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A Perfect Collection Under $1000

How are you, sir? I am doing it excellent. A little different circumstances than our last meeting but uh i’m doing well. I’m, doing well good good. How’s, the family, everybody good, still just kind of rolling with life and everything that it’s, throwing at us right now good! Well, i’m relieved to hear that everybody’s safe and well um.

So well, we should. We should kind of explain in case people missed the last episode sure yeah we met under yeah. We met at a different circumstance. It’s funny because when we filmed that was back in march, i came out to you in philly and this whole thing was just starting to come up to a boil, and i remember sitting and waiting for the train in grand central, and i Was like do i lean on the railing? Do i not lean on the railing? What’s, going on right now and sure enough man came to you, filmed, came back and then yeah, i would say three or four days later, the world just imploded, and then the video went, live and then yeah like.

How are you guys shaking hands like hey? This was all filmed before before disaster time, yeah, no yeah, absolutely absolutely um. Well, i guess we should start with the wristwatch check. Oh sure, you can go first, okay! Well, it’s.

Your show. I think i think i’m wearing the same watch. Oh my god yeah you were wearing that one. You know you know why, and this is terrible right, but i bought this shirt purely to wear. With this to match the watch.

Yeah yeah see. I’m, not a slave. To that there we go, i just it had to be done. It had to be done. Oh okay, that’s. Okay, i’m. I’m, doing double so well, i’ve got, of course you uh. Of course, i ‘

Ve got my islander that i’m wearing very nice, and then i ‘ Ve got a wave dial that um i’ll, be bringing out eventually in the islander uh format that isn’t existing. You one is this: this will be a new one, eventually uh, when it when it gets out of production.

This uh kind of got a wave dial with the it’s loomed and everything it’s, really slick, really slick, looking uh, very nice, so really cool, so kind of just like a sample for now. But i find myself wearing it all the time of course, of course, of course, and are those uh are those 38 millimeters? Actually they’re, they’re, both 43.

. Oh, they look smaller yeah though i am in that transitional wrist size of 38. I could wear a 38 right. I don’t. Think i own any divers that are the mid-size. I do them all in. I guess the full size, the 43.

I just like the size i’m, just used to it. I guess i mean, but anyone i can wear at 38, no problem, but this is kind of just what i gravitate towards yeah yeah, you haven’t. Have you any idea? How many people have requested for me to review one? Oh, it’s.

Just i’m sure. Yes, i’m sure we could work it out. Yeah yeah, we yeah. I should. I really should um. Now i had. I had a few questions for you. Oh my, oh, my goodness yeah i’m yeah. I’m organized here um.

Well, so we had originally planned to make a kind of series that you know it was it was. It was really nice you visiting, and i think a lot of people were kind of didn ‘ T know that we’ve known each other for years, uh yeah um, so they were number one like.

Oh wow, you’re on the same video that’s, crazy um crossover. They called it yeah the crossover yeah um, but actually, i think, out of everybody i’ve met in the watch industry. I think uh. You were one of the first people i i got to know honored it so i might um and uh, but it it started.

As i i i was a customer first right. Yes, absolutely 100. I didn’t even know who you were yeah. So we shipped you something and i it went to your address and it’s just another shipment. No right, no question right that well, that’s, usually how i operate, because if you’re going to recommend somebody exactly you’ve got it.

You’ve got to put your money where your mouth is, and you’ve got to make sure that they’re. They’re professional and then right now right totally independent yeah exactly um. Now i did a i did a video a while ago discussing.

I think it was uh building a watch collection under 500 like a three-piece collection, okay and people wanted to do the same format again uh for a thousand dollars. Okay, so i thought well, i i need to collaborate with somebody, [ Laughter ].

Of course, why not mark from long island watches they got to be three affordable, watches to be under a thousand bucks yeah exactly exactly so um i’ve, come to the conclusion, basically a realization that for me i think the perfect amount for a Collection or the basis, the backbone of the collection, should be about four watches right for various reasons.

I know you’re, not a dress, watch guy. No, i own some but yeah, not really a dress, because i don’t yeah yeah. I don’t dress. I know you’re stuck, i know your stuff is there? Is there a particular amount of watches that you think is just like yeah? I’d like to have that.

