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Why Does This Watch Go Backwards? | Watchfinder & Co.

This is a Panerai looks like a fairly ordinary watch. Doesn’t it. This is your typical hour hand, minutes and seconds. As you’d, expect it has a chronograph, a neat feature for timing, things with, but there’s.

A third button, one that makes the watch go backwards. Why so we can keep on making great watch videos. I’d, really appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel, if you already are it really does help? Thank you to understand why Panerai has built this Pam zero, zero, six, five two to do the opposite of what it seems it should.

First, we need to understand what the four letters on the bottom half of the dial mean PC. Why say that’s, Panerai classic yachts, challenge since people don’t really wear panner eyes to write incredibly dangerous and difficult to maneuver man torpedoes into enemy marinas anymore.

The brand has found a new home at the regatta. Instead, that’s, the other word on the bottom of the dial. If regatta sounds like a type of pasta to you, you’ve at least got the language right originating from a 17th century Venetian dialect.

It literally translates as contention for mastery and what better way is there to compete for greatness in the watery city of Venice than with a boat race sight note. None of this has anything to do with the cockney rhyming slang for a face.

Just so, you know, as far back as history goes, humans have been racing each other as a demonstration of superiority and ability. I suppose a professor type would tell you that it evolved from the competition to run away from a big hungry predator, faster than the other guy.

But all I know is that, as long as records have been kept, people have been trying to go faster than each other. In fact, there are records of what that same. Professor would probably refer to as terrestrial locomotion races that’s running to you and me as far back as 1000 BC.

Nowadays, if you can sit in it on it or even near it, and you can make it go quickly, people will race it cars planes, drones, you name it there’s, lawnmower racing cheese, racing tin, bath racing snail, racing and, of course, horse racing That is people Racing on foot against other people who are on horses.

Oh yes and, of course, people raced boats. Two boats racing has long been seen as the archetypal challenge of the upper class alongside Josh Dinkins, shooting each other from ten paces away. The latter two are less common these days, but when you think of the boat race, you think of the boat race, that’s capitalized in case you couldn’t, tell held on the River Thames London since 1829.

The boat race is one of the oldest examples of nautical competition that clever boys and girls at Oxford and Cambridge University’s, thrashing oars and chopping waves to propel their aquatic vehicles to the finish line first, and these things are taken very seriously indeed.

In the 1877 Boat Race Judge, John Phelps declared that due to neck and neck positioning and bad weather, the result was a dead heat. What followed was rumor laced with conspiracy, including that Phelps was actually over 70 and blind in one eye and that he had spent the entire race drunk in a bush.

Nevertheless, boat races have always carried high stakes and high prestige. The first recorded during the 17th century, including that time king charles ii, decided to take out two of his royal yachts in a sprint from Greenwich to Gravesend and back again on a 100 to one wager which he lost.

I’m sure he could afford it. Perhaps the most famous regatta, however, is the America’s Cup, the first taking place around the Isle of Wight in 1851, New Yorker Commodore John Cox Stephens, who’d piloted his 101 foot schooner christened America into first place utterly destroyed the Competition with a lead of over 8 minutes, and so the America’s Cup, was born.

Such is the pride in rivalry amongst sailors that, when spectator Queen Victoria asked, who’d, come second, she was promptly told Your Majesty. There is no second, but why does that mean that this watch goes backwards? The boats race today are much different to the ones raced.

Hundreds of years ago, an America’s Cup yacht these days is a high-tech carbon-fiber catamaran, costing ten million pounds and capable of sailing four times faster than the wind. They’re designed by aerospace engineers.

I’m, not kidding the 2010 BMW Oracle. Racing boat was penned by the same guy, who brought the Virgin Galactic spacecraft to life, Burt Rutan to speed through the water at over 50 miles an hour and when piloted correctly, to not even touch the water at all.

These alien vehicles may seem to share no likeness with the yachts of our history, but whether carbon-fiber or classic, they still operate at their core in the same fundamental way. They require wind to power them same as they always have, and that means races must commence with a rolling start, making it crucial to the outcome.

The first boat passed. The start line is typically the one to win it’s, not all neat and tidy like a car race. A sailboat is constantly on the move and so mastering the art of getting its across the start line at the right moment at full speed is a rather complicated one enter that Panerai lumen or 1950 PCYC regatta 3-days chrono flyback automatic titanio, pam 0:06 52 to aid.

The start, the official sounds several alarms before the start itself, including a ten and five minute warning. If you know your speed and you know your distance and you also know when the race is going to start, you can time your run perfectly with a normal chronograph.

You’d, hit the start pusher and off you go, but in a regatta you want to time that ten minutes leading up to the start as well as the actual time it takes to complete the race which poses a problem not for this particular Panerai, however, because with the in-house calibre P, nine one zero, zero R and that additional pusher you can send the chronograph minutes hand into the past, a handy indicator has been laid out all the way to 15 minutes back.

That’s, a five minute. Countdown to the ten minute warning, then the five minute warning and then the start with luminous markers included for those all-important last five minutes, then, with a perfectly executed start under your belt.

The watch will continue to time the run from zero being a seafaring watch. The 652 also gets a nautical tachymeter to calculate speed time, a nautical mile traveled and you can measure how fast you’re moving in knots as well as 100 meters of water resistance.

There’s. Also, a flyback mechanism for the chronograph jumped in for good measure, as well as a quick adjust for the hour hand pay. If you’re racing, a yacht, you’re, probably traveling a lot and Panerai has got your back on that.

One, the forty seven millimeter case of the six five two is substantial in both height and width, and so given the hectic, fast-moving environment of a sailboat at full tilt, it’s been wrought from titanium to help ease up on the weight a little Bit it’s, no featherweight, but it’s.

A fair chunk, lighter than it would have been in steel on the deck of a lightweight carbon-fiber racing yacht. I expect that would be appreciated. It’s, a watch that evolved from a sport hundreds of years old from king charles ii, showing off with his royal yachts to the latest and greatest machines, carving up the ocean, despite modern forms of propulsion, to harness the natural power of the earth.

To move us at speed continues to be a thrilling daunting task, one that connects us with a more visceral adrenaline pumping existence or, at the very least the 6:52 will help. You boil a damn good egg from the first Olympic Games to the Red Bull Air Race.

The pursuit of a challenge is one that advances humanity from era to era, innovation, to innovation, but racing is not always about looking forwards as the Panerai lumen or 1950 PCYC regatta demonstrates competition flows through the veins in all forms, if only to feel truly alive.

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