where clients can explore the museum’s vast collection and gain insights from its knowledgeable experts. They can then select the artwork they want replicated on the dial of a Les Cabinotiers piece. Additionally, clients will have the opportunity to visit the Vacheron Constantin Manufacture, where they can meet the brand’s master watchmakers and artisans, witnessing firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each exquisite timepiece.

Vacheron Constantin, founded in 1755, has always placed great importance on arts and culture. This new offering solidifies the evolving partnership between the luxury watchmaker and the esteemed art institution, marking a significant milestone in their collaboration.

Vacheron Constantin, The Louvre

The specially made watch was engraved with the owner’s name.

The “A Masterpiece on the Wrist” concept reflects the Maison’s commitment to providing an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience. Clients who choose this offer will have the privilege of owning a bespoke unique watch whose authenticity is ensured via a certificate provided by the museum.

The Les Cabinotiers collection is named after the artisans who worked in cabinets in Geneva’s attics, were known for their resolute dedication to their craft. In a similar vein, the brand’s commitment to excellence is evident in the “A Masterpiece on the Wrist” experience, where clients can witness the fusion of art and horology, of history and the future in the creation of their unique timepiece.

The Louvre

The Louvre

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