Well me personally, yeah! No because i i don’t even know how many are in are in the night table um and there’s, probably at this point 40 or 50. in your own collection, yeah i and and compared to most of my customers.

It’s, probably not even a lot uh, but as far as a good base um. I think three to five is a good number, because it should give you enough variety to cover the major, the major contributors um and then to maybe you know.

Maybe one piece kind of is more you and then one piece is kind of more formal um and i think it just more well-rounded i will say, and then obviously keeping it in budget is always everybody’s. Kind of is what everybody wants um.

So yeah, i would say three to five – is probably a good base number that most people, because you’ll, be able to get one for every day. You’ll, be able to get one for sport and you’ll. Be able to dress if that’s, what you do and then you know a couple, maybe a knock around and yeah be too something and then maybe something special yeah.

So that would be five. So i guess so absolutely never really thought about it too. Much because, like i said it’s. Well, i think we’re kind of exempt because yeah i kind of buy and sell in my own collection, and then i have my keepers and then and then, as there’s watches i just buy to review okay, that’s, the only way i can get my hands on them makes sense, makes sense.

Some companies still don’t, agree in lending watches, which is crazy. I don’t realize that right. Where should we start? What would you? What would your, what would your first pick be? Well, if i was gonna do what would it be? Of course it would be.

I think everyone needs a dive watch in their collection, uh, a hundred percent. No doubt no, i don’t care. What brand you get it from um? Obviously i pick an islander because that’s, my brand that i started, but i think everyone needs a dive watch.

My choice would be an islander. It has all the upgrades that most new guys would eventually want, and it puts them into a package that’s, majorly, affordable, so sapphire, crystal ceramic bezel, solid link, bracelets, solid link, solid end links, good class logo, crown good, loom.

Everything rather than buying, say a inexpensive diver and then having to spend all the money for the upgrades it’s kind of all in there already, so i thought for for budget consciousness. It’s, definitely definitely uh the way to go.

100 right yeah, and now i i see the logic there, because if you do buy, let’s say you buy a seiko and then you start modding it out. I don’t. Think people realize how quick the costs start escalating.

It goes up to 700 bucks pretty quickly pretty quickly, yeah yeah, it’s a and a lot of it’s. Labor forget the parts a lot of labor right there’s, so much labor, yeah, very true, very meticulous, and i can’t stand doing the work.

Personally, i don’t like it at all, so it’s, really really yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. I did i don’t have it in handy, but i took one of my islanders. They added a red seconds hand to it and just doing it, i just like i hate doing this.

I hate doing hands because hands you have to be so meticulous dust is the absolute and you are very, i’m an engineer. So i’m, very meticulous, but yeah exactly every time you crack open a watch. If you’re, not in a really really clean area.

Dust always finds its way in, and so you put the whole thing back together and then you put a 5x loop on your eye and you look and you go ah and then you have to disassemble it disassemble it again air.

Do it again so that i i abhor it i can. I can understand that yeah. I have to confess that i spent about a grand on my mod. Oh, my goodness, i i didn’t, intend to i thought. Oh, do you know 500 maximum right right right, sure you know and then it just it just got ridiculous right.

But i have to say i do appreciate the professionality uh professionality. Is that even a word i’ll? I’ll. Take it yes, i know where you’re going. I know where you’re, going. Excuse me, the talent i’m, very, very tired.

I’ve, been up since well. I i got about four to edit. Tomorrow, good video and oh, my goodness, yeah because i didn’t want to be late for this um, so yeah my i’m, making up words uh, but uh it, the the guy.

I hired. He had a pressure, um uh pressure, water pressure, a depth – you know yeah and uh, which is great because it’s. Actually uh 200 meters, water resistance right. You know it’s, still good and then and then he you know he regulates it and it’s.

Just it was a first-class service, and – and i you know, people don’t understand that he has to pay his bills. Of course, and you know he’s, a professional watchmaker, so um and and it’s very serial. Um, their money is made one piece at a time exactly and it’s.

One person how much product can one person produce it’s not like it’s, a factory it’s. You know absolutely. I can do four watches that each watch gets me 150 bucks. I can you know, then you’re, limiting how much you can make so that’s.

