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Why The Oris Aquis Is The Best 39mm Dive Watch Between $1000 & $2000

Steer for the deep waters, only reckless old soul exploring, I would be empowered. He we are found when Narada has not yet had to go. We will risk the ship ourselves, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show.

Today, I’m gonna be reviewing yet again the Auris Equus, but this time an extremely special version, unlike any other, I’ll, do a quick wristwatch! Yet before I get into it, I am wearing a Tudor Submariner, as we’re talking about divers.

So if you’ve been following the the channel and oh and by the way, guys don’t forget to like this video. If you want me to cover more watches in this price range, it really does help me out kind of gauge your interest, but anyway.

So what was I saying? Most importantly, the reason why I wanted to revisit this is that now watch box are offering a promotional code to the good Gentry out there. I wanted to kind of revisit some Gentry classics from their inventory and I wanted to start at the kind of the entry level so to speak, a very, very special one-of-a-kind Equus.

So five years ago, when I started my youtube channel, I owned a modern ceramic bezel. Super cased Rolex Submariner and an array of Seiko divers, most notably being the SK x2 professional-grade legends and kings of their respective ranges, but of course, worlds apart in price.

So in order to get that next watch fix, the itch was eventually scratched with the love affair. With the Auris accros I had just over ground to spend at the time, and the out course was still priced closer to that than what it’s going for now so fast forward, five years, is it worth the current price and after experiencing so Many divers at the mid-range sweet spot.

How does it compare to an increasingly flooded market now? This is the really entry-level to the luxury range. In my opinion, it’s, not going to have the value retention of let’s, say well. Kuda are not true to their or Rolex or amiga for that matter, but it is fairly strong and some of them discontinued previous aqua, sees actually fetch a pretty penny on eBay and then they used market, but really to understand its value.

We have to take everything else into consideration. We’d, say Co, prices slowly rising and their ever-increasing dominance of the sub one thousand dollar price point: it’s; tough to compete with, especially considering their long list of illustrious achievements and endless options when it comes to their dive.

Watches the same to some extent, can be said with horas at the 1,000 to 2,000 dollar. Price range. Honest is a highly respected watchmaker, founded in 1904 from the Swiss town of Holstein. Remarkably, they are still independent to this very day.

A rare but important aspect of the brand this, along with a history of making highly original design, sets them very much apart from everybody else. Naturally, during my tour of many renowned watchmakers several years ago, I simply had to visit their factory.

I got to see in person many of their earlier pieces that very much set the brand on a path of India, syncretic thinking their iconic, 1930s pointer date and even earlier pilot watches proved they could master watches for and an heir.

Then, as demand for divers exploded and the technology finally allowed it, they conquered the sea to their innovation, has not ceased. Rs introduced the Auris, a quest depth gauge in 2013, which was the world’s.

First, mechanical depth, gauge featured in a watch a year later in 2014 orange celebrated 110 years of watchmaking, with its first in-house developed calibre for 35 years. This is just a few of their many accomplishments, but what’s important to note here is that few brands under $ 2000 can boast this.

The design of the acquisition doubtedly, something that drew me immediately into its spell, while the general dimensions, hands, dials materials, lugs and colors – have all evolved over time. The futuristic essence and unmistakable style still ensures it remains one of the most original and modern.

Looking divers on the market, auras have always had a strong tradition of doing their own thing, especially when it comes to aesthetics and the aqueous accessor to their more kettled shaped professional tt1 divers of the early 2000s to set it apart.

A more angular sharper edge and bold masculine look was then introduced, while it did inherit the integrated, straps and bracelets and, of course the dial symmetry gone was the wave embossed details in favor of a cleaner look also to be abandoned.

There was the curvaceous case for something a little bit more brutalist. You could almost say the shark teeth applied. Markers were exchanged for these wedge-shaped and multifaceted trapeziums, like something out of a Blade Runner or silent running movie set a modular crown guard was added to protect the screw-down crown an ingenious and overlooked feature as it can be removed if it becomes worn and replaced during A service when required, it also has the double benefit of adding to its very particular, aesthetic.

The finishing is more highly polished in general, but still retains some of that tool. Tastic brushing as well to contrast it. This is a combination of a more luxurious finishing over its predominantly brushed predecessor and to bring it bang up to date.

A durable choice of ceramic inserts for the bezel gave your watch a very pleasing, but subtle shimmer. As we see here, the accros had suddenly become more elegant, bridging the gap between a sea 300-meter capable diver, with more do-it-all versatility, initially only available in a larger 43 millimeter diameter.

There was a rare 40 millimeter version that followed with a tungsten bezel that I owned and regretfully sold, but Aris then listened to the Gentry watch enthusiast community and in 2018 we gratefully saw the release of the watch that this particular model is derived from and a Thirty nine point: five millimeter size for the diameter for the lug to Lanka, just shy of forty six millimeters and a height of just shy, fourteen, so quite statuesque, but certainly compatible with pretty much most wrists.

The class also features micro adjustments and it’s, important to point out that the links are connected via screws, something that you don ‘ T typically expect at this price point, but just makes sizing that bracelet that much better and easier.

So, along with the introduction of a more crowd-pleasing size, there was a whole plethora of colors complications and smaller fineman’s made to the design. The closest thing it resembles is the newer blank pan.

Fifty Fathoms I mean it has to be said, but it’s, designed evolution being inspired by its own brand, soon debunks any notion of it being a homogenizing legend. Its similarities are just great thinking alike, and that is never a bad thing.

