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Hi I’m Jenny and for this video I ‘ Ve got something really special for you. This is the world premiere of the Alonso net, like Einsteins own here on YouTube, and I’m very happy to show you this watch in an in death, hands-on review.

So let’s. Get started straight out of Glasgow. Alonso has sent us the new langa enzyme zone, with a brand new in-house calibre, and so in today’s. Video, I’m, not only giving you a close-up of this watch, but we’re, also going to look at everything that’s new with this time zone and let me say something real, quick before we get started.

I know at first this watch looks rather complicated to read, but do not worry it’s actually participa to read enter said, and I’m going to let you in on the trick behind it. Ok, so before we start with the specs, let me quickly help you with knowing, where the lines time zone sits within the language universe and watch family and where it is coming from, based on one of longest, most famous cornerstones, the long irons.

The first time zone was introduced in 2005 with this world timer from langing. You can easily set and display the time of the 24 time zones on the doll making it a great watch for international travelers, for example, and now, 15 years later, a langerhans owner has created a new edition and finally added a specific complication that has been missing From world timer watches, but I will get to that in a minute: the new langerhans time zone measures 41 point 9 millimeters in diameter, which gives enough room for the displace on the dial.

What really surprised me was the overall height of this watch with only ten point: nine millimeters, this one is relatively flat when you keep in mind how many complications that language makers had to build into this as the movement inside measures, 30, 4.

1 millimeters in diameter and Six point: seven millimeters in height, so only a little bit thicker than your standard glasses. The rose gold case has kept its classic language shape and comes in this configuration with a dark brown, hand-stitched and padded leather strap with the solid rose gold pin buckle, and I think it goes without saying that Lang is using a sapphire crystal on this watch, as They do on all their other watches as well, but I might have a little fun fact for you that you didn’t know about sapphire crystals in general, so the crystal used here and in most other sapphire crystals as well, has a most hardness Of nine, this type of sapphire is a variety of corundum, also known as adamantine, which is the second hardest mineral on the Mohs scale.

This is also the mineral that, in smiley fictional metal, alloy adamantium the substance bonded to Wolverines bones and claws. Well, the more you know this langa ions timezone is powered by the new in-house calibre l, 140 1.

1 and entirely new calibre in which the new complications weren’t just added but truly integrated into it. But before i’m going to show you the movement, i want to touch on the new functions. Okay, now we know about the specs and i say it’s time to get right down to business.

With this watch, like i’ve mentioned before the lines time zone belongs to the family of world time watches. But what I like here is that Lang has stayed away from the oftentimes very complicated display of the multiple time zones and made really good use of the resulting space.

To give you two dolls in one here, can you see the two time circles on the dial? The bigger time circle here represents your home time. The smaller one displays the time at the time zone, of your choosing the second of the 24 time zones in total can be adjusted with the bottom pusher.

On the left hand, side with each push that time zone jumps to its next position. You’re, graphically traveling from west to east, and here’s. Another fun fact for you, which includes something I have always been wondering about when it comes to row.

Timer, not all world time, watches use the same city names for their time zones. For example, here Lana is using Berlin to represent the Central European Time. Other manufacturers, like is really cool, for example, use as you might have already guessed it Paris instead, and sometimes there are even different doubts of world timer in use within a manufacturer’s collection, for example.

In case there’s, a special limited edition for a boutique or an event etc, in which the city changes to suit the occasion – and this brings us to another special feature on this watch. When setting that, I am the time on the second time circle, so the time on your second time zone is being adjusted parallel to it, of course, okay.

So now we already know how easy it is to read the second time zone, but I’m sure. You are all well familiar with the next problem here. Imagine you’re on vacation somewhere or on a business trip and you wants a cool home and then you immediately start to do the finger math and see how late or early it is at home.

Because I mean let’s. Be real, who wants to be that person who wakes everyone up in the middle of the night and so that langerhans time zone has a really clever and simple solution to that problem, which leads us directly to one of the big new improvements? Can you spot the blue semi circles around the Centers of the time circles, though a semi circles that you know whether the time displayed refers to the AM or PM part of the day, so the blue section indicates the time between 6:00 p.

m. and 6:00 a.m. so. What might look very confusing at first with all these semicircles going on, is absolutely logical and very easy to read, display that helps you to distinguish a night from daytime and for those who are wondering how this works.

The extra disk with the semi circle makes a full round only once every 24 hours, whereas the our hands does within a day. You know it. Wouldn’t, be an Allegro and sit and watch if the watchmakers English word they hadn’t thought of a small detail that affects us all, and that is like I said in the beginning, something that was missing from world time as Before and that is a daylight saving time indication because let’s, be real.