Why a lot of the good guys really get a premium yeah yeah? Actually, while we’re confessing uh sure have you got, have you got any new acquisitions? You want to admit to or uh nothing. I want to admit to okay, okay, very much.

I have some new islanders that i did um. I made one that looks just like my yacht master. Oh nice, i think, did you post that on instagram, i sure did, i sure, did and then apparently i need to make a limited series of it because yeah it’s.

Gon na a lot of people want it um, but other new acquisitions. No, no, no nothing. I vowed that i wouldn’t buy anything and, of course i ‘ Ve ordered three seikos, relentless relentless. I know um and and one of them you’re gonna think, oh, my god.

What what am i on? Because, oh it’s, it’s, the most gordy loud seiko. I could possibly find i can’t. Wait then can’t, wait yeah, i’ll, save it for the unboxing, but i’m. Sorry excuse me right. So, as you’ve gone for a diver.

Yes, i’m gonna go for uh, the laurier neptune hold it up. So i love this piece and i don’t wear it. I’d. Sorry, the mics there i don’t wear enough. It’s, not focusing on. Ah here we go. Is it focused there we go um.

I don’t, wear it enough. It’s, a little seiko uh based automatic yeah. I love it. Yeah i’ve. Seen them before i met the owner a couple of times, yeah great guy, great guy, very nice, very humble uh, great watches.

They have such a great vintage vibe to him great size. Uh shout out to lorenzo actually have his business card sitting on my dresser nice yeah. I like him very nice to me when i put it first put it on and you’ll notice.

I still have it on the bracelet. I’m, a nato guy, predominantly yeah sure, as you can probably tell but um. I i just adore this bracelet. I’ve, never taken it off um and that’s, so rare and i i it makes me feel like james bond it’s, got that kind of uh 65.

38. Dr no did i get that reference correct. I think i might have done probably a world first there we go um so yeah. It gives me that kind of early submariner feel the big crown and right for 400 bucks.

I think, is this. This is the first generation but 400 bucks, so you can’t really. No, it’s, a good looking. I love it. It’s. Great watch like it’s, a great size, yeah nailed it. It’s, got its own, look to it, yeah it’s, not a homage to anything, but at the same time it it gives you that feel of a classic watch and sure, absolutely god.

Now i want to wear it. No, i’m, going to wear it again. Well, you have two wrists yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, good idea. Should i uh stop it. Of course, i’m surprised you weren’t. Actually it’s. A little bit tight, i think this wrist is oh because it’s.

Your right wrist yeah, you’re dominant yeah, but god you have forgotten how much i love this watch right. Sorry, um! It’s. Okay, don’t worry about it. Second choice: everyday watch or uh going more with kind of a pilot’s, kind of everyday watch; um it’s, a locko blue dial.

I think personally, blue is my favorite color, so big fan of blue love, what they did here. It’s, a 39 millimeter uh. It’s based on a ashen uh. This would be an akin. Your letters are correct. Your pronunciation is wrong right, right, yeah, it’s.

An arcane a-a-c-h-e-n is i’m. Trying to remember is, i think in surely gun i think is uh. Is that i i’m. Sorry in german, i’m. I can’t. Remember anyone. Oh, i know the only german i, the german, i know is limited to locko watch names because they’re all cities, usually right right.

Yes, that’s right, so yeah 39 millimeter. So it’s. A great level. Oh lovely um! Is that the meowth? It is a myota. I think they changed them all the they changed them to hacking now uh, so greatness. Little watch comes in a great, strap, uh, very comfortable.

I i guess i’m classified i mean. Obviously it’s, a fleeker um, but i guess i’m gonna classify it almost as an everyday watch and around 400 and about 400 bucks 410 bucks. I doesn’t break the bank and what i really dig about locko is that they’re still, one of the five original that made um.

Pilots watches for the luffaffa back uh before during and before world war ii. So there’s, a lot of history. There um absolutely they’re still kind of under this. It’s. They’re carrying the same name.

They’re under very similar ownership, so yeah there’s, just a lot of history and uh good stuff going on legitimate flight, making it’s, a legitimate figure. It’s, got everything that it’s based on the dna of all the original things.