[, Music ]. So in 2019 this stainless steel limited edition debuted, with only 2,000 pieces made in honor of an extremely worthy cause. It’s, no secret, that the world’s. Oceans will soon be fuller of in perishable plastic garbage than fish and in an effort to support the much-needed cleanup and cleverly what they’ve done to honor this, unlike your typical c3 case, back displaying the iconic red rotor synonymous with the brand.

We see an utterly unique, LED medallion. It is made from actual salvaged plastic from the ocean and is different with every piece. The result is something you would see in a modern art gallery and reminds the wearer of a continued commitment to the betterment of the oceans.

As someone who cares about the future of our planet, this adds an extra level of satisfaction and charm when on the wrists, okay, so it’s, not immediately apparent to anybody else, but the wearer knows it and I certainly think it’S a it’s.

A nice touch to further distinguish it from your more standard release. We have a stunningly rich gradient dial that changes from a deep black to a vivid, dark, teal and ocean blue. When you look into it, these fantastically striking colors give an impression: one is almost rising from the depths of the ocean with the rays of light shining in created by that absolutely gorgeous sunburst effect.

It also must be mentioned that the actress has one of the most pleasing date, positions of all time, perfectly underlining the original and vertical lines of symmetry and further assisting its orientation as it breaks the application of super-luminova limb.

In essence, the segmented our hand and lollipop seconds make it easy to distinguish the hands in low-light and even at a quick glance during the daytime too, to complement the oceanic theme, the ceramic engraved insert that frames, the very subtly curved sapphire glass there that does have Anti-Reflective coating further giving an extra layer of color play with the hues at work there.

We see this resplendent glossy Oxford blue that is rather more subdued, but absolutely mesmerizing. All the same. The numerals on the bezels are crisply contrasting in white and are engraved there’s, a little triangle of crimson red lacquer, framing the loom pipe at the zero of the bezel.

While the RS 65 performs like it’s, vintage 100 meter 1965 inspiration. The Equus can go three times as deep, like all horace watches, i’m, always impressed by the fit feel and finish just like the oversized very first generation.

This is rather substantial and its height gives a very assuring sporty everyday wearability, certainly not the most graceful to slide under the cuff, but it is, however, extremely solidly constructed from the very substantial thick divers extension we see hidden in the clasp to the actual parts of The clasp itself that has a double push button and the solidity continues with tapering links there and as for the action of the bezel.

Well, it’s very impressive. Indeed, it’s, 120 click uni-directional with almost no play whatsoever and, of course, lines up perfectly. Just like I said in my very early rudimentary videos, the feel and quality is that of a luxury brand.

If I’m being completely honest and I’ve compared it to a media in the past, is it still of that level of execution? Well, absolutely, while it may have got pretty an appearance, it still evokes confidence thanks to its tough, robust construction.

It is built like a tank. It weighs wonderfully with a weight of around 150 grams, depending on the amount of the contrasted finished links you choose to have or take away inside is the ever venerable Seletar, a pillar of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

The SWT 200 1 is precise, reliable, robust, a clone of the ETA 28 24. It has been ever so slightly improved over the ETA, with slightly more efficient components, but essentially performs just as well.

If not it’s had better. This proven modified caliber has the benefit of being affordable to maintain service and find parts for. While you don’t get any of that costs, certification or testing. It is perfectly capable of such accuracy, as you would expect.

With this level of movement, we get a quick set date: man, you, wind, hacking, [, Music ]. When it comes to negatives, the main bone of contention will always be this watch’s Achilles heel. That is unquestionably the integration of the bracelet or strap.

It certainly turns a lot of people off and limits the pairing options dramatically. Even though Oris have made some efforts to provide more straps and including leather, I finally Aras would appease the critics or former owners.

Like me, by providing strap adapters, I would certainly consider one again. Having said that, I do feel that the lugs are integral to its distinctive design and changing it to a more conventional style of lugs would lose something crucial to its lovable industrial chic.

So to speak, I only wish they would offer something like they did with the insanely cool Force, Recon GMT, but also in a more realistic size. If they were to make that demonically cool-looking watch in a smaller size, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

I think the NATO strap adapters, there were absolute genius, otherwise this watch is flawlessly made and that’s seriously about it. It looks like nothing else out there, but on top of that, with every model being one of a kind with its tribute to a good cause, it adds an element of extra pride to the wearer and it still remains a refreshing change from your all too typical Submariner style, divers and the market oversaturated with vintage, inspired nostalgia and to answer our question earlier about its value.

Well, I still think it’s on the money. It is just as compelling as the first day I experienced them all those years ago, but even more so now refined with this totally unique incarnation, modern, stylish, yet masculine and tough from a highly respectable brand.

It’s. Impeccably made unpretentious. The Aquos remains one of the best Swiss made divers under $ 2,000 and unequivocally so it still gets the pure class certification from me once again on guys I shouldn’t neglect to mention there is a 43 millimeter version for those of you with The large wrist so yeah with this configuration, so you’re covered as well, but that’s about it.

Yeah. Let me know your thoughts, queries comments, pinions all the rest of it down below. Thank you so much for watching. Please don’t forget to like this video. If you enjoyed it and found it useful and as always guys, I will catch you in the next one: okay ciao.

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Today I revisit a watch that changed my perception of Swiss made affordable luxury dive watches. But this is no ordinary Oris Aquis! This is a one of a kind timepiece and their best offering yet. But after all this time – 5 years in fact since my first review! – they have crept up in price. So the question remains, are they still one of the best automatic dive watches from $1000 to $2000? Join me as I explain why I think they are indeed, with an even more in-depth review of this Oris Aquis Clean Ocean Limited Edition (0173377324185SET) and why it’s an overlooked masterpiece and true Gentry classic.

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