What good use is a world time if, by the end of the day, you’re unsure about the exact time on the other side of the world, because they like savings regulations for unconsidered and so that little triangle at 5.

O clock not only indicates the you selected time zone. Can you see the little opening within the triangle? The color inside is answering your question whether or not the selected time zone has a daylight savings regulation when it’s red.

It means that you need to add an hour to the time on the northern hemisphere from spring to fall and on the southern hemisphere from late summer to spring and in there’s, no daylight savings time within a certain time zone.

The backdrop of the triangle just remains white: to make that possible. Laia has installed a codification beneath the disk with the time zones to distinguish between the different regulations. This lines, timezone does also have a synchronization mechanism that is present within the models from before as well.

Admittedly, it sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. The synchronization mechanism, which is called sites or non synchronous, assumes mechanism or in German, is basically a languor zuna’s.

Copy and paste function to transfer the time from the smaller to the bigger time circle that comes in handy when you let’s, say, spend a longer amount of time at a certain place other than home and want to have your current local time Displayed on the bigger time circle, so in practice you pull out the crown to the second position like you would do to set both time circles parallel to each other.

But now, if you hold down the pusher for adjusting the time zone at 8, o’clock. At the same time, you can see that the hour hand on the smaller circle stays in place, and now you’re free to set your new main time independently from the time zones time and depending on where you are right now you might have To adjust the big date, but that’s easily done by using the pusher to click through the dates, and now, like I promised, let’s.

Talk about the not-so-hidden champion that beats inside every language. The movement because built into this watch is an absolute novelty from language which you’re, able to see here for the first time the hand round, caliber, l, 141 point 1.

This caliber represents the experience and the knowledge gained from developing and building over 65 calibers that came before that, and that resulted in a movement that achieves a power reserve of 72 hours, with only one.

Instead of two spring barrels like before, built-in is also a classic screw balance and a freely oscillating balanced spring, with a frequency of 20 1600 semi oscillations per hour. Each screw balances screws are individually, adjusted and regulated to ensure a perfect balance, and I think we can all agree on how madly, precise and delicate those watchmakers have to be in order to make that work.

Additionally, there are the language design, trademarks such as the three equal supplied made from untreated German silver, which I really love for its soft look, the whiplash precision index adjuster and the hand engraved balance and intermediate wheel, cogs and, by the way, within the engraving team.

At laga, each of them can tell which one of their colleagues has done what part, as those engravings are done by hand and every engraver has their own style, like you have with your handwriting, for example, that’s.

Also. The reason why each movement engraving is unique with every language okay, so that was the premiere of the new along on sooner lines, time zone for you, as you can see, the trick here is simply knowing the meaning behind the two color displays, like the rectangle indicator And the blue semi circles and then right away, you immediately know how to read the 24 time zones and their respective daylight savings regulations and their day and night schedule.

The new alliance time zone is going to be available in either. This rose gold case that I have shown you today or in a white gold case, and there’s, going to be a limited edition of 100 pieces in yellow gold.

But now I want to hear from you what do you think about the new Langa ins time zone? Do you own a real time, a watch and which of the new functions? Do you find the most useful make sure to? Let me know in the comments down below, and that was it for today.

Thank you so much for watching this video and spending some time with me here on this channel, and I will see you in my next video bye, [, Music, ]

Source : Youtube

➡️ Case Dimensions:
Diameter: 41.9 millimetres; height: 10,9 millimetres on a hand-stitched alligator leather strap in medium brown with solid gold pin buckle.

➡️ Movement
Lange manufacture calibre L141.1, manually wound, crafted to the most exacting Lange quality standards, decorated and assembled by hand; precision-adjusted in five positions; plates and bridges made of untreated German silver; balance and intermediate-wheel cocks engraved by hand. 448 movement parts, 38 jewels and 3 screwed gold chatons. 72h power reserve when fully wound.

➡️ Functions
Home time and second time zone, each with a ring-shaped day/night indicator; subsidiary seconds with stop seconds; city ring for adjustment of the second time zone with daylight saving time display; outsize date for home time; UP/DOWN power-reserve indicator

➡️ Oscillation system
Shock-resistant screw balance; superior-quality balance spring manufactured in-house, frequency 21,600 semi- oscillations per hour; precision beat-adjustment system with lateral setscrew and whiplash spring

➡️ Operating elements
Crown for winding the watch and setting the time; one pusher each for correcting the outsize date and setting the second time zone

Thanks again for watching, hope to see you in my next video :-)!
Jenni ❤️

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