Just obviously, obviously laco makes 55 millimeter oversizes, but those are a little bit ridiculous, yeah um! I i like these for the styling and i think the size at 39 millimeter is perfect, because even if, like a wrist like mine, six and three quarters a 39 millimeter fleecer’s got you know it’s, got no bezel to It it’s, almost entirely glass, so the it’s.

All about that dial. It’s. All about the dial. The crystal is probably the watch is 39. The crystal’s, probably 36 um 35, whereas on a 43 millimeter diver the crystal’s like 31, so you get so much more viewable area um in a smaller package.

So at 39 i think is, is prime for me and, if i remember correctly, do you get a choice of a and b dials, so yeah as a vendor? It makes it makes it difficult, because every time you get into a new model there’s, different dials and then different sizes.

So you can go with a dial b dial. This would be a b. You know the a would be just simpler with just numbers, so you a dial b dial and then you do. They do everything at 39 and 42 in the miota watches.

So you know just two styles quickly, morphs once you add colors and stuff, and now they’re doing taupe. It quickly grows into a collection of like 14 or 16 watches or something yeah. But i like this one.

I think this is a great piece. I’m glad you mentioned size because uh i didn’t. I didn’t mention on the neptune. It’s. 39. I’m, pretty sure it’s, 39. yeah, and do you do you think sizes are going down? Yes, i do.

I think more people are clamoring for it. Um, as i’ve, said in a lot of my videos in the past, the 38 millimeter crowd has the loudest voice for what they want. I mean by far whenever something comes out, whether it be a watch from me or in my store or made by me, whatever it is um, they always say you know.

Where are the 38 bring out the 38 um? You never like show a 38 and the 42 guys come on say where are the 42s? You know. I just think that 38 serve and definitely underrepresented for the most part um, i would say the most watches.

Obviously, if you go back, you know 10 years ago, most watches were 45. 46 47. You know years the big watch phase hit um, but i think now a lot of companies. You know seiko, for example, finally came out with that little 40 millimeter um the seiko five right.

I was a bit surprised at that yeah. It was actually. I think they did something smart yeah in in in the design arena good, because recently i think they ‘ Ve been a bit all over the place like they make some great great releases, and then they do some baffling stuff, which is just like.

Why did you do that? I don’t, know yeah yeah yeah yeah, so you consider it a dress. Watch that that uh, i’ve, got a different pick for a dress. I consider this to be more of almost like in every you know the the the diver every day also, but this would be my pilot’s watch, maybe a little bit of a little bit fancier, but i i wouldn’t call This a formal watch, i i would say almost more of like almost like a field or an everyday watch in a way, uh easy to read.

Um it’s, blue, which i simply adore uh, yeah and uh. The b-blasted case is just cool. Very nice, nice yeah is that a sunburst style? Yes, it is it’s, nice, it is nice, it is so i i know that what’s? What they do is they um? They paint polished brass.

So it really radiates nicely nice. Nice, well, you’re. Gon na know this one flighty, oh yeah. Of course i’ll, just hold it up to the camera. This thing loves to take its sweet time. Focusing there we go there’s so much stuff on it yeah exactly so.

You know the flighty. Absolutely it’s very difficult, not to just call it a one watch collection in itself, because it can literally do everything. Correct. 200. Meters of water resistance, which is just ridiculous on a pilot watch right then you’ve got you know a choice of alarm or a second time zone.

Yes, you got the chronograph, obviously uh it’s hard as nails. People give the the hard legs a bit of a hard time. Personally, i’ve ne. I’ve, never had an issue with it. I think it’s perfect. Most of my watches, with mineral crystals have no scratches in them.

I ‘ Ve actually dropped this one like face down on concrete and it was absolutely fine just a little mark and it was fine, but recently i’ve or in the last year i’ve, come to appreciate seiko’s chronographs, Especially pilot chronographs in particular, because i did it like a five years later, video with this okay and then going back in the history of um seiko.

First of all, they did the kamikaze watches the infamous kamikaze watches world war ii, which is quite early on, and then i didn’t know, but i recently found out that they actually issued chronographs to the royal air force from 1984 to the 90s And it’s, the same movement.

