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Would You Have a Rolex Submariner Over One Of These? | Watchfinder & Co.

There’s, a lot that doesn’t make sense in this world and the community of people who enjoy, watches and watch making is not immune to it. Here’s an example these days and Rolex Submariner with a date and ceramic bezel, can change hands for well north of ten thousand pounds, despite an RRP of some three thousand pounds less.

What this means is that someone who was considering a Rolex Submariner, if they have the budget to stretch to one, can start to look at some rather interesting alternatives. Instead and here’s, one, the Odom RPG, a Royal Oak Offshore diver.

I guess the first question is: why would someone want to spend over 10,000 pounds on a rolex submariner in the first place? Well, it’s, an iconic brand, knowing the world over first and foremost, the creator of probably the most famous dive wash in the world of which this is there’s, also a sense of financial security.

Perhaps an appreciating asset that could potentially be enjoyed for free or even at a profit, although, as we all know, this is nothing more than a gamble. This growth in price has been incremental. The watch buying public a frog in the increasingly hot pan of a bubbling market, and so perhaps it’s.

Fair to say that the extremity of the price is perceivably less shocking than you would otherwise expect that a Submariner cost a quarter of the price not ten years ago. Well, I guess, as they say, the past is in the past, no point crying over spilt milk, but I think that attitude can become a bit blinkered because 10,000 pounds is not only a lot of money, but if it’s earmarked for a watch, It can buy a whole lot of one.

The Rolex Submariner is a very nice watch. Don’t get me wrong and has earned its status, but it’s. Wading deep in amongst sand rivals that could cause it to get a bit out of its depth, so enter the oedema peek, a Royal Oak, Offshore diver, a mouthful to say, and certainly a wallet buster to buy.

This is seriously high-end machinery, a three hander in steel that will demand almost 20,000 pounds of you and your credit card. Well, that’s twice as much as even the most expensive steel Submariner.

So how is it even a contender depreciation that’s? How, unlike the Rolex, whose price has been inflated by demand, the Audemar, PGA Royal Oak, Offshore diver, will call it the AP diver from now on has been drawn, dare in the isolation of these few watches, like the Submariner that have exceeded their RR piece.

This sounds like a bad thing, but it’s totally normal used Goods, depreciate 99 % of the time it’s, a fact of life. This whole watch investment business feels like it’s been around forever, but it’s only really being this bananas for a few years.

Really, if we knew then what we knew now we’d, have been buying up Royal Oaks twice. They were cheap and aquanauts when people thought they were ugly and holding them like toilet roll, but we don ‘

T have to do that. Not as people who buy watches to enjoy anyway, because depreciation can still help us achieve our goals. Think of it like this. If you’d, invest it in a handful of submariners 10 years ago and made 10,000 now and spent the lot on a new AP diver that’s, the same as just buying an AP diver used.

That was new when you’d, considered holding all those submariners and that’s. Where we’re at a 10 year old ap diver can be yours for the same price as that Rolex Submariner. It sounds wild to say it because these two watches are not in the same class at all nowhere near, but it’s.

True, someone intending to buy an almost new Submariner could say, ah screw it and become the owner of a top 3 watch maker watch instead, but should they I don’t know if you ‘ Ve ever heard the expression a Ferrari for Ford money, but what that’s, referring to is the period in the early thousands where it was not unusual to be able to pick up a two-seater Ferrari v8 for less than a new Mondeo sounds pretty Tempting doesn’t.

It imagine rocking up to work in your new to you. Rosso Corsa speed, machine and parking up next to a fleet of beige commuter mobiles, feeling, like a million bucks, that’s, the dream, of course, but dreams and realities are rarely one and the same in the excitement.

Perhaps it might have been forgotten that the Ferrari may have cost Mondeo money to buy, but it is still a Ferrari and still requires Ferrari servicing to run so when the clutch starts to slip. The belts begin to squeak the tires start to bald there’s, going to be a nasty, expensive shock.

The same is true for the Audemar PGA, at least to a degree. Rolex, for example, recommends a service every 10 years and will charge you just over 500 pounds. The AAP diver, however, requires servicing in a half that time and will cost twice as much for the privilege.

So you’d, be looking at spending 1500 pounds and more every decade on the Audemar PGA. The new would the Rolex it. Doesn’t, take much mental arithmetic to work out that that’s 150 pounds extra! You’d need to put aside per year, and if that’s, the cost of jumping ship from Rolex to Audemar PGA that doesn ‘

T sound like too big a pill to swallow. What it comes down to fundamentally, is if the AAP diver is 1,500 pounds per decade better. I think you know what I’m, going to say about that, primarily, of course, the aesthetics will govern whether that’s even an option.

For you, if the chunky, 42 millimeter ap diver, makes you feel like you’re wearing your dad’s. Watch, then it’s likely a no-go. But if it’s, a piece you’ve got a hankering for then well, it’s, a note about PDA.

What more do I have to say? It would be a pretty dull summary if I didn’t say more, however, so let’s. Do it aside from this century and a half of industry-leading existence, despite redefining the markets, with the Royal Oak, ignoring the brand’s, cultural dominance, the AP diver is a better piece of watchmaking than the rolex submariner.

The mega tip is redial. That is the pronounced waffle pattern made famous with the original Royal Oak is hewn by the centuries-old technique of Gyo Chae on a rose engine. The polished facets on the case, our mirror finished on a lapping machine for a crisp transition, and the in-house caliber 31:20 inside is finished to the highest quality and dressed with a rose gold rotor you can’t see it, but the newer diver has A transparent case back, you could probably have fitted if you wanted, to the whole thing kind of makes the predicament of potentially not wanting to spend more money than you feel.

You should on a rolex submariner into an exercise of wondering what high-end goodness you could acquire. Instead and the AP diver isn’t, the only big name substitute in the pre-owned market 10,000 pounds buys you the kind of high-end watch.

Making that really blows Rolex out of the water question is, which would you pick discover more exceptional watches at watch? Finder, thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, please do consider giving it a like and subscribing to the channel.

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