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Watch Review: Hands On With Hegid Watches

Hegid watches

Hegid’s Evol(TM) system for interchangeable cases and movement capsules let’s you change your watch in seconds.

Recently, I had the chance to go hands on with Hegid watches. The brand, globall2019y launched four years ago in 2018 (with its first watches being shown at Baselworld in 2019), the French company has a  very unique watch wardrobe concept that offers wearers the ability to be creative and different. Thanks to a patented interchangeable system, wearers can change a lot more than just the strap.

The Hegid Watch System

Every watch is sold with three different parts: the capsule, which includes the Swiss-made mechanical movement and dial; the outer case body (carrure) with dial and crystal, and the bracelet or strap. While interchangeable straps have been around for a while, the idea of an interchangeable cases and  movement capsule  is a refreshing change. So, while the initial purchase is for a case or body, a capsule and a strap, additionally outer body cases, straps and movement capsules can be purchased.

Hegid watches

Hegid Expedition watch

Plus, changing the capsule out is so simple that, to me, it was easier than changing the strap. You simply turn the watch over and twist the lock to unlock it and pop the capsule out and put a new one in. Thanks to the Evol (TM) patented interchangeable system, the Hegid watches can transform on a daily basis or when tastes change and we move away from basic blacks, for instance, to color.

This watch also becomes the sustainable choice because it can actually last a lifetime, no matter how your own style evolves.  As its name of the interchangeable Evol™ system suggests, the idea is all about evolution.

Hegid watches

Hegid Mirage watch

My Impressions of the Hegid Watches and System

I borrowed several mix-and-match watch capsules – all mechanical movements with different colored dials —  several body shapes and multiple straps. So, essentially, I borrowed a watch wardrobe with all of its parts neatly inside a beautiful box built for the wearer who wants to  collect multiple capsules, bodies and straps.  In my mix: the now-sold-out Expedition square body (my favorite), the round black DLC Vision with bezel built into the carrure (case/body), and an eight-sided Mirage. They both fit great on my smaller sized wrist and were easy to wear.

As I mentioned, my favorite watch was the 3-part Expedition case that is currently sold out. I know what you’re thinking. Why write about a case or body that is sold out? Because Hegid knows what a phenomenal success that body was, and I am certain they have something very similar  on the drawing board already. I liked the boldness of that watch carrure. Afterall, if you want to stand out in a crowd, you go beyond selecting the easy round watch to customize daily; you go for a distinct look.

Hegid watches

Hegid Vision watch carrier.

However, that is not to say that I didn’t like the round watch or the octagonal case. I liked wearing all of them. More importantly, though, I liked playing with the different interchangeable parts. I could wear a blue dial with a red strap and 10 seconds later it could be a brown dial with a brown strap. The possibilities are endless, and life should always be about diversity.

Additionally, because the materials used in Hegid watches are all top quality, the watches have a great presence about them. I was particularly impressed with the leather straps that are so well made and comfortable that you could almost envision wearing the strap alone. All of the watches are made of top-notch 316L German steel, the same steel used in surgical supplies. It is durable and not easy to scratch. Hegid works with Sellita for the SW200 mechanical movement, which is finished to Hegid specifications with a customized rotor. All watches are also water resistant to 100 meters.

One of the nice things about the Hegid Evol™ system inspired by the great Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution, is the prices.  A complete set (capsules, case and strap) can be had for between  $4,000 to $5,000 depending on the choices the wearer makes when customizing his or her own watch.

Hegid watches

The interchangeable case, capsule and straps makes Hegid unique.

Additional carrures (cases/bodies) retail for between $350 and $500, while additionally capsules (with different colored dials and automatic movements with or without date) $2,400 to $2,750) and straps generally between $80 and $200.

As I was sending my watches back, Hegid also added the bold new Laboratoire Colorama series of watches with brightly colored straps and a color-coordinated dot at 12:00 on the dials.  I didn’t get the chance to try this round watch on, but judging by the colors, I would have loved it. Also coming this year are some artistic collaborations that are still under wraps.

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