Let me just quote, because i’m. I know i’m gonna forget this. It’s, the 7a28 and that’s famous for being in view of the view uh of you for a kill. Okay of you, two are killed roger moore. He wears the polar version in 1985 right at the beginning of the movie.

The the raf one was black dial sandblasted a bit like the um right laco there. What was interesting is that movement was the first court analog chronograph in the world wow and it’s, an ancestor. It’s, analog kind of real okay.

It’s, an ancestor. I mean this movement that movement bears a similar nomenclature to it. 17. 82. 1762. I’m just going from memory yeah it’s yeah. It’s. I can’t. Remember it’s, far too small to read on the dial, but it’s related it’s, an it’s, a a descendant right of that and when i found all this stuff out, i just thought Wow like and it’s crazy.

A couple of years ago they were 120 bucks. I’ve owned. I’ve owned three four of these. I love them. I can’t get enough of it and yeah it’s, not perfect. The lugs are too close to the case. It’s, a real pain to get 21 bands blah blah blah, but i love it.

I wouldn’t change it. It’s, a great watch, it does screw. You know you mentioned 200 meters of water resistant screw down crown it screwed down buttons, um yeah, basically incorporating the alarm and the chronograph and a slide rule which nobody will ever use.

Yeah it looks cool, it looks damn cool and the yellow accent is really nice. Absolutely yeah green agreed. I do have one you do have. Are they so it’s official? They’re discontinued right honestly, who knows you know it’s like who knows, like i had said um a while ago.

You know when i found out the skx was discontinued. I literally heard it from the horse’s mouth yeah, not that the lady was a horse. She was very nice um, but i was literally told yes that watch you know no more this one! I know i got some in, i want to say a couple of months ago about two about six weeks ago, eight weeks ago, and they bore end of 2019 serial numbers, so that’s still fairly recent for them to get through the entire supply Chain and then wind up in in my hand, so i don’t know, at least with the 7s, at least with the skx.

I’m. Sorry, the skx just continue to make sense, because the movement is obsolete, yeah absolutely and they’re. Probably they probably were just running through whatever movements they had left in whip work in production whatever, and that’s it, but something like that.

It’s, a quartz movement. It’s, not that movement. They use other places. It’s, not going anywhere so yeah. It’s, a great movement. It is it. Is it’s like use it to combine an alarm and a chrono yeah that’s, awesome or a second time zone? If you want to fail with the settings yep, do you still sell them? Yes, oh really.

Okay, yes, absolutely yeah! Interesting last check. I just actually checked yesterday there was still a bunch of them in stock yeah, but you said they were. They were 125.. They’re between two and 300.

Now, let me do the math, so the uh neptune was 2 400. This was 200, so i ‘ Ve got 400 left. Okay. I think i have my last so i was at three yeah and then i was at 410, so i’m at a little over seven.

I have one left and i’m gonna have money left over to like get lunch and some bubblegum or something my last one, i think, needs to be a dress watch as much as it pains me that, yes, i do occasionally i own.

I own a suit notice how he said a suit yeah suit. I will likely be buried in a suit um. I just i have no, especially nowadays forget it with the way things are now who the hell knows what i’ll be going on again, but yeah.

You know i got away with one suit from almost from college, through, like 12 years after graduation, and eventually didn’t fit anymore. I had to go to another student anyway, so yeah formal watch. I would pick an orient vampino.

It has to be. Oh yes, yes, i don’t care. What bambino you get i mean. Lord knows there’s been over the years, probably about 25 different ones. They did versions one two three and then they changed everything to gen two and then did it versions one two.

Three again, this is actually a gen one. So this one actually doesn’t even hand, wind and hack um, but they all share the same kind of dna. They’re 40 and a half millimeters in diameter. It’s, got a mineral crystal, so even the ones.

Now these are hand wind and hat, because everybody loves that stuff, like 150 160 um, they make beautiful ones. This one happens to be a white dial with rose gold accents. They make them with a cream dial and blue accents white dial diamond blue accents.

They make black dials, they make charcoal dials, they make blue dot. So many i mean they kind of yeah yeah. In my opinion, a little bit oriented they saturated the bambino market um. I think they made two.

