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Watches In The Sopranos: Seiko Flightmaster, Rolex, Oris, Zenith +More

Today we revisit one of my favorite subjects on the channel, but instead of talking about watches in movies, we discuss watches in one of the most influential shows in TV history. After recently rewatching The Sopranos, I was surprised to learn that there was more to the detailed wardrobe styling on the show than tracksuits and Tony Soprano’s Day-Date. Among some of the glorious horological finds is the Seiko Flightmaster SNA411—a Gentry classic, one of the coolest chronographs ever made by Zenith, an uncommon Oris Worldtimer, a Piaget inspired by real-world gangsters, a collection of fascinating Cartier timepieces, and so much more! So, grab yourself a plate of baked ziti, a glass of Chianti, and settle in for some essential viewing for any horology and TV fan.

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