Actually, they made just too many varieties of them, but it’s such a great watch. It’s, an excellent entry level watch into the dress market arena and it gets you set up to elevate yourself and get something different in the future, but like the flighty, 21 millimeter lugs, oh yeah, yeah.

Why i don’t know why it makes no sense, um yeah. I know i carry a few straps that i got especially from hirsch, that are 21 millimeter and from another vendor that cut some cayman croc for me and 21 millimeter for these um.

But i actually had one of my bracelet vendors in germany concoct a 21 millimeter curved end link mesh bracelet um that i came out with a few years ago, specifically for the bambi. It fits the flighty um.

It fits the bambino. Oh did you? Are you still selling that i’ve got to buy that for my flighty? Absolutely all right as soon as i’m done with this, i’m on to your website, yeah, exactly exactly um. You know i.

This gets into like um watch. Companies are good at designing watches, but they don’t, always listen to people, which is where i guess i have the edge on the islander because, like i’ve been listening to people, for you know, 17 years, that’S why they’re doing well.

I know what people want, but when you look at a watch with this and you look in the aftermarket 21s, just don’t exist. It’s very telling i don’t know if it’s, a very japanese thing or if it’s, a very corporate thing um, but years ago i had petitioned orient in the u.

s to bring in Those dolphin straps that were originally on the mako and ray divers and they basically and i was able to get a few hundred of them. You know at one time and great sellers because people want to switch them up and eventually i was told well mark you.

You know japan won’t, get won’t, sell them to us anymore. You know, through the u.s distributor, i’m like why, and they said their rationale is the watch comes on a bracelet. Why you? Why are you changing it? This is the way we made it.

Why are you altering it and i guess that’s? The mentality so kind of i can kind of understand that you know what you’ve made watches, but you you design and make watches, and they’re totally different to please the the the customer and and because you’Re basing it on your experience and your knowledge correct, which is which is a big big advantage, but most watch designers, and i was thinking about this the other day.

Why i can’t, remember what watch it was um. Actually, i think it was a seiko. It had some ridiculous. No, it was a yema that was right, that’s right. It’s, a yema and it had a 21 millimeter lug width and they all do and it’s, a smashing watch.

I love it. Amazing history amazing brand right it had this new in-house movement really impressive right but 21, and i couldn’t figure out and then i realized i was trying to imagine it with an 18 or 20.

yeah. It would have thrown the proportions off and from a design perspective yeah. I know designers kill for that yeah exactly they don’t care about you and your straps. This is my baby. Like you’re, not you’re, not you know um, so i was about to break into a very bad french uh improvement.

It almost sounded like hugo was coming on, that’s. What i was getting that was huge, is he in the corner? How dare you yeah, yeah, um, so uh yeah, don’t, do terrible french impressions. I love yemen if they’re watching.

I love you, but no, i totally understand we say if you’re a designer and you went to school for design and four and a half millimeter case and a 20 millimeter, strap and yeah. You know divide one by the other.

It’s like the golden ratio and exactly fibonacci yeah yeah. Meanwhile, you and i like it’s, one millimeter 9.7 thousandths of an inch. No one’s, gonna notice, yeah so but yeah yeah, absolutely absolutely right! Um! I’ve, totally forgotten where what we’re doing now, uh i did the bambino.

That was my. That was my. That was my third watch, so you you had uh you haven’t got the 38 in yet of the bambino they made it. No, no, i did they did the um. It’s. 30. It’s. 37.! Oh okay! The 5s right, the bambino 5s, i want to say, is isn’t it 37.

I think it’s. 37. interesting. What boggles me about that watch? Is it it’s very unpopular? What exactly i thought it would be way more popular yeah. It’s, not oh, and then guess what they did with that one guess what size strap they put it on.

Oh god, 17. [ Laughter, ] it’s. Like kick me in the face, yeah, i mean 18 from what i ‘ Ve heard from i think, almost all strap. Vendors 18 is the number one size like in the world number one yeah like in the world.

I would have thought 20. that’s. What i would have thought, but in the watch world you and i are in – we’re in a different watch world than i’m – going to say daniel wellington fossil all these other brands that really make up the never.

But the brands that make up volume like serious volume of the watch industry – you know they’re sized more for usually about 18. At least that was that’s, the way it was a few years ago, um. But then i was like 17.

, like 17 is like 1950s stuff, exactly. Nobody makes 17 teams, they weren’t 19’s, a little more popular yeah, 17 yeah. So i i have an amiga seamaster from 1956 or seven. I can’t, remember but yeah it has a 17 17.

and it is a such a pain to to source yep yeah. No, nobody, nobody does it wow. Well, i mean, are you? Do you think you’re ever going to get them in again? I would definitely review it. I ha i have them.

They just said they sit on the shelf. Probably you know a little pop in the beginning when they came in because they were announced. I i’ll. Tell you these years are crazy. Was it 29 yeah 2019 in basel they said that they were going to come out and they say yeah.

They came out the end of 2019, so it’s almost a year ago already, and just no no yeah, because that’s such a great size, and i think it’s, perfect in-house um and they are automatic again Right, they are automatic.

Every bamboo i don’t, think i have any orient quartz watches i don’t, think orient usa brings in any more quartz watches anymore. They did a while ago. I don’t. I think they’re all done. I’d love to see it a manual bambino super thin yeah.

That would be nice. They did one manual wind watch, it was the monarch, but what they did they cheated. They took an automatic movement. They took the motor off – oh, my god, so yeah, but other than that.

No there’s, never really been a manual wind orient that i can think of. That was the only one if you’re listening. Well, they’re, not going to listen to them. They’re, not listening. They’re, not listening and plus, for you know the.

However many they would sell it’s, just not worth it. You know right when you know you still make mako’s and raised by the truckload. Well, talking of that’s, a nice segue into the next watch talking of manual wind, i’m gonna go with hamilton, khaki uh mechanical nice.

It’s. It’s, a great uh 38 millimeter. It’s very military, but i mean you know hamilton. They made watches in just about every conflict, um predominantly most of their heritage. They were american and then they were bought by swatch amazing, ridiculous history, yeah from the railroad watches the the marine chronometers and then they’ve, been in over 400 movies um.

You know real lineage, real military history to them. You know from vietnam sure just amazing and the design hasn’t hasn’t changed that much, and this is affordable. Eta very beautifully, made uh tough little great everyday watches.

I haven ‘ T really got a dress watch in my three. No, i’ve just realized you did that’s. Well, maybe 38 at the hamilton kind of yeah. I think you could get a little a little casual, maybe yeah yeah casual.

I’m, not a! I’m, not a suit guy, either. Well, yeah turtleneck in a sports jacket that’s about as formal that’s about it. That’s about it. Yeah you’re higher than me still [, Laughter ]. Actually, you know what’s, funny to speak.

Talking about that that meal we had at the restaurant. That was the last time i went to a restaurant. I believe it. I believe it that’s, crazy insane. That’s associated. What was what five? Yes, five months ago.

Oh my god, i’m. So glad we had a you know: a slap up meal as we said, yeah yeah. No, but i know what you mean, but yeah slap up. No, no slap ups, yes yeah proper meal yeah. I think i had escargot and you did remember yeah and not my thing anyway.

Yeah. I think you could pull it off in a formal when you look at it you you, you see that history, a bit like the lacquer right, got the genuine yeah real deal going on the real deal going on that 20 and the 24 hour markings, and it’s just unpretentious it’s.

Just so. Where is that in price? Well, um. I think you can get them for around 400, which just just you you really just sneak in there yeah yeah i’m. Not getting an extra meal, you’ve got yeah. No! No! So i was at like uh uh, whether i got 300 410 uh, that’s – 7 10.

8. Eight, i meant i have a hundred and forty dollars left over right. Well, dinner’s on you! Then dinner’s on me or i could get like bezel inserts or sapphire crystals or i can upgrade a watch. Maybe i’ll.

Do a watch case a watch case some straps, some straps there. You go yeah because that’s, that’ll. That’ll, make it that’ll straps will take a watch from from one extreme all the way to the other. That is true um.

I am kind of considering i know you don’t like this watch, but the gold flighty, no sna, 414 yeah. No, i don’t like it. I’m kind of like oh, i, don’t know this. There’s, something it’s, just something a bit brash about i kind of like yeah.

I got them in like once once or twice i haven’t seen them since and man. That thing is just yes now. Would you wear it with on the full gold or would use uh actually, probably on a strap yeah, so that’s that might be okay, yeah? That might be okay? It was the same thing about data gold daytonas.

I thought it was just too much and then i saw an old uh gentleman wearing one on a black leather strap, and i just thought, my god that is it look at it. Yeah it looks nice, it offsets a little bit. Yeah yeah it’s like people get the uh the golden turtle, the srpc44 and i don’t sell it.

I sell the watch drop code makes a full gold bracelet for it. Full gold plate and people love it and i’m. Just like i look and i’m, like oh, my god. It’s. It’s, so gaudy looking, i know, but you know what i can kind of understand that sometimes you like a little bit of of pizzazz a little show another, but the fact it’s, a seiko kind of makes it kind of Cool right right: it’s like a gold, casio right, exactly um timex just released the pac-man watch and uh are you carrying that i am, but they they’re, making three uh stainless black and then all gold, the all gold.

I just i just couldn’t, get i couldn’t. Do it. I’m gonna have to i’m gonna have to look into that yeah. It’s, pretty cool being that you know we’re. We’re close in age, yeah yeah it’s, pretty cool it’s, a nice.

It’s, a nice throwback yeah. Absolutely um: well, i think we should uh wrap this up sure a couple of things. First of all, i’d like to hear the audience’s, suggestions from for next uh. You would would you be up for doing this again.

Absolutely absolutely 100. I was thinking because, hopefully i have power and internet yeah yeah, oh yeah. We should explain like this was supposed to be oh, my gosh two weeks ago through so that that tropical storm blew through long island and it was supposed to be nothing and we get texts from the electric utility saying we know the storm’s.

Coming wait: wheat, pse g, we’re ready for you. They weren’t ready, yeah power power went out on tuesday and then the internet went out like two hours later. Yeah power came back on the following sunday, so no power for six days um i have a standby generator.

So i was fine from that aspect. Um but internet didn’t, come back until the following wednesday, so internet was out for eight days so running a business without internet, not very easy and mobile devices jet packs doing my best.

But then you have children with no xbox, oh my god, and that’s that trumps everything it’s. It’s very uh. It was very traumatizing for them. I can imagine i can imagine. Well. I’m glad you’re back up yeah.

We’re back on. We’re back on good good yeah. So as long as everything’s connected, i’m. I’m game for another one. I was thinking we should do uh and and when i suggested this to you, he said that and you’re like you’re exactly like me.

In this regard, i wanted to cover, like the the hottest releases of 2000 yeah yeah yeah yeah, and you said oh yeah, but i don’t. Really. I don’t understand my thing and i have to say in hindsight it’s, not really my thing either.

I like there’s, a new fortresses to come out and i’m all over it right, but that’s because i love foreign and i think by the time this goes out. Rolex ‘ S will be dropping there. They’re supposed to be going into september.

Right yeah and, to be honest, i’m, not re. You know another multi-colored bezel, you know it’ll, be another watch on a different. It’ll, be a watch they already make on a bracelet. They already make [ Music ].

What they do is amazing. I’m, so glad they make it happen yeah. But having said that, there is a lot of like little hidden gems sure, which i kind of kind of want to discuss, uh or get your reaction to.

I could do sure you know sure. Actually, don’t do any research. I’ll, just present it to you and you just mark’s reaction to you sure, absolutely absolutely be sure to bring all my uh all my reactions with me, lovely and then, if anybody else out there has any suggestions.

What you’d, like to see price uh price ranges uh. Maybe we could do top 10 divers or you know guys, do share down below um and i also have to say you’ve, very kindly sponsored today’s. Show, which is a first for me, so i’m, very, very honored.

Thank you so much you’re welcome. Thank you. Thank you and you’re, keeping my power and lights on so never jokes aside. Thank you very much and no problem. I appreciate it. Yeah let’s. Definitely do this again.

It’s been very, very fun, absolutely 100. Well, thank you. So much um guys don’t forget to like this video comments. Thoughts all the rest of it down below and we will catch you hopefully in the next one.


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